Funny In-Game Mails.


some 18k guy to decided to attack me, so i figured wth, i'm bored i'll see why :lol:

sicksumo today at 05:16

tonyboy1968 today at 05:26
T:O:A already took me out. You can handle what I sent your way, no problem. Just wanted to go out on a high note saying I attacked RUM. Good luck, you guys rock.

sicksumo today at 05:31
lol wasnt too worried, even if you had full nukes to attack me with ;)

they nobeling you out?

tonyboy1968 today at 05:39
no tribe support. they would rather play games then try to war with anyone. oh well all good things come to an end. I gave them my main village. I had some troops left and I asked who they wanted me to go after and they choose you. No hard feelings. I am sure they will love when you guys take them out LOL

sicksumo today at 05:41
lmfao, bunch of mass recruiting noobs. can let em know anytime they wanna try an attack me and the rest of rum!! instead of having some1 who's quitting do it to feel free ;)

tonyboy1968 today at 05:46
Well anyways Good luck and Keep on rolling through k21. need any resources

sicksumo today at 05:46
lol sure send away if you dont want em, can always mint coins or something

tonyboy1968 today at 05:47
done I will send what I have.

sicksumo today at 05:52
cool, thanks.

just out of curiosity why are you attacking me for T:O:A? why not offer to attack some1 for some1 in chaos since you were with them

tonyboy1968 today at 05:58
I think its their way of not having the balls to do it themselves. Your right I should have do it different. I am sorry i picked you out. I sent 5k spears and 2k of swords. I am sure you will wipe them out with ease. I will keep sending resources as long as I can.

sicksumo today at 06:01
lol, not worried about the attack. was just curious as to why you helped them out lol

thanks for the res tho

tonyboy1968 today at 06:02
your welcome

gotta love the gutless mass recruitment tribes that have to get someone else to attack you :lol:

oh, and changupark, yes elena is scary. very much so lol, even capt'n be afraid of her when she gets in a rage. just glad she's on my side :icon_evil:


YARGHHHHHHH today at 03:20
i dont beleive they removed it since this morning, pass me sit for 5 minutes to make sure and read any old mail then i will tell you what i sent and be prevented from sending anymore

dan24135 today at 03:21
Hold on I will, also they removed it from the other day.

dan24135 asks you to be their account sitter Feb 22,2010 03:22

dan24135 had disbanded your tribe.

dan24135 ended your account sitting mode Feb 22,2010 03:31

dan24135 today at 03:32

YARGHHHHHHH today at 03:32
they are all fakes and scouts :p

dan24135 today at 03:33
And so is my tribe.

YARGHHHHHHH today at 03:34
what tribe?

dan24135 today at 03:34
You are something.

YARGHHHHHHH today at 03:35
mhm we are done here, ima block you now, next time dont sell out your tribe because of a few incoming fakes :p

dan24135 unblock


deathbanie today at 17:54
A nuke is 2k axes, 1k light cav and 500 heavy cav, thats what a nuke is.


What's funny about that? That is some serious firepower right there.



was just clearing out my Mailbox and found this old one, made me laugh a bit.. :icon_biggrin:

i use troops on 03.04. at 20:22
Well, you must have known the time would come, i've finally decided to finish what i started whilest you were in BEER..
As such i am Taking the Villages i had origionally intended to take whilest you were in BEER but before i could take them you moved to ShadE..
Have a nice day, Troops

dukhiatma on 05.04. at 05:28
i think you have a mental problem mate

dukhiatma on 05.04. at 05:29
cant you play without violence peacefully!

i use troops on 05.04. at 12:55
I could, but thats just down right boooring.. In my eyes you are still a refugee, and i will deal with you as such. You fled from BEER after a mass op on them where you villages were nuked. The village i have taken was one that i wanted during the op, as no more of your villages fall under my church, i shan't be claiming you as a refugee despite having the reports to do so..

dukhiatma on 05.04. at 16:03

The funny thing is, hes now grown a pair and decided to attack me, mixed villages FTW!! :lol: (Might just be because his mate started it and he jumped on the bandwagon :icon_wink:)


Thanks for resurrecting the funny mails thread, troops. Guess I'll throw out something from the archive. This guy was getting pounded and sent the first bit to all of us in RUM!!. on 21.11. at 02:48
It must be so much fun roaming the oceans on a big bit of wood like that, how manly.

If you are bored of life on the waves and need a break go check out [ally]IHR[/ally]

you know its better that being lasded with the cat o nine tail on 21.11. at 02:49

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This message has been forwarded by mattj of war.

The Biggest Hater on 21.11. at 03:01
You're right. Send me an invite, I must join your tribe immediately. on 21.11. at 03:01
LMAO - finally a pirate with a sence of humour

The Biggest Hater on 21.11. at 03:04
This is no laughing matter. You've brought valid points to the table here. I wasn't told about the cat o nine tails. I mentioned what you said...confirmed. The captain plans on whipping us all. I must jump ship. on 21.11. at 03:05
best watch yourself scrubbing those decks, the captain might drop the soap and then your in for a surprise

The Biggest Hater on 21.11. at 03:06
The gay pirate sex is the best part, but I'm not into that kinky stuff with the whips. on 21.11. at 03:08
what do you do about the splinters. Best be careful if you rub wood together to much you make fire on 21.11. at 03:08
and last I checked wooded boats burn

The Biggest Hater on 21.11. at 03:10
Eh you're right, I like the burn, and the wood. I guess you've talked me into staying with rum. Enjoy getting worked over by my friends. on 21.11. at 03:11
Guess I just bend over and get rimmed (to the edge of the world)

The Biggest Hater on 21.11. at 03:12
I see what you did there. That was good, I'm hot now.


swifty001 today at 17:05
hey can u plz give me a reason for attacking me. i have done nothing wrong

smartguygcs today at 18:27
Aye... ye have. Ye nobled barbs that be me farms.m Me told ye nay to noble me farms and ye said ye would not. 28 hrs later ye noble another farm of mine. me has warned ye since the beginning. Ye nay heed me warnings. nothing left to do but rim ye and make ye start over.

swifty001 today at 18:33
ohh no plz dnt
you said if i stop i would be safe. you said that yesterday

swifty001 today at 18:33
plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz DONT NOBLE ME

smartguygcs today at 18:35
swifty001 on 28.04. at 18:15
so if i stop nobling barbs i will be safe

smartguygcs on 28.04. at 18:42
maybe. why has Ronnie G not helped you?

swifty001 on 28.04. at 18:47
do you mean way hasnt he sent me support

smartguygcs today at 18:35
me say maybe.. me nay say me not. Ye still nay listen to what me say

swifty001 today at 18:38
well these 3 attacks i have coming in is that going to noble me

swifty001 today at 18:42
and when did that other attack come in i thought there was only 3 of them

smartguygcs today at 18:55
need 4 nobles to noble you

swifty001 today at 18:57
yh i no but do u have 4 nobles

smartguygcs today at 18:58
<< has 34 nobles

swifty001 today at 18:59
oh shit. so am i getting nobled then

smartguygcs today at 19:07
The Noob King strikes


This is from one of our lady pirates and an ex iAlone character. Wasn't just the leadership with the ego problems.

s p e c e d today at 21:00
May i join

Reasons are very obvious.....

roxiemoxie today at 21:35
my, how that must have hurt to type. the ego and the whole...

s p e c e d on 01.02. at 02:37
I do not want to interfear with the agreement i did with ialone im very sorry there offer was good thank you though.

s p e c e d on 31.03. at 19:32
Your info does nothing for me. You have no clue how many worlds i been on all i need for intel is "war begins now." but your tribe morals our so f' up you cant even provide that in a honest answer. Cant wait to see you fall

i can send you the whole mails if you need a reminder, but i think my answer is fairly obvious. i just luv saying "i told you so".

s p e c e d today at 21:44
What ever, once you reach the top your obviousily will go down. Trible wars have a way of doing that to you.

s p e c e d today at 21:45
I look at it this way new world to start over on :)

roxiemoxie today at 21:56
RUM's time will certainly come, but we are the ones still standing while youre asking for the invite. i hear jas started another tribe in w47. go find tell him Raven and the gang says hi.


grong99 today at 21:58
Yo dude yea you i am talkig to you, you complete and utter idot you think your tough, you think because you have like 1 million points on a fake game that means you probably have no life if you have that many points and well i have a life so comee on thenbring it on i will kick your ass harder than it has ever been kicked before and you kow what you might kill me and my villages but I HAVE A LIFE!! So i will live my life to the full date girls and have a brilliantt life whilst you hollow in little computer sending out attacks that are no really real so go to hell meet the devil and i bet you to will be very happy together in hell where yo belong so goodbye you imbercilic little person who does not have a life.

kill owns10 today at 22:59
have fun

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With love from Malice. I wonder why... :icon_confused:
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Wow, this game is fake? So is it just a figment of our collective imaginations?


Haha, I've never seen someone talk in so many circles in one sentence. Good job!


I LOOOOOVE forums like this :) wish I still had my mail I got over in world 48 when it first started xD