Funny Ingame Messages


Lol not long at all :D

The subject title was this btw:

Ur a snitch and a spy for axte.



iyunacuu on 25.10. at 05:52
join our tribe now lets get this tribe number one in this world...



This mail is getting more and more ridiculous with each passing email!


So I had to share...

ToughBoy on 06.02. at 16:29
So many big players on me. Why? Alone i can't make much things
Provocative1 on 06.02. at 18:12
It's how the game is played and you are simply our target now.
ToughBoy on 06.02. at 18:49
yes, i am because you didn;t want to invite me in your tribe
Provocative1 on 06.02. at 18:57
This is how the game is played. It is a WAR game.
ToughBoy on 06.02. at 19:07
an unfear war. We are a small tribe and i am here almost alone.That's it
Provocative1 on 06.02. at 19:09
The game is a war game, this is how it is played.
We find it unfair that you guys are taking all our farms so we are going to take them all back.
End of story.
If you do not like it then delete.
ToughBoy on 07.02. at 08:50
2 tribes on a single player. Pitty you :)). And you think you are a good player ????? :))
Provocative1 on 07.02. at 10:27
Uhh..when did I say anything about how good or bad a player I was?
Also, we are one tribe. The Axte family, shows how much you know about this world you are in.
And finally, do you know what an op is?
ToughBoy on 07.02. at 11:34
yES. i AM AN EXPERIENCED PLAYER.From w13. you are good when you have a war between 2 big or same size tribes. Not when 2 tribes attack 1 single player
This OP is only to take you some new villas. The OP is in war. This is not a war. Is a robbery :)). Now you are thiefs, not wariors
Provocative1 on 07.02. at 11:57
If you were an experienced player, in an experienced tribe, you would know how to run an op. Obviously you aren't.
Provocative1 on 07.02. at 12:01
No look here:
As you can see you are not the only one we are attacking.
ToughBoy on 07.02. at 16:55
You are attacking single players and smaller then you.You can say what you want, but this is the true. I am not a menace. We make OP against a menace or in a war. You simply want villages. That's it
Provocative1 on 07.02. at 17:17
That is what war is - gaining ground. Ground = villas.
ToughBoy on 10.02. at 14:51
you have in your tribe players smaller then me. They are good, i wasn;t for your tribe
Provocative1 on 10.02. at 17:17
Are you still on about this?
ToughBoy on 11.02. at 09:08
of course. You said you will take back your stupid farms. But you take me even the villages i took from other players. Thiefs
Provocative1 on 11.02. at 19:08
You know I may just have to send a support ticket and ask them to ban you from the game for whining and harassing.
You need to just delete, start fresh on a new world, and then you can learn from this experience!
ToughBoy on 11.02. at 19:54
So,do it :)). I think you have to learn to be a women, a real ome :)). That means to love the people. You can begin to learn this, at least for your real life.
Provocative1 on 11.02. at 21:08 cannot even live up to the name TOUGH BOY - only the name BOY. So please don't try and tell me how to be a woman.
Epic Fail there for you!

ToughBoy on 11.02. at 22:22
A women means LOVE. and you are so far away from this.You think you are better then others, then me. That doesn't mean LOVE.
I am tough but i love people. You are not. So... i don;t know what are you. Only a war gamer i think. In rest a looser
Provocative1 on 11.02. at 23:03
1) woman
wom·an[ wmmən ]wom·en Plural
1. female adult: an adult female human being
2. women as group: women collectively or in general
3. femininity: feminine qualities or feelings
4. domestic employee: a woman who is a domestic employee ( sometimes offensive )
5. wife or girlfriend: a wife, female lover, or girlfriend ( informal ) ( sometimes offensive )

2) I never said I was better than anyone. Please show me where I did so I can apologize.
3) This is a war game and the people who play this game are all war gamers.
Maybe you need to reassess your reasons for playing the game. I come here to play a game to the best of my ability not to hug and make lots of friends. I have those in real life.
ToughBoy today at 10:41
a women is a women. Not a definition.We, everybody looking for love from her. Doesn't matter if she is a mother, a daughter or a partner.Women = LOVE. That is a women.
And you can take all my villages, but you are far away from a women
Provocative1 today at 19:12
So then what you are saying is no women should play this game?
If so you are violating the rules on discrimination.
ToughBoy today at 20:12
I didn;t say something like that. A women can do whatever she wants. All people are free. I said what a women means. And what we have to feel from a women
Provocative1 today at 20:13
What a woman means to YOU....not what a woman means in technical terms.


He is hilarious!

He is giving me sex therapy...

ToughBoy on 13.02. at 10:22
War is for men. Not for women
Provocative1 on 13.02. at 14:33
not for boys either.
ToughBoy on 13.02. at 19:25
i am not a boy. I am a man
Provocative1 on 13.02. at 23:42
Then act like one.
ToughBoy today at 12:51
I am acting like a man. But you are acting like a man too :)).
You see, you need a tough guy who will treat you bad. So i think in that moment you will tell that 'this guy is a real man'.
Provocative1 today at 16:46
*laughs* now you are telling me how I need to have sex too? really are so much smarter out of game so maybe that is where you need to be!