Funny village names


I like my village named

<---- that guys hott!

and it sort of points to my friend

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I wish this thread would just be deleted, because I find it very disturbing, and seriously offensive for a guy to proclaim another guys hotness.

That's just as bad as saying "Dude... my neighbors dog is really seksi".
Even though all of it is disturbing, the 'seksi' dog doesn't disturb me as much as the former. We seem to be in a time where all of a sudden immorality, and disgusting mental illness seem to be a fad.

Hopefully the 'seksi dog' thing doesn't catch on too.
Everyone will want to do it, and think it's okay, and those who really don't think so will be too cowardly to admit it, or make a stand against it.

Next thing could be turtles, where sickos hoard turtles so that they can watch them peek in and out of their shells.

Ughhh... some things just aren't right.

:icon_idea: Maybe I'll become some sort of Reverend Jim for the delusional and solve these problem once and for all. Anybody want some Kool-aid?


Yeah, but that's not shocking, because he's sexy to everyone (except for jealous people).'s not a perverted unnatural kind of sexy either.


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Lol Prince of Belaire? Not sure about that one but your profile pic is absolutely priceless! :lol:

I want one!


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Lol Prince of Belaire? Not sure about that one but your profile pic is absolutely priceless! :lol:

I want one!
hehe everyone loves my profile pics, I even get random mails from people I've never heard of commenting on it :D

I found it somewhere on speed once and stole it xD


LOL... oops sorry, wrong kind of dog (thank goodness).

My dog visiting a friend in the country as a one year old>


I'm not in w4, but here is my w19 village names:

A Who Cares What This Is Called?

B I Dont Care.

C Neither Do I

D Me Either


F So Do I !!!!


H You Started It!!

I And I Am Ending It!!

J Stop it guys..

K Im Staying Out Of This

L Me Too!!


N Im too lazy to argue

O Hey Guys... Whats Up???


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Close man, really close... But there's something missing, something little... I think I ment a shyzophrenicalorangetreebirdytrooper. Yup, that's me. To get back to village names, I never even saw a really funny one. But warior1775, if you keep up that convo till you have 5 million points it can make me giggle:icon_biggrin:


xD nice.

Hrm, reminds me.. I hate it when people change their village name when you're nobling them to something letter others know they're being nobled. People who help snipers: not cool.
Yes I am new, and I am unsure what nobling is. Can someone please enlighten me?


the funniest one ever i was farming and saw a good village then 10 min later the owner messaged me and asked if i was hitler at first i didnt get it but then i saw the rally point it said attacking 1,000 jews lol he changed his village name to 1,000 jews XD


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lol you must have had the village nipped :p

I remeber a village call "Im gay i Love you" thought that was pretty funny :p


Lol, revival of thread. Anyway, in W54 when I was playing under Agenthawk(now I play under Bushido!!), I kept farming this guy, he changed his village name to agenthawks moms bed

oda nobunaga 2

Reviving again, apparently.

I once saw a guy who had apparently just nobled his second village. It was named "0000000000002 u skared?!". I wonder how he's doing...