Goodbye and CND Archives


That's nice. Others aren't of the same opinion, but we're glad you formed one. Thanks for sharing.


Worst trolling ever!

Little snippet from the archive while I write a longer post - an interesting report. Can you spot what happened?

-7.7% Misfortune
Morale: 100%

Attacker: petcho
Village: 005) le bonheur, (561|448) K45

Quantity: 0 0 3246 0 1187 0 152 0 0
Losses: 0 0 3246 0 1187 0 152 0 0

Defender: Phong128992
Village: (45/007) (594|457) K45

Quantity: 2987 1376 0 0 557 0 0 0 0
Losses: 2987 1376 0 0 557 0 0 0 0

Haul: 0/0
Damage by rams: The wall has been damaged and downgraded from level 20 to level 13

[spoil]It was a draw.[/spoil]


beardsy's Management Style

1. What gets measured gets managed
There's a fair amount of stats in the game. It's simple enough to post some in the forums - it shows players what I care about and what they should be aiming for.

Continental Dominance:

Rank  	Name  	Points  	Villages
1 	Aten|E 	224.548 	88
2 	ML 	103.873 	44
3 	S.W.M 	101.078 	39
4 	DGNoV 	61.679  	28
5 	NECROs 	61.500  	27
6 	MONG 	50.220  	22
7 	w00ps! 	47.386  	20
8 	IP 	45.943  	14
9 	AtenWO 	42.540  	21
10 	LIVE 	42.054  	13
11 	GARDA 	32.366  	17
12*** 	CND*** 	32.078*****  	10*****
13 	~LS~ 	30.818  	15
14 	KFH 	24.285  	9
15 	Zan 	19.598  	9

beardsy said:
We should aim to be number 1 in k53. It's quite achievable with a smallish number of players involved.

A month later:

Player ranking for the continent 53
Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Total villages 
1 albul CND 44.585 9 10 
2 malckam CND 43.237 10 10

rascal-the-cat said:
Tribe ranking for the continent 54
Rank Name Points Villages
1 CND 1,00 Mio. 185

I think we may have K54 in the bag! :D

Lazy Lizzard said:
It'll have to be a pretty big bag! ;c)

Opponents Defeated

beardsy said:
We're fairly settled in third place. ODA, Ranking, Correlate, Fact.

Rank Name Defeated
1 Hungry Hungry Hippos 2,57 Mio.
2 for kids who cant read good 1,16 Mio.
3 Campaign for Noob Disarmament 851.926
4 Supersize me 617.202
5 Annihilation 582.428
6 Balance of Elements 547.273
7 Lords of Middle Earth 524.617
8 MILK 462.749
9 League of Shadows 458.283
10 victory is life eternal 436.175

te kaha said:
From TW-Stats, beardsy alone has 1500% more kills than the 46 members in RTL put together ;)

Rank Name Defeated
1 ChrispEE 107.393
2 OrangeCrush! 103.157
3 Stupsi 102.682 *****
4 dondonna 95.594
5 Tyler-Durden 91.804 *****

two CND-members in the top 5 ;)
and Stupsi 3rd to break the 100k ODA-score !! today we are writing history

World Ranking

Mainly putting this for the weirdness of most of the tribe names, but my goal was to be number 1.

7th. Up from 15th. BeCa must be some merger or something. Hippos have recuited quite a few guys. Aim It are now the most similar top 20 tribe to us.

Rank	Name	Points of 40 best players	Total points	Members	Average points per player	Villages	Average points per village
1 	Hippos 	12.674	20.204 	73	277 	73	277
2 	BeCa 	11.684	19.128 	72	266 	72	266
3 	-ANH- 	10.924	17.612 	73	241 	73	241
4 	Aim It 	10.678	13.646 	54	253 	54	253
5 	~300~ 	10.533	18.117 	76	238 	76	238
6 	NOM 	10.385	18.145 	76	239 	76	239
7 	CND 	10.216	11.136 	46	242 	46	242
8 	nRu 	10.175	14.797 	66	224 	66	224
9 	TLoC 	10.147	17.849 	79	226 	79	226
10 	RoDf 	10.067	16.346 	74	221 	74	221
11 	TLoB 	9.980	16.480 	76	217 	76	217
12 	LOME 	9.904	14.787 	67	221 	67	221
13 	RS 	9.893	15.724 	72	218 	72	218
14 	DEATH 	9.822	17.005 	77	221 	77	221
15 	DoS 	9.821	16.074 	75	214 	75	214
16 	ED 	9.792	15.705 	74	212 	74	212
17 	LIVE 	9.748	15.646 	75	209 	75	209
18 	=HRV= 	9.655	16.106 	80	201 	80	201
19 	Horus 	9.414	15.685 	77	204 	77	204
20 	Blitz 	9.406	13.873 	68	204 	68	204

2. Delegation, and getting out of the way

(This from after the Center merge, obviously.)

beardsy said:
Good players know how to play and don't need to be told what to do. From time to time 'someone' has to be the one who decides to click 'merge' or 'disband' or 'surrender to Pirat!' or whatever. But to clear things up, here's our leadership structure - not that we really need one.

Dukes - beardsy, Aelies, Onaryc, Lazy Lizzard, rascal-the-cat

Our job is to change the colours on the map to make you more motivated.

Barons - rqzaniq, Tyler-Durden, stupsi, scuffer, Pistol

(plus various guys from Center - to be added soon when we get a minute to discuss it.)

Barons help with moderating the forums and very often receive invite requests and diplomacy stuff from noobs and protect my precious time by rejecting them politely and not forwarding them. They do other stuff as well. Probably.

There are currently no hidden forums. Most recruitment and diplomacy issues are discussed here in the tribe forums so everyone can have a say. The leaders have a special Skype channel to keep in touch and do 'strategy' stuff. We might set up hidden forums later if we need them.

I like it when players form little attack groups and organise things on their own. You can do it here in the forums or however you want. It's also cool for you to start threads discussing strategy or ideas or whatever. Just play the game the way you want and we'll continue being the class act in world 16.

3. Motivation

After a very slow start to our war on MILK:

beardsy said:
Unless we start taking MILK villages soon, I will change the tribe's picture to this:


stupsi said:
beardsy ! this is terror !!

3 days later:

Side 1: CND

Side 2: MILK

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 7
Side 2: 0
Difference: 7


Worst trolling ever!

Little snippet from the archive while I write a longer post - an interesting report. Can you spot what happened?

[spoil]It was a draw.[/spoil]

That's pretty rare!! It's only ever happened to me once in over 3 years I think. Loving the posts beardsy :)


It was a draw.
Wow! :icon_eek: I don't think I've ever seen a report where two full armies actually canceled each other out perfectly.
I've done it in simulations, lol, but never seen a report like that! :icon_biggrin: Kewl!

3. Motivation
After a very slow start to our war on MILK
PML, haha.... omg that's funny!
I remember the slow start that just dragged on and I remember the sudden surge. Haha, now I know why!
If I recall, MILK didn't last too longer after their morale was busted by that attack. :icon_wink:

Your PnP was always great.... but what I missed the most of all were the mini-movies.
In latter years, declaration on W16 seemed to involve cat-pictures and epic-fail posters.
But what I loved MOST from the early days of propaganda on W16 were the VIDEOS.

(When Plight declared on TWB, I tried in vain to get someone to make a movie for us...
By the time someone said they'd try to learn how to do it, 2 weeks later, the war already won.)


Your PnP was always great.... but what I missed the most of all were the mini-movies.

Here's one I found in the archive - TW were a biggish tribe in k45 - unfortunately we had two powerhouse players there, Rqzaniq and vocil, who dominated the continent. In one forum thread, Rqzaniq claimed k45 as his exclusive domain. He wasn't wrong, really. Old Guy from Hippos offered to merge TW into Hippos if they proved their worth by defeating vocil.
Scuffer made this video to mark the occassion:

There was a character called Gatt who was the butt of a lot of jokes -

And some guy called Brymon claimed we should fear his Tribal Wars skills because he was trained at the British military academy, Sandhurst:


Rqzaniq claimed k45 as his exclusive domain. He wasn't wrong, really. Old Guy from Hippos offered to merge TW into Hippos if they proved their worth by defeating vocil.
Scuffer made this video to mark the occassion:
Priceless! :lol: (and quite true about Rq) I remember that whole mess (and video). Conflicts were so "local" then... back when 24-hour noble trips were almost impossibly long! I sent support, talked players who requested support too late thru the concept of snipingtrains by canceling outbound attacks at the right moment, and relocated Old Guy out of K45 into the territory that RonPaul and I had captured from Plight, XXL and RatedR.

Thank you -SO- much for sharing those movies, beardsey!! The "golden age" when PnP made everyone laugh.
I am in tears (of laughter)! :lol:


Here's one I found in the archive - TW were a biggish tribe in k45 - unfortunately we had two powerhouse players there, Rqzaniq and vocil, who dominated the continent. In one forum thread, Rqzaniq claimed k45 as his exclusive domain. He wasn't wrong, really. Old Guy from Hippos offered to merge TW into Hippos if they proved their worth by defeating vocil.
Scuffer made this video to mark the occassion:

There was a character called Gatt who was the butt of a lot of jokes -

And some guy called Brymon claimed we should fear his Tribal Wars skills because he was trained at the British military academy, Sandhurst:

Some of your old tribemates actually carried over the Bombay vid tradition into C². We did a bunch during the HRV war, I should dig them out of the tribal forum (though I won't post them in this thread, no sense derailing it...we have Gammy for that :lol:).


Videos..... An epic idea that I never noticed as I was too busy sat on the rim telling jokes back then. Good to see them now though :p


Cleaning Hippos Out of k54

The archives have three threads about three anti-Hippo ops based around k54 - Blow, Orangecrush and kim625.


The Blow one is mostly interesting as a showcase for Tyler Durden's skills and an insight into how the mind of a top player works.

Tyler-Durden said:
Not really much to report here. Just messing with him at this point (taking out acad, farms, and HQ). Once nobles are done the fun will start. He did finally put up a bit of resistance :)

Defender: Blow
Village: (425|498)

Quantity: 1572 1821 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 1572 1821 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Damage by catapult bombardment: The Farm has been damaged and downgraded from level18 to level15

Tyler-Durden said:
He's got more support:

Defender: Blow
Village: You Be Food?! (423|500) K54

Quantity: 13220 2185 49 25 54 1350 15 0 0
Losses: 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Any idea who it's from? nRu would be an obvious guess

Does nru really afford sending support to other tribes when they can't even protect themselves?...that would seem rather odd..

I still think it's very unlikely nRu are actually supporting Hippos, Pirat! might be a better guess but Hippos are fast becoming allied to the half the world it seems. So much for their pockets of strength taking on the local tribes....

Leave the turtle with his village and take the others then I guess :/

Blow used to be the leader of nRu and is PA with the new leader. So while I think you're right that it is unlikely that nRu is generally supporting Hippos, I think it may be the case here.

Tyler-Durden said:
He's getting lazy. Hope its about time he gives up.

Defender: Blow
Village: You Be Food?! (423|502) K54

Quantity: 941 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Losses: 941 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Damage by catapult bombardment: The Farm has been damaged and downgraded from level13 to level8

nRu took one of his villages. Wonder if he allowed that as it seems odd that they would attack a Hippo.

Presumably he's nobling in safer waters for hippos?

Tyler-Durden said:
The issue is that his main is packed and would cost almost two full armies. His other three villages were empty and being demolished rather than nobled so he'd be stuck with his main + three worthless villages. Untill he nobles again there is nothing to be done other than continuing to cat his 2 small villages.

That seemed to be that, but a week later:

Tyler-Durden said:
He's fled from K54 and I've taken his main. His other two will be taken by w00ps I believe so they can build them back up for me to noble later ;)


He was being account sat, and Hippos were using him to support loads of other Hippos.

beardsy said:
I understand he has no defence and all his units are out supporting people.

Can we organise some sort of attack on him? Either to noble villages, destroy academies, or just generally cause him stress so he has to recall his support.

So who can do what, and when?

There followed three pages of notes and planning and coordination with Center.


OrangeCrush!......	rascal-the-cat [CND]	2008-06-04
OrangeCrush! [Hippos]	Saprissa [CND]	2008-06-04
OrangeCrush! [Hippos]	realkazman [CND]2008-06-04
OrangeCrush! [Hippos]	obstruct [Center]2008-06-03
OrangeCrush! [Hippos]	scuffer [CND]	2008-06-02


kim625 - AKA Cheaty Kim

One of the Hippos guys who'd regularly been in the k54 top ten or whatever was called kim625. He had a weirdly incestuous relationship with half a dozen noob guys near him. They'd formed a tribe called MBC and were basically his slaves. Anyone else suspicious yet?

Shortstuffjo said:
Well every time i attack a village kim625 ends up telling me that they are his PA's and to not attack them.

Now I've already cleared and sent a noble at one of the villages he told me not to attack, so I really don't want to stop nobling it, especially at the request of an enemy. Unless a leader tells me otherwise, I'm going to continue nobling the village and hope this guy doesnt have like 35k axes (don't forget about his Morale Bashers Crew).

It is more than likely that I will need support, so if you would like to send some defense to (village) or (other village) then I would greatly appreciate it. Also, maybe we can plan some fake/real attacks against kim625 and/or the MBC to keep him on his toes.

Thanks in advance for the support and suggestions.

[Support floods in]

beardsy said:
Ignore that ****

He's a bully with nothing to back him up. If he kicks off, we'll kick him out.

Prepared, we started thinking about attacks. Thinking didn't last long. We just attacked.

Well i cleared 'The Grape', who is a member of MBU (Kim625s personal army) upshot is Kim625 is "sitting" him, and is a tad annoyed that i cleared it, so apparently hes going to noble my villages now ...

Id say Kim625 is sitting them all, all day and all night.

I can't tell you how much I suspect that there has been some rule breaking going on here. I'd raise a ticket if I were you.

Yeah this looks dodgy at best..

Also, lets hope he attacks from a different account. It is against the rules to use ANY knowlegde obtained through sitting one account on another account ;c)

This player has been banned and cannot be attacked or supported


beardsy said:

Even more satisfying than rimming him, in my opinion.

Cheats out!

at least one member of MBU has been banned as well, that is Aflack246

and another Aga1014, that is 2 members of MBU that have been banned along with Kim625

Generally its better to attack a player and win with force, but when the player is obviously cheating only one phraze can describe the ban....



Villages Coordinates Points
01. Animus Supremus 426|572 9.599
02. Caputus Ferreus 426|571 4.904
03. Pectus Salus 423|575 5.062
04. Latus Percutius 429|574 4.807
06. Manus Laevus 416|566 6.228

Where did the other villages go?

The other villages are the large barbarians that suddenly appeared around there... kim's punishment for cheating is having them removed (probably with some building and troop loss at the villages she has left too).

beardsy said:
I will send resources to anyone that will be able to take villages from this cheat.

The last offer proved expensive:

Points	Old owner	New owner	Date/Time
(423|575) K54	5,062	kim625	Ghosted Z [CND]	2008-06-02
(423|575) K54	5,062	kim625	Ghosted Z [CND]	2008-06-02
(426|572) K54	9,355	kim625	Shortstuffjo [CND]	2008-05-29
(429|574) K54	4,689	kim625	Kharny [CND]	2008-05-29
(416|566) K54	5,996	kim625	Kiwistylz [CND]	2008-05-29

I hate cheats.

Anyway, as a result of all that, Hippos were practically eliminated from k54.



In the south of k54 lived a tribe called Pirat! They were all tiny little noobs except a guy called Dandyman (a LARGE noob), who had accrued 9 villages and an attitude to match. (9 was very decent at the time).

beardsy said:
dandyman is getting himself worked up about something - I can't quite tell what. But we will need to defend picas so get ready.

Oops .. that *could* be my doing. I'm picking on a Pirat! in my local.

I was picking off his weaker village hoping to get an easy kill but he turtled into his main. I've popped the wall of his little village and eying off his main.

Don't apologise - that little Pirat guy is a nice target and you're right to attack him.

The situation escalated - Picas was isolated and a good target for them. In the short term! But still, as a big tribe you can sometimes stop wars with a bit of harmless bullying:

beardsy said:
I'm talking to their tribe leader - I've made threats against Pirates and he's mega-stressed - and quite right too.

I have rejected his proposal that we let Picas fight dandyman one-to-one.

My response was, 'If dandyman wants a fight, he can fight the whole of CND.'

Dandyman, though, wanted a fight. It's to his credit, but talk about noob!
We looked at the reports and scouted all his buildings.

Does this guy have armies bigger than 1000 axes?

But surely he could send noble trains?

Well I figured out all the attacks.. I thought it looked like badly timed nobles..

Here is the summary of attacks on just Wheres the BEEF? (474|575) K54

Jun 09, 2008 01:53:50:537 ram was a FAKE
Jun 09, 2008 01:53:59:617 ram was a FAKE
Jun 09, 2008 01:54:11:639 ram was a FAKE
Jun 09, 2008 02:09:18:176 Axe was REAL!

Jun 09, 2008 02:56:19:093 Noble? YES it was a noble!
Jun 09, 2008 02:56:35:422 Noble? Yes it was a noble!

wonder what the point of the 3 fakes was? Just to make sure you moved support INTO the village?

Were we thinking of inviting this pillock at one point? Lucky escape!

But he'd mastered the simple art of support. Right?

rascal-the-cat said:
I nobled a dandy village yesterday.

He had his own incoming support into it.

Part of the support was 11 rams - yes rams!

He then sent an attack at the village.

Yup .... you've guessed the rest! :p

At least his tech levels were okay.

[Yeah, they were all at level 1...]

Here's what I had to say about it all:

beardsy said:
We're trying to get scuffer and rascal down there - they will sort the guy out no problem. He's got 9 villages in k54, which is astonishing really. Imagine the toughest k in the universe, drop a noob in there, and he flourishes. It's almost a heart-warming story!

I set us the target of wiping Pirat! out and moving some landlocked CNDers into more active waters. Ten minutes later there hadn't been any progress:

beardsy said:
If we haven't turned it round next week, I'll throw a hissy fit like that PIEP guy and disband the tribe.


rascal-the-cat said:
Calm down beardsy!

We are on the case ...

Sure enough, we starting nobling Pirat villages for fun.

Interestingly, Pirat was the only tribe we ever had a spy in. (I have no recollection how. I think one of us was account sitting one of them and they never noticed.)

Pirat! diplomatic list;



Non-Aggression-Pact (NAP)


c2! Also, we took a Pirat village which had incoming support from HRV. Maybe people were starting to see us as a major threat.


Memory is hazy... From what I remember I definitely got hit on the backtime, but I think I only lost my axes. We set up a counter back-time of that back time from Scarge's account as my LC's weren't back, but Pistol sat and dodged about 1.5 seconds (I think), and that was including other spam attacks I sent inbetween those time points to try and slow things up

It was the impressive performance of that, including the good grace and banter whilst it was all on-going that made us so receptive to teaming up with CND. (Contingent on me not getting my a$$ handed to me any harder than I did up until that point hehe).

Hello everyone, long time since I logged in here - cracking effort Beardsy!

That was me sitting but it was genuinely only a fluke of timing, mop dodged a similar attack subsequently and it was only a quirk of circumstance that it happened to be me that time. The fact Center were willing to defend such a lost cause (they stacked a dead account that had no option but to jump k's at first nobles) did a lot to persuade us they were better allies than enemies, scrapping over the desert that was K54 was not attractive when we had a first class tribe in our midst.


@Malckam: Dandyman videos aren't working for me at the moment - it may be that the links are dead. But I think I just have some problem with that website.

Dandyman video 1
Dandyman video 2

Just found some more stuff about the Pirat 'war':
(Remember I threatened to disband the tribe if things didn't improve)

Side 1: CND

Side 2: Pirat!

Timeframe: Forever

b]Total conquers against opposite side:[/b]

Side 1: 10
Side 2: 4
Difference: 6

A month later:

Side 1: CND

Side 2: Pirat!

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 41
Side 2: 4
Difference: 37

beardsy said:


No disbands for ... a month.

That's your reward.


Only a month?

He's tough that beardsy guy!


Oh, and found this hit I made on a Pirat guy so someone else could noble the village. I think it's my favourite hit ever.

beardsy said:
Boom! And my nuke almost completely intact.

Defender: rpritz172000
Village: sap Phantom IIII (469|601) K64

Quantity: 300 300 6280 600 1880 0 200 100 1
Losses: 300 300 6280 600 1880 0 200 100 1



Ref vids, I am getting server errors from both the dandys and the ones you posted earlier which were ok a couple of days ago. Hopefully a temporary problem on the site.



beardsy said:
The time may be near when a merge with Center makes sense.

I'm all in favour of it.

* CND is running very well so why change it?
* We'll be full for while, so won't be able to invite any ex-Pirat, or Necros superstar players (2011 note - this was a joke!)

* An end to accidental sniping and minor disputes (which are on the increase)
* Much improved communication between all the players
* An easier life for the Dukes
* The chance to dominate three core continents
* Maybe some players will think twice before joining Hippos.
* They think like us, so there won't be any changes in the way the tribe runs

* Name will be 'Center for Noob Disarmament'
* They will merge into us, so you don't have to do anything...



what would be the leadership?

beardsy said:
Me and Aelies or Onaryc. Lazy and rascal doing most of my work, as now.

vocil said:
my vote : yes

I presume we will still operate under and completely open forum system?

I gave my thoughts on this to Scuff and Rascal but ill mention them here anyway ...

The best scenario to me is that Center manage to live and grow by themselves, having two strong tribes is to me, more advantageous than one strong tribe due to the limit on tribe members etc.

However with center seemingly unable to recruit if they are going to dissolve then we are 100% better off to have a merger between the two of us than lose members of center to possible enemies or weak allies (IP comes to mind).

what about the " Public image " . I though both tribes are against family and merges , this will ruin it
also I think we are going to take the first spot what will make many tribe to rethink their policy and may be cancel wars , alliances etc.

what about controling 3 core K's with ~ 90 members , area of domination will be much bigger and the fronts will be more , what is now the situation with hippos will be our situation after the merge
what if we try to higher the density of the clusters , in order to have secure bases in 2 K's with villages close to one another , for about month or 2 and than merge .

it is NO for me for now

There's just not much out there for them (or us) to recruit. In the whole of k45, for example, there's maybe two guys who we could recruit, and one of them is going to be rimmed soon. By us!

beardsy said:
I'm not very interested in the public image. Our tribes are against family tribes, that's true enough, but there's not much wrong with a merge if it's done for the right reasons.

Whatever the situation is at the moment with 2 separate tribes will be the same with one tribe, I think. But it'll be much easier for us to coordinate a response if we're sharing a forum. If Hippos attack me, for example, it would be better if Athos and cwolfgirl could read this forum so they could send support. It's really a big benefit.

[Most people vote yes at this point]

Well I would rather not merge, but I can live with it (as nothing would change for me). Tought the tribelimit it 80 ... CND+Center = 90 ...

Dont worry about that. Our active members dont add up to 90, its very close to 80.

In Beardsy I trust :), probably will be and andvantages and some drawbacks. I say yes.

I changed my mind ... I am OKAY for a merge. (hehe maybe can get some K44 villages)

Rqzaniq said:
But i see two important things.
First, is that our duke is somekind of "tired", and wants to share resposibilities. And second is that Center are loosing active players like hell. I dont want a tired duke, already had one... And seeing our best allies loosing their activity, is not good too. ..External forum is not an option, at least for me... So, i would agree to a merge, we can say it is needed from both sides.

BUT, i have 3 questions. Two mine, and one from a very close friend of mine.

1. What is the aim of the merger? Is there going to be an expansion plan? What will be the aim?

2. I wonder, why so many center guys quit? Is there a problem, and what is it?

3. Dew to the low activity on this world, there is a low density of our clusters. This have to be improved. We can not controle 3 core K's with 80 players... Any thoughts of this...?

beardsy said:
I'm not tired or bored, and I plan to be around till the end of world 16. CND will be around too - even if we're surrounded on all sides, we'll never surrender! I know we'd kick so much ass that all the noobs would stop attacking, and that would leave us one-on-one with the decent players. So there will be no repeat of world 9.

Having said that, thinking about merging the tribe makes me feel more energetic.

Answers -

1 - Aim of the merger

Improved coordination and cooperation between the tribes.

2 - Center guys quitting

Center have a high average age - they are mostly older guys with families and stuff. But I do feel that when tribes start losing players, other players start quitting too. Someone says 'Im leaving' and everyone reads the thread and thinks about whether to quit too. So it can be a vicious circle. We were lucky you found players to take over our quitting guys, and we haven't had that problem. Also, I think our forum is a bit busier than theirs, and maybe our inclusive tribal policy (diplomacy, invites) keeps everyone a bit more interested.

3 - Low density clusters

I don't tell anyone how to play. All things like this are up for discussion and debate. If we need more solid clusters and it means nobling little abandoned villages, let's do it. We can't control 3 continents? We do already, basically! Some guys in k54 are starting to get landlocked because of our alliance with IP, and will start seeding k45. It could fill up pretty quickly.

Lazy Lizzard said:
We also don't run like any other tribes out there. Our tribe is a functioning entity. a System of perpetual motion if you will. We have never been issued with 'orders' and we don't plan on starting now. So for the record, we have three dukes. Beardsy, rascal and myself. We are not tired, what could we be tired of? We don't fight internally, we don't struggle and we certainly don't plan on quitting. If you doubt my commitment see how much effort I'm investing into my maps. So scratch that from the issue list please.

Yes initially it will be a tight fit with the low tribe limit, so I guess we can fire all the recuiters that we have, if you are a recruiter feel free to leave and we will mark our recruitment as [closed] and remove your name from the tribe profile. Hehe, oh yeah, we're not recruiting and neither is Center.
Since the start of this world, Hippos have had 354 tribe changes. We've had 144 and Center had 189. Milk had 421 and RatedR had 643. We did not recruit our way to the top. I blame stupsi and tyler for our points growing so fast. Heck I had to noble a few abandons to slow us down, lol

But we all know this game and it is inevitable for people to quit. So rest assured there will always be room for someone new although initially we might want to resort to nobling our targets instead of feeding them with pro-bono propaganda.

I say YES to the merge, YES to beating some dairy products, YES to enobling the Big Five wannabe's and most of all YES to the public forum not having a clue what we're up to.

This is what we would look like after the merge.



rascal-the-cat said:

The merger is now agreed with CENTER and we will be inviting 31 of their members to join us on Thursday. The remaining CENTER members will remain there for the present.

Three of our members will move over to CENTER.

Please note that nothing should be posted on the main TW forum on this issue at present.

As soon as the new guys arrive please be sure to give them all a warm welcome. :D


Originally Posted by beardsy
I'm not tired or bored, and I plan to be around till the end of world 16. CND will be around too - even if we're surrounded on all sides, we'll never surrender!
And so you shall, so you shall! :icon_biggrin:


Oh man, it's always weird to come back to this forum and still see my clan in the lead, and actually winning the world.

I wonder if there's still any of the actual original members still there though.

I know I quit long ago, I think it was after a merger with C2 and another clan and if I remember, slightly after a war with Plight or right during it.


Post Merge Stats

World Rankings

1 	CND 	7.619.907
2 	Hippos 	7.509.066

k54 players

Rank Name Tribe Points Villages Total villages 
1 realkazman CND 238.671 28 28 
2 Starburit CND 211.555 26 27 
3 rascal-the-cat CND 181.917 24 27 
4 Aelies CND 181.211 20 26 
5 SharkyH2O CND 162.710 19 19 
6 Tyler-Durden CND 147.364 18 42 
7 Stupsi CND 140.372 17 29 
8 Lazy Lizzard CND 129.796 21 21 
9 scuffer CND 128.019 15 17 
10 Saprissa CND 127.899 16 20 
11 the4horsemen11 CND 125.285 16 25 
12 beardsy CND 118.638 15 17 
13 Pistol CND 114.711 13 17 
14 Onaryc CND 114.378 12 21 
15 junkie.punky CND 114.052 13 14 
16 redherring CND 98.997 11 23 
17 MMx2 CND 98.775 11 13 
18 Abimelech CND 98.115 11 13 
19 Shortstuffjo CND 86.983 10 13 
20 rabidkoala CND 84.785 15 15

37 of the top 40 are CND ^_^

2 of those are IP and one is an inactive center :p