Interesting and funny IGM


Adellion on 02.03. at 19:19
I like a declaration by noobs. You know why?

Because it is full of bravado, bravery and courage. Traits that I admire greatly.

Ofc, none of these are of any use to you if you don't have the assets to back them up.

We are aware of your plans to attack the imperial might of Oubliette.

Nor do we care in the slightest. We only say this:


After all, we need a training exercise, and you'll fit the bill perfectly. Some1 nearby who will put up a pathetic fight but will ultimately be defeated.

On the other hand, I'll do you a deal, ok. I *really* shouldn't do a deal with weak tribes such as yours, but like I said, I admire your guts.

Here's the deal:

If you allow -O- to noble ALL of your tribe's K57 villas, then we won't rim the rest of your tribe or your allies outside K57.

Does this sound agreeable to you?

Diplomat for Oubliette

jasonrules1 on 03.03. at 09:33

First of all, i am no NOOB.
Second, I dont betray my tribe like others. I am a loyal member until i have to really move on or the tribe is falling apart.
Third, This war will be a problem for you.
Fourth, Im guessing you know what that means, but anyways i will explain for slow minded people like you.


Adellion on 03.03. at 21:59
Scared, ai? Fine. Like I said, BRING IT ON.

Prove to me that you are not a noob. If you defeat Oubliette in battle, then I tip my hat to you.

I don't care whether you surrender, as long as I see you rimmed. I will love seeing you fight us from the rim. ;)
One of my personal favourites. :lol:


ravenj today at 17:02
Sure. We can have peace.

It will be very peaceful in K57 when your tribe has been removed.

rinkguy today at 18:05
I thought you were resonable. this is not the person I was told you were.

ravenj today at 18:48
You caught me on a bad day.

Let me start this over again, and see if we can understand each other.

You, [player]rinkguy[/player], nobled a village belonging to a member of my tribe.
Kudos to you for noticing he was inactive, clearing his troops, and taking his village. It was well done. You have my respect as a player.
However: You nobled a village belonging to [ally]Word[/ally]. This village is our property, and we intend to take it back.

You were given a choice, to return this village to us, and we could discuss our diplomatic status.

You made no arrangements to return the village to us.
Your reply was that IF we gave you a Peace agreement, THEN you would not noble any more of those villages.
I can read between the lines. Your mail is saying "If we don't get a peace agreement, we will continue to noble more of your villages".

Since I respect you, and know you are capable of clearing and taking a village, I am willing to give you the chance to prove yourself, and the might of [ally]-H-[/ally] against the knowledge and skill of [ally]Word[/ally] (and also [ally]-O-[/ally] since they are friends with us, and can't stand to be left out of the fun).

I think this could be an enjoyable little war. My troops are already marching on the [ally]-H-[/ally] villages closest to me*. I look forward to seeing incomings from your tribe (and to splattering them on our well-defended walls).

If there has been some misunderstanding, and you were not, in fact, threatening war with us, please reply (including arrangements to return our village to us) and perhaps I can cancel our plans, and turn Word's attention to some other more deserving target.

- Raven

*with the exception of YoungMelo's villages. We developed an understanding very early in the game. He has been very respectful, and even coordinated noble claims with me, so his expansion would not interfere with my own plans.
This is very old, and when RavenJ was running our temporary holding ground that was WORD (now non-existent).

I'm sure "it" won't mind me poaching "its" mails.


Ady you noob, you've got to space your funny mail posts out some. Can't just hit us with a block like that, leaves one dizzy.

Brown Nose

There is a new threat to the K of 75...... :icon_surprised:

Be afraid, be very afraid....... :icon_evil:

Lord TylerO on 02.04. at 16:59
Hello, King Crisis (leader of [ally]SNTS[/ally]) and I are looking into making a family tribe and band all K75 tribes into 1 family to prevent wars in K75 and also so that we can support everyone alot better in wars, so what do you say? do you think you may be intrested in joining?

Brown Nose on 02.04. at 17:19

I just hate wars, they hold up my points growth far too much, if we could get some more info we would be way interested!!


Lord TylerO on 02.04. at 20:51
good to hear :) we plan to make a few forums for the family and they will all be shared such a a market, support, and a council for all barons and so on, this will keep us in touch and will help us become close friends. we will supply each other and support each other when attacked... just as a normal family tribe would as of now we are going for the top 10 tribes in K75 and once they all join will will get the rest (about 80 tribes lol)

Brown Nose on 02.04. at 20:54
Who's in so far, I'd like to start a list!!

Lord TylerO today at 00:11
well 1 prson has declined due to not wanting to have too many allies and your the only person who has responded in a posivtive way, but so far we got:


And hopefully more to come :)

Lord TylerO today at 00:11
SNTS = [ally]Saints[/ally]
Damn those BB-Code sarcasm tags for not working.... :icon_redface:


They really want every tribe with a village in K75 to join their family? Wow...


Applications to Oubliette, some of the better ones:

eagleye454 on 09.04. at 02:13
can i join your tribe? i want to be part of a tribe that will actually help me and not too far from me. plz let me join! i hate thins tribe!

Sybrand on 09.04. at 02:36
We are certainly interested in such a great warrior like you. There are some requirements though that have to made before I can invite you.
These are the first requirements:
- Provide proof that you can touch your tongue to your elbow. If the photo is altered, then you will be declined.
- Come up with a rhyme for orange.

Later I will send you the additional requirements.
Good luck!

eagleye454 on 09.04. at 02:37
y do i have to do this?

eagleye454 on 09.04. at 02:37
i noe a ryme for orange, orange!

eagleye454 on 09.04. at 15:32
the other one, i cannot do

Sybrand on 09.04. at 16:16
Hm, that's too bad. That definitely decreases your chances though. Lots of recruits who are able to do both! I will look further into it so please be patient!

eagleye454 on 10.04. at 18:40

Bull88 on 31.03. at 00:19
I was just wondering about joining ur tribe

Sybrand on 31.03. at 05:45
You can stop wondering because you are not invited.

Bull88 on 31.03. at 14:57
ahh ur one of those tools

Sybrand on 31.03. at 15:11
In what way am I a tool?
Our new academy tribe:

chippowns on 01.04. at 22:41
did you know im in your acadamy tribe[ally]-OA-[/ally]? but one of your members are attacking me tell the kracken origional to stop

Sybrand on 02.04. at 00:37
Really, who are you?
Since when do we have an academy?

chippowns on 02.04. at 02:13
since today tell the kacken origional origional to stop attacking me or kick him out of the tribe

Sybrand on 02.04. at 04:50
Ok, I will talk to him? Is there anyone else gonna be invited in our academy or is it just you?

chippowns on 02.04. at 22:26
other people are coming shortly

Sybrand on 03.04. at 04:57
Ok, I can send you some recruits to help building your academy!

chippowns on 04.04. at 00:47
yes you may

chippowns on 07.04. at 03:38
well?? send some

chippowns on 11.04. at 22:51
hey answer me send some people to join
And its first recruit:

yuvk on 01.04. at 15:15
i was member of GDA
got scamed by the tribe leader.
i am looking for a new tribe.

Sybrand on 01.04. at 15:23
Please be patient as I will look into it. You have lots of points and really good reputation as a fearsome warrior, so I give you a good shot at it.


yuvk on 01.04. at 15:24
tx alot-i was stronger but due to tribe scam i lost 4 villages-working on gaining my strengh again

Sybrand on 03.04. at 06:26
Ah, dear yuvk,
At the moment our maintribe is really full so we would like you to move for now to our new academy tribe called [ally]-OA-[/ally]. Please contact its leader and have fun. When you grow to our likings we will get in contact again!

yuvk on 03.04. at 13:03
tx i will join as soon as i see more ppl in this tribe


And here some older ones.
Pheasanthunter365 on 31.03. at 22:22
are u currently recruiting any players

Sybrand on 31.03. at 22:48
No, in this case i don't.

Pheasanthunter365 on 31.03. at 23:48
ok thanks
on 26.03. at 23:28
Greetings, "Sybrand"
I am sending a personal message requesting that I may join
the mighty tribe you are in called "-O-".
I have Many troops, but little points,
much experience, but little friends.

In all regards,
T. "Aruetyc Solus" T.

Sybrand on 27.03. at 03:25
Sorry, too little points. Hopefully you will find another tribe to your likings.

on 27.03. at 03:42
Okay. If I get more points, say 30K, would I be able to join?

Sybrand on 27.03. at 03:45
Right now, at the moment I am accepting players around 100k points or more.
If you reach that in one week then you may contact me again.
Trojann on 27.03. at 02:07
can u join the tribe?

Sybrand on 27.03. at 03:27
No, sorry. At the moment recruitment is very restricted and as such we cannot invite you.

Trojann on 27.03. at 07:29
mate do u hve an alliance tribe?

Sybrand on 27.03. at 15:02
Yes, we do. All the grey villages that you see on the map are our allies.

Trojann today at 01:37
lol its a barbarian village ~.~


quityelling what do you expect from a kid and a n00b bad combination but sooooo funny :)
Thanks for sharing.

Lord Schmart

Background Info:

Well, I was scanning the map as I normally do and a dark red dot was on it. I nuked it and got some wonderful hatemail (Yes, I have censored it)

US Marines on 24.04. at 03:45
Pick on someone your own size ******. This acc is a typo. ******. Watch all your villages burn down in twenty four hours. Good luck burning in hell dumb***.

Lord Schmart on 24.04. at 03:53
Thanks for the luck :)

I'll have a great time sitting amongst the smoldering remains of my villages, don't worry.
After I replied, he didn't even read it and he went inactive!! It was fun while it lasted. :icon_biggrin:


Scooter1975 wrote:
today at 15:59
LMAO WOW someone here is a little immature punk. I made a mistake by sending troops and you destroyed me, but then you just can't let it go. HAHA I don't give a s*** about this game, I only log on here and there to pass the time. A******* like you are the type that actually ruin the game for the people who really care about learning a new game. The people that actually take a game for what it is....... Fun. I'm glad to see that you take things so personal and have no real life outside the game to speak of. That's actually kinds sad too. Maybe go outside once in awhile or play a real game that actually takes skill.

hilarious, scouted him he sent all his troops they died he began a new life on the rim so i sent 219 rams 100 cats 1500 lc 5k axes to his new village and this is the message i got !! took 5 weeks for those troops to get there and back! suppose i took it a bit personal


LOL...He'll have probably been rimmed twice over before the nuke lands!


If only all my farms were this cooperative...

NOOBOT II today at 09:20
Why do u attack me so?

quincunx today at 10:55
Because I was under the impression that this is a war game. Please do correct me if that is in fact a misconception.

NOOBOT II today at 15:25
oh. u can have my town. i don't give a damn about this game liao. M too busy. ok how about this. i let u. have this town. K? i don't like to watch my stuff get decimated

quincunx today at 15:33
Your wish is my command.



dappamikey on 07.05. at 15:40
did you attack me? It was extremley foolish as within a few days all your good villages will be taken from you.

bluedefence on 07.05. at 15:42
lol i was ordered too :p and i beg differ no they wont

bluedefence on 07.05. at 16:51
nice program u got there buddy stacking another attack right at the send before nobles hit

dappamikey on 07.05. at 16:52
Lol ok dude just because you don't know how to do it doesnt mean it's cheating. It's called timing, the primary weapon in this game is timing.

bluedefence on 07.05. at 16:53
i know how to do it lol but its just irionic closest i ever get is 10 secs when i'm attacking like that never down to the milli sec

dappamikey on 07.05. at 16:55
Well obviously you don't know how to do it if ten secons is your best effort, don't worry I'll send another one soon just to make sure.

bluedefence on 07.05. at 16:57
lol cocky arnt we

dappamikey on 07.05. at 16:59
Mate even if i dont take it now it's a matter of time, and all because you listened to perhaps the most delusional leader in TW, my mate has already taken one of his vills and he will be rimmed....again.

bluedefence on 07.05. at 17:00
lol i dont care much really


This is a message I received from a tribe member after i said i'd be quitting this world and my accs are up for grabs:

m0sti on 10.05. at 15:51
Hey, what units are in each village? Im interested in the one with most units =]

and that is why I'm leaving this world/tribe. Its hopeless