Implemented Inventory Bags(groups)

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hello all
my inventory is a mess and i am sure players who spam serious pp would have a lot more items than me!
being so unorganized and on many pages is exhausting

i would like the ability to group my items for the use i need them

for example: minting, offense, defense, paladin books etc
i have 4 pages of random items, some good, some useless and more will come since i play only 2 months in the world...
with bags i would have only 1 page with some bags and few more random items without bags

also i would like those groups(or bags) to be customized in appearance by me whenever i like
to be able to set or change their name and their image or their color
for image options i would like available the TW icons too, for buildings and units

finally they should appear on the top of the items in the inventory
example from 108

how is the voting works?
there is a minimum limit or a time for the positive votes to take action?