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Discussion in 'World 75' started by smokeytehbear, Jun 16, 2014.

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  1. smokeytehbear

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    Jan 23, 2014
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    I remember threads similar to this in past worlds, and they're always fairly interesting. Usually there were more K's with people in them but.... yeah.

    Start your post off with what K you're in, or at least which one you're talking about. Then talk about what's happening in the K that others may find interesting.

    Things such as: who the top ranked tribes are, analysis on the top players, what tribes are good, which are bad, what tribes are hugging, any possible NAP's / allies you know of, what possible wars will soon arise, who is most likely to take over the K, etc. Basically whatever you feel like. You could talk about igloos for all I care.

    Then just feel free to comment on what others have to say, agree with them, disagree, debate, argue, anything others will find interesting (mainly argue, that's always fun).

    This is usually more interesting when there are many K's filled, so you can see how the rest of the world is doing, but in this one only 4 are filled, with 8 being around 1/4 filed. Sooooo.

  2. smokeytehbear

    smokeytehbear Member

    Jan 23, 2014
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    accidental double post
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  3. DreamSweeper

    DreamSweeper Guest

    As asked,
    I'll be rating the tribes that have stood out to me in K54, I do NOT have time to rate all of the tribes that stand out, so my judgement isn't only limited to who I think are 'stand outs' but just the few that I can get around to rating. I do believe that there are other potential tribes...I am not rating family tribes, as much as some of them seem half decent, and will probably go alright, I just don't really have time for them :p much love xo


    Buddy - White
    Who.. - Red
    SOL. - Blue
    ~CR~ - Green
    SNEAKL - Pink

    There spread is alright, little clustered, but average. Looking at a few of their players, not many farm, but they're still hitting the ranks. Ranking at #30 with an average point of 698, I don't know what will happen, bit unpredictable...but I do know a few of their players and they're pretty good. Can't say much, I'd give them a 5/10.

    One of the better tribes within this K. Ranking at #20 with an avg points at 767. I like these guys, to live up to the tribe in which I'm expecting them to be, I'd think their spread could be a little better. Nevertheless, they do have some great players, but not a lot farm...well, enough I guess. Not much else to say other than this is a tribe to keep an eye on, I believe they have the potential to go far if they play their cards right. I'll give them a 6.5/10.

    I rated this tribe already in the other forum thread :p

    Great spread, ranking at #18 with an avg point of 767, a tribe that is neither recruiting or setting up diplomacy isn't necessarily a good thing, nor a bad thing...but it does display a somewhat confidence in what they're looking for as a tribe. On their tribal profile stating a 2:1 troop ratio is always something good, making sure everyone in the tribe has this would be expected in the decent tribes out their, having to point it out, I guess suggests that the leadership are really trying to make it a tribe that is half decent and looking to stay around. A lot of their players awards hidden so I can't determine if they're actively farming...meh, overall a 6/10.

    Really spread out! Both a good thing for the long run but a bad thing throughout startup if they don't play the diplomacy cards right. This would be working to their advantage when it comes to farming though, not getting in each others ways. Ranking at #98 with and avg points of 727, they're going pretty good. I like their COA ... seems like a tribe of character, they're also quite agressive for their size #20 ODA and #8 ODD, this isn't the best thing throughout startup, but considering their spread, conflicts as such do arise, they're still growing steady and seem to have it quite together. Overall 6.5/10.

    Only did this because I was asked, just my thoughts, they're not too detailed, I personally think K54 will be quite interesting with a fair few decent tribes out and about. Hope this was okay :p As I'm procrastinating from writing out reports for work...haha!

    - Jake
  4. Just Dance

    Just Dance Guest

    You forgot norse.
  5. DreamSweeper

    DreamSweeper Guest

    Who are they? They any good?
  6. The Holy Afro

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    Feb 8, 2012
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    oh thank you so much! are not so familiar with tw.net so this made it a little easier for me to keep track of the surroundings! :***
  7. DreamSweeper

    DreamSweeper Guest

    No worries, buddy :)
    Take care! Hope this helps
  8. Artofdefence

    Artofdefence Guest


    I'm well aware that posting this kind of stuff will mean that I will have to find a new tribe for myself. Ah well. Life.

    1 SubV 14.975 34
    Claims to be a rebirth of some tribe no one playing this world right now will have heard about. They list their recruitment status on their profile, which is a gateway to listing allies and diplomacy on it as we all know.

    2 BCC 12.724 28
    "Broken Ceramic Core" - I've been wondering what their name stands for. They seem to be in the top tribes simply because they also have the most players. I farmed some of their players.

    3 StR 11.421 22
    Family tribe apparently. Seems to be another group of mass-recruiting baddies with a few players who seem stuck with them.

    4 T.E.O 9.828 14
    A small tribe, with what seems to be the highest points per player on the continent. Seems to stall growth, and looking at the achievements of the lead members not a lot of them farm.

    5 ufr 6.632 9
    Win the prize for the coolest name in the top 10. Probably the only group that has some clue what they're doing.

    6 Nashor 6.449 12
    I tried saying hi to my Nashor neighbour but just got ignored. Instantly demoted to the lowest tier.

    7 ~Or.d~ 6.131 11
    Similar to #1, claims to be a tribe from world 6 which means that no one here will know who they are. I suspect someone will waltz over them pretty soon.

    8 ~TC2~ 4.159 10
    Family tribe.

    9 ~TC~ 3.344 5
    Family tribe.

    10 EFF 3.064 11
    Elite Fighting Force. But they seem neither elite, nor a fighting force.
  9. mrpotatoed

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    Jun 6, 2014
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    I think you overrated a bit there. Most people in this K look like juicy farms and second villages.
  10. DreamSweeper

    DreamSweeper Guest

    Yeah, I was a bit generous :p
  11. Just Dance

    Just Dance Guest

    He wants to take attention away from his tribe(Norse), which i actually think is smart :)
  12. immunesoul

    immunesoul Contributing Poster

    Feb 23, 2009
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    subv has none of the original members, i already grilled/trolled there leader, just a bunch of nubs stealing a good tribes names.
  13. Elpidius

    Elpidius Guest

    Surprised there isn't a -WE- or Virus / DNY Running around :D
  14. Elpidius

    Elpidius Guest

    I had already done a K44 Analysis a couple days ago.. should still apply. Ill bring it here from the other discussion:

    Rank Tribe Points Villages
    1 ARROW 40.007 34
    2 HOOD 36.687 31
    3 Apes 32.548 24
    4 Wrath 28.620 35
    5 =HRE= 28.167 30
    6 =PrO= 27.105 34

    The Map:

    ARROW: A good spread throughout the K will allow for steady growth without stepping on their own toes. It should be a simple matter to spread into K34 from their position in K44. They are showing steady growth and now have a solid team of competent players. 3rd in ODA so obviously clearing out their immediate areas and making some solid progress. A brother tribe to HOOD quite blatantly. But with a tribe limit of 35 there are tons of families out there. It is quite unlikely any tribe will "win" the world without help so establishing that early on may or may not be an advantage.

    HOOD Also a decent spread throughout the K, mostly based in the southwest so maybe that is the main target for growth and a good direction to hit players closer to the rim without much competition. Also happens to be my own tribe so Ive got a vested interest in their success so I'll keep this one short.

    APES Well now. These guys have recently shot to the top of the ranking tables with a vigor Ron Jeremy would envy! They have quite a few good players on the roster and an interesting if a bit sporadic spread of players. Maybe they will be heading east to link up with the cluster in K45? They have the look of a pre-made tribe without being one so that suggests to me a leader who has been around a while. Maybe we can get one of those good old time introduction PNP's out of these guys to satisfy our curiosity.

    WRATH A very clustered tribe, so much so that I would be surprised to find that they are not hurting their own growth. Although they may be able to push outwards from their position it will be a tough fight. Their profile is pretty cool, with a bible like verse about a "beast" and an interesting COA. Unfortunately I dont see them beating out the competition in the long run.

    =PRO= Another tribe that has an extreme cluster. Based in the mid to north west of the K they will at least have the option to move west to expand. Seriously though, I would hate to try farming in that mess. A sister tribe of =HRE= is about the only useful information on their profile. Also why no COA? Not even a token googled image about it being under construction lol. Rank 49 in ODA so apparently not clearing much to make farms. then again when your neighbors are all tribe mates I guess you do not have too.:icon_wink:
  15. immunesoul

    immunesoul Contributing Poster

    Feb 23, 2009
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    arrow family are gonna have a good test with apes
  16. I haven't seen an arrow family member with troops yet
  17. Henley16

    Henley16 Non-stop Poster

    May 4, 2013
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    Same, apes are much better than arrow family.
  18. Elpidius

    Elpidius Guest

    Ive seen some with troops, me being one :D

    Weird that you think we have no troops and yet we are consistently in the top 10 ODA for clearing farms o.0

    Just to clarify, not saying we are better or worse than anyone. Just that we obviously have troops and are obviously willing to use them.
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  19. I'm sure there are a lot of good players between the 2 tribes. There is also an awful lot of dead weight hiding in the points
  20. TheBigBull

    TheBigBull Guest

    Rebirth OF W25 SUBV? Total remake you mean.. No decent players just peeps wanting to be famous or noticed on W75. Don't rate them at all.
    I bet if you asked them how the war with SUBV & INH ended up they wouldn't even give the correct answer.