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Feel free to do so :icon_razz:

As a word of advice - if you want to give your opinion, you should expect others to feel/do the same. You seem to be taking a few jibes at you personally from the odd DSy4 player, which only came about after sharing a view that you want to see DSy4 lose a war :icon_biggrin:

I personally have no problem with people co-playing, but more accounts all with some activity is definitely better than less accounts with 24/7 activity - at least from a leadership perspective.

But from a wartime perspective, it's a lot better to have fewer larger accounts with a lot of activity, than a bunch of smaller, less active accounts.

It means there's a lot less need to worry about members disappearing or going inactive. Less worry of spies. It requires far less coordination and when coordination does happen it ensures everyone is taking part instead of risking some coward sitting back and doing nothing.


In terms of this war, if it lasts, I think it will be decided by Infect's action or inaction if they even care to watch it at all.

I want to see Dsy4 lose, in part because they had their chance to be number one but instead tried to make the world into a one-on-one for the finish, which really, there's no fun in that. But mostly I want to see Dsy4 fall because it's fun to watch a giant tumble and the world crumble.

For now PWM will stay out of this war, but we're watching, and I personally would love the chance to dig into Dsy4, the South is a little crowded and the North is looking like a pretty nice place to grow right now.


I want to see Dsy4 lose, in part because they had their chance to be number one but instead tried to make the world into a one-on-one for the finish, which really, there's no fun in that. But mostly I want to see Dsy4 fall because it's fun to watch a giant tumble and the world crumble.

DSy4 honoured our long-term commitment to Infect, and upheld our principles of honesty and integrity. We do not apologize for refusing the advances of PWM, begging us to intervene in their war. I respect your desire to involve us - in your place, I would have done the same, but your bitterness is misplaced.

Besides which, this is all off-topic. A much more interesting item just appeared in the DSy4 forums:

Defeat the most units in this world as the defender.
Best result: on 16.08.2014 (493.328 units)
1.136.754 / 1.136.754
1.136.754 / 1.136.754

Jennifer seems to be enjoying a few of our stacks.
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I think this basically sums up the war thus far, and hopefully puts an end to this whole DSy4-betraying/attacking Ronin out of nowhere, as well as the idea that we had some evil master plan and were just waiting to OP them... It fairly conclusively shows what Ronin has been trying to do ;)

Your tribe

Specifically check the caps, and the ODD/ODA differences. Most telling.
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Those war stats between Ronin and DT were wrong by the way. When we were in DT we had a lot more caps than that, and ours were actually on active players :)


Those war stats between Ronin and DT were wrong by the way. When we were in DT we had a lot more caps than that, and ours were actually on active players :)

Yea, it's easy to run up stats on a tribe with no living players left in it. We should know, given N.W.O.


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Yea, it's easy to run up stats on a tribe with no living players left in it. We should know, given N.W.O.


we scraped and clawed for every one of our 804 net conquers in two months

N.W.O. has this frighteningly effective new tactic for killing nobles where they make your nobles disappear forever by letting you take their villages



we scraped and clawed for every one of our 804 net conquers in two months

N.W.O. has this frighteningly effective new tactic for killing nobles where they make your nobles disappear forever by letting you take their villages

First I laughed, then I remembered how much farming I've been having to do to get any nobles, and then it wasn't as funny anymore.


N.W.O have been frighteningly awful. It's a shame really.


We have nobles inbound to refugees that, out of the goodness of our hearts, we are politely not considering to be DSy4 proper. It can be difficult to weather the storm of gossip and maintain a high level of respect for a tribe, so in order to uphold our opinion of DSy4 we have decided the DT refugees are pets. So no; no real ops - just things being lobbed at the targets that have been on our to-do list.

You already kicked one of your pets that you so vehemently refused to...kick. Once Pec starts losing villages you will kick him, as well, citing inactivity. I will even be generous and point out, publicly, that we have started getting reports back of near-full resources on Pec, so he is already wearing down. When you do ditch him, even I will have to concede that it was due to inactivity. And, if not pushed, I'm fine with not making a little snarky comment about -why- he might have gone inactive (we'll say he had to go back to school or that he is too busy tending to his goldfish who is struggling to survive an aquatic strain of ebola).

Checking Pec's stats will also tell you how much support is being consumed while keeping him afloat. And hey, we need the OD and have plenty of nukes at our disposal, so this seems like a pretty nice symbiotic relationship. My account hit stacks and cleared some. Feel free to restack - I have plenty of resources and will be giving it another college try :)

Ricky, I would like to reiterate that this war was not, in fact, declared by Ronin. I would like to reiterate that Ronin was on amiable terms with DSy4 and were, in fact, discussing the possibility of working together to clear the northwest. Together. While I'm sure both sides are quite comfortable with eventually warring the other, we both - I had assumed - knew that there was a time and place for everything.

As for my dreadful habit of snarling, I'm sure just about every duke in this game can tell you that location doesn't really matter: I have a terrible habit of bristling when provoked, be it a tribe much larger or smaller than Ronin or who shares a ridiculously large frontline - TT and New Hope both come to mind - or tribes that feel they are far enough away from our core to step on our toes and see if they get away with it. Infect and I have snarled at one another more than once. Smoke's attempts to make Ronin kneel when they recruited on our frontline is another example: we cleared them out of our way when Talin and a dozen other barons/council members/(dukes?) tried to threaten us into submission. DT attempted the same when they saw us sneaking into the area. When nipped, we bite.

You are welcome to pretend that we were the ones that postured and flaunted thinking we were safe. However, all evidence points to the opposite.

You took from us because there was nothing we could do about it. We did something about it.

You declared on us in a fit of rage. Please afford us the courtesy of not rolling your eyes and scoffing when we ask for proper ops from the rank two tribe in this world.

Or, alternatively, declare when you're in a position to declare.

As for the little betrayal nonsense - no one ever said Ronin felt at all betrayed by DSy4. This is a war game. People war. I do believe it was clear to both parties that I have no interest in official diplomatic relations, so there was nothing to stop DSy4 from pulling this little stunt. What amused me was everything that led up to it and everything thereafter. I certainly have no animosity toward DSy4, and have already said I like your tribe - as do many of my guys.

But liking someone certainly doesn't stop us from wanting to slice them open to see what is inside.

You declared. We accepted. You have the advantage, and you have remarkable talent in that tribe, so I expect great things from you. We are going to bite and nip at one another, and we're going to take villages off one another. But you have the upper hand. You should have the caps. You should have the ops. You are on your own territory - we are scruffy interlopers who believe we have a crack at the world. But something tells me you will be doing more and something tells me you are looking over your shoulder. I have no doubt that you are talking to tribes in the world to see if they will tidy up Ronin a little faster, just as I am likely doing the same.

Your pets, who are 100% not allied with you and 100% do not believe w70 rises and sets in your pants, will get involved in this war. They will attempt to gain ground down south, which I'm sure will please Infect to no end (since Infect, I am sure, is also acutely aware of the fact that TR is its own separate entity and plans on going to war with DSy4 before your one-on-one Epic End Battle).

I've poked the bear, and I'll keep poking, if for no other reason than to give DSy4 the chance to roll their eyes, pat me on the head, and politely remind me that the grown ups are busy fighting, so there's no real point in going down south to bother with Ronin. But watch for us, DSy4. You're clever enough to not waste resources on an agonizingly drawn out battle.

We are not so clever. We are rabid and hungry and foolish and long ago I told Repinski that I planned on meeting DSy4 across the field one day. That was back when we were clearly nothing more than TT food.

But I meant it.

And I mean to take this war as far as you want me to. So I will be fighting you 300 hours away in a hopeless battle.

Apparently when you declare war on a tribe, what you mean is that you want to write up a song parody, toss out some stacks to dead weight until such a time that they are ready to be internalled, scoff at the idea of wasting time and resources hitting 95% of said tribe, and *actually* just want to remove them from a couple of Ks up north where they have no real presence and should be easily removed by The Powers That Be From The West.

And then?

I guess you cross your fingers and hope that Infect finishes the war you started. Or TR, or PWM, or I Will, or whatever little rim tribe takes the bait and strives for glory. Or, alternatively, the ferocious whirlwind that is DSy4 will bring us to our knees and we will be clamoring for peace. DSy4, atop a pillar of skulls from vanquished foes, will look down on our humble, prostrate forms, and will allow us peace if we tear away at the underbelly of their foes while they finish up the north, then prepare for their final war.

In closing, I'd like to get a pointier stick and do something that is wholly unacceptable.

I'd like to post the war stats that include the player you kicked.

Please forgive me, I know that it isn't common practice to include kicked players: that is why they were kicked. When a player gives up the game, it is polite for the warring side to not include them once they have been ejected from the tribe as if they never existed. In fact, should they do it, a condescending golf clap is expected and eye-rolling is demanded: that way the opposing side knows that it's silly to include inactives as part of war stats. They are inactive; it's a moot point to add them. Just as I know DSy4 doesn't bother counting war stats from inactive NWO players when they toss out numbers.

But I'm not good at this whole war thing, and I've been called out on being smug only because DSy4 won't be bothering to attack 95% of Ronin, so I'm feeling unstoppable.

Side 1:
Tribes: Ronin
Side 2:
Tribes: DSy4
Players: dubiously

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 637
Side 2: 767
Difference: 130


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 34
Side 2: 12
Difference: 22


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 5,249,504
Side 2: 6,854,176
Difference: 1,604,672


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 328,399
Side 2: 118,643
Difference: 209,756




For someone so long winded, you really don't have much to say, do you?

If you wanted dubiously to count, you should have declared on us when you launched, rather than sit and attack DSy4 members, well after they were recruited, and think we'd just sit by and let you do it without responding.


1.2 million of your troops are dead, compared to less than 300k of DSy4s(based on attacker, defender, and forwarded reports). I have a lot of respect for you as a player, but call a spade a spade, as those were fairly well timed attacks in a concerted effort to take a group of villages, none of which you took. Playing it off as just random attacks you sent is unbecoming. You set up planned attacks, and those attacks failed. There is no shame in that, given the distances you were sending from. The shame is when you, rather than admit you were bested, play it off as the big mean tribe being a bully to little old you.

You're a better player, and a better leader, than that J. I expect more from you.

Oh, and for the record, we actually don't include kicked players in our stats against N.W.O. If we did, we'd be up another 200 from se7en alone.
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Yes Jen, when you factor in dubiously things get a bit more interesting... And I suppose in our defense all I have to offer is that dubiously gave no-one his sit, and refused to cooperate from day one. He was an embarrasment that was mopped up as quickly as possible - they can't all be winners I suppose. You have your own internals of course, which have the luxury of being safe down south behind Infect :)

I'm not sure what you mean with regards to Pec12... The stats show that we lost about 1/4 of what you lost, and given your walk times we decided that was quite advantageous for us :) We can rebuild in 3 days (due to the glory of packet support). How long will it take you?

As to Pec12, I can assure you that he will keep fighting as long as physically possible :) Sure, perhaps with the 2.5k incomings and 30 noble trains a day (excuse the minor hyperbole) he doesn't have time to run resource runs, and clearly has no need to mint coins... For now... In his position, I would be doing the exact same - keep all resources free for noble train building, troop building, and wall building. But you are a much better player than I, perhaps you should mail him with your own suggestions?

As to The Resurrected, tread carefully - do not pretend to know what our relations are, or will be. I would not do the same of you and PWM, whom have informed me at various points that you are their allies, and that are not... That you supported them during the war with Infect, and that you did not... *IF* they were to join us in this war, it would be for their own reasons, and not at my asking.

My final note, and the one which gave me the most affront, is this:
You cleared no stacks! All of my support is intact, as is that of my tribemates... If you hit villages, perhaps you should check the reports? I assure you that none of my support was wiped... And pec seems to be in possession of all the villas which you were opping this morning... I would assume that if you cleared stacks, then you would have taken the villages? At least, that's how it usually works :)


PS sorry for the excessive smileys, I'm just a very smiley person... It's a problem with every chatroom that lets me in :p
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Poorly timed: we were actually expecting stacks to be timed between the nukes and nobles until the first few randoms hit. A small elephant could have been fit between the nukes and nobles.

We have players hitting Pec, but as your duke pointed out during one conversation he and I had after he felt we were to step back, attacks sent looked like attacks sent: not coordination between multiple players. We sent nukes and nobles: you stacked, we lost. That is part of the game, and I don't recall pretending nothing was lost. Nor do I recall playing the Big Scary Tribe vs The Little Underdog card. I'm sure both sides are aware of the handicap of long-distance ops: Ronin acutely so given what we have been toying around with in the northwest for the past few months. When you are sending 150, 200, or 300 hours away, you either get it or you don't and try again or move on. That isn't us being dismissive over stacks that showed up, or villages that were held: it's simply acceptance that at times we'll get lucky and at times we won't.

In this case, I encourage you to restack him. We're happy to give it another go and see what we can slip in this time.

So please, I give you plenty of fodder - call me out on what I give you, not on what you want to see.

As for the declaration, I left that to your duke. You recruited individuals that were under attack before being admitted into DSy4. If you do not believe this, please check Pec's ODD stats. Even your duke approached me at one point and demanded to know why I was attacking Motor now that he was a member of DSy4: then seconds later apologized and stated they were attacks sent before he joined. In fact, I could also point out that when you admitted your first round of players into DSy4, Ronin did not attack any of them. We, instead, hit Motor and Pec - neither of which were in DSy4. We did not bother hitting Dubiously until after we noticed the blatant disregard; then one of our players became a little testy over the affair.

You decided that when they donned your banner we were stop. I made it clear that we had little interest in rolling over and DSy4 made no genuine effort to offer us anything for what they took. They certainly didn't have to, but even Infect, when they pulled that abhorrent little stunt with TT, sat through a disturbing number of venomous conversations to come to a modest trade of sorts. Your options were to kick them, barter for them, or decide they were worth the war. I ever-graciously left the choice up to you.

The choice was fairly obvious, but I will concede that the timing was a little sooner than anticipated. The perils of a temper. I expected something clever as you moved your troops into position and discussed options with surrounding tribes.

But surprises are part of what makes this game fun.

And the clearings? I have a ridiculous number of reports from various tiffs, but I also spotted some yellows and I have nukes coming home - something that tends to happen when villages are empty or near-empty. Stacks were either cleared or you felt as if the remaining nukes were fakes and recalled.

Either way, my statement was based on what I saw. Which was this:

Not simply delusions plucked from the ether. While the odds are just as good that stacks were recalled after the fact rather than cleared, a quick look at my yellows shows an empty village.

Bit of a waste of time to recall. You may as well send it all back : )


By the by, I disagree with many of your methods, Abhorson, and feel that you are possibly going to be in a bit over your head, but I have never questioned your abilities as a player. I can wholeheartedly say that I see why Googly likes you, and why he picked you. I have many reasons to poke fun, taunt, and tease, but never have I said you were inferior. Again, I ask your lot to call me out with what fodder I give you - not be righteously indignant about assumed offenses.

Besides, righteous indignation is my public display in this tiff: get your own : )


Speaking as a fellow breaker of stacks (looking at you Latchky -_- ) I must say that suddenly dropping a lvl 9 wall to a lvl 0 speaks not to a stack broken, but rather to someone minimizing losses after maximizing damage.


i would not do the same of you and pwm, whom have informed me at various points that you are their allies, and that are not... That you supported them during the war with infect, and that you did not... *if* they were to join us in this war, it would be for their own reasons, and not at my asking.​



I can assure you, I have made no requests or demands on Celtic or Anknown. Either would confirm this. Their business is their own... That said, I am told that Jennifer has stolen some food of her own from The Resurrected, so we shall see if they take kindly to this or not.