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I don't see why are you so obsessed with GOF? except that it is clear that you are super mad at Dali from before but it is pathetic to bring those fillings to 119 and try to cause drama here.
You are the only one (+Druid) who is spreading disinformation around how we are leaving people behind, while all other tribes have merged some even few times, but you're really stuck for us. I ask myself why do you care so much about us? do you love us so much that you spend so much time thinking about GOF's moves and decisions? There are like 7 other tribes that you can start caring about and leave us alone

It is no secret that I dislike Salvador, and that my opinion of him and his actions will be biased because of this. The drama however is justified in our opinion because you are doing exactly that what the Visage council did, and that is nothing I wish for to happen to other people. That is why I invest the time that I have and I do not mind it at all.

You talk about merging, which is a normal thing and it happens frequently. However leaving behind the majority of your tribe can definitely be put in the category of backstabbing, hence all the fuss about it now.

You guys got a bit of information about merge which was still in talks and you basically know nothing so please stop saying things like ''panzer got only 2 spots left'' because this disinformation comes ONLY from you and it is ONLY your opinion, and again I don't see why you care so much for all of us to fit in Panzer? Would you be so happy if we all fitted in Panzer? you know nothing about our internal arrangements and deals that we have with each other inside our tribe so you are in no position to talk about it.

We know more than you know or care to admit. It is not just coming from me, there are other people too, can you not read? It is right here in this very forum post, on discord etc. So saying that it is just me and my opinion is just wrong, sorry.

If you would all fit into Panzer, or even if 50% of you would, then we would not be here. We wouldn't have these talks and you wouldn't have the need to defend yourselves. But they do not all fit, not even half of them do, so we are here and clearly you feel the need to defend yourself.

Who said we all have to participate in the OP's???? you don't know how we organize our OP's so don't talk shit, you sent like 20 fakes only the first day of war and not a single fake since then + you didn't send a SINGLE NUKE this whole war so who are you to measure the contribution of our members in OP's??

Not to mention you guys had ZERO OP's on us...

It does not take a genius to figure out how these OPs are organized from a defenders point of view. You also seem to forget that we have previous experience with Salvador, so yes, we do have a fair idea of how things are going.

Furthermore, according to our Vault, I had more than 6k fakes outgoing in the last 7 days alone. We fanged Salvador and we fanged Barnaborosz. We also nuked some of your players, how else would be be at 646k ODA in our little war? May I remind you that you only have 193k ODA in this war? So you are either misinformed or just unable to see things clearly.

It is true that we have not ran any major OPs on you after the fall of Visage, and yet we are up in conquerors (LOL), which makes your performance all the more pathetic. There is a simple reason for that though, given our position we had the need to turtle up to some degree. Moreover, we ran multiple OPs on you while we were still in Visage and we did so with very few accounts (mostly Horde + myself), and did so quite successfully I might add. Salvador even said we did quite good in that regard, so again you are either misinformed or just unable to see things clearly.

True the OP's didn't go too well but it's just 2 of many operations that we will be landing on you guys so better stay prepared, and on a side note; I never saw someone win wars this big with only 2 operations so why are you even taking that as an argument? I get it you know to defend (and praise for that) but the better question is for how long can you defend?

We will happily shut down a third, fourth and fifth OP, should your tribe be capable of doing these. We will defend for however long we can and do so proudly. I know that you cannot wait for Panzer to get involved, which may be the only thing that can actually make you get any progress here. The fact that you cannot take on a two man tribe with 20 members is definitely one of the reasons Salvador seems to want to merge so badly.

He can act nice and sweet all day long but he knows he fucked us over for no reason, he jumped to conclusions right away when dali told him about possible merge with panzer

"we're going to merge with Panzer"
"we had the talk"

In response to the question whether the roster has been figured out: "we have to leave 1 or 2 guys who we don't want to leave"

You are trying to make it seem as if the talks were in an early stage, but all Salvador's quotes show that the talks were advanced and at the end.

We all know you can't convey a message through a few words in a text over digital screens and when I say he took those screenshots out of context that's what I'm reffering to. Yes we need merge and so do other tribes, and merge with panzer was never a done deal but you like to believe it was because then you have a reason to blame Dali and make him look bad.

We posted more than just "we're going to merge", and instead posted a lot of information surrounding that. So please tell me, what did we take out of context exactly? What is the context here? We are not the ones making Dali look bad, he (and you) are doing a fine job themselves.

You didn't answer my question from before, how would you narrow down all the people from 119 to fit in 1 tribe? because you got no solutions and you don't even care to try to come up with any, you would rather chase Dali and start beef on every world he plays on because he didn't manage to get you a win on 106...

You do not seem to understand this, we have no solution for this, WHICH IS THE WHOLE POINT. You are quite dense lol. You simply cannot narrow down the list of people that want to merge into Panzer to just 20 accounts, no matter how many mergers or force internals you push for. Which is the whole reason we are writing here, because you are leaving people behind. DUH.

Those screenshots you sent from 106 prove nothing in your favor, if your big ego wasn't in your way you would see that Dali even back than although they lost the war was trying to get win for at least few of his members. But all you can see is negative about him and bring that up while neglecting the good things he did - another proof of your obsession with Dali which started ALL OF THIS in the first place.

You were not on 106 clearly. This was not after weeks or months of hard fighting, this was very quickly after HE declared war without plans, dooming every single person in his tribe. He was a bad leader on 106 and he is a bad leader on 119. We can agree to disagree, but I am not alone in my opinion on this matter.

For TRE : that huge circular message you sent to GOF only shows how big your hatred to Dali is and that you are willing to spend so much time just to fuck him over because of some personal vendettas from world 106

I'll tell you this, in all those stories you told in the message you know what's the only thing connecting every story? it's you. The only link in every drama you mentioned I only see you either starting the beef or adding oil to the fire - but not offering any solutions - you only like to destroy things and friendships and that's what you are trying to do right now on 119.

No shit that I am in all the stories I mentioned, how else would I have experienced Salvadors leadership first hand? Others are in there too, are they too the problem rather than Salvador? He loves to shift the blame to others and you seem eager to help him in that regard. He was extremely toxic to people in his tribe, his allies, and people do not remember him fondly because of that.

And why would things go your way? when you didn't deserve it and definitely not trying to deserve it by starting more and more conflicts and drama just to feed you ego. I studied psychology a lot and I know how to recognize patients like you.

I do not need things to go my way, I fully recognize the difficult position my account is in and made peace with a potential end (never happening at the hands of GOF though). Again these guys in your tribe deserve better than Salvador betraying them, than you betraying them.

It is funny that you can "recognize patients like me" through some mere words and screenshots, did you not yourself say earlier "We all know you can't convey a message through a few words in a text over digital screens". Funny that you seem to think differently now.
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I read so sad things here.
Thanks god! I am glad to be part of Boi family. Our members are loyal. Our leaders are trustable.
This is more then game, this is unlimited fun for an life time.
Dont forget, respect and loyality is giving you good feelings. You can do role play here, but please choose an loyal and honorable role.

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I read so sad things here.
Thanks god! I am glad to be part of Boi family. Our members are loyal. Our leaders are trustable.
This is more then game, this is unlimited fun for an life time.
Dont forget, respect and loyality is giving you good feelings. You can do role play here, but please choose an loyal and honorable role.

The funniest thing about your messageis that it has 3 likes and all three come from disloyal and dishonorable people xD

I agree with what you say, how you play matters.

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Thought i'd jump in.

Coming in as a new player who PP farmed on 118 and wanted to play srs on 119, i didnt know any of the players. Played alot of worlds on Dutch Servers and i recognised some names and made contact with them.

One of those guys was Gulmea and he basicly said i have alot to learn about .net because it has some interesting players. Boy, was he right innit?

So me and Lante made some tribe and soon Lante went into politics HARD. We merged with Meat and became council. We saw a good opportunity into merging with GoF but there was one name, at that point in time, still a random dude, who made talks very hard, being the one and only Salvador Dali. Eventually after multiple border violations by GoF we declared on them. Unfortunately we didnt know Dali was a gangbanger then so it quickly became 7 tribes vs Meat. And we lost, what a shocker. Ahyea, did i mention Boi joined in on this war, not even 24 hours after agreeing a border? But no hard feelings towards Boi, you guys are great!

Eventho TheDruid didnt lose any villa's in the war (ohyea, my bad, we lost our 2 rim villas, who were the start of the drama with GoF in the first place, because we were nobling in "their rim"). As if you can claim a rim as yours who is literaly still half a K away.... we decided to farm some more PP and go 120. Because again, no rush, new on .net, just learning. So we went full turtle and farmed, meanwhile we wallled every GOF nuke. But then. Dali contacted Lante and he's like, "Hey dude, come play with us, we dont wanna waste troops on you", "i know i did everything in my power to fuck you over, but yeah plans change and i have srs moodswings, so come play with us".


Leaving out the best part: "Hmmm yea, btw, this Cytha guy is very toxic and so on, i cant handle toxicity because i'm all about respect (eventho i left all groupchats when things got to an argument), but yea Cytha cant join GoF because he's not an F of me and not part of the G".

Another good part is that when Meat fell, Dali bombed the EN119 chat with memes and also sent me some personal memes himself. Going alll shrinky about it. Funny when in the spoils of war there can be snarky comments and some toxicity, but when there are some arguments in talks about cooperation in a council chat, he leaves immediatly.



Funny how he completely made fun of us and then doesnt have the skill to noble us, to then invite us over to GoF. Now gof council are like, dude you should be happy that you could continue on 119, because of a second chance we gave you. M8, rly, i dont care less if it was gonna be 119 or 120 or 121 or 734. We do not owe anyone and you certainly didnt do us a favour. We did you a favour by not having to waste nukes for a month. You just chose the easy route.

So Lante played alone for a month in GoF, till he was like, yo Cytha, its a bit much, come play again. So PP farming started on 120 and we were back on 119.

After some days, guess what ..... Ye you guessed it! Mr Dali had another moodswing. And he kicked me off the GoF discord, because i made a comment on EN119 where he looked bad. The screenshot is in the original post, not gonna bother looking it up. In the meantime lante also asked some questions about weird decisions where Dali replied to him in private: plz discuss with me and not public in GoF discord. Because apparently, you cannot give criticism in public, only in private. Because looking bad is Dali's triggerpoint.

So let me think what else... oh yea. The Boi rim thingy.

So we had a plan with meat to counter yoyo entering the K. So we took some rim villages (the 2 i mentioned earlier) BIG DRAMA IN GOF BECAUSE WE NOBLING IN THEIR RIM XOXOXO.

Then 2 months later, tuda apeared behind GoF.

As a good member of GoF, we reported this to Dali (in private, because, you know, if we would do it in GoF public disc, we might get a Dali moodswing). Where dali basicly says: its okay we're gonna handle it, they can have a few villas but thats it. We will handle it.

Let me show you what dali handling looks like.


A few handling moments later


A few more handling moments later


Job well done, Dali. Wait there is more? Yes there is.


Love this boi sidenote btw, this was before tuda took another 40 villas. I dont think any front player received res. So far the leadership.

So back to the drama, i saw some comments about the Panzer talks being early and very unclear, etc,etc, (from viper, defending dali). But how do you explain these words then?


Mostly lies then i gues. As usual, nothing new. Hope there are less lies within the council. (okay, i have to admit, i left the bottom 3 lines in there for egocentric reasons).

I also saw some screenshots passing from Dali about how nice he was to us. Its funny how he manages to always look like the better person. props to him, a job in politics later might suit you.

There is also the reference about giving us 100m of resources for minting. Bro, dont even start... such a bad argument... we got like 3 nobles from that. BIG DEAL. It wasnt even near a 100m, but thats not the point, whatever. It wasnt even our request to get resources, it was Dallis, so dont tell us we leeched on that.

Then lastly the reference about giving us tonns of def. M8 we couldnt care less, Dali made us ask this def and even sent out circs for this. We never asked for anything without Dalis direct and continuous orders, as he does for everything.

--> More screens on the comment below because i reached the max amount.

a guy who apparently needs to see a shrink.


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You are quick to disregard the evidence of your council's plan to merge into Panzer, evidence coming from several independent sources.
We cannot do more than provide you with the information that we have and have you make up your own mind. You did, and that is fine. We can't expect Neanderthals to be clever enough to see what everyone else can clearly see ;-)


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You are quick to disregard the evidence of your council's plan to merge into Panzer, evidence coming from several independent sources.
We cannot do more than provide you with the information that we have and have you make up your own mind. You did, and that is fine. We can't expect Neanderthals to be clever enough to see what everyone else can clearly see ;-)
Technically neanderthals had bigger brains than homo sapiens. Can recommend the book Sapiens by Yuval Harari. Don't take the pic too seriously just memeing ;)


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I’ve been party to two different “Trex’s” which may or may not be the same one (TrexBoom/Black Flags and the current Trex), never had a positive interaction :p


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not gonna comment on this whole thing , whatever it is

just wondering what its called when you accuse someone of bad conduct , then you go and attack the tribe that was supporting you and still have their troops returning from your villages