LeGeND: Negatives

Discussion in 'World 30' started by RHCP.mc, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. kosmos4

    kosmos4 Guest

    What the hell is this thread turning into? first it was some stupid PnP about saving one's butt, then it took a turn for the worse and became and infighting between emotionally rimmed players :p

  2. CBDuke

    CBDuke Guest

    I can not believe that even tribe ranked #100 can allow their member being farmed.
  3. You're mistaken. Not me. Conflict broke out between some of our members, 1 of LeGeND members lost 2 noblemen. So I mailed your leader:

    cRueL11 today at 20:24
    Our diplomats are KaSeM.34and-Aenima- plz contact with them

    So, doing the usual, I followed your leaders instructions, and forwarded the mail to your diplomat. Here's the 1st reply I got:


    1. XXXX and XXXX will be farm
    2. We are Legend. Everybody can against to us. but we are stronger than you.
    3.what do you want me

    You say that they asked but this is a mail kebabe posted in which he was asking for an nap and they responded. Your leaders probably rejected it and when you go cleared they asked for one but legend wanted your villages still as they had attacked them.
  4. As they said they were not supporting because the players attacks were too big, says they would and proves everything about the tribe

  5. Get more
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  6. CBDuke

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    Too big. LOL
    Farm level 30 and low mines = 22000 farm space maximum. I wonder if tribe can not perform 10k spears+10k swords to wipe attacker. :)
    Someone must read harlos' thread how to defend yourself succesfully :)