so lil is a fake after all? from 4Horse to Evil?
omg! thats the reason why half of the tribe quitted tw because of lil.

why did she do that? when she was so good in the game.

therefore, she is alive and logging into facebook.

No, you misunderstood slightly. (maybe).

Kitty has shown me a lot of her cheerleading/tattoo pictures, and from what I heard they were all fake. But they resemble that Kitty on facebook.

That link to Kitty´s facebook account is real, but it´s not the Kitty we all knew, she´s the real Kitty our Kitty pretended to be (there´s no public pictures so I can´t confirm this for sure, if some of you want to befriend her and ask around feel free to do that). For that to make more sense, italic and bold Kittys are different persons haha. So don´t go messaging her on facebook "Why did you pretend to be dead!?! O.O", she´ll only be confused lol


From what I understand she hurt a lot of ppl with her pretending to be someone she wasnt, I think it best we just leave her as is


willow got a point.
Its just that kittymarie is so dear to me, to us specially who had the same tribe with her in the Evil days.
And i guess that is really one main reason why evil disbanded when kitty left, a lot of the members quit.
Oh well...^_^ Life goes on.
Just missed the evil days, the leaders and all the very good players who are gone already and some who are still playing.


Whether Kitty was who she says she was or pretending to be some one else is pretty much her decision. I am under the perception that she has really passed. It seems a lot of people think they were deceived by who ever she was. More then likely if this is the truth then she must have had her reasons. But as willows stated, it is best to let sleeping dogs lie. It is better to remember her as who you thought she was and always enjoy those memories and not the feelings of being lied to.


thats a good point twocats...I salute you with that...:icon_biggrin:
dont blame the "kitty who pretended to be the real kitty" for the quits of the other players...
they decided to quit because the "kitty who pretended to be the real kitty" is not anymore around and that's what they did...
the point is..whether she is the true or the fake kitty...we had loved and admired her of her skills in TW...and that's what matter...she may be just lying on her true identity...but she still remains a skilled one...that's why her loss made her other members quit due to the low of moral..for if she's not that skilled and influential i dont think anyone would quit too for her loss...

lastly...the name "Kitty" who has a mysterious identity has made an impact of this world....:icon_cool:


And besides, it doesn´t matter weather she pretended to be someone she was not, we all still loved her for the awesome personality that she had. She was kind, caring, friendly to everyone and always there to help you out in all situations. I hold no grudge for her showing me pictures and saying "this is me", because tbh it doesn´t matter.

I believe this matter should not be discussed any further and that a mod would just lock this thread. This is no place to debate.


Oppsy Bear...what is the account player name you are playing in wrld 15?


I´m not in W15 anymore, I started it as NoPeHoPe and later on played under the name mnimic


Well , how funny i was trolling around the forum and i come across this ., i agree with twocats let it be, but on a side note i think we should all realize that there are a lot of us that pretend to be something we are not in this game, many put up a persona that just isnt true, and many stretch the truth in order to make their plans and goals in the game succeed. As a dear friend, i miss her, she was there for me during some very trying times in my real life, gave me great advice and above all was there to listen to me, she was a awesome leader and tribe mate and had some the best skill and political expertise i have ever seen in this game,. Obviously a legend, as we are all still speaking of the matter. Long live "X" ;) as that was the start of it all


Are they the same person... or someone pretending to be them? The facebook name doesn't exactly match the name that Kitty always said when I talked to her... (Kittymarie Brown). I looked up her old domain (, and here is the info.

Domain Name..........
Creation Date........ 2009-02-17
Registration Date.... 2009-02-17
Expiry Date.......... 2012-02-17
Organisation Name.... KittyMarie Brown
Organisation Address. P.O. Box 122
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Wellington
Organisation Address. 80549
Organisation Address. CO
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... KittyMarie Brown
Admin Address........ P.O. Box 122
Admin Address........
Admin Address........ Wellington
Admin Address........ 80549
Admin Address........ CO
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email..........
Admin Phone.......... +1.9706910042
Admin Fax............

Anyone know how to get more info than this?