March 2021 | Invent your own unit contest

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Dear players,

We apologize for the delay of this month's contest due to our Tribal Wars NET Annual Awards 2020.
BUT! We have a rather fun contest for everyone which will run until the 25th of April!

For this month's contest you will be required to invent a new Tribal Wars unit!
You will name a new unit, decide what it does, how fasts it moves, how much it costs and can add any other information you want to share.
Let's blow everyone away with your creativity.

Fun example from the forums in 2016:

Note that obviously this doesn't have to be a picture, it can just be plain text.

If you have any questions about the limitations, feel free to drop me a private message.


-> It has to sound somewhat balanced. Don't start with units that can noble 5 villages at once or something totally overboard. <-
-> No information is mandatory. What I mean with this, is that anything you add, is a bonus and making your unit more clear by adding details, will increase the chances of you winning. <-
-> Be original. Don't include a unit that allready exists unless you're going to change it a lot. <-

Last but not least, please note that the forum rules still apply so keep it to one post, per forum account, per submission.

Sign-ups close 20/04/2021, any entries after this date will not count. The winners will be announced shortly after.

You can discuss entries here.


1st place 600 pp
2nd place 400 pp
3rd place 200 pp

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team.​


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Targets one building at a time but it will do "secondary" damage to surrounding buildings.


Green being the original target, buildings market with purple are damaged too. E.g. with 20% / 25% power.

Population: 16
Offensive strength: 150
General defense: 170
Cavalry defense: 100
Archer defense: 150
(Double the catapult strength)


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Heres a funny idea to make non pp players have a chance to compete with pp players in boosting up villages a bit faster. Coin cost making it a bit more expensive but also gives allies the opportunity to help players under heavy pressure from catapults.
I played around with the idea of making Bob a unit that can complete even wall lvls but that would be far to op since players would time him between timed nukes to keep wall at lvl 20 all the time.


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The constructor:

Takes 2000 farm capacity in the village he is produced in, but can be moved independantly between villages without having to return to main village.
Costs 10'000, 12'000, 8'000 to produce.

Can be placed in a village and will be able to store 50'000 of each resource, but will reduce the resource pit production by 50%.

Just a quality of life unit to help with building up smaller villages during the earliest stages, so you dont have to babysit them.
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Priest (not exclusive to church worlds)

Cost 4x that of a nobleman 160k 200k 200k
250 villagers needed
40 minutes per field (need to be planned with other nobleman)
0 carrying capacity

0 offensive strength, 250 defense (gen,cav,archer)


Academy 1
HQ 25
Smithy 20
Market 10

Special Ability.

Drops village loyalty 20-35. When a priest lowers a villages loyalty to 0 or below, any troops surviving to the village are converted to the new village owner instead of killed.

When defending a village reduces loyalty drops by half even upon death (ie 28 calculated loyalty drop is now only 14)

Adds a bit of tactic although from my intial set up I think its more valuable early game than late game. Think of getting a 1/2-3/4 nuke right away if the opponent was dodging or scavenging when you hit them. (also makes boosting unfortunately even bigger advantage to the cheaters). Late game I guess its decent more for sniping? I tried to just add that in at the end although the cost is pretty high to get essentially a 1/8 reduction from a train, I just tried to throw something in so its not just an early game unit.

joke submission:

court jester. 100 million of each resource (ability to store for this unit specifically) to produce with same conditions as noblemen. no stats at all. send this unit to an opponent and if he survives your opponent now has a 24 hour period where their language is changed on their account to wingdings


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0 carrying capacity
30 offensive strength
0 defensive strength (all values)
Speed: 18 minutes per field
Recruited like militia - halves resource output, limited lifespan of ~6 hours

Tired of seeing noobs turtle. Let's see some offense!

Friendly Mode

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population: 1
cost: 70,60,90
speed: 9 minutes per field
35 offensive strength
25 general defensive strength
40 cavalry defense

for defensive players who are currently substituting light cavalry with heavy cavalry - a balanced unit capable of both.

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Name: Sortie units

They are an only defensive troop. When they are attacking an enemy village or supporting an ally their battle stats are standard.
When they are defending their origin village though they have the ability to sortie out of their walls and "attack" the attacking troops. The defending player has the ability to choose an incoming attack that he wants to "attack" with these units only. In this special kind of battle the troops of the attacking player adopt the role of a defender(with wall 0) and the sortie units the role of the attacker. On this interaction sortie units have their offensive stats multiply 5 times.
Sorties must be sent exactly 3 hours before the chosen incoming attack lands and return to their home 3 hours after the chosen incoming attack lands.

recruited in barracks
cost -> 320,600,480
population -> 5
speed -> 22 minutes per field (same with swords)
Carrying capacity -> 30
Offensive strength -> 28
General defense -> 85
Cavalry defense -> 70

HQ 15
Barracks 15
Smithy 10
Wall 15

Purpose in game:
They are a heavily defensive unit with very strong possibilities when it comes to defending their origin village. A village full of these can, if used properly, kill 3 incoming nukes, while a normal defensive village could kill less than 2 on it's own. On the other hand, these units are useless when it comes to offense. Also they are not good at supporting other villages and can be used only as a last measure for snipes or other desperate defensive actions, since one of them takes 5 farmspace but only offers similar value to 1spear and 1sword.
They are also pretty bad to build early game as they are expensive and offer only very specific value.
They can be really rewarding late game for areas of the map where a tribe has decided to only play defense. They are also the most effective when the defending player has a good read of the incoming attacks, otherwise the sorties could be wasted on fakes and end up offering nothing.


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The unit I'm proposing is basically an anti-noble unit.

So we have nobles which are a special unit because their only goal is to noble villages.

Well what if we had a unit which blocked the nobles from being efficient?

So here comes the "King".

Unit: King (1 King per account)
Population needed: 500
Recruitment: Academy
Cost: at least 5 times higher then Noble (no mint needed)
Carrying capacity: 0
Requirements to be "built"/educated: same as for the nobleman (until you have at least 5 villages)
Speed: ram time

How it would be fitted into the game?
There would be only 1 king for each player. This king would be transferable between your villages, like paladins are. Either sent as support or completely re-stationed. Whenever a village under attack is defended from the King, the loyalty of that village will not go to 0 because the King is defending it.

The theory is the King has a higher "morale" then Nobles towards the "citizens" living on your village. So noblemans wouldn't be able to "convert" your village citizens.

So the King defends your village from Nobles but if the King has not enough troops to defend him ... he will die. In which case, a new King can be built, same as with a paladin.

As the citizen respect the King much more then Nobles, even when the King dies in battle, the village will not be nobled from a Nobleman in 1 hour timeframe if the King has died on that village. So only if your King dies on a village, that village will still be defended against nobles. Even if the village is empty it will still be defended from Nobles. The King needs to die on a village in order for this to not be abused ... for example just move the King around and the village in theory is protected ... that shouldn't work. If the King dies, he needs for example 3-5 hours to be educated again.

King FAQ

Can a King be used to attack another village?
No. The King is a defensive only unit. If for some reason it's not possible technically to block that from happening, then King can participate on an attack, but he will have no effect, no offensive power at all.

Can a King be used to support another player?
No. It is your King, it is loyal to you :p and your "citizens".

Can a King be re-stationed to another players village?
No. Same motive as above.

Can a King be renamed?
He should be renamable.

Does the King have a Queen :p?
Well we can see if there will be King first then decide about having a Queen.
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In later stages of the game res isnt the problem but merchants carry potential is the limiting factor. This unit while taking a lot of pop makes it easier to send large amounts of res but in a slower time

Trade cart

Trade cart adds a unit that can carry big amounts of res in a slower pace than usual merchants. Every trade cart can carry a total of 200k res.

Unit: Trade cart
Population needed: 100
Recruitment: HQ 20 WH 30, Market 25,
Cost: 10000 7000 5000
Battle stats: 0/0/0/0
Speed: 2x the time of merchants

Zeddy le mange

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I give you the Berserker.


The Berserker is essentially the town drunkard, awaiting for a day called 'Ragnarok'. He lives in the Mead Hall (an indestructible building you get with every village) and he's a happy go lucky kinda guy but the paladin despises him and his uncouth behaviour. He's always up for a fight and will participate in every battle, whether you want him to or not. He can be levelled up either by training or fighting exp. Each level upgrade improves his fighting abilities by 3% and each level upgrade is more expensive than the previous level.

The trouble is the little button in the Mead Hall:


Once this button is pressed, every Beserker in every village goes Beserk:
- They murder the paladins first, for all their years of condescension and judgement. They also tear down their stupid statues.
- Then they get all the axemen all worked up about Ragnarok - they go out and murder all the other troops in town.
- Crazed, they go on and murder all the villagers too. Thor told them too.

Hence, during Ragnarok, your villages can't do anything. Everyone is dead. There are no paladins, no mines, no nothing. You live the Viking way - good 'ol pillaging.

But then the axemen look around and pick up all the weapons of their fallen comrades and gain all of their O/D points for themselves. Whatever units were in the village, their total offence and defence values are summed and these become the beserk axemen values, example below for a typical nuke village:


Now the important thing about the Berserker is that his level then confers a massive bonus to the axemen - for each level upgrade, they also get a 3% improvement in all of their stats. Meaning these new axemen can have simply horrifying stats.

Now I know what you're thinking:
- Some of those axemen understand the true nature of war. Per my example about, for each offensive battle, 230 put themselves forward to charge, head first, at the enemy walls. Essentially they take the place as rams and TW calcs them as such
- Per my example above, 100 of these axemen (the bigger, burlier ones) hang back and throw stones, rocks, dead horses, trees, Piers Morgan, whatever trash they can find lying around at the enemy base. Per above, they take the place of cats in the TW calc.
- They travel at the speed of HC.
- They have a black axe on comm share / watchtowers
- Raganrok lasts 24 hours. On some worlds, there is a mandatory triggering of Ragnarok, say 5 days before victory condition timer.

After the 24 hours, things return to normal, you can rebuild the statues and pits open up again. Sadly, all the mead halls have been irreversibly destroyed and no-one shall ever speak of it again.

a.K.a elmoo

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After reaching 100 villages, every player gets Engineer option in Farms

Catting is one of the most important part of the game. We all know how hard is to rebuild after cat waves. So, there is an extra hand for this

Many players just quit after couple of fang sessions. To reduce number of quitting players, we have Engineers. Just visit farm, and activate Engineer option. Engineer gathers wood cutters, clay workers and iron miners, to help rebuild the village. Ofc, that reduces resource production.

Building speed +25%
Resource production -50%


- 100 villages
- Village where engineer is activated had lost 10% of the points from cats in the last 48h
- The village is possesed by the player at least 15 days (to avoid nobling barbs, catting some points just to activate engineer)

- Pinheiro

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I present to you my unit concept for the contest, the assassin.

The assassin is trained/conceived in the scope of making a difference in the shadows of an attack. This unit is prepared to camouflage in the war field and advance to the enemy's most defensive lines.

This unit will be critical in your army to bring more dynamism in the formation of your layouts. We are used to having only one offensive unit recruited in the barracks and fighting archers using horse archers. With this unit, that's over! Although it's a susceptible and unprotected unit, it's also faster and, together with the other offensive units, on the battlefield can bring the difference in the number of offensive troops casualties.

I leave this new unit concept balancing to the game developers (Population, cost, research, speed). Still, I think it is an exciting unit to implement since tribalwars in terms of offensive layouts only have 1 type of infantry that can be recruited in the barracks. At the same time, defensively, you can make 3.

This unit was meant to bring more dynamism to worlds with archers incorporated. Still, it could be used in another type of concept for non-archer worlds, such as using it as bait so that catapults could, instead of doing damage at the end of the attack, they could do it at the beginning. Another idea would be entering the battle with the primary goal of killing the paladin so that the paladin's defensive bonuses have no effect on the battle.

I think it's a type of unit that could bring a breath of fresh air to tribalwars without straying from the game's concept of the medieval era. This idealized unit has many potentials that could be adapted according to the interests/wills of the developers.

The Guide

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Artillery Expert

The Artillery Expert is a much necessary unit in late-game combat. Due to long endgame fights in which villages are stacked upwards of 100,000 population, there has become an increased demand for an Artillery Expert who will do stronger damage against much stacked villages while being almost useless against villages with little to no defenses.


The average recruit time for this unit would be about 50% longer than that of a catapult and would allow the workshop to actually be a place to recruit 24/7 rather than producing ~300 Rams and waiting 5-10 days before axes/light cavalry finish themselves up on maxed villages.

The current strength of this unit begins at 10 (very low), takes up 12 population and scales with the population of defending villages. (This effect is not active when this unit is defending a village).

Here is how this unit will scale and stack up against villages with a troop population of 10,000 , 20,000 , 40,000, 60,000, 80,000 and 100,000


This unit will be weaker than Axemen until a defensive village has a total troop population of 23,500 units.

This unit could also replace catapults as a Tier-3 Book which can grant additional scaling damage to compete with Axemen/Light Cavalry bonuses of 30%.

Would shift up the meta a lot, and would cause people to think more than brainlessly stack frontlines with 50,000 Spears/Swords. Wouldn't harm new players at all either as they're not stacking villages more than 10,000/10,000 Units.
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Unit: Wall specialist!

units role:The wall specialist is a unit that can upgrade walls to level 30.

The wall specialist can only be active after every 5 villages a player owns.
The wall specialst can only be active in 1 5th of the players total villages.
Example: a player owns 30 villages. Only 6 wall specialists can be active.

The wall specialist job is to upgrade walls an extra 10 levels in the village HQ to give a player a defensive boost. The wall specialist will upgrade the wall by adding a total of 50% increased defense. The wall stages from level 21 to level level 23 will now have archer towers on towers on the wall. Levels 24-27 will now have steal walls rather than brick walls. Levels 28-30 will now. Have fire guarded walls.

The wall specialist can be researched in the smithy but will take up 2 smithy slots and Total of 2000 farm pop.


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Introducing the siege miners (sappers).

I absolutely love medieval siege warfare. Siege miners have always intrigued me. digging for days/weeks/months in dark damp conditions, risk of collapse every moment your inside. while other teams build other siege equipment, very brave people.

then when the moment comes, collapse your own tunnels under the enemy wall, creating a breach, usually resulting in the defender surrendering in real life.

In game;

The siege miners in game would be more of an early game unit, for the lower player against low level walls,

Recruitable from a level 4 barracks (because anyone can grab a spade)

Once rams are researched, they will be totally useless, you would need 2 siege miners to 1 ram, wasting resources and farm space.



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Siege Tower. Travels at half the speed of a nobleman, but when used in an offensive battle bypasses the wall entirely for attacking infantry units, unless the defensive units contain archers (only available on worlds where archers are activated, and should make archers more valuable as a result). Would be constructed in the Workshop for higher resource, population, and time costs than the catapult. Archers deal a certain amount of damage to the siege tower, and the siege tower has a certain number of attacks it can sustain, so the more archers there are defending a village the less infantry in the attacking force can bypass the wall's defense. "Bypassing the defense of the wall" would be something that scales, the more damage the archers can do to the tower the less of the defense of the wall would be bypassed by the attacking force, resulting in the effect of the wall level being effectively reduced for that battle depending on the conflict between defending archers and attacking siege towers.


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An idea from my CO Nathan:

Masons (or some other similar name, I'm not precious):

The idea for this unit stems from the fact that I often encounter players who either utilise a lot of PP to boost walls, or complain about enemies doing it. Some fall into both categories. But this unit could change the dynamic when it comes to defending, and pp boosting. Indeed there is room to play around with the mechanics, this is by no means a finished article unfortunately (though with sufficient time I may be able to do it more justice) however this does exaplin the ideas fairly well, just maybe lacking in specific costs.

Essentially the function of these troops would be specifically boost the construction of walls in villages. I have two main thought paths, one which would work if PP boosting of walls became strongly limited (e.g. max of 5 boosts per level), and other works in a way akin to that which a paladin does currently. The other way is more of an 'evening' of the playing field by simply removing the build time of the walls at a hefty in game price.

The main focus of this is mid-late game, and when there are some large scale OPs in place. I personally love to see the great attention to detail given by many players with their timing, however the trend of tribal wars is such that it becomes easier for 'newbies' to play, and this is why I have offered two ideas, such as to improve my sales pitch so to speak.

For both options, there would be a new building required, if you wanted to have some fun it could be a wood masons until a certain level (fitting with the wall graphics) and upgrade to stone masons at a higher level. I would put it outside the wall with an attached quarry. The population cost would be significant enough that it would make the player consider the blanket use of them in all villages (approx 300 at top level). Each unit would then cost resources and population in accordance with the strength of the boost, which will be different depending on which option is chosen. Speed of this unit would be somewhere around 45-50 minutes per field, maybe more - the stonemason not only needs to bring themselves, but also their tools and not to mention some spare stone (can't have them mining from a stranger's quarry can we). This is why I feel the population should be similar to that of rams/cats as a rough guide.

Option 1 - instant repair:

This is my favourite way of using this unit. It is an immediate repair job based on the number of masons available in a village. Since the masons are 'rushing' the repair job, they are only repairing damage caused by the latest assaults. Therefore the 'repair' work completed by the stonemasons is done 'immediately'. Therefore it will allow a wall to be pushed up levels with immediate effect (can be useful vs well timed attacks). However each level would require a certain number of masons to be 'used up'. In essence, they use up their stone in the repair job and therefore cannot rebuild any further, so become useless. Refilling would be difficult for game mechanics, so I would say that they disappear similarly to a nobleman, with supporting masons being 'removed' in the same way as dying support is assigned to supporting villages. This would work at a fixed rate - say 3 masons to build a wall from level 0 to level 1, but 500 to build a wall from level 19 to level 20 (I will let game testers look into this more specifically should they like the idea as I do not have time to do this myself).

It is apparent that the relative cost of fixing the wall in this way must be far higher than the cost of resources and time of building the wall in the standard way. If masons can come from multiple villages this can in some way split the 'time' costs. I do think this is part of the way in which the new unit would work, however it should still be tactical and not just a free boost.

I do like this idea, and this can be used alongside current pp rules very easily. Heavy pp users will likely still use the pp because it is set up to be high in terms of time and resource cost, and planning, but it does give a way for the less heavy users of pp a chance to match the enemy, for a time at least, as once the enemy get wind of where the masons are hiding, they could switch their attack plans.

Another interesting caveat to this idea is that the reconstruction could be temporary. That is to say, a repair job lasts only for say 2 hours. However the exact mechanics here is ambiguous, owing to the fact that the main basis for this idea is that there will be many attacks landing in a short window. Thus what would happen after 2 hours? Well, if I did the whole thing that would leave no room for anyone else's imagination would it?

Option 2 - construction reduction:

The masons impact on walls in this situation comes by being stationed in a certain village. I envisage this to be a frontline stack in mid to late game play. Once a wall is reduced from 20, all the stonemasons set to work in repairing the wall. Each extra mason placed there increases the effect by a set factor (or rather, reduces reconstruction time by a certain factor). Working in percentage decrease means that you will have to exponentially increase stationed masons.

This would require some limiting of the amount to pp boosts usable to the defender - else it simply acts as a 'free' boost to timings (ofc costing resources and time in the preparation phase). E.g. if there are sufficient masons to reduce a build time by 75%, then this has just saved someone 20pp which is great for those who don't have lots of money to spend on OPs, but doesn't fully solve the problem. So it is not my favourite. But it does offer some alternative idea to be able to understand the role of the unit in the game. Depending on the population/resource costs, the cut could be to 99% of its original time, or to 90%, or anything that seems reasonable. Again this should be at a relative cost that exceeds the normal way to rebuild a wall, but here not by so much. In this instance the masons are not used up, as they have the assistance (over time) of the village they are stationed in, and can use resources from there as well.

The mechanics for the two options are significantly different, but both have a similar aim. Indeed I think the unit pricing would be quite different for each option. The masons themselves can be killed in battle, the stat lines would be befitting of people armed with chisels and rocks, and as stated before they would disappear with use for option 1. I am not sure my views on having them around as another speed option for snipes, though the slow timings would mean that this is balanced out by the troops being from 'closer' villages.

I probably left a few gaps in this since it is a little rushed, but I like the idea. Defending can seem overpowered at times but that is what keeps worlds going for longer.

Please throw out queries if the idea is liked but more information wanted,
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