Implemented Mass Support default Setting ~ default empty or previously selected units

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I love the mass support feature.
thanks again, ppl responsible for the implementation.
thanks Inno burgers!
/honestly <3

that said,...
why is the default setting that it supports with off units as well?
why, if you choose certain def units, does it include ALL unit TYPEs the next time?

plz make it so that once you've selected certain units, that the next time you use the feature, it'll select those same units!
or better yet, select no unit types by default, plz
every single time that I wanna support I pick just 1 or 2 sometimes 3 units types
de/selecting means I gotto tick 10 boxes that I dont want to support.
selecting is just an average of 2 types
so plz calculate with me here

either you need to unselect 8 boxes
or you select 2 boxes
what takes more time?
any idiot savant toddler can answer this question.
(any 11 yr old can also)

plz make a quest out of this feature.
coz most ppl dont check out all features
this is agreat fucking feature, it's such a cuddling waste that its not being used to its full potential ! (by most average players)

what Im suggesting here are incentives to make ppl use it.
as an organiser, ppl compliment me when I set up a system that save their asses.
Im figting against default settings and stupidifying quests as much as Im defending against real enemies

(not really a) /rant
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Approved for voting. Please create a separate suggestion for your second suggestion.


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This was implemented in an update (but I can't find which one, sorry)