rally point

  1. Jummox

    Commands Troop Template for Trains

    Hey I've created this script for the german version of the game last year, but it didn't get approved at the time. Since the german rules changed and we can now use scripts approved here, I wanted to give it another try and submit the script here. Basically the script allows you to make custom...
  2. Duplicate Rally Point - show incoming hauls

    Could we get a hauls link added in the rally point to show what we got coming in instead of having to scroll thru all the reports and add them up. It would certainly save a lot of time.
  3. WildlingInvader

    Misc TimeTool

    Helps timing attacks by showing a colored bar that fills every second on the specified millisecond. Works on: https://*.tribalwars.*/game.php?*screen=map* https://*.tribalwars.*/game.php?*screen=place&try=confirm Approved on .nl here: TimeTool
  4. Commands Helper to create attack messages

    Hello, I created a script that asks for the coordinates of the attack and already creates a message template to publish on the forum (including the table structure, who booked and attached the twstats fake script to generate with the villages that the player previously informed). It is...
  5. Implemented Mass Support default Setting ~ default empty or previously selected units

    I love the mass support feature. thanks thanks again, ppl responsible for the implementation. thanks Inno burgers! /honestly <3 that said,... why is the default setting that it supports with off units as well? why, if you choose certain def units, does it include ALL unit TYPEs the next time...
  6. Commands and Villages Notes on Attack/Support Confirmation Page

    Currently, the attack/support confirmation page does not show any commands heading to the target village or village notes. This makes it more difficult to time attacks or support without having another window/tab open to check the landing times. I am suggesting adding the "Notebook" and "Own...
  7. Misc RP confirmation links

    This script is run from the attack or support confirmation page, and will show any commands heading to that village, as well as when they land. Easy to use for helping remember snipe and nuke timings.
  8. Frying Pan Warrior

    Do rally point troop and coord insertion scripts need to be submitted for approval first?

    Hello, I would like some clarification about: If I make a new script that only inserts coords and troop amount into rally point just like a fake script. Do I have to send for approval even when the code fits directly into the quick bar?
  9. Dipsomaniac

    Ability to sort on Rally Points Troops

    I see this functionality in request troops i.e. the ability to sort highest to lowest, or lowest to highest...troops or distance. I would like this same ability to send the troops back in the village view at rally point.troops.
  10. Overview looted resources being carried

    Hello, I thought of this because I recently started on a new world and thought that it would be a neat feature. You would be able to see the total amount of resources that your troupes are currently carrying. This would be per village, or total in the overview menu. This way you would know...
  11. Zalinor

    Rejected by Developer Tech levels in simulator

    In a previous version you used to be able to use a dropdown button to paste the current villages tech (see attached image), this was pretty handy as it meant you could easily paste your tech levels into both the attacker and defender without overwriting the troops column (which is annoying when...