May 2022 | Invent your Victory condition Contest!

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Dear players,

Since last Easter contest wasn't as popular, we're adding the remaining Easter pricepool to this contest.

In previous contests you were asked to invent your own units, buildings, ..
This month we're looking for the creative souls to come up with a unique Victory Condition.

We have % based Dominance, runes but what else can you come up with to impress the community?
If you have any questions about the limitations, feel free to drop me a private message.


-> It has to sound somewhat balanced. Don't start with 100% dominance rules or something that can drag on for a hundred years. <-
-> No information is mandatory. What I mean with this, is that anything you add, is a bonus and making your Victory Condition more clear. Adding details, will increase the chances of you winning. <-
-> Be creative. Altho, a variation of an excisting condition is obviously allowed. <-

Last but not least, please note that the forum rules still apply so keep it to one post, per forum account, per submission.

Sign-ups close 14/06/2022, any entries after this date will not count. The winners will be announced shortly after.

You can discuss entries here.


1st place 800 pp
2nd place 600 pp
3rd place 400 pp

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

Your Tribal Wars Team​


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Concept deus vult

: Needed in church worlds, churches work as normal, with the range change to the range of a watchtower (same increases per level).

Faith: you can join a faith you would like without the need of application. Any player can name their own faith and people can choose to follow it.

If people follow a faith, they get bonuses that increase, much like the level system in tribes, but without the need to pay for it. The faith leader decides which bonuses are active. (with a cooldown like the night bonus timer)

Tribes still exist and you can both be believers of the same faith and still be enemies. The bonuses from the faith still apply to both parties then, so there is no benefit for either one.

If two tribes of different faiths fight, the tribe with the biggest faith has the biggest bonuses, be it offensive or defensive (again, a bit like the level system)

New unit: Priest. There also is a new unit, the priest, who can convert a belief in a town, thus rendering the church in said town worthless and actually benefiting the attacker. The priest works a bit the same as the scout and the noble together. The priest is a peaceful unit that can only be targeted by other priests and when successful; the attacking priest lowers the belief of the defending village.

To win, a faith must reach 75% map coverage. (Beliefs and churches can only be founded after 7 days since world start)
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Concept: The Invasion Of The Horde

The concept is a bit similar to runes but also quite different. After 60 days Villages will be marked on the map as either Castles or Great Settlements , 50 each per core continent, with the option of them being on the rim depending on how filled out it is. These are already existing villages, either barb or player owned, and not new villages that spawn in. Thirty days after villages are marked they will turn into Castles or Great Settlements. The 30 day delay is to give players time to prepare for it, and removing a element of luck which gives some tribes advantages of others. But this can also be done like runes where it happens after 90 days, though luck will be a factor in play.

The Victory Condition: Hold 60 percent of castles for 20 days.

Castles: get a 50 percent defensive buff.

Great Settlements: get a 15 percent offensive buff, and a 20 percent population buff.

The point of the new concept is to have a sort of Castle breaking gameplay, where Great Settlements are used strategically to help tribes take down enemy Castles.

I've also created two new units for this new concept, but you don't need them all the time (they can be a setting like archers for example).

Berserker: a new unit produced in the barracks of Great Settlements, it will have its own category meaning that defensive units will have a new stat called " Berserker Defence". They are stronger unit than axes , 100 offensive strength but 2 population cost. The build time of 1 berserker= The build time of 2.1 axes.

Royal Cavalry: A new unit produced in the stable of Castles. One Royal Cavalry has the same defencive stats as a HC, but at the cost of 4 population, and a buildtime that is twice as long as 1 HC. One of the downsides of this unit is that it has very poor " Berserker Defence".

In order to have the playstyle match the world it is possible to increase the amount of Castles and Great Settlements to 75 per core continent, this ofcourse would need to be tested.


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So this is a concept I was considering for a little while. In essence, it combines the watchtower building with a victory condition, amalgamating the current rune concept, I suppose it is similar to King of the Hill but with a twist.
My issue with rune worlds is that runes are basically ignored until the very endgame. There is no advantage to taking them early as they are just simple villages with a reduced def buff, and can easily be ignored without a negative consequence.

The Four Kingdoms!
- n days into a world (e.g. perhaps 90 days on a speed 2, or 120 on a speed 1), fortress villages appear, one in each populated continent (4 on the current world size). The spawning of these can be somewhat random, but I'll explain my concept of these and so it will make sense that these are fairly spread out, and not too far from the core. E.g. 480|480, 520|520, 480|520, 520|480.
- The fortresses are difficult to conquer, starting with a strong defence with a strong wall (perhaps level 30 or 40). In the region of 30 nukes to clear it I'm thinking.
- Once conquered these villages are initially weak (no pp'ing the wall here), but will gradually be consolidated.
- These villages can also offer a TRIBAL watch tower building, perhaps offering at a radius of 20 fields (note this should be on a non-watch tower world for the benefit of this to be realised). The watchtower can take some time to build, not be pp'd, it's very expensive to do so, but offers a huge benefit once it has been achieved. Identifying troops that pass through the radius for all members of the tribe holding it. Perhaps there can also be an options where this village is effectively communally owned, and everyone can see the incomings going to it also. Troops can be built in the fortress or not, it does not matter too much. Perhaps it has a larger farm (level 35) and can produce a singular huge nuke.
- Thus there is a notable advantage to conquering and holding one of these villages.
- Maybe there could also be an added element, where there is a maximum number of units that can be stationed in a fortress village to defend it at any given time (no more than 100k or 200k units for example), at this point the fortress is full and the troops either fight with a farm limit, or are simply turned away. Not sure about this though just thinking in terms of someone holding and mega stacking early, but ideally the holding period is long enough that this isnt possible.
- To Vanquish the world a tribe must unite all of the kingdoms, capturing and holding all of the fortresses for a period of, say, 28 days (speed 1 world).

1. It may also work if there are more than 4 of these, but still centred around the core of the map. E.g. 1 at 480|480, 1 at 480|500, 1 at 480|520, 1 at 500|480, 1 at 500|520, 1 at 520|480, 1 at520|500, and 1 at 520|520. Creating 8 fortresses that each centre around the core of the map. With more fortresses the watchtower should offer a reduced radius.

2. If there are too many flaws to this sort of idea, then I guess a "rune" world that basically works as a "watch tower" world. The rune villages being the only villages that can build a watch tower building for instance. Otherwise, as I say, rune worlds are just domination worlds where the runes only come into play at the very end.

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Revenge of the Barbs

After many, many worlds of simply being branded "Barbarians", the native people of Tribalwaria finally get organised under their leader and saviour, Mighty Chief Cabbage Sporangus.

Triggered by a tribe taking 53% world dominance, a whole new set of barbarian villages, equal to 50% of the total number of world villages, appear about 4 days walk from the existing rim. Sadly, the world was set up with max noble distance of 100 fields, so these aren't for taking, not that Mighty Chief Sporangus would let you.

Angered by the loss of their comrades, they start sending massive raiding and fake attacks at those who killed their grey faced comrades earlier in the game.

Thats right, in whale speak, this is The Revenge of the Fish. For every 1 barbarian village conquered before this point, 2 attacks will be sent randomly by these new barbs every 2 weeks. Barblers beware: Mighty Chief Sporangus is coming for you.

The rest of the game would be pretty normal really. It'd just have a nice mechanism at end game to de-whale the world.


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Capture the Castle

After 180 days enemies that hold over 10% dominance get that chance to build a castle, similar to stronghold it will give tribal buffs in much the same way and can build troops/nukes in a similar way to a stronghold but without Valor.

The win condition is simply that you must capture all enemy castles. Enemy castles have a 500% defence boost. Once captured enemy must hold all castles for 14 days to be victorious.

Enemy castles must be captured by using nobles.

So essentially the concept is revamping strongholds and tieing it to a win condition


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Genghis Khan Victory Condition: Kinda simple. Just reach a certain overall population and number of troops, because you know, Genghis Khan has a lot of descendants and had a huge army. Your enemies can simply prevent you from winning by just keeping on attacking you to lessen your troops, and they will lessen theirs as well, making for a more strategic way on engaging the enemy.

As for the twist, every player village will have a level 15 wall to start with, because China built walls in order to protect themselves from the Mongolian army. This will make players give good effort to invade villages. Rams and catapults are not available for this game mode, because well the Mongols didnt have them.

Important world settings: Flags included of course, except for the population increase one. Your lone Paladin is automatically named Genghis Khan, or well still torn between having a lot of paladins with weapons because he had a lot of generals at the time then. Mounted archers are of course present.
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