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Discussion in 'World 58' started by mafia man, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. mafia man

    mafia man Guest

    Since we are near Halfway through this world i decided i was going to bring in a new thread to speak of instead of all the other crap.

    I thought it would of been nice to see a mid-term report about this world and there individuals.

    Yes i'm kinda stealing from other worlds and top 10 and top this and that but it's just for entertainment.

    So these are my opinions about this.And i'd like to see others opinion also.

    BTW i'm not the best poster so that's why i barely post lol

    BEST TRIBE : Fork (but here i'm biased)

    BEST PLAYER : Honestly I think there are about 10 players that are roughly even so not going to mention them all

    BEST DEFENDER : Joint Venture and lee on NOF account



    WORST TRIBE : any tribe not in top 20 at this stage

    BIGGEST TROLL : rawr mode(lol)


    WORST DUKE : Warstiner (sorry mate) just being honest

    BEST DUKE : Badgers-jester

    If you guys/girls wanna add to it go ahead i don't mind i'm easy

    PS: I just wanna say that Fork would not be here without the council i have you guys are doing a great job and thank you very much guys it's much appreciated

    You guys all know who you are thank you
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  2. Ts Jay

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    Dec 6, 2010
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    lol this would of looked nice inside the FORK in game forums for propoganda. Hope you dont actually believe half of what you just wrote.
  3. brisr949

    brisr949 Guest

    what is wrong with you people, wow you've been in manic too long bud..get out whilst your last remaining brain cells are still functioning
  4. Ts Jay

    Ts Jay Non-stop Poster

    Dec 6, 2010
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    my responces are in bold
  5. TrueGrave

    TrueGrave Guest

    Oh please fill out this form yourself, I'd love to see your responses.

    Last I checked, Warstiner was in T-Crew :icon_rolleyes: Either there are internal problems in Manic, or Internal problems in T-crew, something a good duke would have a handle on...rather than the hissy fit history that is the manic tribe change stats. Even your duke has left and rejoined.
  6. Best Tribe: Fork (I think that is what #1 means)
    best Player micro boom (this is biased but he is one of the most team oriented players i have. all you ask for in a tribe mate
    Best Defender yet to find him, maybe someone in D3th
    Best up coming player Killer Raptor 40 conquered 0 lost 1.101.284 ODA 173.536 oDD this is war points. and 1st world
    Best Upcoming Tribe Insan3 how can you not love a tribe lead by bloodthirsty and co
    Worst Tribe i try not to talk bad about people I will leave this out
    biggest Troll Shrek?? oh wait ogre
    Best poster mafia man due to his kind words
    Best Duke Destabilise (again i think #1 and a shot to win is the goals
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  7. Black.Plague

    Black.Plague Contributing Poster

    Nov 12, 2010
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    Best Tribe: Fork - I like it ... no need to troll here ... its just what i like :icon_rolleyes:
    Best Player ThreeWiseMen ... & My Coplayer :icon_idea:
    Best Defender NoF ... showed he can handle
    Best up coming player .... You never know till it shows up :icon_wink:
    Best Upcoming Tribe If will be one ... maybe a new one !
    Worst Tribe *K* was the worst i've seen ... but as i sad ... was
    biggest Troll Everyone is trolling here ... all parts included :icon_confused:
    Best poster - didnt stayed enogh in this world forum to judge any
    Best Duke Well both 1st & 2nd tribe main Dukes are leading for long times ... I only know Destabilise and for what has done i vote him
  8. Nushka

    Nushka Guest

    ... Just lol
  9. hocchamp1

    hocchamp1 Guest

    LOL great best tribe (that what #1 means... can't wait for tommorrow when river joins.. guess Manic will be number 1 LOL :D

    Killer Raptor is a good guy nice choice. plus he has good village points.

    as for me :) here is my opionion:
    Best Tribe: Between Beyond or Manic (both very Organized and have great leaders)
    best Player Warstiner (DUDE is a machine!!!! always farming always nobleing.. he sleeps,eats and lives TW)
    Best Defender KK (dude knows how to defend!)
    Best up coming player CranbarryMuffinman (He's a Beast)
    Best Upcoming Tribe Beyond (they are a top tribe.. only upcoming because they on RIM but i know they are beast)
    Worst Tribe i try not to talk bad about people I will leave this out
    biggest TrollLEE LEE!!!
    Best poster Faaaaark knows his stuff.
    Best Duke who ever wins this world ;)
  10. Best tribe Looking at stats nothing stands out, there have been no major wars on this world it has been hug, nap, hug gangbang the little guys :icon_neutral: OW! are punching slightly above their weight given their member base but meh

    Best player Again look at the stats, you have top 5 players not even in the top 10 of ODT so it has been easy street when some of them were on so-called fronts

    Best defender No wars, no one digging in to defend :icon_rolleyes:

    Best upcoming player ...

    Best upcoming tribe NEWBS ( I double lol'ed at the HONOR suggestion having seen their ramless 17s trains and partial nukes )

    Worst tribe Anyone in the top 10 that hasn't had a decent concerted war against another top 10 candidate so ... :icon_rolleyes:

    Biggest troll No one, this world is such a bore fest that anyone posting should be given a pat on the back, unless they are posting pom pom shit

    Best poster He has quit so ...

    Best Duke The Duke of OW! when he puts his tribes balls on the line and declares on Hug U oh I meant Fork... :icon_wink:
  11. =starkiller=

    =starkiller= Guest

    Best Tribe We all know my first answer to this so my second nomination will have to be any top 10 tribe without an ally, currently in a war. Someone please help me out so I can change this :)

    Best Player This is definitely a hard one. I know so many people in this world that are GREAT players that it would hurt me to not give respect to all of them. Instead I will go off this threads activity and give it to Honey Badgers. I've heard many good things about the players that run this account from multiple sources! Would be a good player to be teamed up with!

    Best Defender Obviously lee because we all know what tribe he started out in :) You better be nice to him Fork otherwise he'll have to come home..... and your ally wont like that.

    Best up coming player I've had the honor of coming across and playing with two motivated, highly intelligent players out here on the rim. Frostgat and Oliveir1 are definitely UPCOMING players in this game and I am glad they are in my tribe! They are perfect members!

    Best Upcoming Tribe: OW! seems to fit well in this category in my book. Good member count and I heard they declared war on a top tribe. Those two things lead to success so I have to wish them Good luck!

    Worst Tribe This is a tough one. There are a lot of tribes out there that have bad leaders but what really makes a tribe the WORST is the one that has the LAZIEST members. Lazy members tend to only noble internals and refuse to participate in their tribes wars. I pity a tribe that has the misfortune of lazy members.

    biggest Troll = Nuska!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best poster Every time Honey Badger posts it is of use. Maybe its just me but I like to read what he/she has to say.

    Best Duke I want to pick one but they hug. I want to pick another but they suck at warring. I would love to pick this other one but they havent proven themselves. I guess this is up for grabs!
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  12. Wow.. even for someone that has clearly mistaken his ego for his ability

    That is a bold statement

    I have played with a similar account name on .uk who would be in my personal top 5 of all players I have played with/against but this version certainly ain't him :icon_rolleyes:

    Maybe give Hug U Fork another hug and check out the cuddling under a duvet shared forums, might change your mind :icon_wink:
  13. KillerKommando

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    No offense mate, but this thread asks for people's opinions of a set list, and he gave them. There's no reason to flame him for it, regardless of his personal choices.
  14. Ohhh quote slapping, how exciting :icon_rolleyes:

    Ex w58 player, ex Fork player (now thats a relief) current world watchdog ... for today

    Yay ! I'm not going to take back after conversing with him I think he is a nubcake so ... stalemate ?

    And being at war with them changes my statement how ? :icon_confused:

    Never to mind, in a few weeks you will be hugging both of them anyways :lol:
  15. reyche

    reyche Member

    Nov 22, 2011
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    This thread is for everyone's opinion. No need to argue what people wrote about.
  16. Ts Jay

    Ts Jay Non-stop Poster

    Dec 6, 2010
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    Before i do any of this I am just going to point out that my opinions are 100% bias, and 100% honest.

    BEST TRIBE : Manic - proven themselves time and time again. Fought tribes in the top 10 since the early game (ARMADA), tested the worlds favorites (Pacman). Although our war stats get critised we're still here, fighting strong. We also keep the world interesting both in game and the externals, surely noone can argue that?

    BEST PLAYER : In my honest opinion it has to be Warstiner, he had a late start, played the majority of the world without a coplayer, lead manic, hes just a machine. In saying all this there are still some other awsome in this world, who dont get the respect they deserve.

    BEST DEFENDER : Early game it had to be PHOENIX.ME, look him up he took some serious stick. At the moment I would have to say TWnoblebot, just for the lols :). (you guys saying lee on the NOF account, He proved he can snipe 60 hour+ nobles. If you think thats good defending thats your call.)

    BEST UPCOMING PLAYER: Im going to have to say mark70, only player to have taken a village off me in this world. (sent him to the RIM for it) But he's there growing, and he knows his stuff. Dont let his points deceive you he can outplay the majority of FORK.

    BEST UPCOMING TRIBE : I wana say Beyond, after first hand communication with them they know there stuff :), Once they get rid of the deadweight (which FORK can pick up - their loss) Then they will own.

    WORST TRIBE : Not going to waist anyones time with this, If there that bad none of us will of heard of them.


    BEST POSTER : Rawr Mode

    WORST DUKE : Any Duke who has betrayed an ally.

    BEST DUKE : Warstiner, He provides all the criteras of a good duke. activity, leads from example, He gets involved himself in wars, Respected, brutal, ruthless
  17. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    BEST TRIBE : MANIC, has fought alot of top tribes and is still here proven they are here for the long haul. FORK has maintained but with less impacting wars but in time there can only be one

    BEST PLAYER : Warstiner, Bristus and uhh uhh Tranquir and idk Blissful Koalas? i have wierd picks lol. seriously though from my view Blissful has had the most growth then any other FORK player.

    BEST DEFENDER : Phoenix for sure early game. hella incomings and alot of ODD from early game. NoF is mere semi ok cant really say much as he hasnt had the full weight of a tribe on him yet and did miss a few nukes but did have hella incomings over days.

    BEST UPCOMING PLAYER: actually have to say KK on this matter, or Blissful Koalas honestly.

    BEST UPCOMING TRIBE : D3th, OW, Beyond?

    WORST TRIBE : eh not fond of Motor, CM, Insane

    BIGGEST TROLL : Lee <--dude think's he is sooo smart lol but actually very stupid in the process.

    BEST POSTER : be unfair to nomaniate myself so ill say unreformed pirate. lol

    WORST DUKE : Insane Duke's and Motor and CM lol..

    BEST DUKE : probably MANIC 'though he is high strung and has a different way then the normal way. he gets the job done' and FORK of course considering they did make it this long and i expected Pacman to live longer then them.

    see im not biased noobs.
  18. Stalker1988

    Stalker1988 Well-Known Member

    Dec 2, 2009
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    BEST TRIBE : I don't believe I know the top tribes well enough to determine this. The world is still a baby..

    BEST PLAYER : LTSSB...Don't judge him by his OD

    BEST DEFENDER : instanbul



    WORST TRIBE : 99% of w58's tribes are equally worst, as far I as I concerned.

    BIGGEST TROLL : Marc, my co

    BEST POSTER : Faaaaark

    WORST DUKE : Warstiner

    BEST DUKE : Destabilise
  19. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    and 99%^ of your post is biased :lol:

    TW.PLAYER Guest

    Read your FB. :)