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Discussion in 'World 58' started by mafia man, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. artofspam

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    Mar 1, 2010
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    So anything that is negative to Manic is people being biased?

    Maybe it is because you post like this? Extremely biased and hypocritical..

    In what way were they disgusted? By the amounting of hugging that tribes have done on this world. If so, they are no different in that regard.

    There isn't that much difference in Fork and Manic. The Rank 1 and 2 tribe changes all the time on this world, as the tribes kick and recruit quite frequently.

    I don't think 1 or 2. The tribes haven't proven themselves to be good or bad. I am impartial in this regards. WOW I am Fork and not biased... shame Manic can't do the same on the whole.

    Not every post from a Fork member thinking Fork is a good tribe is biased, it is probably their honest opinion. Why would you be in a tribe you thought sucked? and then say how bad it is on forums? That would just be stupid..
  2. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    stop comparing KG to MANIC, he is the duke of TCrew 'not MANIC' rather he believes that is another story :icon_rolleyes:

    we do what we want, and he is free to do what he wants. he has no control over what actions MANIC does or take.

    personally i know theres potential in both tribes, i just talk alot of smack cause i enjoy that aspect of the game. if you cant handle it then stay off the forums :lol:

    i agree however there was alot of hugging on the world. i mean personally i never seen the point of recruiting before fighting :icon_rolleyes:

    but eh no matter how you wanna butter it up or sugar coat it. hugging is hugging in the end of the day :lol:

    you do realise FORK has played another world and they aren't around there either :icon_rolleyes:

    i like playing spin the bottle or is it table :icon_confused:
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  3. TrueGrave

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    If you wanna play spin the table you are going to have to work a lot harder than picking out just one line from my post to misinterpret.

    Yes, you misunderstood what I meant, KG said he thought there were maybe 3 on W58 who could fill Warstiners shoes, I was just pointing out that a few more than 3 had passed through world 58.

    BTW Rawr, I do NOT see Fork on the forums, on a daily basis shouting that they were number 1 on other worlds as if it makes a blind bit of difference to this one.

    ^Consider your table turned?
  4. Rawr Mode

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    you say try hardier to turn the table then at the end you say 'consider your table turned' guess i didnt have to try to hard then :lol:

    i was simply stating you cant point out one with out pointing out the other since they have both existed on past worlds.

    secondly i was pointing out while he defends MANIC, he is in no way shape or form MANIC. lol

    asfar as the 3 people that could fill his shoes, he is quite right. we do have people that step up in river's absence. you can't really say there isnt as i know for a fact im one of them that steps up but i choose not to be a leader as i dont want to take that responsbility as i have enough on my plate as is.

    contrary to belief, we actually dont think only about ourselves but a tribe general as a whole, even NoF cant say we dont put forth a tribal effort to a degree.

    asfar as FORK keeping a low profile, yeah when we was allys they moaned when we mentioned them on forums as they try and keep a low profile cause they dont want to be attacked. where we at MANIC just have a different playing style then that of FORK. you would be surprised to see how many in FORK actually have ego's. lol personally im not afraid to get attacked nor engage in confrontation. so i have nothing to hide and just speak my mind.

    check, your move.
  5. artofspam

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    Mar 1, 2010
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    He is pretty much Manic in my book, he misconstrues posts on purpose and makes statements that mean nothing and talks about how amazing Manic is (which sounds like a description of a Manic member to me), when no one (including Manic) has done anything note worthy yet. At least Fork doesn't brag like that, and no this isn't me being biased, I had this opinion before I joined Fork and you have yet to change my opinion.

    You don't post anything useful that discredits Fork or anything meaningful to be classed as "talking smack", you do have the ability to misconstrue posts to your liking though, I do not see any fault in your ability there.

    So you believe in doing it while fighting? or before? As you have done both. You should agree with this as you are one of the guilty parties.

    spin the bottle.. hope it doesn't land on me, as I wouldn't kiss you.. :icon_eek:

    At least Fork don't bring in how their tribe performed on a different world with different members, when it makes little difference other than how the tribe was run.
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  6. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    well personally its a well known fact i dont like KG and i get tired of him thinking he can settle his personal quarrels by bringing MANIC into the fray. however that maybe he isn't MANIC and until you both see this then doesnt really matter.

    asfar as having posted anything creditial. perhaps you should open your eyes and look again. sometimes you dont want to believe stuff even if its true.

    as ive said before im not leadership and i dont condone some of there actions but i accept the fact and agree to disagree basically. what i cant have a different opinon on the matter? or wait im suppose to leave because i disagree with there recruitment process? honestly every tribe has its flaws and has its goodness to it. just a matter of where you fit in better, and judging by what ive seen so far i really dont think any other tribe would suits me or my playing style better then MANIC at the moment.

    im not bashing FORK as a bad tribe but stiring them up is a stragety that is used and soonier you guys learn that, the better off you'll be. what you think everything is solved ingame? not exactly lol.
  7. artofspam

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    Mar 1, 2010
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    He talks as if he is Manic so I just assume he is, I am too lazy to do any background checks on someone who doesn't really interest me.

    I know a lot more than I let on :icon_wink: It would be stupid of me to admit anything is true wouldn't it.

    You at least don't.. for want of a better term "feed the trolls" like KG does. Although your metaphor with the table/bottle did give them something to play with. I find W58 forums on the whole devoid of any real excitement but I guess that is one of the joys of a Church world. Would be nice to have a Blogger so I don't have to bother finding out current events on this world.

    I have to agree with the "every tribe has a flaw" part and I am well aware of what externals can do, but they are only effective if you let them be. I am only posting here as a means to pass time and do not hope for anything more than that.

    I was not saying that you should leave Manic, honestly I haven't really taken much notice of Manic other than their war with Fork. They are on the opposite side of the world to me at this present time, and I don't like to base my judgment over what I am told, although it does allow me to form a picture of the tribes ability, also in how they compose themselves externally and in game. I believe there is a bit too much diplomacy and recruitment on this world, but it will eventually change as the world goes on. I look forward to that time.

    It could still be a month or so before any true number one tribe shows itself, and at that time if it is Manic I will be the first to praise them and I hope that it is the case vice versa, unless I am fighting them and my posts will be heavily "biased" :icon_rolleyes:

    Also you are not stirring me up or any other Fork member (well besides Nuke on Fire, I think it is because he over thinks things or actually listens to people on externals.. either way he has a flaw in that regard).
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  8. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    eh personally i wish we had a blogger to but as you can see, he is a tad lazy :lol:

    on the other hand, i generally come on the forums to pass the time but eh im here may aswell have some fun, so i tend to troll people. most people think im a totally different person on skype and what not lol so it's like a mind *bleep* when you notice the difference :icon_razz:

    it's all fun and games to me, i dont particularly let anybody get to me in regards to externals as nothing really surprises me.

    yeah world58 is abit dull. ill agree with it in that aspect but eh i played W31 and the same thing happened there as it's happening here. must be churchs fault to be honest but ive made some friends and made some promises, i intend to keep those :icon_razz:

    eh just because they dont post externally doesn't mean they dont get worked up lol, i have some of them on skype and they generally respond there then here, guess they dont like the spotlight so much :icon_eek:

    eh NoF got lucky once by having NoF on his account, will see if he can get lucky twice eh :)
  9. Nystagmus

    Nystagmus Guest

    I wasn't going to comment, but this just made me laugh.
    Do you realize how many times MANIC has been around on other worlds and failed? The fact that you can attempt to pin that on FORK alone is regrettable. Lets be honest now.

    Yes, yes they will.

    You should really stop making bold generalizations about a group of people. It's never worked, it will never work. I think I (as well as a couple other players that use externals) have come across as acceptably unbiased and are bringing up their honest opinion.
    Sure, there are the stereotypical sheep following their tribe tag, but MANIC isn't omitted from that fact either.

    You rant about how all of FORK is so biased when you cant even take the time to read your own posts. You're worse than quite of few of the FORK posters.

  10. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    i wasnt the one to bring it up was i? i dont think i was. infact it was TG who brought it up and i only mentioned FORK because if your going to mention one you may aswell mention other as they have both have there troublesome past.

    wasnt trying to degrade FORK on the matter was simplying implying if your going to point the finger at one, you should point the finger at both. your arguement holds no merit.
  11. Nystagmus

    Nystagmus Guest

    If we really wanted to play the "who's argument is better" game, MANIC has tried and failed far more than FORK has previously.
    However, I can't really see how it affects this world directly- it's just setting up people's biases for how the tribe is going to perform if they haven't ever encountered them before.

    I didn't really care to read all of the posts prior to yours, so I missed whoever started it- and even now I don't really care. Most tribes try and fail, the fact that they continue trying shows strength to me -unless they continually fail in the same way- which I'm unsure if that's the case for MANIC or FORK (or anyone else for that matter).

  12. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    least we know 'whose' post is better now since you only read mine. trolling my post. shame coming from a mod :lol:

    honestly though i dont think the MANIC has tried more is really going to work since you have made countless attempts to split me off from MANIC and when i say YOU i mean FORK period. lol

    eh meh honestly i think its fair to say one will moan about the other cause they didnt get to do it first to be honest. lol

    i think both tribes have tried dirty and devious tatics lol
  13. faaaaark

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    Sigh... I've specifically ensured that I didn't discuss DNY with anyone in W58 and I am certain I have NEVER discussed it with you over Skype buddy. So... go ahead and post my comments about DNY. This should be fun.

    With this said, I love it when people hit me with the "Faaaaaark always talks about DNY" line.

    Anyhoo, let's not derail this thread any further. This thread will end up locked at this rate.
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  14. KillerKommando

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    I've always wondered why people insist on lying over the internet as if it had some real life impact.


    Guess we'll never know. Anyways, I'm off, no sense in cluttering the thread. :)
  15. Sharolen

    Sharolen Guest

    BEST TRIBE: Top 5 for being in at the top this long past early game. Well done all.

    BEST PLAYER : Lots, Nuke on Fire, Lucaya, Dissident, Khite Zu, Warstiner for plugging away at the top despite his eye sight. Looking at the OD stats guys.


    BEST UPCOMING PLAYER : Over all I don't know. Born to be Bad or pomstar are doing well in Beyond.

    BEST UPCOMING TRIBE : Honor and T-Crew - keeping my eye on you guys.

    WORST TRIBE : ???

    BIGGEST TROLL : Rawr Mode, which isn't necessarily a bad thing in my view. Nice use of logic.

    BEST POSTER : Faaaaark, good arguments. Rawr Mode - same.

    WORST DUKE : Don't know yet - issues of trust, not honoring others, keeping tribe in the dark concerning major decisions. No this is not a jab at individuals, just a general collection of ideas

    BEST DUKE : Don't know yet.
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  16. fortune-hunter

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    Aug 4, 2011
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    BEST TRIBE: FORK, and Manics but manics are too lousy

    BEST PLAYER : Lots, lethesunshinebaby, Rawr Mode(maybe :p) Warstiner Really(instead of him being an ........ still got to admit he got skills)
    BEST DEFENDER : Jointventure


    BEST UPCOMING TRIBE : Honor and Beyond

    WORST TRIBE : ???

    BIGGEST TROLL : Rawr Mode, obviosly

    BEST POSTER : Don't know

    WORST DUKE : Don't know
    BEST DUKE : Except the best tribes BEyond and Honor dukes
  17. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    BEST TRIBE: Manic by a mile of course.

    BEST PLAYER: Warstiner... awesome player really. He runs a tribe, internals the shit out of everything in sight, finds time to run the farming bots and still has time to start wars that never should have happened.

    BEST WORST DEFENDER: The internals that Warstiner is nobling.

    BEST UPCOMING PLAYER: King Geldof... oh wait, he got nobled today...

    BEST UPCOMING TRIBE: T-Crew... Recruit and munch.

    WORST TRIBE: Fork... too much hugging.

    BIGGEST TROLL: letthesunshinebaby... he is always posting trash.

    BEST POSTER: Rawr... all of his posts are completely relevant.

    WORST DUKE: Destabilise...absolute hugger.

    BEST DUKE: Warstiner of course...!!

    There ya go, clearly an unbiased opinion.
  18. Sharolen

    Sharolen Guest

  19. Like a boss HAHA
  20. channman20

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    LOL +1 to faaaark on that one