My View on the World and W83 - Dream Teams


My dream team:

2.) Dallow (not many realize it but the world ended the day we formed our Liger Alliance)

my view on the world

Shhh, people arent supposed to know about the liger alliances influence. #AllSeeingLigers


#AlwaysWatching #LigerAlliance

(Thank you to everyone that has picked Lavim to be in your dream team, he is the bestest (Hug) )


Suppose I'll give it a whirl.

1) Absinthe, Lippa and Ara, Fought both and played with both. It has been a pleasure to play with you both. This may be the last no hauls but I do hope it will not be our last world we play together.

9) Gorts, fought well and lost very little when they were active.

ref. 1) are stuck with us <3
---> don't forget Fester, either, tho....he is a life saver sometimes ;)

ref. 9) I forgot to mention gorts in my dream team ...sorry, guys..


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13. krieger
14. Krieger
12. Krieger
06. Krieger
My 2 beloved coops Goldberg Variations and Adis aka 'sejn
sweetmisery- She always wins :D
.Absinthe-(Ara iz hot :x )
pure jonat- Did some awesome job against NAM (thumbs up for fella)
*Dream my friend
That Potato guy in Golden too (nod)
hOlly But only when he's drunk :D,

And all other girls I didn't meet on w83.


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The rest were inactive due to different reasons and an account that was once again bending over for Nam (we all know which one it is) abandoning the account basically, bleeding and crying for more support. With that account, accounting for a lot of Goldens k44 frontline, the rest covered mostly by NBD when they fell Golden would have started bleeding with those 3 accounts left to defend without a lot of tribal defense.

I don't think we were crying for support, I didn't log on enough to ask :D

But honestly, I told everyone back in January I wouldn't be active now and I straight up told them if after May I was attacked I would sit dump or bleed villages. :)


mah dream team <3 <3 <3

Absinthe- active pure skill kind and awesome playersss...
Sweetmisery- luke is God
Welsh Celts- Cool player
Contraceptive - fun to play with... on enemies part Lol..
14.Krieger - i heard he is agressive and Excellent Attacker
13.Krieger- ugly person i heard.
JanJanz -is a Beast and a Excellent skilled player and a Very Nice Guy he's nicer than Mr.NiceGuy...
12.krieger- Nice person active player..
Barb King - He really Love Barbs have a pure skill and Cool..
Pure Jonat - cool person have a skill <3
Lavim- Nice playerss..
Nebula- Sneaky Attacker in closed range i really like to defend if ur my attacker..
DaddySmurf- Cool Leaders..
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1.) Hans/Golden Blackfrye- Bill is a great leader and a great player. Good guy to talk to as well.
2.) Bolton Ramsey/Azor Ahai.- Nick when active is one of the best. Good leader and relentless in ops.
3.) Ghost Fly- I've known Veronika from our world win in W53, she was apart of my premade DSL/Drama. She is a fantastic player, both defensively and offensively. Very easy to get along with.
4.) Aphrodisiac- Jza was also part of my premade in W53. He is a great guy and plays the game how it should be played.
5.) h0llygh0st Baratheon- I think I've known Jasper longer than I've known anyone else in this world. We have been in 3-4 tribes together. Very smart leader and player. However, he isn't someone who is going to "wow" you with stats and big accounts. Also has a great taste in music.
6.) Halsey- Luke was also a very enjoying person to chat with. Also, like Jasper he has a great taste in music.
7.) Grey Wind and Ghost- ulven is probably the best tactical player in this world.
8.) lavim- relentless attacker, participates in ever op. Just a very reliable account.
9.) sweetmisery- Debbie is a great personality and just a fantastic player. She is always near the top of every world she plays.
10.) LessEnthusiatic- Monica... she is honorable, respectful, and caring. She has become one of the more enjoyable players to chat with. And you can count on her for just about anything. Solid player as well.
11.) pure jonat- he put up a big fight for months. Relentless.
12.) .Absinthe- Gotta respect Ara and Lippa for sticking around no matter how tough it got. Very good players. One of the best accounts in this world
13.) JanJanz- Entertaining and very good player.
14.) M8Troopers- Great guy and fun to chat with. A go to guy whenever you needed help.
15.) Capt Morgan Freeman- Stuck around when things got tough. Always has been a solid player.
16.) -Assassin-- One of the best accounts throughout the entire world. Good tactical player.
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Nah, he quits and lets his co get rimmed long before that happens.


1. erndos
2. krieger
3. josh
4. displayyyy!!!
5. niceguy
6. cat
7. noobeski
8. both janjan's
9. garganion
10. bromsboy
11. appsolut
12. cougar


1. erndos
2. krieger
3. josh
4. displayyyy!!!
5. niceguy
6. cat
7. noobeski
8. both janjan's
9. garganion
10. bromsboy
11. appsolut
12. cougar

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