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It's world 20, something extremely strange is always happening.

Something extremely strange won't happen in this instance. Not because Prime are great, but the rest all just plain suck and egos prohibit what's necessary for the rest to have a chance.


egos prohibit what's necessary for the rest to have a chance.

This is too true - and as usual you are right in your summation

(although I do disagree with your earlier comment about Sparta - but hey you'd expect that :icon_wink:


With the forums very quiet lately I thought I'd see if I could revieve an old topic....

This is my (somehow biased) view on the Top20 tribes in W20 today:

1. Prime
My tribe. Guess I can't say anything good about it without being flamed but I'll give it a try nevertheless. Good tribe with most of the current top players in the world. Proved a lot of people wrong by still being the Top1 tribe. Survived the combined forces of KilTom, FEAR?! and BSM. Even though some people will say that we only won because we outlasted the enemy in my view we defeated both Who? and Hulk. I can't see the tribe fall in the near future. :icon_razz:

2. S.A.W
From the outside they don't look like much. Don't really know what they're up to except for their current war with KONO. Good leadership which has shown it's worth due to the survival and continued existance in the turmoil of W20. Have been here for some time and will be here in the future as well.

3. Sparta
Allies of S.A.W. I see this tribe and S.A.W as one single tribe even though they're two different tribes with seperate goals. Neither is willing to war the other since they'e got a friendly relationship. I don't really know much about them, but my guess is that unless S.A.W decides to war them they'll be here as well.

4. FEAR?
The former #2 tribe. FEAR?! has lost much since their peak in terms of players, leaders and territory. With the previous leadership the tribe seems to be crumbling (in my view) and is without direction. It will dissappear into obscurity at some point. Currently lossing to Prime even though it only a part of Prime that's waring them. I can't see them hanging around in the future.

5. NOT!
Made up of the active members of BSM. Has lost a lot of deadweight from BSM. From what I've heard they have no current active wars. Reorganization? Time will tell how they perform but the got several good players and a good leadership.

Former KilTom-players. Like NOT! only time will tell on their performance. Currently at war with S.A.W which might give an indication on their leadership and organization. Just like NOT! the tribe has several good players and a good leadership. Somehow dominating the North better than NOT! in the South.

7. R.I.M.
Basher-tribe for Prime. Has shown some potential during the war with BSM where they made more caps on BSM than they lost. Need some direction however and is spread all over the world.

8. BUM!!!
The inactives from BSM. Nothing more to be said than they're gonna be munched by Prime, R.I.M and NOT!.

9. TCM
Academy for KONO? Don't know much of them but I don't think they'll be here in the end.

I know I should make a list of the rest of the Top20 tribes but I can't bother now. I don't know much about them except that I don't think they'll last in W20.
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Had some time to kill figured, i'd check on my former TW addiction, lol...

hi all hope all is well with all involved.

1. Prime

Survivor tribe - kept to there own with small wars never really being aggressive. and didn't win any war with hulk but merged with them. when you recruit more then you kill you can call that a war it was a war that lead to nothing really then the leadership of hulk went m.i.a and merged with you guys.

I will say this you did beat what was left of the inactive who tribe. before they merged with tenth to create fear?!

as far as tribe in TW go prime is very weak at best. how ever here on world 2o they are the top dog... with no real competition.

2. S.A.W

They really aren't much. there a quite tribe mostly noobs and semi-experienced players mostly the first. lead by a few players over the course of its time all doing the same as the last staying out of conflict and eating barbs and inactives.

3. Sparta

Worthless tribe only winning on the good graces of other tribes and inactive that seems to plague this world.

4. FEAR?
mostly nubs, a very select few of decent players remain in this tribe. My former tribe as Co-duke and co-founder. squabbles and a lack of quality players left many wanting with in fear and like me are now gone. sorry king your the last of the old boys club ;)

no organization on participation from to many members is the result of many losses on fears behalf.

5. NOT!

same as kono, losing badly and a way to get out of it. cowards


see above..... logging in and actively fighting with your tribe are two different things.

7. R.I.M.

nubs that think there getting into prime, lol... very doubtful beating inactives and sat accounts proves nothing.

8. BUM!!!

same as eks says

9. TCM

left over garbage that neither fear or kono wanted.

i could prob delete most of the tribe as most won't have impact till everyone in prime quits, lol...

ah too flame and debate... i miss this ;)

happy hunting and good luckto all that actually do so for those others that don't i'm sure they will find you sooner or later... :icon_twisted:


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Yea, I think this is a good thread I apreaciate Elks for the kind words.
The top 20 is gone I'll just post the top. 6 tribes.

1. Prime- Proven to the world that they are the Best.(Lol, with strong leaders they remain strong)

2. SAW- No active wars right now but their leadership kim Jakob..Saw remains strong.

3. Sparta-We fought them in the eastern front, pretty good at organizing operations. Have real good players.

4. Fear- I don't know whats their direction right now, with Legdenno and Battlehyms leaving what would happen to Fear?! this wouldn't have happened if decisions of former leaders namely (rich26) who hadn't done anything but just talk and talk with no direction but only failure. lol...Respected the other leaders decision.

5. NOT!- My tribe, we just munch barbs and avoid wars. :)

6. KONO- Remnants of a tribe that don't do anything to bad. :)


Rich, you sure do have alot of balls coming on here and calling other people cowards. When you yourself are nothing but a memory, a horrible nightmare inducing memory and a big hole of barbs from where your account used to reside.

You accused me of hurting the coalition by simply stating things that were true and what did you do? You had a fight with your boyfriend leg, made a NEW tribe then pissed off everyone around and took the easy way out and deleted.

You're pretty much like me now, someone who doesn't play w20...a troll. I got a top 20 w32 account n.n


you can say what you will about me, my decision was cause i just didn't have it in me to play the game alone with all friends already gone i was all that remained from a pac made over a year ago.

i could have returned to fear at any time or take one of the other invites given to me before leaving i left cause i wasn't having fun.

and one person should never be able to undo an entire tribe. well unless what he had been saying all along was true... about who was actually organizing and leading the tribe.

for all intents and purpose i had really hadn't been around since late january about 2 weeks after christmas break. fear situation is on the there current leadership not me. i gave many hours and many idea's in my time. that wasn't respected by new leadership when i did make a return and that is what the beef was about. which was almost exclusively between me an BH. others just blindly followed BH in acting me before i left. all of which lost more then they took till i stopped playing.

i know i was decent player and a decent leader, the players i actually respect say the same thats good enough for me.


Cleared the topic up.
Keep it tribe based, rather than player flame based this time.
Discussion is allowed, but accusing each other of cheating and whatnot isn't.

Keep it clean and on topic.


Lol, you didn't defeat Hulk.

You declared war during the summer, and while Hulk leadership had summer vacation the tribe went afk and disintegrated.

Well, mine wasn't a vacation D: I got kicked out.

And HEY RUNESTEN!:icon_razz: How's it going?

But yeah, you guys beat Who? but not Hulk. I like you guys and everything but nothin will change my opinion on that. Hulk was raping Prime. Then bong merged with GREEN(worst mistake of w20, but can't blame him for that he had to take over a tribe with no preparation in the middle of a huge war) and created Kong which wasn't Hulk anymore. And even then you didn't really beat Kong either. Half the tribe got banned and the rest were recruited.

True, you won the war since Prime was the tribe surviving, but you didn't win it by directly beating Hulk.


Well, so many thoughts, so many opinions, where do we start?

I think I will keep it brief for a change, those that know me will know that this is a rare treat! lol

Since I began on W20 there have been few players that I have learnt to call 'friend' here. Some have faded into distant memory, others have remained firm. I have led tribes and been among those that have been commanded much like everyone else has and I have always had a deep respect for other players, regardless of skill, age, gender or tribal allegiance.
Most of the time I have sat ideally by as others have slated one another in the forums, both public and tribal, via IGM or on player profiles, only every now and then have I popped up to say something if it is particularly wrong.

These past few months here have seen much in the ways of people leaving, banning, new alliances formed, old ones falling and tribes that where once great stumbling along a path that is yet to be revealed. I wish to merely say that they actions of one person, no matter who they are, cannot result in a major occurrence unless those around them let it. A duke may leave his position but it is those with the circle that then assume the responsibility. A good friend will leave, others then must fill the hole that that person left. Sometimes the people we place our faith and trust in may break under the pressure of being counted on so much and we blame them for our mistakes but this should not.
Many people seem to forget two very important issues as soon as they click the 'Login' button.
Firstly, this is just a game, have a bit of banter, mess about with people and make jokes at their attacks or defences. Taunt your enemy but there really is no need to go to the degree that some people go to. Constant flamings and continued abuse over a matter of, well lets face it, nothing but code. Its called Tribal Wars, not Lets insult the hell out of one another.
Secondly, real life must always come first for all and the amount of times I have seen or heard of people making a joke at the expense of someone's situation in life, like a death or something, it sickens me.

Yes, everyone on here has a few people they like and a few they aren't too keen on but I seriously think that if everyone here met up for one big party then people would be completely different than how they are on here.
Fully expecting some kind of derogatory comment or slating for writing this and I am sure some of you out there will not disappoint but then it just shows what I mean about things here.

Rambled on enough now so I will leave you to it, be thankful it was not one of my long winded messages.

P.S. Hi to all of those who have left us and popped back in to check up.


Wow just look at how the world has changed. It's pretty amazing to look at the first page and the top 20 from January 2009. Then go ten pages at a time and its a miniature time line of the top 20. Brings back many memories of failures and successes.


Lol, you didn't defeat Hulk.

You declared war during the summer, and while Hulk leadership had summer vacation the tribe went afk and disintegrated.

Well that seems like a good game plan on Prime's part.