No More No Hauls.. We the people


Guys, we are legend. (the novel, not that shitty movie)

Neville once thought he was the savior of the human race, but eventually he realizes he's the legend..he's the only human who remained against the vampires.

The vampires have won guys. We are legend. Take the pill. Accept our execution.


I only just heard about this rumour and if true, it just about breaks my goddamn heart

TW takes enough time without being a farming hound and no hauls offered a good format for those like me who either found the farming tedious or too time consuming.

The biggest surprise to me is that I thought no hauls would be the future for TW - I find it hard to believe that anyone new sticks around in a farming world as soon as they get cleared out. No hauls is a more forgiving format and killing it off is ridiculous.

Check me out TW and see how much I've shelled out - played under black phelan, lord mackenzie, feersum endjinn and 100 bullets

Am far from a pro but no hauls lets me get by and enjoy the game. Killing it kills my participation in the game and chokes off my generous wallet.

I'm off to cry myself to sleep...

(Not that my online times are anywhere near European of course...)
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This guy ^^ TW. One of many who haven't begun to voice their disappointment.


I honestly can't see how TW thinks hauls world are more "user friendly" to newer players..


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I couldn't care less about another server, shahyd. It's just not the same! I want to continue playing .net no/limi hauls and nothing else. HP would tie me over but I'd probably leave the game happily as they aren't true worlds. I play them in my down time or if I want a change of scenery. They still can't be compared to proper worlds. I don't understand why we can't even get a yearly no hauls. I knew this game was dying and wouldn't last forever but the way this was handled is shocking. Unfortunately, It's only the no hauls community complaining for the most part and we are small in comparison. It must be said that the worlds are getting less and less interesting but I'm still happy to play them and bring back old buddies.



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More valid than ever, would suck if this was the last no hauls