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well it kinda sucks if i was playing properly i would be doing alot better :icon_redface: :icon_cool:



Points: 7/10 - if you spent as much time expanding as you did talking, you would be bigger then me

ODA: 10/10 - Nice ranking here, keep up the good work, on a side note, congrats on rank 1 for ODD and ODT

Position on map: 9/10 - good place for expansion

Tribe: 10/10 - what can i say, gotta lub my tribemates

Popularity: 4/10 - who are you again?



Points: 10/10 - Number 1 with a good lead to boot.

ODA: 10/10 - Nothing to remark on, as expected with rank 1 for the world.

Position on map: 9/10 - I like how you are expanding. I see a lot of potential for fast growth.

Tribe: 10/10 - DVADER.... is there any other? ;)

Popularity: 9/10 - Your rank makes a few jealous, so I had to minus one point to hold them at bay :p

Shoes: 1/10 - Prada just does not suit you! give them back to Valk and stick to sneakers.



Points: 9/10 - being in the top 50 is an amazing thing.

ODA: 5/10 - compared to points, it's pretty low

Position on map: 7/10

Tribe: 10/10 - nothing more to say

Popularity: 8/10
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Points: 10/10 15th rank....

ODA: 10/10 for 3rd rank.... And congratz on 2nd rank overall OD

Position on Map: 8/10 should see lots of contact with XVI's borders, but not as close to [V]

Tribe: 7/10 aren't you are labeled as one of the refugees from Active?

Popularity: 9/10 Dont see many post from public forums, but hear your name plenty in the tribal forums War section...
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Points: 5/10 I'd give you higher, but your eating those barbs and in-actives like no tomorrow.

ODA: 7/10 Its average for one of your points

Position on Map: 8/10 mmmhmmm fooood...

Tribe: 1/10 Nothing personal, I despise LFAH a lot. A LOT.

Popularity: 6/10 I haven't see you posting around a lot...



1. Points : 6/10, Comparing it to my start date and points i think youve been a bit slow, but understandable considering you were in EG for a long time being hammered :D
2. ODA :6/10 Same here, A little bit low but not bad considering your location until recently. ODD: 9/10 Added this here for you, Very nice ODD :D
3. Position on the MAP : 9/10, Back against a wall in a strong tribe, with plenty of expansion room, what more dya need :)
4. Tribe : 10/10, Without being biased we have imo the best potential in the world atm.
5. Popularity : Ingame 8/10 as youve made a good impression on the tribe and made a load of good friends, On forum 5/10, Dont really post much until recently and alota that was dummy work for me n power :p



Points: 8/10 - Top 60 is a good achievement.
ODA: 9/10 - nice work, again in the top 60.
Position on map: 8/10 You could be up someones core a bit more :p
Tribe: 10/10 - Right up with DVADER, good spirit, good skills, good going. I respect your tribe.
Popularity: 10/10 - you do conquer the forums.



Points: 9/10 - Top 50, almost at 4 mill...very nice.
ODA: 4/10 - too low IMO, for your point size.
Position on map: 8/10
Tribe: 10/10 - Rank 1, need to put a major op on Wuke tho to earn that number 1 spot. Points only go so far.
Popularity: 9/10-Always post and very friendly.


Points: 9.5/10 - Stay in that top 20!
ODA: 9/10 - I may have to start nuking you to keep you at bay :p
Position on map: 5/10 - need more frontline villages!
Tribe: 10/10 - :)
Popularity: 10/10 - remember-when-you-didn't-have-a-space-bar?


Points: 9/10...get in the top 20 Matty
ODA: 10/10...been a race with you since October
Position: 10/10 A lot of Vader to chew up
Tribe: 0/10 - You guys are doing a horrible job against Vader....LOL
Popularity: 10/10 - You have smart, insightful posts.


I've never posted on one of thse topics before :S

Points: 9/10 - top 20 :)
ODA: 10/10 - looking good
Position: 6/10 - There is not very many enemy vills within easy munching ground...
Tribe: 10/10 - I don't think I'm biased
Popularity: 9/10? - I honestly don't know. Everyone seems to respect you, but you lost a point for the shower thing. :D



Points: 7/10
ODA: 10/10
Position: 9/10 - Nice amount of red dots ;)
Tribe: 10/10 - Pretty good one :p
Popularity: 7/10 not on externals much (like me)... In the tribe: 9/10


For you R.T.T.T.

Points: 7/10 Doing a good job here, almost to 3 mil. Keep up the good work :)

ODA: 7/10 Not bad ODA, decent ODD.

Position: 8/10 Not farm from red dots, so has potential

Tribe: 10/10 Good batch of people there.

Popularity: n/a

ancient mariner

For you Cardnial

Points:10/10 Doing a good job maintaing your position and keeping up co-ordination :)
OD: 10/10 Bing in top 5 while being ranked one and viewing your map its very good.

Position: 9/10

Tribe: 10/10 Best in world.

Popularity: 6/10 ,You dont post much but your post are to the point.



OD: 9/10
for your size its pretty good. but should jump more being near wuke

Position: 9/10

lots of wuke players around you. so you have a good growth

Tribe: 10/10

Best in world

Popularity: N/A/10

honestly i havent seen many of your posts so i cant judge
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Points:2/10 - Not sure what happened here, did you go inactive and they eat you up? or just made the wrong people mad?

OD: 10/10 for your size, you got it made there, to bad its from when you used to be bigger

Position: 10/10 surrounded by red dots, you can noble as you wish

Tribe: 1/10 - Small tribe, who knows, maybe you can turn them into a force to be considered. Of course there would have to be a lot of major changes in the world for that to happen

Popularity: 7/10 - I see you posting a lot, don't really remember your name sticking out as people yelling at per say, though my memory isnt the best at the worst of times.


Cardnial /easy to rate/

Points: 10/10
OD: 9/10
Position: 8/10
Tribe: 10/10
Popularity: 10/10

No bad for one peon...


nothign personal bishop, but would rather someone from outside the tribe rate me, as it wouldnt be as biased



Points: 100/10 - large difference between the 2nd
ODA: 9/10 - you're ODA is increasing now
Position: 6/10 - I don't know. I just don't like the place
Tribe: 9/10 - guess which tribe got my 10/10?
Popularity: 9/10 the person at the top always gets popularity