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The title says it all... Rate the player above!

After rating a player, post your IGN nick below so that someone else can rate your account.

Template to use:

Points: ?/5
OD: ?/5
Position(Area): ?/5
Profile: ?/5
Reputation: ?/5
Tribe: ?/5
Farming: ?/5 (This one is skippable.)
Total: ?/35

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Points: 2/5-- Still pretty early in game pretty modest
OD: 2/5-- ODA is nice very few ODD, mea, meaning you are aggressive
Position(Area): 3/5-- Southern part of K54 in WET territory
Profile: 4/5-- Choosing to use quotes from someone besides Sun Tzu, nice!
Reputation: 1/5 -- Ive been playing since 2008 and mine isn't that great, it will come with time and patience.
Tribe: 2/5-- The name is pretty silly, profile pic doesn't make sense. They seem to not mass recruit either, and Sammy boy here is in the top spot.

Total: 14/35= Final thoughts. Not bad overall. Still a very early game and I expect to see good stuff from you.


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Less posts than expected, so I guess ill do you then. ^^

Points: 4/5 - Top 100 in points is always a sign of a good growth.
OD: 3.5/5 Quite alot ODA which indicates that you're most likely down to put up a fight in the enemies villages. But maybe should have a little more overall compared to your points, but at the same time you don't want to lose too many nukes this early so there's s a good and a bad side of this.
Position(Area): 4/5 Your position is pretty good because you got access to enemy villages at the same time that you got cover from your own tribe.
Profile: 2.5/5 Profile is pretty ordinary but I like the video that's linked. :)
Reputation: 3/5 - I'm usually not a forum-guy, decided to be around the forums more a little while ago which means that I got a hard time telling who's "famous" and who's not. But I've seen you around the forums since I joined up here so I guess you're in the mix quite alot.
Tribe: 4.5/5 - Good looking tribe in overall, 2nd tribe when it comes to points and 1st when it comes to OD.
Farming: 4/5 - You got the standard achivs that you should have at your stage.
Total: 25.5/35 - Final thoughts - Very good, just slaughter some more enemies and fix up your profile abit more and you're set to rule the world with your tribe.




Points: 2/5 Not bad but not great...decent
OD: 2/5 Some ODA no ODD
Position(Area): 1.5/5 Surrounded by tribe mates South of you, WET player West of you and VVV North of your cluster.
Profile: 3.5/5 Like a couple quotes
Reputation: 1/5
Tribe: 1/5 Almost as much losses as conquers with 88 tribe changes and looking like food for bigger tribes in the area(VVV)
Farming: 2/5 Could be better
Total: 13/35
- Final thoughts - Decent tho with your area things could go bad real quick with VVV north of you, there's room for improvement but still really early into the world.

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Hawt and Dangerous

Points : 4/5 Considering your location, you did quite well
OD : 2.5/5 ODA a bit Low for your size, Basically no ODD which is not your fault
Position : 2.5/5 Core tribe with major tribes surrounding you, Faux directly up North and East, But can be a good thing (noble them :p)
Profile : 4/5 Simple and Funny
Reputation : 2.5/5 Can't judge,
Tribe : 3/5 Not a mass recruiting tribe, area is a okay, ODA is good for your size, not yet tested in War as shown in ODD.
Farming : 4/5 Very good for your size, but seems as if you have slacked off, maybe lack of consistency.

Total : 22.5/35 Pretty good all round, Lets see down the line how you and your tribe handle your surroundings, can go either way

IGN : King Snet



Points : 3.5/5 Quite decent and good, although came through internals (-0.5). I like the easy brown (?) villages(+1)
OD : 3.5/5 ODA Quite a lot which I don't see the reasoning compared to your villages. Seems you had an OP and smashed the already held nukes?? Good for you, but what to farm with?
Position : 4/5 Good placement for now, however it will show in the future when your tribe's wars occur
Profile : 1/5 Absolutely hate the need for bashers.
Reputation : 2.5/5 Can't judge don't know you
Tribe : 2/5 Great area, great ODA, hating the 220 tribe changes. Mass recruiters to stay on top
Farming : 4/5 Very good compared to most w86 players. Somewhat low for my standards compared to your size.
Total : 18.5/35 Pretty good signs (Points, Farming-keep it up). Stop the internals... For the rest I'm just in a bad mood and decided to bash you! Sorry mate :D

IGN : Your beloved pokemon which noone picked :( Bulba used leaf-dance
:xmas rolleyes:


Points: 4/5 top 100 which is decent
OD: 2/5 Aggressive player, nice ODA, Low ODD which isn't bad.
Position(Area): 2.5/5 tbh i have no idea what to say here xD
Profile: 4/5 i love Pokemon so you're lucky there
Reputation: 2.5/5 Haven't played in awhile so i'm not actually to sure who's reputable.
Tribe: 4/5 From what ive seen so far very good, quickly closing the gap to PD
Farming: 4/5 nice farming so far :D
Total: 23/35

IGN: Cloudey2448



Points: 4/5 top 100
OD: 4/5 top 50 ODA
Position(Area): 2.5/5 there are opportunities to grow
Profile: 2/5 don't tell me you consider yourself funny :p
Reputation: 2.5/5 you all seem strangers to me, as this is my first net world
Tribe: 4/5 I like your tribe, top 4 also
Farming: 3/5 you can do better
Total: 22/35



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Points: 5/5 top 10
OD: 4/5 top 40
Position (Area): 4/5 In the center of the world plenty of potential to grow and ready to have a front line into a new K
Profile: 2/5 Not much there
Reputation: 2/5 not really heard about him
Tribe: 5/5 Rank 2 tribe heard good things about them
Farming: 4/5 has 2 looters of the day
Total: 26/35

IGN: Balian in Ibelin


Balian in Ibelin

Points: 5/5 top 20
OD: 2/5 Pretty low for the size/position
Position (Area): 4/5 On the border of his tribe and K. Potentially one of the key accounts for its tribes expansion in a new key.
Profile: 2/5 I dont know, some might find it cool, religion not my thing though.
Reputation: 2/5 not really heard about him
Tribe: 4/5 Rank 1 but heard some bad things about them thats why -1
Farming: 4/5 can only see those stats from "in a day" but those are pretty good.
Total: 23/35

IGN: Flavius Aetius


Points: 5/50-- Rank 2
OD: 5/5-- Very high ODD with a high ODA, you can take a beating and dish one out, all the while, holding a large amount of pts
Position (Area): 5/5-- deep within MORS territory!
Profile: 0/5--nothing there but you let your game play speak for you
Reputation: 1/5-- don't know much about you, but as I stated above there isn't anything wrong with that
Tribe: 4/5-- I gave a 4 because you and us keep battling back and forth for rank 2. I have a huge amount of respect for MORS. I expect to see some wonderful things from you all! keep it up guys!

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Points: Really don't matter. Nor does rank.
Growth Rate: Good 4/5
Growth Consistency: Consistent growth over 10k weekly. 4/5
ODD: 5/5 Few minor spikes, doesn't look to be stunting growth
ODA: 4.5/5 Consistent spikes, nuke, rebuild intervals look consistent, nothing too much to indicate over-use/abuse of offense
Position: 2.5/5 Core area, not always the best for growth, and definitely will make even a strong account look weaker than it is. Current wars based on stats would indicate tons of food potentially, but on the other hand this could possibly cause losses instead.
Reputation: 4/5. Only know him as a tribemate. Nothing negative to say about his rep, and have not seen anything on externals or otherwise to indicate any issues with player.
Tribe: N/A - Not going to rate own tribe

Prediction: Account should continue to grow at it's current rate, don't see any immediate dangers.


4/5 Total

My Account: Aldegrion


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Balian in Ibelin

Tribe: 4/5 Rank 1 but heard some bad things about them thats why -1

IGN: Flavius Aetius

A little of topic here ,

Lets get one thing straight bro , I don't appreciate you mocking my tribe , I said something good about your tribe , and this is not just for you It's for all leaders of tribes , Dukes , Barons , etc because were all the same , this is a war game , and were here to win therefore there is no good tribe or bad tribe , were all equal because we all want to win . You all sit here mocking each other like a bunch kids trying to make yourself look good , but what you all need to do is take a good look at yourself in the mirror .


You need to take a chill pill there bro.

I gave you 4 out of 5 what do you want ?


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Stick to the topic guys, take irrelevant stuff through PM or something.

Account to be rated is currently; Aldegrion


Sorry Sam, got a bit of time so why not...


Points: 4/5 - doesn't matter at this stage but it's always better to be ahead then behind

OD: 3/5 - Quite a lot of ODA but next to no ODD, probably just from spikes and a minor skirmish when you lost a village

Position: 3/5 - Deep in WET territory, not necessarily a bad thing but expansion could be problematic due to diplomacy in the continent. There seems to be a fair bit of food going round for WET at the minute so would be wise to swallow some of that.

Profile: 3/5 - I really don't care for profiles.. states there are at least 3 players on the account so should be active.

Reputation: 4/5 - who cares about your forum presence when the game speaks for itself? I imagine players with 1-5 villages will look to avoid you so I consider that a good rep.

Tribe: 3/5 - Seen the tribe made and remade by different people time and time again, always holds a top 3 rank, but I don't particularly agree with the choices made in diplomacy. Although the 3 may seem harsh I still think this tribe is good and have respect for it.

Farming: 4/5 - Considering the area is WET heavy and barbs are limited, achieving 1.209.086 resources plundered in a day is a good effort.

Total: 24/35 - Should be in a safe enough state to proceed easily in this world, though only time will tell!

Ceiling Destroyer


For all fairness:
Points: 5/5 ~ Considering the start-- explosive continental strife & tribal debacles--- all while remaining cool on the rim of two continents himself: CD is pretty consistent & has made himself a top 5 player in points as it stands currently.

OD: 4/5 ~ A near 3 to 1 attack to defense ratio pretty much sums this up. -1 point respectfully for a lower ODD than mine.

Position(Area): ?/5
~ N/A

Profile: 3/5 ~ You're a Ceiling Destroying Rogue Assassin? Regardless of how you feel about profiles yourself CD; it should be needless to say you impressed a lot in the interview with Scientist.

Reputation: 5/5 ~ A positive force to be reckoned with.

Tribe: ?/5 ~ Faux? You don't want to get me started on Faux.

Farming: 5/5 ~ Combine player activity with an economics background and you get lots and lots of spreadsheets.

Total: 22/25 (Voiding the tribe rating & Area.)

KingPhoenix 0/5 ~ He is currently rolling over in his grave.



Points: 0/5
Position(Area): -5/5
Profile: 2.5/5 - LOL
Reputation: 2.5/5
Tribe: .5/5
Farming: NA

youwkan and merylove