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Flavius Aetius
Points: 5/5, one of the larger accounts in the world, though recently coming to the server cant say if its actually that high comparably
OD: 4/5 ODA is high, but rank is lower then actual rank, relatively low ODD, not many people hitting back in a serious manner?
Position: 5/5 controls his area, large enough to easily make new clusters whenever he launches an op, so room to expand is less important
profile: 4/5 I like the picture
tribe: 5/5 don't know anything beyond what the opinions ive seen in externals are, but MORs has been top 3 since I joined

Total 28/30




Points: 4/5, Great points for where you are at on the rimm:)
OD: 5/5 people like throwing their troops away at you apparently
Position: 4/5 nice area on the rim and pretty decent spread
Profile: 0/5 im not clicking spoilers
Reputation: 1/5 cuz u are cute
tribe: 2/5 only getting 2 because spongebob kinda cute

Total 16/30




Points: 3/5 Half decent for your area and being bordered to Faux
OD: 2/5 Could be higher, seems like you havn't had much resistance from your targets.
Position: 4/5 Loads of room for growth on the rim and nicely spread.
Profile: 1.5/5 Nothing there, the 1.5 is for your pic its quite appealing.
Reputation: 1/5 Have not heard of you but again rep is always bias
Tribe: 2/5 Indecisive tribe with no real goal in this world although you have some decent players amongst your ranks.

Total: 13.5/30




Points: 4/5 pretty decent points for the area
OD: 5/5 your OD is actually pretty high well played
Position: 4/5 could be better but it is still really good
Profile: would be 1/5 bit boring but decent picture so 3/5
Reputation: 3/5 I played with you in W74 http://www.twstats.com/en74/index.php?page=tribe&mode=tribe_changes&id=11175 - i thought I remembered your name from somewhere
Tribe: 4/5 Solid growth and nice OD

total 21/30

Tribal Drugs
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Sorry I know this is belated lol

Tribal Drugs
Points: 5/5 not too bad at all
OD: 5/5 (no one has that many points without a good OD rank)
Position: 4/5 not bad
Profile: 6/5 awesome!!!
Reputation: 1/5 sorry bro but I've never even heard of you
Tribe: 5/5 top 20 tribe

My IGN: CenturySoldier7


I will do one for tribal drugs cause century's is really out of place.

points: 2.5/5 rank 83 , meh nothing special
OD: 3/5 should be higher
position: 3.5/5 rim account, nothing special either, good spread tho , bonus point for being away from mors thus surviving
Profile: 3/5 nice quote, mediocre profile pic
reputation: i havent heard about you, but this is my first time .net so dont worry
tribe: 4/5 top five tribe, with strong rim


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points: 1.5/5 kinda low considering your location
OD: 2/5 Standard to your stats.
Position: 1/5 Middle of ES/MORS you eithet gotta grow fast or join a bigger tribe to have a fair chance in this world.
profile: 2/5 not much to say really, stanard profile.
reputation: 0/5 never heard of you man, sorry.
tribe: 1/5 The tribe isn't big, but is still alive in a pretty active area, cool.