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youwkan and merylove

Points: 3.5/5 - About average for your start.

OD: 5/5 - You got alot of OD for your rank. Your ODD is quite high though, seems like you get attacked alot! ODA is pretty high too which is shows that you ain't afraid to fire back.
Position(Area): 2/5 - Not a spot that I would like to have my villages in.
Profile: 3/5 - I'll give you 3 points for ur profile pic. <3
Reputation: 1/5 - Never heard of sadly enough.
Tribe: 3/5 - A small tribe but that doesn't mean anything. Seems like the tribe is doing fine as it is.
Farming: 3/5 - standard achiviements
Total: 20.5/35 - It looks to me like you have had alot of rough battles that have slowed down your growth a little. I think you would have more than twice your current points if you were to avoid these battles in the first place, good luck in the future though.



Points: 2/5-- You doing well so far. However I am not so sure how long you are going to grow since you are in WET's territtory there.
OD: 3/5-- ODA is good, you are keeping a good growth with not much resistance.
Position: 1/5-- Not so good cause as I said you are in a WEt territory and I dont know for how long they will let you grow there.
Profile: 4/5-- I like the profile, particurarly the
''Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. Soren Kierkegaard'' quote.
Reputation: 1/5 -- Never heard about you. We are quite a new acc ourselves. With time and if you play more worlds there will be some reputation.
Tribe: 2/5-- Quite a small tribe. The name quite common with smurfs.

Total: 13/35= You are looking good. Keep the fast growth up :)


Points: 3/5
You're doing well holding it given multiple factors.

OD: 4/5
Good stuff, shows your can coordinate attacks as well as defend what you've taken.

Position: 5/5
Near the merciless core, surrounded by enemies, but have expanded your position within it.

Profile: 2/5
+1 For Viking CoA, +1 for twitch tv. -3 For using a pic one would upload to tinder to pick up chicks.

You're first post on the externals is pretty epically proclaimed.

Tribe: 5/5
With plenty of interest from other tribes in taking the pieces of the core your tribe owns--- your tribe still continues to grow.

Total: 24/35

Don't waste time rating me.

Apathetic h0llygh0st

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King Snet:

Points: 4.5/5 - Top 10, you seem to be doing well.
OD: 4/5 - Top 10 ODA, as expected of your rank, well done! ODD is a bit low though, haven't been much under attack yet I suppose.
Position(Area): 4/5 - Near the edge of the tribe so you still have room for growth.
Profile: 2.5/5 - 5 Co's? ... I'm dissapointed now, not much else is on your profile so can't give much points.
Reputation: 2/5 - Never heard of you or your co's before. Perhaps under different names?
Tribe: 4.5/5 - Wet seems to be doing quite well.
Farming: ?/5 - You don't seem to share achievements.

IG Name: h0llygh0st Baratheon (Disclaimer, I had a late start.)


Yes 5 co's deosn't mean we are more active then accounts with 2 co's. In fact we are still looking for one to cover a certain period LOOL


Points: 4.5/5 - Shit. But given the late start, give you the points.
OD: 4.5/5 - some would say wtf what shit ODA. But im a fan of not loosing troops at the early stage (from your perspective) and gaining villas
Position(Area): 5/5 -Plenty of room
Profile: 1.5/5 - Idk, boring. But so is mine. So you get the extra 0.5
Reputation: 3.5/5 - You would deserve 5 out of 5 here to some. But your rep includes being sneaky. The deduction comes from that.
Tribe: 2.5/5 - Nothing special
Farming: 4/5 - Good farming given the size.

IG Name: Flavius Aetius


points 5/5
OD 5/5 very good ODD and ODA for ur ponts shows that u can deffend ur villas.
position 1/5 to much tribe mates around .
tribe: 2/5 to much hugs for such rank tribe to declare war on small one is stupid. rather take one biger to maintain ur rank and put u on the test.

IG name. xshumax


points 5/5
OD 5/5 very good ODD and ODA for ur ponts shows that u can deffend ur villas.
position 1/5 to much tribe mates around .
tribe: 2/5 to much hugs for such rank tribe to declare war on small one is stupid. rather take one biger to maintain ur rank and put u on the test.

IG name. xshumax

Hugs ?

Butthurt much ?


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Points: 4/5 - Ranked 108 which is above average, very good considering your area.
OD: 4/5 - A pretty high OD for your rank, must have fought very brave I believe :)
Position(Area): 2/5 - Surrounded by enemies, ouch. But I guess that means more potential targets for expanding but won't be easy!
Profile: 2.5/5 - Not much here but I like that you seems to be using Twitch, which is something I support :)
Reputation: 0.5/5 - Probably never seen you on the forums before or in game.
Tribe: 4/5 - Your tribe is doing great considering getting slammed by two of the biggest tribes for quite a while now!
Farming: 3/5 - standard achivs.
Total: 20/35 - Very good overall (abit cruel on rating your reputation as you have probably played on other accounts or you're maybe not that type of guy that usually hangs around the forum just like me). Your challange is to continue surviving against PD and WET and at the same time try to keep growing, good luck mate :)

Rate: Samuel4699


Points: 3.5/5 - your constant growing around your area very nice.
Position(Area): 4/5 nice spread a lot of space to grow
Profile: 2.5/5 LOL
Reputation: 4.5 /5 you review me last time nice riview btw
Tribe: 4.5/5 rim tribe look solid
Farming: 4/5 good farming even late start
Total overview: so close to other big tribe. keep growing good luck :)

youwkan and merylove
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Youwkan and Merylove

Points: 4/5 - not too fast.
Position: 5/5 - Luckily you're near on your mates and has alot of spot to expand
Profile: 5/5 - Cool
Reputation: 4.5/5 - I've been watching you guys while you were in GIRLS
Tribe: 3/5 - It is trending.

Power Ranger Blue



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Power Ranger Blue

Points: 4/5 - Top 100 in the rankings, decent and above average.
OD: 3.5/5 - Decent OD, OD doesn't really matter at your stage though, just keep grow on easy targets and you can gain OD later ;)
Position(Area): 2/5 - Far too close to Faux and not that far away from MORS aswell :S
Profile: 2.5/5 - Simple profile, nothing special.
Reputation: 1/5 - Not that familiar with you.

Tribe: 2.5/5 - Your tribe is about average, pretty bad location though. Hopefully you guys got a plan figured out :)
Total: 15.5/30 - Pretty decent overall, your account is abit over the standards of your current tribe but I hope you keep the growth up and your tribe does the same.

Rate: Samuel4699


Points: 3/5 - Not top 100 (101;)) But not bad.
OD: 2,5/5 - Low ODD, mainly offense. Low comparing to your points
Position(Area): 4/5 - Close to the rim behind ES.
Profile: 3/5 -
Reputation: 4/5 - Seen quite alot of you in the forums.
Tribe: 3/5 - Don't know alot about ES just that they're doing fine :)
Total: 19.5/30 -


Points: 5/5 - good starting in a core continent.
OD: 5/5 - beast, almost like me.
Position(Area): 4/5 - hate core continents, but close to k65 and k56
Profile: 4/5 - he's profile sux, but he is handsome in rl.
Reputation: 4/5 - soon it will rise :D
Tribe: n/a - don't have any opinion about this.
Total: 22/25 - I may be biased, but I know few things.

KingPhoenix, see you in a few months ;)
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Points: 1/5 ~ I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt so +1
Position(Area): 2/5 ~ Your surrounded, but +1 for someone inviting you, +1 for bravery
Profile: 0/5 ~ I dunno you
Reputation: N/A ~ "nodun"
Tribe: 5/5 ~ I'm watching you . . .

Total: 8/20

Nvm, don't try me. Next poster has a free-pick.
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There you go.

Points: 2/5 ~ started in the core as it seems, should be way higher by now.
OD: 2/5 should also be higher by now
Position(Area): 4/5 edge of the tribe, close to current war
Profile: 1/5 nothing there
Reputation: 1/5 never heard of you and you didnt impress anyone I know on this world. Kinda unfair this point as "reputation" is very biased but oh well....
Tribe: 2/5 didnt do anything really significant untill now. +1 point for declaring war.

Total: 12/20

Flavius Aetius