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Time for a thread without flaming? Probably not. Seems this world could use some positive threads for change.

'You are to answer the following points about the player who was requested by the previous writer. Write a short comment on every "question".


IGN: Forbess

Remember, play nice boys and girls.


Rating: Forbess

7/10 - Pretty okay, growing along with the rest of the players with some start up experience, setting up to get ready for a second village perhaps
ODA: 6/10 - You clearly did some clearing of your surroundings to get farms. It's not stellar, but definitely not bad
ODD: 9/10 - Can hardly expect higher ODD from a player at startup. You've been attacked and you managed to stay alive (ah ah ah), assuming they weren't absolute idiots, this indicates you can stand your ground at least.
Profile: 1/10 - It's a dog.
Position: 7/10 - Little ways out of your tribes main area, but close enough to receive support within reasonable times. You seem to be the larger player around and as such farming could be okay. Targets within your church radius are a tad small, and the Panda family is closeby to the north of you which may limit your options, but otherwise the area looks decent.
Reputation: 5/10 - Didn't know you, so going to give you half the points, as I can't say that's good or bad ;)
Tribe: 8/10 - Top Ten tribe, has a pretty large amount of members with some spread over the South West with one weirdly being North West. ODA looks okay being within top 15, but not a lot of fighting against them yet as ODD is comparatively low. Members seem to be all over the ranking page as well, ranging from top 5 to absolute rock bottom, though that is to be expected when you accept Zero Respect.
Other: Not much to add besides that. Go forth and proliferate.

Total: 43/70 - Overall looking like a decent player who's got some idea what he's doing and joined a tribe which looks like it has a reasonable idea about how the game ticks and clicks.

IGN: Marcus the Mad
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Rating: Marcus The Mad

6/10 - Decent, probably aiming for 2nd village pretty soon
ODA: 6/10 - Did clear some guys, solid
ODD: ---/10 - No ODD
Position: 4/10 - Surrounded by a lot of tribe members, no idea where you plan to noble
Reputation: ---/10 - I don't know you so I can't tell anything
Tribe: 6/10 - Hmm pretty much a semi-mass rec tribe, with a lot of PP abusers, but also has some really good players. A loooot of diplomacy, everyone except Magic as far as I know on K54 is marked as Allies or NAP's, will be interesting to see what they will do in the near future :)
Other: Can't add much since I barely know anything about you and I don't want to judge

Total: 20/xx - Decent, farming very bad tho. Will see what you conquer and what your plans are

IGN: Aisaka Taiga


Aisaka Taiga

Points: 8/10 Rank 20 in the world, can't complain really.
ODA: 7/10 Not bad, rank 195 in ODA, obviously cleared targets without making ridiculous losses, could be more aggressive unless you are rebuilding or have been very lucky.
ODD: 6/10 Decent I suppose, I guess if you haven't been tested I can't really give it much more.
Position: 8/10 In the core, not my sort of area. But you have plenty of targets and are dominating it.
Profile: 7/10 Can't knock a pretty lady, but none the less could be more exciting!
Reputation: - Not heard of you
Tribe: Just a small tribe ran by yourself, can't really be rated.
Other: Nothing to add, keep going and farming :)

Score: 36/xx -
Good score I think, keep farming as you are, rank 15 for Resources plundered in a day and 47 in plunders isn't a bad accolade to have. At least you can proudly say you are farming better than some of the other top 25, as long as its consistent.

IGN: Sass Queen


Rating: sass queen

5/10 little over 3k illl bet you have a nice set up with troops to back it up with that nice farming score

Oda: 5/10 havnt not very high, but has been clearing villas around. No second villa so hasnt had occasion to clear high troops

Odd: -/10 no odd

Position: 7/10 you are safe as hellll and have complete dominance. But not a lot of good noble targets and i think that will restrict you

3/10. Im sorry, sass queen is ok but i dont like the emoji addition. It kind of makes me cringe, no offense

Reputation: 0/10 havnt seen you before

Tribe: 5/10 seems to contain a few decent players, flying under the radar atm

Total: 30/xx added points for excellent farming. Keep up the good work

IGN: T0talpointWh0re

deja vu3

Rating : T0talpointWh0re

Points: 7/10 Second village looks like a good noble, inside church, yet at a distance so looks good.

ODA: 6/10 ODA is decent, seems to have cleared a few villages around or maybe got all that while nobling the village.

: 5/10 ODD is a bit high, wonder who hit him.

Position: 5/10 In between his tribe on the eastern front. Got a few good villages close by, which could be potential second or third conquers.

Profile: 6/10 Nice quotes.

Reputation: 0/10 Never heard or seen you play.

Tribe: 3/10 At a war but don't seem to be bothering their opponents too much.

Total: 32/xx

IGN: deja vu3


Rating : deja vu3
Points: 8/10 good startup, grown quite quickly recently and looking strong

ODA: 6/10 ODA isn't too shabby, 426th of ODA, cleared a few guys it seems.

: 7/10 ODD is a low, however you have a decent sized supporting OD maybe showing something

Position: 6/10 towards the north edge of your tribe, allowing space to expand away from the tribe

Profile: 1/10 is there a point in your profile? Like seriously ;) #BORING

Reputation: 7/10 not heard of you prior to this world. But you seem to be a decent player whom is respected in your tribe.

Tribe: 7/10 keeping a decent rank, seemed to have sorted yourselves out a little and doing in a new direction, doing well in war also.

Total: 42

IGN: The Unholy One


Rating : The Unholy One

4/10 3k in the core with very poor farming.

ODA: 7/10 Decent ODA but i dont know what u wasted ur troops for since it clearly isnt for farming.

ODD: 6/10 Not really sure. That was for support points.

Position: 3/10 Don't know which vill you'll noble. Not even a single 1k vill is left in ur church radius.

Profile: 7/10 I love Nicky Romero. I love his music. U got that mask.

Reputation: --/10 Idk about players and popularity in TW. On/off player. Cannot rate.

Tribe: 6/10 Though we've had minor skirmishes to be called war i like that tribe idk why :p

Total: 33/xx

IGN: Marshyyy


Rating : Marshyyy/Swiperxx

Points: 8/10
Good size based on neighbours, your villages are all decently sized as well (no tiny barbs)

ODA: 7/10 Good, but not exceptional considering size, but location does seem a bit restrictive.

ODD: 5/10 No score really, which means your defensive troops are largely untouched.

Position: 6/10 A few good options, but in the long term you may get boxed in by the tribe

Profile: 7/10 Started at 5/10, + 2 for the cool gif, +1 for protecting a noob, -1 for bragging about it :p

Reputation: 6/10 Some good experience on past worlds, but I haven't heard of you (doesn't mean much as I haven't played seriously for years!

Tribe: 9/10, definitely one of the better tribes in this world, aggressive, with some very good talent.

Total: 48/70

IGN: Xankou


Player Rating: Xankou

Points: 8/10
Definitely growing very well. Can obviously tell he has invested quite a lot of PP to get him to this stage.
ODA: 6/10 Has nobled two villages both approx. 1k, would have expected a little more of a fight considering the area isn't all that new and would have expected opponents to have a few more troops.
ODD: Can't rate as see almost no ODD, generally expected from offensive players as they'll obviously dodge their troops to backtime and keep other defense for sniping if required.
Position: 8/10 Outer rim with good growth, may have troubles with number of tribemates in close vicinity but always option of internal etc. to overcome that obstacle.
Profile: 7/10 Very plain but I'm the type of guy who would have a giggle at your CoA and text :p
Reputation: Can't rate as have never heard of him.
Tribe: 6/10 Definitely some great players in the midst however Xankou said himself that he's not sure himself about some of the players he has picked up. Definitely a group to watch though as a good core of players are at hand.
Other: 1/10 For farming, this is something that does put doubt in my mind as to whether Xankou is actually a good player or not or if the PP have solely carried him this far and his train will end soon. Time will tell but an interesting player who I will be keeping an eye out for :)

Total Score: 36/60 (From the sections I scored)

IGN: Vodka Shot


Player Rating: Vodka Shot

Points: 8/10
Great start out on the rim, clearly outgrowing the locals.
ODA: 7/10 Looks like you have been clearing yourself some farms, potential 2nd vill possibly aswell.
ODD: Virtually nothing, so nothing to rate.
Position: 9/10 If you dont mind smaller villages you have plenty of room to grow in every direction.
Profile: 5/10 Im not really up to reading them but gave you 50% anyway.
Reputation: 5/10 Just for being around since before i quit for the 2nd time.
Tribe: 4/10 Small rim tribe, limited members plenty of room to grow if no one bothers you.
Other: 3/10 Strong farming for your start.


IGN: Divine Strike


Player Rating: Divine Strike

Points: 9/10
You're rank 33 in the world, and you have a good amount of villages. Plenty room to grow for him, but you'll need to find some good targets.
ODA: 9/10 High ODA which is impressive given your points. :)
ODD: Virtually nothing, so nothing to rate.
Position: 6/10 You don't have any good targets to eat in your area due to morale, but you're at the core of the tribe. So you don't get much safer.
Profile: 6/10 Looks cute.
Reputation: 5/10 I seen and heard some stuff as of late, but I got respect for you. Only good things I have to say about you. :)
Tribe: 10/10 The best tribe.
Other: 3/10 Very active and dedicated player.


IGN: Black Panther


Player Rating: Pink.Panther

Points: 6/10

ODA: 10/10
ODD: 10/10
Position: 2/10 You know why I did that
Profile: 0/10
Reputation: 7/10 Great leader.
Tribe: 6/10 Nuuuuubs
Other: 1/10 You have stalker



Player Rating: Black Panther

Points: 6/10 Rank 301, your growth is not bad, but also not the best.
ODA: 7/10 Rank 274, you have done some clearing in your area, but you can still do more (unless surrounded by point whores)
ODD: 6/10 Rank 313, you have been attacked, good to see you are supporting here and there :)
Position: 6/10. You have a few vills worth eating close by, but you are rather cramped up by your tribe mates. But a save place to be :)
Profile: 8/10 I love the name and the profile picture, but your personal text could use some work.
Reputation: 5/10 Haven't really heard of you yet :p so it could be good or bad :)
Tribe:9/10 Rank 3 ! With a great average and od! Nice :D
Other: Has good taste ;)


Player Rating: Sharingan Kakashi

8/10. Nice Top 50 Rank.
ODA: 8/10. Top 10 Oda. Lovely ODA, must have nice farms and worked to clear out your noble targets. Can't help but wonder if this has hindered your growth slightly?
ODD: 2/10. Practically Non-existent. Not a bad thing. Dunno if lower the rate the better or whatever.
Position: 4/10. Lack of targets in your 15x15 now. Will have to think about expanding outside of first church area soon. Got some big scary players near you as well :(
Profile: 3/10. Nothing against it, just like to see profiles clean and simple.
Reputation: 5/10. Evens, haven't heard of you so nothing good to say, nothing bad to say :)
Tribe: 1/10. Academy/Family Tribe. I despise them.
Other: Great clustering which is vital for a church world.

IGN: HeyMyNameIsWendy

The bargwan

Points: 9/10. In the top 50 very nice.
ODA: 7/10. Not too high but cleared what you needed to and haven't wasted too much troops doing so, as can be seen by your growth.
ODD: 8/10. Okay ODD shown you can handle yourself, Also good to see in the top 20 for supporting very nice.
Position: 6/10. A fair few target's around you, but unsure on current circumstances, nicely spread villa's.
Profile: 10/10. Roger seem's pretty cool
Reputation: 7/10. Not sure who you are but Roger seem's cool so i'm presume you are too.
Tribe: 9/10. Looks to be a very solid tribe ranked 1 Oda/Odd seems a force to be reckoned with.
Other: Tell roger i said hello and goodluck to you.

IGN: The Bargwan


Player Rating: The Bargwan

5/10. Top 3000, but have quite good points compare to your neighbors. Already got Plunderer - Silver within a week. I think you have potential to grow faster than others.
ODA: -/10. Virtually nothing, I guess you like microfarming barbs than farming other players.
ODD: -/10. Nothing, so can't rate.
Position: 5/10. Don't have enough targets in your 1st church, but the rim is good for expanding. Find proper targets to jump and build church. ;)
Profile: 7/10. I like gif! :D
Reputation: 5/10. Haven't heard of you, because I don't play much in the international server. Seems like working hard in en76.
Tribe: -/10. Not a tribe member, so can't rate.

IGN: J.YounBin


Player rating: J.younBin

7/10. Top 25 (first page :p) good farmer, so I know you'll be sticking around ;)
ODA: 7/10. Top 50, I know your not scared of swinging axe around :D, pretty decent considering the villages you took are far apart, would imagine they would of been hard villages. So GG.
ODD: 5/10. Top 250, not to bad, you've been attacked unlike me really :/ so good stuff lol.
Position: 6/10 ahhhh too spread for me, church raduis would of been a pain, but in long run it's good for expansion.. got some real nice sweet noobs around you :D.
Profile: 6/10. doesn't float my boat don't link it to your tribe hehe, have some funny stuff in there spice it up ;).
Reputation: -/10. never even heard of you soz boz

I'd say your 80% decent player :D

IGN: TheBigGinge
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