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Points: 8/10 good points top 50
ODA: 9/10 top 11 impressive
ODD: 7/10 have odd but not too big
ODS: 7/10 decent support troops on the front
Position: 8/10 good back line/ good cluster
Profile: 10/10 <3 <3
Reputation: cant comment
Tribe: 9/10 good tribe..

Professor Youwkan

Rainbow Rhythms

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Reaction score

Points: 5/10 casual points for rim start, nothing too impressive
ODA: 5/10 again pretty average ODA. seems you cleared a few people for some villas.
ODD: 6/10 popped this one up a notch. I know right.. what am i thinking.. six?!??! that is absurdly high! but you seemed to have fought it out on the rim and are doing aight.
Position: 7/10 -- I would give this an 8 as you are on the rim, but the position looks as though it may be tough to expand further. But has potential
Profile: 0 you my friend. are an egg.
Reputation: N/A I havent heard of you before this world :S but then again i havent really got involved all too much.
Tribe: ummm 3/10 - Goon squad 101 - A lot of mass recruited members with no real thought of why they were invited. it makes expanding for every member harder as they are constantly competing with one another to expand but are unable to expand onto the weaker players.

OVERALL: 26 eggs for you good sir

Elfen Black


Elfen Black

Points: 8/10, started really late, growth good at a decent rate
ODA: 6/10, could be a lot better, seems your in a safe enough position to be mostly offensive? Especially when you have time's! Good ops ;)
ODD: 4/10, not your fault people are scared of you, but there are ways to get this up, e.g make a frontline too Tr and Hi Ho
ODS: 7/10, now this is better, your clearly a team player who sends the packets when asked, so good stuff there
Position: 7/10, solid backline of clustered villages, then some nice rim villages, you can EASILY make a frontline to Tr and Hi Ho ;) help out some guys down there other than support ;) get stuck in there :D
Profile: 9/10! LOL, love your profile, funny as it can be, it's not boring like mine but will be spiced up soon :D you put effort into it! I like that, you can tell what kind of player they are by there profile most of the time
Reputation: 5/10 can't comment other than, you were an old Tr guy, and you left because there pretty bad so yea lol
Tribe: 9/10, Time! There worth the Time! To talk about. Solid tribe who are capebel of ops and easily getting rid of threats, even if there garbage like Tr, but also they lossed some to Hi Ho but I think your pretty cool with holding down now! So well done to Time! I've seen the support response time ;) good stuff

TheBigGinge - be nice, thanks



Points: 8/10 Decent size, expected you to munch through Tr nubs quicker though ;)
ODA: 6/10 Definitely been affected by your choice to turtle given your circumstances in the past with Tr ordeal. Would expect this ODA to slowly creep up as you make more ground.
ODD: 10/10 ODD muncher, I mean could I give anything else but a 10/10 for how many nukes you ate ;)
ODS: 5/10 Just like myself, not much ODS at all most likely due to being on a front/vulnerable position.
Position: 9/10 After seeing the attacks from players around you I'd be jizzing in my jocks from your position. So much potential to thrive. Would definitely like to see it turned into more of a cluster however I feel this may be your plans for the future regardless.
Profile: 8/10 Just because of your CoA.
Reputation: Hadn't heard of you before this world but it seems you've got a bit of a bad rep from some players here on 92. It's okay though because I still like you ;)
Tribe: 8/10 I like Rogue and we have some friends there, would like to give a 10/10 however some small signs of internal issues + a number of wars waging gives it an 8. I'm sure once Rogue get back on their feet fully we will see the tables turn quite a bit.

Player rating: 46/60
Tribe rating: 8/10

IGN: Vodka Shot


Awhh Thankyou :D

And yes soon the move of TheBigGinge will come to Tr, and that's when people will leave ;) in just chilling sitting on some DVs waiting for them to OP me so that I'm able to go offensive, think there too scared to OP me after then 3 Ops and capping one village :(

I mean beep, I've had 13 caps this war and like 200k troops killed :eek: there garbage, and ill double in size ;) just hold on and wait for it ;) plans in place for TheBigGinge account hehe

Love ya


Then I'll give it a go:

Points: 9/10 - Solid points number
ODA: 6/10 - Not too shabby, but I would expect more from a player your size
ODD: 8/10 - Been challenged, gobbled some nukes but can't be to critical about a factor that isn't in your hands at all
ODS: 5/10 - Average
Position: 9/10 - Mouthwatering, you have a frontline with MEA-family and lots of potential expansion space
Profile: 8/10 - Stands out, annoying GIF as coa though
Reputation: Can't say that I heard of you, but then again I am not that familiar with any players that joined after 85
Tribe: 9/10 - Big fan of the series and it seems to be a nicely run tribe that has been around long enough te get noticed


IGN: Lord Smokalot
Go easy on me, or not, I'm just here for the shits and giggles :)


Points: 5/10 - Decent growth even if you began later
ODA: 3/10 -
Gave 3 points as you seems to have cleared your area, but still not a lot :p
ODD: 1/10 - As i said, you cleared your area, and didn't receive any attack
ODS: 5/10 - You didn't receive attacks, but support your tribe ;)
Position: 6/10 - On the rim, which avoid attacks from behind, but you seem to need 2 or 3 churches for 11 villas :/
Profile: 5/10 - More developped than mine haha
Reputation: As i'm even younger than you on .net server, don't know lots of people here :/
Tribe: -/10 -


Didn't want to be so rude, but that's my opinion :p

IGN: psychoses43



Points: 8/10 -
just about to hit Top 50, I takr my hat off to you Sir or Madam
ODA: 9/10 -
Seems you've done more than just "clear a couple of players" around you! Top 30 ODA, awesome stat!
ODD: 1/10 - The road has been paved with roses in W92 for you, surprisingly low ODD Stats, would have expected more given your overall and ODA
ODS: 3/10 -

Position: 5/10 - Sitting nice and comfy in the middle of your Tribe
Profile: 7/10 - Like the picture, don't get what the quote on the bottom means. Love that you have the Daily Achievements up! :D
Reputation: Can't really say anything, but I take it you've cleared and pissed a lot of people off! Hahah
Tribe: 10/10 Haven't really heard anything bad about your Tribe, it's a Top 5 Tribe in this world, which means you must be doing something right! Hope you kick ass as much and as long as you can! :)


Damn you answered to my post 1 hour before my stats were uppdated :(

and btw, i'm a male :p

Hmm please can you not. DONT even assume your own gender. Just say your "agender" jeeee gonna offend some people on here man.

Rainbow Rhythms

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you bastard... assuming i have a back now are you.. not everyone has that luxury. i hope you take a serious look at yourself in a mirror.


Since no one was next, I'll put my name up here xD "voyges". Pretty much always in the shadow reading the forum :p


Arsenal I would love to quote your message BUT don't want to get banned with that bad language ;) The B word is not appropriate to use ;) there are some people here yes! Who weren't born with married parents :(

And your assuming that I'm the B word is not very 2017 like! :( and you assuming I have eyes now ay? Hmm I think someone's stuck in there 20th century :D (not assuming, the use of the word "think" is used as sacrastic vibe) better get back to 2017 :)

Hey, 4132soccerboy4132 :) I wouldn't mind giving you a review! Right now it's bed time for me mate :) so looks like your unfortunatly gonna have to wait another 12 hours :( UNLESS! (Not assuming) UNLESS SOMEONE Reviews you before me ;)

Goodnight fellow inactive world 92 community :)