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Snyper Eyes

Points: 4/10 seems low for that area
ODA: 8/10 low compare to villages taken which is good
ODD: 5/10 pretty high, you killed a decent amount but it seems you lost a village from it
Position: 3/10 in the core surrounded by bigger players
Profile: 3/10 boring picture with unappealing colours too many spoilers
Reputation: no clue
Tribe: 5/10 Seems to be growing decently. but also smaller than I'd expect it to be based on location

IGN: SkyArt


Points: 5/10 about average for your area, bigger players around
ODA: 8/10 had to fight for villages but haven't wasted troops by the looks of it
ODD: 7/10 Low, which is good
Position: 2/10 tribe too clustered, rim too near, only way to grow is into tribes bigger than you
Profile: 5/10 I like the kardashian theme
Reputation: N/A
Tribe: 3/10 I like the theme and you're all super near eachother which will make you hard to take out, but growing will be tricky

ign same as forum.


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Points: 10/10 - Rank 2.
ODA: 07/10 - Been some battles and it seems like you've paid a fairly small price for your caps.
ODD: 08/10 - Low and that saves you troops :)
Position: 07/10 - Tight area with alot of competition but looks pretty good in terms of future expansion.
Profile: 01/10 - Sorry, not sure what to comment here.
Reputation: N/A - Haven't seen or played any worlds with or against you.
Tribe: 09/10 - Tribe looks quite decent, overall growth is fairly even among the members with a few exceptions. Future looks bright.




Points: 6/10 Under Rank 300.
ODA: 7/10 Clearing your villages when you noble.
ODA: 6/10 Also defended some attacks aswell.
Position: 6/10 Tough. You have Uruz player. And some good targets. whoever gets them..
Profile: 6/10 Picture is eh and video, Palestine? We all need a home :)
Reputation: NA Don't know you. but earlier tried to recruit you ^.^
Tribe: 7/10 Everyone is doing great, on par with the rest. No "Big" divide .

Otto Rocket


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Otto Rocket

Points: 7/10 about to hit top 100
ODA: 7/10 You've clearly fought for your villages
ODD: 0/10 Don't really have any most likely just defended against some scouts which is good early
Position: 9/10 alot room to expand and juicy targets everywhere except if there's some diplo going
Profile: 3/10 typical "I've played +10 years profile"
Reputation: 5/10 dunno much about you played for a little bit with you on 91 before you quit
Tribe: 5/10 family tribes ugh

IGN: Love Apocalypse


Love Apocalypse
Points: 7/10 good
ODA: 7/10 fight for vills unlike noob riot
ODD: 0/10 nobody has attacked u so u got d which is good
Position: 0/10 not a fan of starting so far in the core
Profile: 3/10 random
Reputation: don't think I know u, can't say it's shit based on that though
Tribe: 9/10 a nice trie




Points: 8/10 pretty good, since* you dont seem to have much village to take
ODA: 5/10 not much, but regard of the position id say still good
ODD:9/10 low, in your position its a good thing
Position:1/10 boring position
Profile: 7/10 clean and neat
Reputation: -, dont know many people here on .net
Tribe: 5/10 A bit 50 50 here, much free villages but still a good strategy to get up on ranks

IGN: Mary Jane The 420th


Mary jane the 420th

Points- 6/10 average, should have grown more given your start date and location, but your will explain that seems you have dealt with alot of early fighting which may have resulted in slower growth

Oda-8/10 very good or very bad depends how you want to look at it at this stage of the game.

Odd-9/10 dealt with your fair share of incomings which has obviously resulted in your slower growth looks like your the tribes defence sink ;)

Location- 6/10 good future growth but all depends on your tribes diplo which I have no knowledge on.

Profile5/10- Meh points for it being different I guess

Reputation0/10- never heard of you sorry.

Tribe-9/10 for holding top 25 with the mass amount of fighting ODZ seems to be doing in such a competitive world I’m looking forward to seeing if they can make something of their K.

IGN: .Smiler


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Points- 4/10 Well, you only started recently i suppose.

Oda- 2/10 For 3 villages, my oda was a tat bit WAY higher, so comparing to that i shall say you either got lucky or had friends clear for you.

Odd- 1/10 Untouched it seems

Location- 9/10 closer to rim, close to some good tribes too, have a lot of potential from that position.

Profile10/10- For the COA lol

Reputation1/10- i can only base this by your externals activity.

Tribe- 7/10 I know some of the players in your tribe, they are pretty good. Decent tribe oda for the size imo.

Ign: WhiteGrimReaper

ReD KhaN

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Points: 5/10 youre in core?
ODA: 5/10
ODD: 0/10 cant tell :p
Position: 5/10 I hate core but you have elie so thats ok :p
Profile: 7/10 Nice avatar
Reputation: 5/10 Many grim reapers :D
Tribe: 7/10 I like you guys :)

p.S: ReD KhaN


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Points: 5/10 Average
ODA: 5/10 Average. One gift and the other two caps might as well have been barbs.
ODD: 6/10 Defended something. Prob got stacked 24.014
ODS: 5/10 Supported something
Position: 7/10 Good location. Either going to rim Code players or be rimmed. Have some tribe mates close but not surrounding you. Room for good growth.
Profile: 2/10 Not impressed.
Reputation: 6/10 Initially got rimmed on 90 + 96 (only two worlds I know you from). Likes barbs. Posts some okay content. I hear you're a decent player and person.
Tribe: 10/10 Looks very strong. The K you're in let you get started and I think you'll finish R1 in the K. Some excellent players right there. Also attacking and defending effectively. Best of luck.

Same as IGN


Points: 1/10 pretty bad for being an elite nobody
ODA: 1/10 poor . do you know how to war hun
ODD: 2/10 people are afraid of your big mouth so they wont attack you
Position: 1010 Good location to be force internalled or choke
Profile: 2/10 boring iv seen midgets fighting which is much better.
Reputation: 10/10 you are just my fav can we be besties?
Tribe: 10/10 i wish i was in riot can i get an invite ?

your biggest fan <3

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Points: 5/10 not keeping up noob
ODA: 10/10 nuking for everyone else but yourself I take it?
ODD: 6/10. Quite high for a rim starter
Position: 8/10 free to go where you like
Profile: 10/10 Croc is love, Croc is life <3
Reputation: 10/10
Tribe: 8/10 smashing it at the minute but can only get stronger

xAbbadonx if u want rimming

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Points: 9/10 top 5 is great but not top 3 ;) xD
ODA: 8/10 seems good but could be better
ODD: 3/10 damn thats low for top 5...
Position: 7/10 safe with a nice cluster but a bit out of action judging from the odd as well ;)
Profile: 5/10 meh... preety standard and a bit boring i would say <3
Reputation: I am a bit new in .net so i cant judge this sry :(
Tribe: 9/10 great tribe but cats are 10 so i cant have 2 perfects xD

IGN: emperorphilip

Murder Incorporated


Points: 1/10 Ranked 403. Not trying to be a jerk but points are low.
ODA: 6/10 Low rank but relative to his points it's 3:1 ratio which is good.
ODD: 8/10 Again relative to his points it's a great ODD
Position: 3/10 In a wasteland surrounded by tribemates. Not much room to expand, fish on the rim til beast comes.
Profile: 6/10 Meh... but there's a flashy guy so that's worth something.
Reputation: I haven't played in a few years and even when I played I didn't do much on the externals so don't know.
Tribe: 9/10 OMG Did a great job fighting Para. Some really skilled players there. Still boggles the mind why we(Para) attacked them.

IGN: Murder Incorporated


Murder Incorporated
Points: 7/10 Top 100, respectable
ODA: 7/10 Seen some action
ODD: 7/10 As above
Position: 8/10 As things go your location may mean you may survive Para's likely downfall if you keep your head down
Profile: 5/10 Like the picture but I don't "get" the quotes
Reputation: I've not paid much attention to that side of things
Tribe: 3/10 Some bad decisions diplomatically have cost them, should have force internalled for a bit and consolidated.

Sir RimsAlot


Sir RimsAlot
points: no matter
oda: 6/10 seems good
odd: 7/10 nice
position: above the average
profile: not even close at the meaning of creativity
reputation: who cares?
tribe: no tribe