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Thought I would try to mine more salt.

Rate the player above using these categories (out of 10):

Past Worlds (if any)

And overall

Ill start with: Say Hi

Activity/Growth: 8/10
Rank 13 in total points with a solid point spread although all 3 were barbs (as is the meta). Overall seems like a consistent use of pp as is required to be in the top 100 these days, but not excessive.

Farming/Gathering: 6/10
Resources plundered: rank 3271, OOOOF
Resources gathered: rank 26, so definitly subscribing to the ultra, tudadar, abel school of thought.

6/10 just because gathering farming is a nice bonus and the gathering rank isnt directly on par with the points.

Location: 6/10
Rim edge of the rank 2 tribes K, late game growth will be hard although if anyone can do it say hi can.

Im starting this a little early so not much to say rn

Profile: 3/10
Cool picture but no text

Tribe: 6/10
Formidable tribe in combat and will likely contribute to the world oin one way or another depending on pp farming.

Past Worlds: 10/10
Im not actually going to put any effort into looking this up but one of the best players in the game at the moment, 10/10

Overall: 7/10
Amazing player with a location condusive to pp farming. If they stay around they will be a thron in RAVE's side for literally the entire world.

my IG: Mccree, I am pp farming so perhaps pick someone else?

Deleted User - 11563159

Player F A V O L A - duke of ETH family (former duke of Brodis)

Activity/Growth: N/A
In terms of activity the player is very active, rank 65 in Scavenging with 4 established villages is not a bad result, also rank 31 with 4644 plundered villages in a day. I would give him a solid 8 for activity. However I have issues with his growth. F A V O L A has been farming members of his family ETH. boosting his growth with account pushing, incredible farming stats and internalling.

Today he has farmed 1.017.543 resources while he has not been able to beat his village plundered score in 6 days. On top of that 3/5 villages he nobled were his Brazylian friends and 2 were other intenrals.




So really I can not give him more than 0 for pushing accounts and breaking rules.

Farming/Gathering: N/A
Resources plundered: rank 1, with rank 31 villages plundered - still achieved through push accounts and can not be scored.
Resources gathered: rank 65, very decent showing good activity. I would score it 8/10

Location: 5/10
In a sandwich between PEPE and few core tribes including WET, TITANS and -OFR. Since AD has opened academy AD. they started recruiting in ETH backyard. There are other tribes making it difficult for ETH to grow including Casuals who are putting some heavy pressure on the Brazilian botters.

ODA/ODD: 9/10
25 rank in ODA is really strong, ODDA non existing which is good at this point in game.

Profile: 3/10
What can I say, Brazilian theme, not a big fan of them personally having to deal with them on international tournament. They botted for 3 months before finally got banned. Took way to long to do, I hope it won;t take that much time for support team looking after W120.


Tribe: 6/10
ETH merged with Brodis and gave up leadership, they have some good players but most of Brazylian tribe was banned for botting before, they are very likely to get banned again. It is sad to see those tribes coming from Thailand, Kore or Brazil and just think they can break the rules. The tribe is relying on internals for growth, I think original ETH player might have realised they made a mistake and they might split from Brazilians before they get banned.

Past Worlds: 0/10
Brodis got banned on international tournament, they can be top tribe in Brazil but when it comes to following rules they suck deep!

Overall: 4/10
I can see only issues with F A V O L A account, the less we see of this sort of players on .net the better.

I am interested someone make analysis of one of the Kek accounts, I nominate BobOnFire



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Pretty accurate assesment of the account. What surprised me more than anything on tournament was the blatant delusion from their part (meaning him and another friend of his from the .br server) that consistent 2-3 miliseconds timings and 1 milisecond antisnipes without fail were somehow the mark of a great player and not just the result of illegal tools. It's nice to see that people are pointing out the farming first before his scripts timing become a problem on this world.

Deleted User - 848941109


Activity / Growth: 9/10

Integral player, spent a total of 0 pps buying resources as opposed to players who are above the rank who spent more than 200k, as a result, the F A V E L A account sold resources and made about 5k pps selling resources. Even with all this, it has been rising in the rank and gaining space

Agriculture / Collection: 10/10

Top 1 player in the farm rank without using bots like some others competing against him.

Collection is below because the players who did pp-boost have many more villages to collect

Location: 10/10

Great location if you consider that they are on the opposite side of the map of the "favorite" tribe, they will be able to grow smoothly in a region that seems to be strong, they will add other players from the region to try to build a tribe strong enough to fight against favoritism

ODA / ODD: 8/10

Too early to talk about, but from what I know of the player and here he started early even with the difference in points, will fight for the top 1 in ODA and ODD consequently

Profile: 10/10

Photo that represents part of a nation and shows the pride of where we came from, due to some censorship that we could not understand the original photo was changed and it was very cool

Tribe: 9/10

The 6 players from the FAVELA account entered the world in order to meet new players and the server to learn even more about the game and share a little knowledge, joined a closed group of Brazilian players and joined with ETH, which is a tribe. very active and that we are really enjoying playing

Previous worlds: 10/10

Top 1 of the World Tournament while playing, and contrary to what was commented above, the account was banned by a script of counterfeits that on this server is prohibited, but on our server it is accepted, unfortunately many Brazilian players were banned for this, we cannot comment more because it is forbidden to discuss punishments in an open forum.

I’ve basically played with him for years and he’s a multi-champion player who takes first place in all the worlds he plays, so the rating is 10/10

Overall: 10/10

Full player, not player, team, all players in the account are very committed and are very dedicated to the game, the account is 24 hours a day doing everything that needs to be done and also giving attention to external things like diplomacy and personal relations.

He manages to stay strong in the game despite all the personal problems that Brazil has been facing lately.


the minimum time between attacks is 50 ms in this world, if the attack was less than 50 ms in different distances there would be something wrong, your accusation below is without merit, there is no infraction of rules above, and I am starting to doubt your level of gameplay if you think this is abnormal. I hope not everyone thinks like you around here, it would be frustrating for us.

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he keeps sending a message saying he will spend pps to beat me ‍♂️

To demand the right, do the right. If you cared about the rules, you wouldn't report them in the open forum.

Don't embarrass yourself.


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so who do we rate next? someone rate me!

and please add your IGN if your w120 is someone else, I cant find any of you guys to rate

Cassius au Bellona

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Activity / Growth: 7/10

Fast fingers in the resmarket at start as usual, no idea about future plans in terms of playing/dying out and making even more pp hence hard to give a better rating at this stage

Agriculture / Collection: 10/10

Top 1 player in terms of villages plundered, not much to add.

Collection is i assume at it's peak considering village amount

Location: X/10

depends on world diplo, could be dangerous later.

ODA / ODD: X/10

too early

Profile: 1/10

Profile got changed to a 10/10, but sadly for a short wile and the famous picture got right back

Tribe: 3/10

guess you are in that tribe just because they are around you, cant see any known names and the tribal description is a bit cheesy

Previous worlds: 10/10

badges speak, opinions differ, have not played with you nor against you so cant really make a fair judgement

Overall: X/10

No clue, all depends on if you actually play or decide to dipp, and again can't make an overall judgement based on other peoples experiences playing with you as it does not seem fair

ing: gauss-


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Top 1 of the World Tournament while playing, and contrary to what was commented above, the account was banned by a script of counterfeits that on this server is prohibited, but on our server it is accepted, unfortunately many Brazilian players were banned for this, we cannot comment more because it is forbidden to discuss punishments in an open forum.


Eakshow McGee

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that is not how it works, someone would have to rate greta first in that sense, aka bobonfire acc, but if you are already at it, go rate bobonfire :D

maybe greta doesnt play w120 or just have an account not relevant to rate hence nominating bob instead :rolleyes: