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Points : 4.6 mil, prrety good,and in top.. 8.5/10
OD :59 mil, very active, love to fight i see.... 9.5/10
Position : 9.5/10 As good as you get.... Big safty cluster, and a small cluster to fight on.
Rep : 9.5/10 Just chachi..
Tribe 9/10 You guys have some skills....


Non-stop Poster

Points: Number 5, consistent 10/10
OD: ODA-12th ODD-50th ODT-23rd, overall you get 9/10
Position: Big safety net with a few pockets to fight 9/10
Rep: I see you speak alot and I know you are looked highly at in this game. 8/10
Tribe: 10/10 no tribe is perfect but when you're number one in the world for 6 months it changes everything.

overall 9.9/10
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