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Points: 8.5/10 - Going by your standards, not yet a top 10, but very close
ODA: 9.5/10 - You do not know what retreating is, you send a couple of nukes, think about the effectiveness and send a little more anyway. [spoil]
Date Player Tribe Rank Points Villages OD ODA ODD
2011-01-17 chachiINcharge Skill? 14. +4,568,678 =466 +46,412,268 +40,709,991 +5,702,277

2010-12-17 chachiINcharge Skill? 15. +4,174,174 =428 +35,282,765 +30,003,630 +5,279,135[/spoil]
Position: 7/10 - Mainly in the center of Skill? and a group next to -BK- food
Rep: 9/10 - Quite respected on the PnP, made an original menu tribe analysis (with polka music :icon_biggrin: )
Tribe: 9/10 - Some fluctuation in points last week, but back to normal and rising.

Overal: 8.3/10 overall very good, with the world war you'll probably gain some more ODA and a few positions closer to your other targets anyway (anarky, rage, SnM)

Forcing people to rate low points players = my way of having fun from now :icon_biggrin:
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Marcus the Mad
Points 1/10 ...one village :) Woow
OD 7/10 9 mil ....pretty good for one village :) :D
Position : -1/10 :) Near Me.. Hmm, where is my nobles :p
Rep 6/10 for your external forum posts..
Tribe 1/10 Your members number is a little bit to low :)
Overall : seems my computer is broken :(



points: 8/10
OD: 9/10 shows that you know what your doing
position: 6/10 Your spred pretty far around. this may impact your ability to move troops around.
Rep: 10/10 ill give you a ten i have only seen you on here once or twice and given me no reason to hate you :)
Tribe: 10/10 skills ally and number 1. nice.
Overal: 43/50

Dont flame me to hard :(


Rate me :) aka zeus129

Rate before getting raped rated, whats so hard about that

Dont flame me to hard :(

no can do


Points: 7/10 - Serious drop a while ago, started 16th january, bout a month before me = slow grow
OD: 8/10 - okay, well balanced, double of mine in total
Position: 7/10 - one lone village in center tribe, 3 cluster-ish groups closer to warzones
Reputation: 6/10 I honestly don't care about what you write most of the time. I do read it, but I don't enjoy it (or its just that I'm getting plain bored reading the same stuff all the time)
Tribe: 9.5/10 They're here to stay untill last man standing.

Overall: 37.5/50 - overall a decent player, though if I recall, you took over the account?


Marcus got Mad :)

Points: 1/10 - One of the fastest and biggest drop in points since Enron
OD: 10/10 - I just liked it when I multiply your points by 1000.
Position: 1/10 - A well balanced position, you can expand in any direction. And with one village, it would be easy for you to defend, no other villages to worry.
Reputation: 7/10 - You may not be justin beiber but your presence here in the forum is felt.
Tribe: 1/10 - Blackdeath... +5 for a scary name, -4 because of the rat. I know its about the plague and its medieval, but axemen eats rat in the battlefield. Wth am I saying?

Overall: Too lazy to average your points. Restart 5 times so you can get the "resurrection award". You may be pawned but still you'll be the envy of all the top players here :)



Points: 10/10 top 40 nice

OD: 9/10 just a little lower ranking then your points

Position: 10/10 very nicely clustered

Reputation: 8/10 you have lots to say just sometimes i don't pay attention to it.

Tribe: 10/10 top tribe in the world

Overall very nice but dont feel like counting :p

The Resurrection

Points: 5/10 1.522.600 but not in the top 150, so im being generous
OD: 6/10 about even with your rank, but your ODA isnt good
Position 5/10 surronded by TSB
Tribe: 2/10 sorry mate, only two people above 1 mill

I was say very average at best, get into a better tribe and start expanding to other places

Im Andymak :)
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I would like to remind everyone that if you want to be rated then post a rating on the previous person who posted and the next one to post will rate you.

Next person to be rated is The Resurrection.


Rednecks. Good moderator and i heard he is also an good player :).



Points: 10/10 top 10 definitely takes some work to get up there and stay there....

OD: 9.5/10 just a little lower ranking then your points, but still top 20

Position: 9.5/10

Reputation: 8/10 have respect in the forums... with occasional bashing...

Tribe: 10/10 top tribe in the world, what to say...

in all ..... well i am bad in mathematics ;)



Points: 3.5/10 - 9 months of play and 680k - very low
OD: 5/10 - 2.3 mill - most of it being ODA - 3x your points, so not the worst I've seen...
Position: 5/10 - The World vs. Anarkey - not a position "I" would want to be in...
Reputation: 7/10 While I may not agree with your posts all the time, you're active and don't act a fool in the forums.
Tribe: 5.5/10 Refer to "Position" for explanation - extra half point cauz your tribe is Top 5 (for now)

Overall: 26/50 - Small fish in a big pond, being led about by some real tasty bait...

The Resurrection


Pts: 8/10--pretty good, over 3 mill is good
OD: 9/10 ODA is great! darn ODD kept the perfect 10/10 though :)
position: 10/10 lots of food to eat
Rep: 7/10 not really know ya
Tribe:9/10 SKill is 2, but very good

Overall I say a 9/10



The "Resurrection" (is that like "The Situation"?)

Points: 8/10 rank 40 and a generally consistent rise
ODA: 9/10 great numbers (ODD up there too)
Position: 7/10 stretching to the rim.. might find a summer home soon
Rep: 7/10 decent one liners around the pnp once and a while, but could give more of your thoughts (I cannot be biased because he loves me :icon_wink:)
Tribe: 10/10 top tribe, been there for a long while

Overall: 8.5/10 overall, a good acct to be playing... I reiterate that relocation should be considered.



Points: 9.2/10 - Ranked 15 - Very nice!!!

ODA: 9.9/10 - Ranked 4 - Outstanding!!! (ODD is a lot lower but I respect an aggressive player)

Position: 8/10 - Main cluster is right in the center of the action. Should find it fun to play :)

Rep: 8.5/10 - Seems to post fairly regularly and has about the same respect level as fireyflame only lacking the humorous wit...

Tribe: 9.5/10 - Skill? Let;s just say that they make a lot of the world map turn Pink :)

Overall: 9.1/10 You will likely be around for a good long time!


Drunken Texan
points:3/10 only 28 villages after 9 months on game
OD: 3/10 barbs don't give to much oda
position: 6/10 clustered villages on the rimm
Rep: 6/10
Tribe: 5/10
Overall: 4.6/10


vndhl 9/10 ... I hope you will never be in front of me...
OD 10/10 52mil... much better then your points
Position 9/10 ..
Rep 10/10 Old Dog...
Tribe 10/10

I was only fair.. :)



points: 9.5/10-you could get higher if you werent that lazy
od: 9/10 you haven't been atacked to much :icon_wink:
positioning: 9/10
reputation: 10/10(Top cat :icon_smile: )
tribe: 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10



Points: 8.5/10 Hanging on to the Top 25. Well done.

OD: 9/10 ODA rank is 27 and ODD rank is 12. Good solid mixture.

Positioning: 9.5/10 I really like your positioning at the moment. You've got a strong frontline with TSB and some safety villages far from the fronts to support your self in war efforts

Reputation: 7.5/10 I don't know too much about you but I do see you post here and there.

Tribe: 9.9/10 No tribe will ever be perfect but TSL is strong and an experienced team. They've been at the top for awhile now. Props to you guys.

Overall: 8.9/10



no rating

[spoil]just joking :)

Points: 8.5/10 nice ranking 24th - needs to be more anal/OCD about farming or overbuild his villages like some of his tribemates to get a little higher now

OD: 9.5/10 ODA higher than me what the? will have to do something about that soon - 6/10 for ODD - somewhat on the sucky side - i guess nobody wants to attack you - this can be changed of course ;) - i still weigh this category at 9 due to the excellent ODA and the fact nice guys often have low ODD

Positioning: 10/10 nice safe zone and seeks out frontline action wherever he can - my favourite approach - can find no flaw

Reputation: 6/10 for overall wow factor on the externals but i give you a 9 for your character - averages to a 7.5

Tribe: 9/10 have to rate Skill? highly as they appear to know what they are doing and the stats do show they've done well to get where they are to date. The future? as doris day singe que sera sera

Total - 44.5/50 or an excellent 9/10 rounded average[/spoil]
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:icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted: :icon_twisted:

This might be one of my ONLY chances to do this!! ha ha ha ha


ok, I'll be honest, as usual.

fireyflame ("The Flamer")

Points: 8.5/10 damn near top 10, and rising to the occasion.

OD: 9.5/10 near tops in ODA (still behind me) and near tops in ODD. attacks and defends, Touché!

Position: 6/10 my personal opinion because of the villa spread... where might the safe clusters be? everywhere if your tribe supports you first!

Rep: 4/10 for the flames; but I give a 8/10 because he always has something to say, even if it's something bad about me.

Tribe: 8.5/10 they are showing resiliency against Skill, and have some well skilled players. The also only have to worry about 1 direction.

Overall: 8/10