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Walatiki (specifically Ben)

Points - 10/10. You seem hella pro
Profile - 10/10. (See above)
Farming - 10/10. (See above)
OD - 10/10. (See above)
Location - 10/10. (See above)
Reputation - 0/10. He's got one, but only as a complete and utter noob
Tribe - 10/10. #Gar4lyfe
Rating out of 10 - 0/10. (See above)
Comment - I really hate this guy

Walatiki (Matt)


Matt and Ben:




Points - 9/10 rank 30, 61k points, with only one internal
Profile - 1/10 Needs work, cmon you can do better
Farming - 9.5/10 rank 24 in daily res plundered
Location/Positioning - 8/10 not positioned on the biggest front but in a good location to push south for the time being, solid cluster
Reputation - 10/10 don't know much
Tribe - 10/10 most skilled tribe
Rating out of 10 - 9/10
Comment -
Too much squirrel not enough squarrel

General Russell


General Russell

Points - 9/10
rank 14. 84k points pretty nice
Profile - 8/10 seems we both prefer it simple
Farming - 8/10 rank 21 i suspect will keep going up
Location/Positioning - 10/10 Great spread with plenty of room to grow
Reputation - Never heard of you sorry :(
Tribe - 10/10 Seems a solid tribe
Rating out of 10 - 9/10
Comment -
​If i was you i would run towards the rim will be invaluable to you and your tribe later.

Urban Nudist​



Urban Nudist:

Points 6/10 8 of his conquers are internals, I believe Republic are academy to Public, and leftovers from the merge, early conquers were weak and unimpressive
Profile 6/10 just, blase
Farming 4/10 get the feeling he's not an avid farmer and his high resources plundered is just farming internals. Account with this many points should be farming at minimum in the top 25 on a daily basis
- Plunders in a day = Urban Nudist Public 5.476 05.02.2016
- resources plundered in a day = 4 Urban Nudist Public 3.587.339 yesterday
Local Positioning 8/10, good location and opportunity to start earning his keep
Reputation 7/10 pretty good reputation known as a decent player. Perhaps we'll see once they've been tested
Rating 6/10
comment ODA is rank 146, but at this stage not a big deal if not in a war, although it may indicate why his conquers have not been spectacular. Perhaps a bit more aggression, and a lot more activity with the LA. Sorry to judge so harshly, don't blame you for internals, they are a necessary evil, but nearly 1/2 of yours appear to be internals.

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Points: 8/10 Rank 9 in world, few internals.
Profile: 10/10 Squarrels <3
Farming: 9/10 Highest scores achieved in one day ranked 5, not bad.
Local Positioning: 10/10 Have good spread and directions to expand. Also villages in Rabid cluster so have safe back.
Reputation: 10/10 Have heard good things about you. Some dirty things too tho :D
Tribe: 10/10 [spoil]
Rating: 8/10 Wont give you 10 otherwise you start slacking :p

Comment: Good location, lots of targets. Going to be top 3 account soon enough :p




Points: 7/10 Rank 41 in world, assume you are going to go upwards.
Profile: 9/10 A bit worried you are insane
Farming: 8/10 Highest number 29. Higher than mainrank
OD: 9/10 17 in attack, low in defense. Should have a good amount of troops, however had to use troops instead of internals
Local Positioning: 6/10 Really spread around the map. I personally wouldn´t like it.
Reputation: 10/10 Never heard of you before, however grown the reputation fast
Tribe: 10/10 Rabid
Rating: 59/70

Comment: Assume we will hear more from you

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Points: 9/10 Rank 26 in world, pretty solid no complaints there.
Profile: 10/10 Love Cats :)
Farming: 7/10 Feel that you should be doing better than 1m a day at your stage.
OD: 9/10 110k attack, 220k Def. Definatly a troop whore. Very powerful offensively but also defensively

Local Positioning: 7/10 Not bad but pretty close to the core. A bit outer position would have been better
Reputation: 8/10 Seem Cool guy
Tribe: 10/10 Rabid is good
Rating: 60/70


Wile E. Coyote

Points - 6/10 Considering just started last month after being nobled out
Profile - 1/10 No COA, text is meh
Farming - 8/10 Very nice for size, considering I know top 50 people getting less
OD - Irrelevent
Rep N/A Do not know this person
Tribe - 5/10

I haven't seen Beavis and Butthead here so lets do him


Beavis and Butthead
Points - 9/10 - Started late on 15th December + very impressive growth in last 4 weeks (14k-108k)
Profile - 8/10 - CoA is good - shows Phil & Kev get da b!tchez :*
Farming - 7/10 - 2.35m, for your size I doubt that can hold constant troop and building production in all villages whilst producing packets.
Location - 9/10 - Got a large area to expand in, far away from action down south tho
OD - 8/10 - Similar to my own, you started late so even better.
Rep - Haven't gotten to know you but time will tell
Tribe - 0/10 ;)

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points: 8/10 could be better
profile: 2/10 too much blah blah
farming: 9/10 knows how to use ntoombs and haz something heavy. not really an accomplishment, but still
location: 1/10 only there where there iz interns.
OD: 1/10 absolutely pathetic
rep: 3/10 kids will be kids
tribe: 6/10 no visibility from leaders


El Chacal:

points: 5/10 slacking lately
profile: 6/10
farming: 5/10 yea, I know I don't help you guys enough
location: 3/10 need to relocate, way to far from your tribe, haven't you heard, Squarrels don't breed with Pandas
rep: 7/10 I'm probably over-exaggerating here, but I love ya
tribe: 9/10 pretty good if you get past that nub leader
fashion: 1/10 in case you haven't heard, man boobs are out of style




points: 9.5/10 Rank 3 growing exceptionally quickly. 2 internals but out of 25 caps good, mostly war targets taken though.
profile: 7/10 A very rabid profile
farming: 9.5/10 Rank 3 farming very well
location: 9/10 Nice spread also on edge of tribe so alot of room for growth north and west
rep: 9/10 Always very well written posts and logical. Have heard good things.
OD 8/10 High Attack is decent, and not had to defend too much
tribe: 10/10 Rank 1 Has done everything expected of them. interesting to see what they do from here
overall: 9.5/10 Excellent account keep it up. Hard not to rate very highly doing everything well

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GOG the Deceiver


Points: Your points are decent and appropriate for this stage of the game; considering when you started. Could always be better and I note you are looking for a Co. (7/10) .... added two points as you are a war cap whore. (9/10)
Profile: Guy Fawkes mask. Not so original, but whatever. Showing awards not my thing (except day awards). Giving you average (5/10).
Farming: Doing well mate (8.5/10)
Location: Sexy bit of rim, but you are going to be smashing nubs with low moral. Regardless, it is nice (8/10)
Rep: I hate people with reputation .... and love breaking them. You seem to have a minimal Rep (9/10)
Tribe: You took in refugees. Need I say more. (0/10)

Average: 6.5, clearly impacted by the last issue.

Rate - tr4celess
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Descent points mate! 10th place on the world. 9.5/10
Profile: Nice COA but nothing more. 6/10
Farming: 11th place on the 'in a day' chart, but that is a couple of weeks old so I'm guessing that could be improved. 9/10
Location: Not bad at all, recently nobled a couple of villages at the frontline therefore opening up your almost closed cluster between rabid members. 8/10
Rep: A mere 3 internals of 19 conquers is excellent, but besides that I hardly have heard of you. Which is a good thing imo 8/10
Tribe: Rabid, one of the best tribes around on this world that also have proven that 9/10
Average: 8,3

Lord Smokalot

-M A R I O-

Lord Smokalot

Points: 6.5/10 --Top 100 but decent for when you started
Profile: 0/10 --Childish
OD: 6/10 --You at least are clearing your own targets.
Farming: 7/10 --Top 50 in farming
Location: 8/10 --Excellent location, but if you pissed off panda then im not to sure you will be here very long.
Rep: 0/10 --Never heard of you
Tribe: 0/10 --Tribeless and because SARCOW was garbage.

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Points: 9/10 --Your in the top 40
Profile: 10/10 --I like your photo on how you edited it :D
OD: 10/10 -- Ranked 4 as attacker
Farming: 8/10 --Decent
Location: 8/10 --seems like you are blue-boxed
Rep: 0/10 --Never heard of you
Tribe: 10/10 -- Ranked 1 tribe




Points: 2/10 Slow growth, nice conquers tho.
Profile: 8/10 Thats because MoneyMizzle is written there.
OD: 1:10 Almost none.
Farming: 1/10 Almost nothing.
Rep: 0/10 You are new for me.
Tribe: 5/10 You recruit player(s) who get rejected from us. Enough said. Rank 2 tho. So 5 points.
Average: 2,4




points: 8.5/10 Strong growth, was gpnna rate 7 but +1.5 for 0 internals. Decent Points, 19 vills more than some ahead of you just need to build vills up more.
Profile: 8/10 Kinda Wacky but I like it
farming: 6/10 3.6 million is good but was done a while ago so not do great at the moment.
location: 8/10 nice spread... not sure where you can/will expand though looks north based on recent conquers
rep: 8/10 Nice forum present in a generally dead externals.
OD 9/10 Massive ODA rank 7 not come under a huge amount of attacks though. Fought for your vills
tribe: 10/10 Rank 1 seems to be in a good position sweeps everything is path so far and expanding fast. will be interesting when/if they come up against something decent and challenge them.
overall: 7.5/10 Orlok-Tsubodai Good solid account, Awesome ODA, In getting that though looks to have slowed growth/farming.
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points: 8.5/10 Strong growth. Seem very talented.
Profile: 8/10 Picture kinda weird but alright
farming: 9/10 6 million is good and was done yesterday
location: 8/10 pretty spread... You have been doing good for keeping some villas close by for support and stuff.
rep: 7/10 I don't know you but I hope it can change
OD 8/10 good ODA you have been clearing lots of players
tribe: 9/10 I like your tribe and I recommended it as an alliance back in Public but nobody liked it. Thought we can handle ourselves in 3 wars.

Co playing: 99jr12