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DW Master, I'll get to test your skills first had eventually because I don't plan on losing this war which means I'll be nobling my way to you. :icon_wink:


Just wanted to say the professional rater has returned :icon_cool:
But seriously I decided to once again bring back this tread and keep it going and to start off I guess I get to go into detail about some noob

Nuketech (Rep)

Rank :- 67 - (8/10) - Not to bad consider your personal stuff but still needs to get a lot higher. I think you need to work hard and get into the top 50 and you have the chance with the new enemies near you.
Points :- 4.025.286 - (7/10) - Expected higher when I found your rank honestly. I guess it just shows the difference in the ranks now days cause some of the higher ups have way more points then you and make you look small so continue to work your points up.
Noble History: - (10/10) - Pretty good You have only nobled 77 barbs and most consist of high point except for every early ig when you werent even playing. Plus lately you have nobled mostly enemies and a few high point barbs. So going in the right direction
PPV - 9676 - (9/10) - Need to work to get it closer to your actual build since but overall not a bad build consider it appears to be the old one I used and is still just a bit under my new one
ODA :- 29.1 - (7/10) - Need to grow quiet a bit actually but Im sure that will change with the recent war in your area but still for now not the greatest and needs to get a bit higher and work your way into top 20 to compete with me.
ODD :- 12 mil. - (8/10) - Honestly figured it was a bit higher but I guess it isnt to bad because I guess you can make people attack you but I would have thought XIII and piranha would have given you more then this.
Awards: - (7/10) - Need to get more awards but isnt horrible just not as high as some people. But nice greatest powers and attacker even though the greatest power were from periods of inactivity then high nobling:lol:
Profile :- (7/10) - Just remove the stuff about nuketech he has been gone for a while and everyone knows at this point so I dont see the point plus the report you have posted doesnt even show. So just update the profile a bit but amazing COA
Tribe :- Womble - (10/10) - Personally, I believe best tribe in the world without debate but I know some will disagree but just seems this way with them winning against two powerhouses.

Total: 73/90

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Rank :-
10/10 being Rank 9 is a very respectable number.

Points :-
10\10 again 6,526,904 points is respectable

9/10 9,815 just a little too high for me

ODA :-
8/10 seeming as your a frontliner in war 67,691,835 should really be 100mil

ODD :-
7/10 23,958,580 means you dont defend much

Awards: -
9/10 43 gold awards including the daily awards although would like to see you push to 50 ;D

Profile :-
6/10 i will admit it bored me a little :(

Tribe :-
5/10 ofc this is reflected on your tribe not you personally and seeming aas i dont like people with Mass ego's it affects the rating.

64 out of 80

RustyJaguar In Game :)


Non-stop Poster
Reaction score

Rank :- 95 - 8/10, top 100 not bad at all =)

Points :- 3,740,158 - 7/10, very good get to 4 mill and we'll talk about giving you 8/10

PPV :- 9,817 - 9/10, thats along the lines of the ppv i like =)

ODA :- 180.(10,852,057 score) - 6/10, mmmm it's an okay ODA but you need to get it up abit more to match your rank

ODD :- 82.(12,732,351 score) - 7/10, pretty good, keep it up =)

Awards: - 5/10, only 7 gold, including 1 attacker of the day

Profile :- 3/10, very boring and i don't like your COA

Tribe :- CRASH - 8/10, very good tribe =)


Master B Ater
Rank -181. ok. joined almost 2 weeks after me. u shud have reached 3 million by now. 5.5/10
points- 2.162.190 . just above 2 million. same as above. 5.5/10
PPV- 9964 ..personally i like high point villas .lol so 8.5/10
ODA- 163. (12,061,940 score) .Dude, u need to work on this. seems like u try to play it safe 6/10
ODD- 214. (4,822,573 score).Again ur ODD disappoints me . 5/10
Awards-6 golds. 5 regular. 1 daily.Next time go for an AOTD. 6.5/10
Tribe-PIARANA . all i would say that your tribe is far better than CRASH . 7/10





Rank 89 (8/10) Top 100... Higher than me anyways but still good.
Points 3.8mio (8/10) Same as Rank
ODA: 38mio (9/10) High for your size.
ODD 38mio (9/10) very good for ODD :D
Awards, lots of golds so we'll go for 10/10 Can't really ask for much more from you :p
Tribe Womble (10/10) first tribe for all stats. And as we all know, the eventual winners of this world xD

Total: 54/60 epic <3



Rank: 120 (2/10) - Too low for such a awesome Player.... even if you have been inactive. ;)
Points: 3.1 Million (5/10) - Not to bad.
ODA: 34 Mil (8/10) - Nice and High. Just how I like it.
ODD: 8Mil (2/10) - Clearly People don't like to attack you.
Awards: (8/10) - A few gold and attacker of the Day.
Tribe: Womble (5/10) - Not as good as CRASH. ;)

Total: 30/60.



Rank: 120 (2/10) - Too low for such a awesome Player.... even if you have been inactive. ;)
Points: 3.1 Million (5/10) - Not to bad.
ODA: 34 Mil (8/10) - Nice and High. Just how I like it.
ODD: 8Mil (2/10) - Clearly People don't like to attack you.
Awards: (8/10) - A few gold and attacker of the Day.
Tribe: Womble (5/10) - Not as good as CRASH. ;)

Total: 30/60.

2/10 for points? You what?
8mio ODD isn't bad for fighting Pirana, c'mon...
Womble should be 10/10 mate ;)


not sure who to rate, but it seems that Seth is/was the last one to rate, so im gonna rate him (even though he's already been rimmed...so dont blame the low points)


Points: 0/10...you got rimmed.
Rank: 0/10...again, you got rimmed
ODA: 1/10 (not sure if that ODA was BEFORE you restarted, if you got that AFTER you restarted, then i'd definitely respect that...but i highly doubt it)
ODD: 1/10 same as ODA
Awards: 1/10
Tribe: 0/10. Cant give you any point if ur not in a tribe.
Profile: 0/10. Not even fun...or informative.

Total: 3/70


Stay on topic and rate people! But don't rate me. Rate Silentknight2006.


points: 7/10
tribe: 5/10



Rank: 109 (4/10) - its low for a player in PIRANA. you guys has so much of inactives too eat.
ODA: 28 Mil (7/10) - Nice ODA
ODD: 22Mil (7/10) -
Awards: (0/0) - N/A
Tribe: PIRANA (6/10) -

So your overall is 24/40 - Average Player.


eating inactives is not bad really , whoever says its bad is a noob :)

more inactive eating = more villages
more villages = more O
more O = kicking enemy ass :)

EATING ONLY inactives is being point whore tho :) and i like it.