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Discussion in 'World 68' started by Tank It Out, May 12, 2014.

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  1. Astaenia

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    I just want to say, all you people bitching Ryan out... Your wasting your breath!! He doesn't care, even less about you as a person. His whole world revolves around him. He did the same to me twice and in the end I walked away. Tank - you may have done 4 months.... But I lost my whole account, tons of time, money and friends. My account was from the day the world started until the day I walked... I was left holding turtl3 whilst scott was travelling and Ryan did a moonlight flit.... And Scott - knowing Ryan was a bot user (good mod huh) - chose to back ryan and sat back whilst I too was screwed over. But I've moved on from the episode and am glad it happened as I now have a life. As I said to one of the friends last night... Ryan will reactivate... All this is for effect and drama... And lo and behold within 30 mins he had deactivated and was trolling Faz. Ryan will bleat about how much time he spent showing people stuff.... And granted he did show me some stuff.... But the reality is, around me trying to be a friend and spending hour upon hour listening to his self pitying whining... He only actually spent about an hour explaining new things to me. He won't quit... He's spent hundreds if not thousands buying flag packs and points and on seasonal perks etc. your best bet is to nuke his ass outta the game. As long as posts like this are made and as long as he's in the game then this shit will continue. Tbh I'm even at the point of doubting he wen has a daughter.... I mean what kinda dad sits up 48 hours playing a game when the supposed only other person in the house to watch his child is a smack head... If that's even true. He will make a new name.... He has to consistently just to play as he screws with too many. This is the jobless no life bums life!

    Just get over it... Bitching him out isn't gonna change him... It just adds fuel for him to bleat about. He's a cold hard calculating nasty person who doesn't care who he screws... And a faceless person who he will never meet really won't get better treatment than his own 'daughter' if she's real.

    Live and learn people... I certainly know who I can trust.
  2. Dallow

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    Telling people not to bitch, then bitching for half a page.

    If you all had such a problem with him as a player, why is it so many of you said nothing to him before this?

    Again, not excusing what he's done but he is kinda right about the friends part of it with you all jumping on the chance to say your piece after saying he was your friend.
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    The w68 forums are a joke. Almost as bad as the world itself :p
  4. you really dont know me/or us well beleiving I/we aint say anything before this about the problem I/we had with ryan,but I was classy enought to keep it on skype/private with him,him being a drama queen/doing wrong to is 'friend/mates/long time partner and then talking about honnor in here made us feel like answering publicly...

    Lets be honnest and tell the truth,he aint nuffin but a big drama queen.He Got so much sand in is (south park reference) that I feel bad for him,but well..not that much anymore.

    see^^I cant even talk the way I used to cause he reported me :lol: gonna have to watch my mouth from now on:icon_sad:
  5. Astaenia

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    Sweetness, there was no telling people not to bitch... Just telling them why they are wasting their time. Bitch all they want for all I care.... It makes good reading. And what I said wasn't bitching... It was fact. If your gonna call me out then at least do it for something I have done.
  6. I feel as if somebody is butthurt :/ my assumption is that there is more behind the story that got "tank" kicked but this is just speculation. :icon_biggrin: