TATS - Who Are They.!?


Name: The Axe and The Shield

Who are they and where did they come from.!?
Could this be bad for DA and Exile.!?
Or is this the mad planning of Sid to rule the whole world. If so... Where's heavy and Willow :icon_neutral:

But no matter what.
I'm scared so Hold me.!:icon_redface:


lets hear an official statement from sid or someone from axe so we know whats going on already...


Who are We?

We are The Axe and The Shield. The rest will come soon enough.


im sure if ppl just keep watching the member list they will need no more answers, Kev10 you can IM me or lion later if you wish


We were making a mess inside the house, and were a bit behind on the rent.

So the land lord got a bit pissed and kicked us out....


im sure if ppl just keep watching the member list they will need no more answers, Kev10 you can IM me or lion later if you wish

you guys already know how uncomfortable you have made me at present...let me have some time to think


YEs, coming to your tribe soon is Sid and his merry band of mergers. Anyone taking wagers on how long it is before SId tries to merge this tribe out of conflict?

Long story short. Sid tried to disband the tribe and end W15 with one big giant man hug with TSoH. Half of us(the AXE half) said no and kicked him out. W15 deserves a better ending than Sid merging the top players out of every tribe. So look out EXILE, DA, !WAR!, I can promise you he is sending your members invites and mails asking them to "Drink the SID Koolaide".
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YEs, coming to your tribe soon is Sid and his merry band of mergers. Anyone taking wagers on how long it is before SId tries to merge this tribe out of conflict?
Hold on.
You didnt want part of this cause you thought it would be a lame end to the world, you know hugs and all, now you think we're gonna have to merge our way out of conflict! :icon_eek:
Doest quite match up.

Long story short. Sid tried to disband the tribe and end W15 with one big giant man hug with TSoH. Half of us(the AXE half) said no and kicked him out. W15 deserves a better ending than Sid merging the top players out of every tribe. So look out EXILE, DA, !WAR!, I can promise you he is sending your members invites and mails asking them to "Drink the SID Koolaide".

Tried to disband the tribe? :lol:
He didnt even have duke privs.
and no, half of Axe didnt say no. You got pissed and kicked us out yourself.
People wouldve been give an opportunity to join something new. They either wouldve accepted the invites, of they wouldnt have. Nothing forceful or intent on disbanding about it.

And we dont have to ask them, they are already asking us :icon_cool:

It really is not our problem that you are upset about the tag of Axe being diminshed. So stop bitching about it and carry on with yours wars or whatever it is you and MasterAllen plan to do, and leave us to run our tribe.
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woh he kicked you guys just because you'd said that you were making a tribe thats wrong you should have given them a choice to stay and not kick them staight away.


Attempt at a spin #1 Ancient. I've seen you do way better than this.

Yes you will have to merge your way out because i stopped the merger form happening like Sid wanted. Now you are trying to recruit out of EXILE as well. Wasn't part oif the original plan huh?

You are already taking in perma sat accounts into your fold.

You wanted to use my own forums to promote a new tribe. Got to be freaking kidding me right? Yes you got the boot. You had already made your decision to join a new tribe(no matter the vote) and sent out a circular to everyone except myself and loyal members to try to talk them into it. When you do that behind my back it is no longer a merger discussion but a coup. Good luck to you and your tribe. You took some of our players but AXE will be here kickign long after you realize this move was a mistake.

Edit: FOr the record ANcient, i thought/think you have more honor than the way this went down. I know SId would have sold his mother to start his own tribe but i am guessing you personally didn't plan the way things went down.
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For those of you that want some insite.

siddhartha96 today at 03:04


Crysalith, Ancienthoard, and I have been in conversations with TSoH for several weeks about our places in the world. We have decided to leave our inactive, unproductive, and worthless players behind and leave our tribes to create a new tribe to war the world. It's time that we give the world a good, firm shakeup, not because we have to, but because we can. We are not just trying to hug and merge our way to the end of the world- we will be nobling everybody else. We are not merging our way out of war. We have no plans to make allies. We're not taking the easy way out, we're taking the fun way- a tribe of 60 active players who like nobling enemies....and there will be lots of enemies.

I intend to invite those of us who receive this mail to a new tribe this weekend. If you delay in accepting your invitation, your spot may be given to someone else. There are only 60 spots available for the best players from AXE and TSoH. We will not be a family tribe.

It is important that you respond to this mail. I hope you all understand, and will be joining us soon.


im not going to get into any online arguments.

The wars will remain the same, there will be no allies. EAch player in this new tribe will have EIGHT enemies to deal with, per person, based on the number of active players left. And it will be us against the world.

If you think thats hugging, then good for you.

Any further questions, mail myself, Sid or Cyrsa.

The only reason we're winning against exile in the stats is because UNP barbed and grebro quit. Add grebro's stats in and they're winning. It's impossible to add UNP's barbs into the stats, but it's safe to assume they've nobled at least 5 mil from him.

But that's not the point.

The point is, 40% of the tribe has been doing 90% of the war ennoblements for a very long time. TSoH has the same problem. Instead of dragging along our collective dead weight until the end of the world, we're going to put our best and most active and aggressive players in one tribe and take on the rest of the world together.

And I'm not worried about the opinion of those who didn't get a mail. Other than xannie and jaffe (who knew about this already), those who didn't get a mail aren't likely to read mails or check forums anyway.

I see that part as sid running from the war with his panties in a bunch with his two man servants which was stupid because now the two enemies are like: WTF?! and are getting along again.

Circular to barons and up


As you are probably aware, I have been in discussions with TSoH about the possibility of forming a megatribe with the best of both of our players. TSoH has approved this plan. Members of both tribes will leave to form a new tribe, for now known as Sharks with Fricken Lasers (from the Austin Powers movie, check it out if you haven't).

Here's an overview of SFL.


30 from AXE, 30 from TSoH, details soon to be available on our forum.


An awesome tribe.


Friday night or Saturday morning, I'm not really sure.


Here's the one that probably has most of you concerned. Or, more specifically, Why Now?

Most of the council members of both tribes have long been concerned with under-activity by many of their members. Both tribes are frequently stuck with sits from players who don't have time to take care of themselves. Both tribes have come to the conclusion that about 40% of the tribe is responsible for about 90% of the war ennoblements. Those in both tribes who are responsible for designing ops against enemies are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of cooperation. We could have just dumped some of the dead weight from our rosters and carried on...but this just sounded like it would be too much fun to pass up :p

So...why now?

More fun, less frustration. Good times. Not because we're losing, or out of desperation. Just for fun. Shake things up a bit.

I'm sure you all have many more questions. We'll open a shared forum with tsoh to start talking openly and specifically. This is happening, though.


The name idea is horrible.

AXE - xannash on 16.01. at 18:19 Quote
Sueco wrote:No we were still talking... had 80% of you voted.. and said leave things alone.. I am sure sid would have.. but we never got that far. You weren't allowed a choice. And I am sorry for that.

That's crap! You weren't even going to ask just start sending invites. Don't give me that crap we've already proven that when you felt the need to leave it private and then just start sending invites...You never had any intention of asking the tribe.

So true.

AXE - jaffe25 on 16.01. at 18:36 Quote
No they had already made plans for the merger and it was proceeding. DO i need to go in and pull all of the conversations out of Skype?

Point is the biggest threat to AXE at this moment is not EXILE it is you guys. My job as Duke is to keep the tribe running. If a lesser member had posted this forum about disbanding the tribe and merging they would have been kicked immediately and everyone would have cheered that the traitor is gone. Sid forgot that the tribe comes first. Before him before me before any of us.

Jaffe is right Exile is not the biggest threat when you have traitors like sid trying to recruit people from both sides of the war plus th and tsoh.

AXE - jaffe25 on 16.01. at 20:27 Quote
THe vote was rigged fella which is why i deleted it:

[2:18:15 PM] crysalith: oohh do that.. I'll go vite
[2:18:16 PM] crysalith: vote
[2:18:25 PM] crysalith: with Iva AND future
[2:18:39 PM] crysalith: we have more sits we can vote with. .than he has supporters

^ Says it all crysa (not suprising) sid and ancient tried to cheat to win the vote.

From skype

[1/16/2010 11:02:21 PM] S.V.W. (Sid): we weren't losing, and we didn't leave

But yet in the our pf's he said we were losing?mmm contridicting yourself there pal?

[1/16/2010 11:03:41 PM] S.V.W. (Sid): one tribe, no allies, no dead weight (flex)

So you plan on attacking Every tribe in the game at once?Yes i highly doubt that will work out.

[1/16/2010 11:20:12 PM] S.V.W. (Sid): they'll probably make godly again, or just delete

Ohhhh so your going to leave out the other active tsoh members because you dont like them?

I also found something else i think TSOH and EXILE would like to see.

siddhartha96 on 28.11. at 20:43 Quote
After a weeks worth of conversations from all sides I have no choice but to conclude that TSoH's recent actions are indeed intended to be hostile. Sherry (willowsmagic) mentioned today that she wondered if our alliance would have been better if we didn't cut them off. That particular incident happened when we recruited TS out of K84 several months ago...which leads me to believe that it has been their plan for a long time to work their way around us and then attack as soon as an opportunity present itself.

Which leads to the poll.

TSoH is not ready for us, so maybe we should attack then now instead of later.

Exile would help TSoH a lot if TSoH declared on us later, so maybe we should just take them out first to even the odds.

Or both, just for the hell of it.

AncientHoard on 28.11. at 23:03 Quote
ill give my reason, although not trying to convince anyone....

I went with Tsoh, but choosing just Exile was a very close 2nd. Reason being?

I do think Tsoh are the strongest and will be the strongest tribe,but with them having to deal with tH at the moment we can give them some real headaches. Also it will make us easier to absorb tH if we need to, as opposed to having to do it part way through an Exile war....

Theres a small chance Exile could stay out, if they remain friends with tH I guess and want to help them....

But i think at the end of the day its a very 50/50 call. We're damned if we choose one and damned if we choose the other.

Esit: I also do NOT think they are planning to attack us until tH is done with, or at least anytime soon. Thats just the impression I got from talking to Sherry and NWG (who is now council) if anything they were paranoid and worried about us attacking them.....
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siddhartha96 on 28.11. at 23:18 Quote
Yes, they are paranoid, that's one of the reasons they attacked tH, because they thought tH was trying to recruit DA to go to war with tsoh, which is silly considering they're getting slapped around by NL at the same time. Of course we're probably being paranoid too, at this rate either one of us could declare on the other because we thought the other was about to do it first :p

AncientHoard on 28.11. at 23:22 Quote
And I just read the bit about PR which is really shitty on jmons behlaf since we're meant to be allies.

I wouldve been pissed if he had been banned.

Edit: Id love to do some pnp in the decleration for these guys, I reckon we could make them look like paranoid rats. Even if someone else posts it....

Thats what your doign your merging with people who wanted to declare war on you?Yes that seems highly likely to work congrats tsoh your trusting sid big mistake.
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You should take the time to read that post. It sums everything up perfectly. If you have an account in W15 you NEED to read it. THis will be a tipping point for this world.


and the plot thickens...only can wonder when sid will decide to join in the blood bath