THE, pro or foolish.

Discussion in 'World 30' started by PineApplePizza, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    Yes i did, but that was an example of a coordinated attack INSO couldn't/wouldn't join in on. That was not me specifically trying to chat about Pinkie Winkie, although his name was mentioned.

    p.s he lost a village today. You might want to tell him to increase his wall sizes. Level 20 is probably best.
  2. PeRvIs

    PeRvIs Guest

    What you've skirted here is that qwe4rty has just proved that you indeed did start the petty arguing over BD.
    And hence you are proven a liar.
    And a moron but its not as if the average reader needed proof of eoither charge.

    Oh and his challenge to you still stands btw.
  3. qwe4rty

    qwe4rty Guest

    Ahh, I love the sarcastic comments. Here, two can play at that game:

    He seems mighty unhappy there. And what was that due to?


    Looks like UpTownGenie is the only one who's able to do much in your tribe. Took ya'll long enough to take a village though. Maybe another tribe should pick him up :icon_wink:

    But let's remember here, this isn't a topic about BD, it's THE and Boo!, remember? :)
  4. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    Well here was the first mention of BD.

    dexa, from THE.

    He brought up the topic of BD.

  5. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    lol you have a spy and still couldn't stack against our attacks. Damn your good.

    Or your spies just crap lol.

    Anyhow im not going to bother asking who it is since you won't tell me, but thank him for the wonderful info would you. He can't even pass you the good stuff
  6. qwe4rty

    qwe4rty Guest

    How hard is it to have you admit you're wrong :lol:

    Here, let me quote you again!

    My challenge still stands, after you've tried to refute it what, 2-3 times now? Come on now...
  7. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    I am wrong, yes. THE member brought it up

    Anyhow, whos your spy lol.
  8. lol big you'll have to find out lol :icon_rolleyes:i wonder who it is to
  9. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    It makes no difference anyhow, since they aren't passing BD the good info. But its now just an annoyance.

    I have a list of 3. Now just which one. mmmm ill work it out later
  10. Badlapje

    Badlapje Guest

    dexa did not go offtopic though, he was arguing as to why INSO members joined up with THE and BD. You appearently saw a red flag BD and proceeded to ramble about how boo! is doing more in the war against it and so on.
  11. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    In all his posts there was a mention of BD. This one is still before i even mentioned BD.

    Again he brought up the BD war and this time he brought up our attacks on BD.

    So again it was dexa who brought up BD into this not me.
  12. Pick 1 that did't attack BD thats not hard :p
  13. Badlapje

    Badlapje Guest

    that post was a direct reply to yours as quoted below

    shall we go back further?

    post #1: pinapple stating THE is recruit whoring people with high points,
    post #2: dexa stating INSO recruits are because the fight with BD/THE was pointless,
    post #3: pinapple saying the reason for the merge is irrelevant and INSO woulda lost
    post #4: dexa pointing out the stupidness of the initial post once again
    post #5: you show up and ask why inactives would be able to fight for THE (ignoring the previous statements that THE only took in the active ones).
    post #6: JPohlman disappointing pinapple that he can't join
    post #7: dexa saying he already answered your question
    post #8: pinapple not getting the point
    post #9: abho stating only leadership was inactive
    post #10: you again about why INSO can suddenly fight for THE/BD if they couldn't for INSO
    post #11: some random guy saying THE are pro fools
    post #12: you saying the players we took were he leaders of inso, which is wrong
    post #13: pinapple saying they shoulda found some more leaders to take over for the inactives (clearly not everyone wants a leader like you though)
    post #14: the post you quoted from dexa, where he tells you they found the fight with us pointless, you needed a shitload of nukes for the little advance against pinkie you did make and you have a serious case of penis envy.

    i could continue, but really: it doesn't get any better for you.
  14. JPohlman

    JPohlman Contributing Poster

    May 24, 2006
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    Whoops! Sorry, I think I do remember Dragonwarriors backing off his "I was in THE" claim. Cuz he was a liar and he got called out on it, and he realized he had a scrap of dignity and chose not to stick with it.

    Hey, BBS, still waiting on who you were in THE? Or maybe you forgot when you couldn't fit down the chimney?
  15. Thats not nice to say Jpohlman ;(
  16. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    He was in CLOROX and that was no secret. Then he left and fought them.
    Im still waiting on your who we sked to help fight THE tribe? Or maybe you forgot that too
  17. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    He only thinks santa got stuck in the chimney because he never got any presents this year.

    What he doesn't realise is that santa fits down all chimneys, its just noone bought him any.
  18. Gicusan

    Gicusan Contributing Poster

    Mar 4, 2007
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    bbsanta. it is not a spy, don't hunt your people with your superb logic. it is just a pissed member of boo that sent a one time mail. we hope he sents the good stuff again. we want those kind of tribal forum posts more than info regarding your attacks. We did fine so far without, we will do in the future also.

    And what we stack is our business, not yours. The attack tonight will fail same as the others before it.

    genie and FS are doing more actual work than your whole tribe.
  19. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    what attack tonight? boo! doesn't wanna fight.
  20. bigbadsanta

    bigbadsanta Guest

    ooh, you mean Rand.

    Ive never attacked him before. So i don't know how you can say like others before it. But i want to see how he deals with nukes and Nobles.