The Story Of W21


The story of W21:

Well it's all done and dusted folks. Our world, the best world, W21 is over. The Pirates and Puffins have done it again,
with a big assist from our brothers over at Panda incorporated, and under the gentle, persistence guidance of backwards, W21 has finally ended.
I compiled these notes in the closing days of W21 on the advice of Mars (computergui) and I think now is the time to share them.

As recommended by my esteemed colleague and mentor Mars, I will do my best to tell the story of W21 from start to finish.
But I don't want this to come across as a final telling of how events went, please take this dialogue as an open invitation to supply with information
for the holes and gaps I will no doubt be unable to avoid. The information from behind enemy lines, from the other side of the world,
from another era of W21.
Let us, my friends, the survivors of W21, tell this tale together.

This story will be entirely from my perspective and based on the journey I took through this world and what happened to me and my people along the way.

Really for me, W21 began on W8 a year before W21 opened.

W8 was where I learned about war, defending, attacking and especially, working as part of unit or team.
All the basics a solider needs to know, I initially learned from merrick2 and her council under a tribe called Knights of Sauron -KS-.
After warring the second largest and arguably most devious tribe on the server CLOROX to a standstill for 4 months, we merged in to
The Chosen Samurai Pizza Cats (TCSPC) in order to organize a force large enough to be able to overcome CLOROX.

It was in this time, that I was introduced to Mars, the leader and head diplomat of TCSPC and his in game daughter Dulcycka.
Just existing in a tribe under these two taught me countless leadership strategies, the best ways to manipulate in game tribal diplomacy, how to get
the most out of your tribes continents and troops, but most of all, how to best motivate your tribes members and keep them guided towards the tribes goals.

Ironically, after the merges were settled and the war began, TCSPC began to suffer from spate of inactivity and in the end, the leader of CLOROX,
offered a deal, merge with CLOROX or face multiple bans to TCSPC's largest account's.

Whilst I am sure it aged Mars a year in 1 day, he begrudgingly accepted the merge in order to give his players who wanted to continue, a fighting chance
at W8.

It was around this stage, after about 10 months on W8 that I decided to seek greener pastures and try my own hand at leading, by utilizing the skills
I had learned from Dulcy and Mars on the newest server at the time, W21.
I had heard whispers of a W8 pre-made tribe forming on W21 anyways, so I thought, what the hell? Dumped my W8 account on Merrick (sorry merrick), grabbed
a few of my W8 homies Scarlet Ash and Jamie (currently playing d503) and set off to see what a world was like from the beginning.

My first day on W21 was a bit of a shock.
I had expected to start off straight up in the core, but it turned out my timing was off and I was 2 weeks late to the party.
4 large core tribes had already established a certain dominance.

From early game forward the tier 1 front running tribes were:

In the south west of the core there was [TNK] (I don't even know what that stood for) but Jamie was recruited by them and fed me a fair bit of inside
info as he and I are good friends in real life.

TNK was currently ranked 1st. They appeared to be an aggressive war tribe and had kicked off to a great start, with a large, juicy, idiotic family tribe
for them to feed off easily.
This provided a multitude of early, hostile player village conquers and their reputation and seemingly high aggression earn't them the number 1 spot as top dog early on.
They after their initial success in the first 2 months of W21, their activity waned, and SRWS was quick to recruit what large, powerful and active players that TNK held.
Once these guys left for more active and more experienced leadership in SRWS, TNK fell apart and eventually disbanded.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the core we saw the emergence of Muffin. A premade tribe headed by Bwah who had been tried and tested on previous worlds
and carried a fierce reputation with them to W21.
I will invite Bwah himself at this point, to fill us in on the origins of Muffin and who was on their original roster. But needless to say, they were quick
to lock down their quarter of the core and set themselves up in a commanding position for early game.

To the North West, Star Wars emerged as the power of that quadrant.
Whilst they shared a large border with [TNK], diplomacy was stable and they were able to look at all their other borders, which helped them establish
some seriously tight nit geography, also a pre-made, with highly skilled, dedicated members, they dominated 3 or 4 neighboring tribes in the first few months
and ended up merging the best from -LS- and BBRO, two of their neighbors.
This put them in direct competition with Muffin for the number 2 position.

To the east, Muffin dominated very early on.
Formed by Floopy Pancake (my all time personal favorite W21 player and forum poster), later co-duked by Royalist with Pervis and redman0777 along for the ride. Later when Pervis stepped down, Bwah stepped up to assist Floopy and Royalist with the running's of the tribe.
This experienced crew immediately established what they stood for and how they were going to lay it down.
I feel that Muffin, early on, aside from maybe P.O.E. were really the most successful in ultra early game. They had all the right moves.

Just to the south a little lay P.O.E. Process of Elimination, being run by gans43, I know less about them, as my dealings were virtually none with these guys and many of them left by the time ARG! came to power in W21, but again from the very first day, P.O.E established themselves as a dominant power encountered nothing but success until they joined with Muffin to create the powerhouse that defined how W21 ended, Puffin!

These were the tier 1 powers, who had surfaced as having the most success in their initial wars and established a degree of
dominance that the rest of W21 was yet to achieve.

But a second tier existed, not too far off the top 4, which consisted of tribes who all held experienced war fighters and
had strong leaders, but had yet to come up against other strong top 20 ranked tribes.

These tribes were 24/7:
who was hovering just outside the top 4, but had quickly locked down their home continent in the north.

Edgey's iP:
which shared a huge 1 continent border with 24/7 and showed a lot of promise and entertaining world forum value.

Sic Semper Tyrannis (SST):

Lead by Deskin, to the south of P.O.E. who had the worlds largest player and a personal ally of mine at the time, Airbobourne, in their ranks, who boasted the
largest player title and the title of "The Female Kraaken of W21" for a few months, due to her odd selfish remarks and rageful
gameplay style.


Busamad's people, which consisted of a small elitest, pre-made band of W10 players. They did extremely well from the first
day forward, but as I understand it, after a month or two, activity started to wane.


At the height of their power, CRayn. (back then SPAM), reached the top 4. They occupied and had essentially locked down 3
continents, 54, 64 and 74, lead by the wise and venerable astronomypouya, backed by the experienced karmaeffect and
with their champion war fighter Pazliver who was always amongst the top 10 players, they ended up holding 1 quarter
of the core of W21 and we felt the ripples of the effect they had on W21 years after they disbanded.

The 47 Ron family:

Were a vast and expansive family. W21's answer to mass recruiting. When at their largest I believe they boasted 6 individual
tribes, most of which were completely full.
They had warred here and there, never against a top 10 opponent, taking the majority of their holdings through recruitment and
child tribes.
Never the less, they were a top 10 side through a tumultuous and chaotic time in W21, they had huge bulk, clever leadership
which was able to play the diplomatic game well enough to keep them out of danger, and excellent world forum representation
in the form of GOK (God of Kings) and they definitely added a unique flavor to W21.

Other heavy hitters around this time were SPAWN, Disney and the WEB family.

Outside these heavy hitters were the tier 3 tribes.
Tribes that were considered to be rim tribes at the time.
Late starters who were on the outside of the world and had yet to prove themselves in any major wars, but were definitely a part
of early game and would later play an integral role to the end of W21.


The W8 premade, with some of the finest long term players from W8. Many of them were enemies on W8, but under Llello Yayo,
backwards and Dulcy's leadership, all came together to form a fine, efficient, ruthless war machine.
Located in the south east of K75 and K76, they were able to avoid more skilled and difficult opponents in their early months, and
gorge themselves on other rim noobs, which went a long way to catching up with the current super powers of W21.
They were in it for the long term and fully committed to winning this world, with a plan and outline that would take them there.

Dr NO.:

At the time lead by MattyJ, with propaganda specialists such as Tiene, LAT and Eleandar, they were a premade from W19, with a
similar make up to ARG! and even though they were locate don the opposite side of the globe up in K32 and K33, a mutual respect
was quickly established between the Pirates and Revolutionists which spanned the majority of the server life time.
Dr NO, were in a similar position to ARG! and able to clean up on less experienced and less organized neighbors, many of who
were actually larger than Dr NO when their wars began and this afforded Dr NO a nice widely known kudos for tearing down large


Another small tribe, originally with about 6 members, if my memory serves, almost smack bang in the core of W21 between the top of
K65 and K64, they were not just able to survive in such a dangerous, unstable and volatile environment, but they were able to thrive.
Generally avoiding any top 10 tribes, they fed off whatever else they could find and were able to hold a top 20 position from the
first month of the server, right through til their end almost 10 months later.

A2A Family:

A union of A2A (Ashes to Ashes) and D2D (dust to dust) the academy tribe. I spent about 1 - 2 months in A2A as a result of a rushed
and botched merger between my tribe .:SK:. and A2A.
They were a strictly run rim tribe with a line of holdings that co-occupied Continents K75, K76, K66, K67, K77 and K68.
Their first major top 20 war came against ~IW~, largely fought in K65 and K66, where my people of .:SK:. converted the majority of
the caps.
This combined with their merger, took A2A into a top 10 rank.


Lead by the infamous and perhaps slightly unstable, Zytech, was a tribe which showed potential initially as the recruited from the
ashes and dust the defeated A2A/D2D family. Zytech was aggressive, experienced and everything you would want in a player, but
had yet to prove himself as a leader.


From this point forward, any other tribes that rose into the top 20 were late starters or late bloomers and never really rose to
properly challenge any of the tier 1 or tier 2 tribes of W21. I don't see it as that they didn't have strong leaders, or
decisive strategies, they simply lacked the territory and power to make any form of bid for world domination seriously.
3 or 4 of them did have an impact on how the world ended up, but they were never going to be front runners.

These are the tier 3 tribes.

~IMP~ Family:

What can I say, stubborn till the end. PnP's longest running, largest foe. Although all of the blows that were traded between IMP
and PnP did not come until mid-late game, when PnP's domination was already well established, they did not fold like most of the
early game "pro" tribes.
They were active, committed and through mass recruiting and nobling mass amounts of barbarians in W21's divided deep west, they
were able to accumulate a surprisingly large amount of territory whilst PnP was busy hunting down and finishing off it's old world


Rose up in the north in Mid-game. They were able to survive through clever diplomacy, quickly recognizing how dangerous Puffin were
and played to Puffin's requests in order to move themselves down the menu and eventually avoid full frontal conflict altogether.
With Puffin pacified, they were able to focus on smaller, rim tribes which were easy pickings for an organized, active and well
lead war tribe.
Over the span of about 1 year they were able to grow into and dominate about 5 Northern continents centered around K26/K17.
Their leader fireborne, played his hand as best he could to give BCB a commanding position in late game and avoid devastation
in early game when the Bouncy Castle Brigade were in an embryonic state.


The looney toons.
A small rostered tribe made of up of medium strength players who had mostly survived early game. Coming together from 47Ron,
A2A/D2D, The GA/TA and KKND, many of them were guys who were simply frustrated with silly family tribes and wanted to expand
without restriction, they struck out against the dead weight around them and at the height of their power, they controlled 5
far eastern, locked down continents and created an environment for themselves where they were the kings and their neighbors
either feared or respected them.
Lead by Bluemidgets and Shtaal, they later merged with BCB (their long term ally) when their leadership struggled with inactivity,
to create Panda!, a force that went all the way to finish beside PnP as the number #2 tribe.


The counter part to IMP, an ally on equal terms that refused to merge in or be recognized as part of the family.
They had a much better concept of how TW should be played than IMP and together IMP and IT! controlled the entire western seaboard
of W21 as we went into end game.
They were simply lucky to avoid PnP's wrath as they were seperated from PnP by both Dr NO and IMP and a few other small tribes
that don't really matter.
Of course once NOw merged into PnP towards the end, IT! finally felt the heat and their long term, venerable and respected leader

Jen, went inactive.
Their territory quickly fell and if W21 had have continued on for a few more months, IT! would have been run off the face of server.
Positives are that they ended up outlasting IMP.

The GA/TA:

The Geometric alliance, made up of -ASA-, -SAS- AND -AAS- (angle angle side).
I often joked about their fourth tribe -ASS- which didn't exist.
Spacemanspiff and hl2dmlord were both horrible leaders and made some horrible choices. They will tell you that their horrible
choices were to prevent their tribe from attacking ARG! when ARG! first started up their initial campaigns against the GA.
I will tell you that their truly horrible choices came much earlier on when they harbored refugee's from many of the tribes
ARG! destroyed, ran around the south east of W21 threatening all the smaller tribes that they were ARG!'s academy and worst of all,
openly expanded in territory that ARG! had established as it's own.
However they were both brilliant players defensively but from that point forward, the moment they aligned themselves against ARG!,
their tribe was continually dominated, territory taken, until they fell apart in the final days of W21.

**********************************************VOLUME I: Early Game - Part1***********************************************

My time on W21 begins in K75, after the first 3 weeks of hardcore simming and farming had already taken place, sooo many pre-made tribes had already
been established, the world forums were vibrant and bursting with activity, wars were being declared (and undeclared but still
occurring) flame was being handed out on every street corner and tribal leaders were introducing their tribes, what they stood for,
where they'd come from and how they were going to play.

The world was full of hopefuls who had either encountered success or failure on some of the first worlds that had seen
and wanted to try their luck at the newest server out.

It was an amazing time of industry and flourishment to be a part of W21...

By pot luck, I chose to start off in the south east, (K75 at that time being the outer rim as the world was in its infancy)
and K75 was where a few of my W8 friends had started and the pre-made tribe ARG! had started on the K75/K76 border.

The first thing I did was to create a tribe for myself which I called -PF- (The Purple Frogs) for some unknown reason.
I was preparing for the possibility that I wouldn't be able to join any power tribe straight up and need to form my own fortune,
so naturally I needed a snazzy name for a tribe to entice people to follow me.

Fortunately, after about 5 days of simming, 2 of my real life friends had me invited into a tribe where they were barons .:SK:.
The Shadow Knights! Personally I liked purple frogs, but whatever, you get what you get, etc etc.
I quickly built up a strong rapport with Mace-2 the founder and duke of .:SK:. It didn't take me long to realize that he was a
nooby 14 year old who couldn't duke his way out of a paper bag.

So I started making suggestions and changes with the aim of securing some property in K75, with the ultimate goal of locking it
down as a base from which we could strike out at other K's.
At this stage, the biggest player on the world was only like 3000 points and I don't think many people had developed nobles yet.
Like under 10 players of something like 20 thousand had that ability.

At that time, SK had under 10 members, 2 of them were RL friends of mine, 1 was semi-active with some experience, the rest were
complete TW noobies.
We were too small to make any sort of noise in W21 or even K75 for that matter, so we needed to expand. We needed active, committed
experienced war fighters, who were ready to sim up and attack together as one military force.
Mace-2 didn't really understand this and was only interested simming barbs, but at the same time, he never really opposed me,
happy for me to make the changes that were necessary in keeping .:SK:. in a strong position.

These changes included, recruiting 5 more of my friends from RL who had some TW experience in W20, recruiting two buddies from
on W8 (Scarlet Ash and Dragonphoenix29) and then we recruited the most active, intelligent players from in and around the area
we wanted to dominate.

These included MrsB, KBS.Skill, Joktai, Angryplayer, Dancefloorcommander, Dragonphoenix (former W8 player) and about 8 others, whose names escape me at this time.
Now we had some semblance of a military force, as literally all these players were willing to sim, attack and noble other players.
My RL friends followed my lead and I did everything I could to make the tribe fun and interesting for the new recruits.

After our first 4 or 5 successful operations on individual players and small 3 - 4 person tribes, confidence was high, our geography was looking good and activity was booming.
This was all important as we had missed the start of the server by about a month and had a long way to go to catch up with the rest of the server, but were starting to build up some infamy in K75 locally, which is always good.

When I first joined .:SK:. was ranked around 300. There was a certain prestige surrounding the top 40 tribes in the first 6 months of W21 which I was reaching for but whilst I had about 1 years experience on W8, I had never lead before.

I laid out the goal that I wanted to take .:SK:. into the top 20.
After he properly recognized my experience on W8 Mace-2 agreed it was better if I co-Duked the tribe with him as I was already pretty much running it from the ground up.

I quickly delegated a few gifted barons, like MrsB, Angryplayer, KBS and dragon and 2 of my RL friends. Shortly after this Mace went completely
inactive and after about 3 weeks, I demoted him from Duke and his account went barbarian.
One of the few things he did do was establish a few, flimsy alliances with some of the local populace of K75.
These alliances were blocking our expansion and I needed to find a way to convert that territory to .:SK:. control.

Between the 6 main tribes we had loose associations with, who now populated K75, there was not much else left to noble there. To the west, occupying K76 there was ARG!,
my associates and former tribemates from W21, lead by llello Yayo, Dulcyacka and Backwards. We had an understanding with ARG!, they stick to their side of the border and we stick to ours. They had just as much work to do, if not more than .:SK:. as they started even later than us and were about 60 ranks below us.

I knew they had some of the best players from W8 and would make an excellent ally after they had had a few months to develop and our informal diplomatic agreement worked well for both parties. A stable, safe, western border for them and an eastern one for us for at least 6 months.

To the south was the Rim of W21, a barren desolate land of tiny player villages that were not worth nobling and barbarians.
No great expansion opportunities there.

To the far east SPAM (rank 4 at the time) had laid their stake to claim and I had come to an agreement with astronomypouya,
that .:SK:. would be left alone for the time being, provided they never crossed the K74 border. I could live with this.
We needed more time to build up and lock down our own K before expanding into others or challenging anything in the top 40 first

We couldn't go North into K65, because that was inhabited by SST (sic semper tyranis) currently rank 7, Invictus Warriors ~IW~, ranked about 35 and
PWoT (pointless waste of time) currently rank 50.
PWoT were volatile and somewhat experienced. I knew we could take them on if we were of a similar size, but in our current state,
SK was simply outgunned. I needed to create time and space, so I used diplomacy to create it.

PWoT agreed to an uneasy NAP, tensions were always high, as we frequently recruited each others "future targets".
ARG! upgraded to an Alliance (for the time being) as we already had a good rapport and there was no reason for any local hostilities
in an already harsh and belligerent world.
A2A (a distant neighbour) agreed to an alliance, which was great for us as they were 1 and half continents away and could supply defense should we request it but were not close enough to choke us.

All the other alliances with the smaller tribes outside the top 100 which Mace had put together were dropped and either directly
attacked by .:SK:. or sold out to ARG! to eat.

Once the dust settled from this diplomatic overhaul, .:SK:. held about 80% of K75, had finally entered the top 20, as size at
which we could finally challenge the thorn in our proverbial backside, PWoT.

I never wanted to lead the guys in the long term, I had always wanted to grow up my guys to a size where we were an attractive
merge in option for a larger tribe and together, once merged, weasel our way into the top 10.
To achieve this we had to hold locked down territory and prove that we could war, which we had done, locally in the south east...
more or less.

For a while the tribe A2A's leadership had been toying of the idea of merging .:SK:. into their own family. A2A were about 20%
larger than .:SK:., ranked about 12th and they had an impressive academy tribe, floating around just outside the top 40.
At this stage however, it was just talk. A2A wanted to see what .:SK:. could really do and if we were just lucky noobs, or
serious war fighters.

Similarly to .:SK:. they had only fought small scale local skirmishes and no serious, inter-continental invasions against any
other top 20 tribes.

It was around this same time, nearing the 7th month mark, that PWoT's arrogance and naivety angered the ARG! leadership.
PWoT, over-confident in their greater size and oblivious to ARG!'s proven war experience on earlier servers, boldly nobled into
Pirate waters and this didn't sit well with backwards and llello yayo at all.

A PWoT recruit was rimmed. So in response to this harsh action, PWoT declared war, with a metaphor about "seamen coming into ARG!
Embarrassed and angered, ARG! hit back... but on the battlefield. PWoT had clearly won the battle of words, but could they convert
into caps?
This was ARG!'s first serious top 20 war on W21.
Whilst they had experienced nothing but crushing victories up until this point, they had never been close enough to a top 20 tribe
to have any sort of war.

And whilst ARG! were barely ranked something like 36th and PWoT 19th, this was soon to change.

ARG!'s attack pattern was brutal and unending and their defense was a cold efficient machine. First, PWoT's diplomat went AWOL,
then their largest player cracked, ARG! showed no signs of slowing down and PWoT was failing to turn up many caps at all.
Bamboozled by ARG!'s efficiency, PWoT was caught off balance and backwards was quick to follow up and grab large amounts of
PWoT's territory in the opening 2 weeks.

Sensing weakness, I assembled my shadow knights and we jumped on PWoT from the west, like a pack of hungry jackals onto a fallen
buffalo. By this stage there was very little resistance, and the great surge of troops which .:SK:. had been saving up for our
old rival PWoT was simply too much to handle.

It gave ARG! a chance to reload and line up for the final kill and then after a further 4 weeks of combat, backwards came out and
declared the war over with a nice picture of a happy looking condom, declaring PWoT's seamen to be dead. ARG! had won.

By this time in the area surrounding, K65, K66, K67, K75 and K76, there were essentially 4 main players, all who held top 20 positions
and between the 4 of them, they controlled the entire south east.
They were, ~IW~ (Invictus Warriors) ranked 11th, who occupied the K65/K66 area, the A2A family (ranked 12th), who had most of
their territory on the eastern fringe of and K76 and K67, ARG!, who pretty much had K76 close to locked down, currently ranked
20th fresh off the back of their victory over PWoT and .:SK:. who had profited greatly from PWoT's demise, ranked 14th.

The demise of PWoT helped ARG! and .:SK:.'s bond grow greater. It showed A2A and .:SK:. wasn't fucking around and that they could
mix it with top 20 tribes and it allowed .:SK:. to grab a great piece of real estate which pretty much turned out norther border
into an impregnable fortress. We were now well equipped.

But I was about to make a horrible leadership call I would soon regret and one which would change the .:SK:. crew forever.

--------------------------------End of VOLUME I: Early Game - Part 1-----------------------------------------------------------


Early Game Part 2

----------------------------------------VOLUME I: Early Game - Part 2---------------------------------------------

One of my barons and real life housemate PMSoverlord, had been in negotiations with Tiffany, one of 2 joint dukes at A2A. Tiffany
had advised us that .:SK:. ever ran into any trouble, we could merge into A2A's family and rely on the A2A leadership to carry
our burdenous weight.

For the most part I had felt it unnecessary as we were doing fine on our own, my tribe respected my leadership, we'd won all of
our wars, one of them against a larger more aggressive foe and we were now ranked 14th, which back then, was a big deal.
Yes A2A were slightly higher ranked at around 12 and about 30% larger than .:SK:. but that was ok, our territory was hardly
bordering and we held friendly relations with any tribes which could pose an immediate threat.

But a week or two after PWoT had been erased, Jess (PMSoverlord) came to me and said "we have to merge into A2A now! Tiffany is
closing the window and we're going to miss out!" she was exasperated and nooby. I knew from my experience on W8 (which was a
fairly harsh world) that merges weren't "all that" and some seriously great tribes got by without ever merging.

I wasn't sure if .:SK:. could function that way, but our largest player and champion, had just quit and I ran a very democratic
leadership style, similar to backwards, so any major decision that would affect the tribe, was put to the tribe in a majority

Jess was pushing for a merger hard and there was some amount of mumbling interest in the merge from within .:SK:.'s ranks and yes,
it did have it's merits.

If we joined with A2A we would be part of a tribe that would become around rank 8 or 9, a top 10 tribe. There was even more prestige in this.
A2A leadership seemed stable and long term.
They'd treated us well so far.

However my viewpoint was that whilst there are positives, there was really no "great need" to do it and there are always unforeseen
pitfalls and drawbacks to mergers which I was wary about, which Jess could not see.
We could stay together and see how far we got, but against my better judgment, we put the matter to a vote.

The voting was fairly split. About 80% of the tribe had voted, 45% voting yes, 35% voting no.
I was amongst the no's, but I did little to deter others as I wanted to cultivate an open environment and I knew my tribemates
appreciated that. It was one of the key things that made .:SK:. so unique.

Whilst this was going on, Tiffany wrote to Jess and told her they could not wait any longer as they needed to either finalize
the merge and move on to their planned war with Invictus Warriors (~IW~), or fling it away and focus entirely on ~IW~.

So much to my dismay, before everyone had has a chance to vote and whilst I was away on holiday, Jess declared the vote closed,
without consulting me and began moving accounts across to A2A.
Everyone was confused, some panicked and by the time I got back, it would have done more damage than good, to reverse the
decision and try and move everyone back, so I too went along with it.
Horrible, horrible mistake.

To make matters worse, they players who had not yet had a chance to vote, came back to us and voted against the merger, tipping the majority, 55% against 45% for.

Our arrival at our new home was a rude awakening. The culture of A2A was almost opposite that of .:SK:. and .:SK:. was now dead.
These guys ran an authoritarian style of leadership and when I asked to be a part of the decision making process, I was flat out told that privileges went to those who earned them and there were no exceptions.

They essentially locked me out of the council.
Whilst I could live with this, what I couldn't live with was Tiffany reneging on key details that I outlined with her in our negotiations for the merger.

At first I was offered 60 spots in the A2A family for myself and my people, the smaller players of course would be pushed to the academy, D2D to grow first.

Secondly, we were to have 2 weeks to finalize our business before moving over completely.
This was agreed upon by both Jess and myself and the A2A leadership.

However, when the merger began, Tiffany changed the amount of time we had from 2 weeks, to 3 days.
If that wasn't enough, she minimized the available promised positions, from 60 (which would cover all of .:SK:. to something like 35.

This I could not stand for. Some of my men and women were being left behind for an ideal that I didn't completely agree with. This display of disrespect and betrayal, started the roots of revolution in my mind.

However, most members that made it across, settled down fairly quickly as war broke out almost 5 days later with ~IW~.

The now 10th ranked tribe A2A vs ~IW~ 13th, was a big deal and in time of temporary ceasefires between the super powers, this war held the attention of most of W21.
It came with some slack world forum propaganda from A2A and some lame responses from ~IW~ leadership, but A2A's element of surprise was far too much for ~IW~.

They had spent months preparing for this hostile take over and they threw all of their preparation right at ~IW~.
~IW~ had already been dealing with small hostilities from SST, a dangerous tribe in anyone's books, and with the organized maulers of .:SK:. making up the spine of the frontline with ~IW~ the war was over in 2 weeks.

My own people had reshuffled themselves quickly and efficiently and between the former .:SK:. members we made up about half of A2A's war caps.

The victory was bittersweet however, as A2A refused to properly acknowledge .:SK:.'s contribution and continued to flaunt their inner social circles in our faces.
On top of that, they chose to promote their puppet PMSOverlord, onto their council as her girlfriend was a long term member of A2A.

I just don't feel that Jess ever had .:SK:.'s best interests at heart and was just playing for fun, which is fine, but when you are duke, TW isn't for fun, it's like a full time job, with responsibilities, goals and accomplishments.

Am I right backwards and Mars?

I was gritting my teeth and bearing the treatment my people and I were putting up with.
MrsB made the best of a bad situation and worked hard to earn a spot on A2A’s war council, helping better organize their military forces, and update their archaic strategies.

And they did well to listen to her and take her recommendations on board.

But when I started receiving messages from my smaller .:SK:. members who had been dumped and felt betrayed and alone, I knew action must be taken.
This was not how I wanted to play and definitely not how I wanted to be remembered.

I opened up talks with Dulcy, from ARG!.
We had fought together on W8 in TCSPC and I always felt a certain kinship with her and her friends in ARG!.
I knew their style of leadership. Their tribal culture. It was much more forgiving, trusting, open and honest.

A2A was secretive, selective, clicky and punishing.
Basically our talks centered around undoing the merger between .:SK:. and A2A and bringing all those former .:SK:. members, into their rightful home at ARG!.
ARG!'s culture was much closer to SK's own.
ARG!'s powercore, K76 was much closer to SK's own in K75.
Dulcy and backwards promised to take in all SK members and leave no one behind and this promise which I knew I could trust was the deciding factor for me.

What they wanted in return was just 2 things.
1st, a war with A2A was on the cards and if so, SK would be required to fight and win.
It was nothing personal (although I made it personal), but ARG! needed a major jump in points and power to catch up with W21.
The merger was part of this and the war with A2A would complete ARG!'s war torn journey into the top 10.
Backwards wanted to be at a size where they could negotiate with Puffin.

2nd, and in backwards own words "just grow massive, no matter what you do".

I agreed to these terms and I knew ultimately ARG! was far more experienced, advanced and would go much further than A2A ever could, despite current rankings.
A2A did a good job of holding on and drawing the war out longer than ARG! would have liked it to, but it was clear to them and us that ARG! had A2A clearly outclassed in both activity, strategy and teamwork.

Following this ARG! offered to take in the .:SK:. members that had been left behind by A2A so I sent highlander12 and Angryplayer as .:SK:. champions, who were our largest 2 players at the time and arguably most successful and some smaller members over to feel out the tribe and decide if they liked it.
They quickly gelled with the ARG! culture and war team and gave me positive feedback.

I started approaching all of my former tribemates with individual requests, advising that I felt the merger was a mistake, our comrades had been left behind and I was not happy to remain with A2A anymore.
Most of the people I spoke to echoed my thoughts or said they didn’t mind and would simply follow me, Midnight11, where ever I chose to go and where ever the rest of our guys had landed.

Confident that I had everyone in the same boat, I approached ARG! and we initiated the “un-merge” or switch out.
Now I had only ever seen such a move happen once in TW history up until this point.

On W8, one of the former SPARTAN academy’s pledged to Mars that they would merge into TCSPC to bolster their size to a point where war could be waged on CLOROX (the rank 2 tribe).
But after a few weeks, when they had collected all the spy info they intended to sell to CLOROX, they switched back out and TCSPC was left devastated.

So I was aware of the impact this would likely have on A2A and given that ARG! were planning on destroying A2A anyway, I knew there would be no way they would recover from this move.

At the same time, Puffin were looking to recruit Tiffany and put the rest of her tribe to the sword, but Tiffany wanted to bring her husband along and 9 members of her council.
There was no way Puffin would clear this, and in the end, they decided to side with ARG! and simply eat what remained of A2A’s husk, recruiting no one, but the fact that Tiffany was willing to sell out the entire tribe to Puffin minus her clicky inner circle, was enough to tip me over the edge.

I gave the word, and the transformation from Ninja into Pirate, began.

Of course I almost instantly received a long winded, pretentious, self-important mail from Tiffany to the effect of “Oh I know exactly what you’re doing Jeremy, I can’t believe you would do this to me, after I took you all in” wah wah wah.

My reply was “you were never really happy with us in your tribe, you failed to keep your members (us) happy, this is a game and we will enjoy playing more, with our friends at ARG!, furthermore you reneged on the deal we all agreed upon and this way, .:SK:. can live on together, under the same one banner, not half split into D2D and the rest of us, unceremoniously dumped in no man’s land.”

Of course she took it personally and I am sure that they instantly started preparing for the worst, a war with ARG!, a much more experienced, more aggressive and now, thanks to the .:SK:. switch in, almost equally sized tribe.

And of course, about 2 weeks later, attacks did break out.

It wasn’t so much of “war” as it was ARG! poking at A2A’s pressure points and weak spots. The cap’s started to rise and by the time A2A responded, ARG! had already outgrown them and were able to put a steadfast defense. A2A were on the backfoot from the get go, ARG!'s timing as always was impeccable. A2A recovering from the loss of the merged out .:SK:. members and at the same time trying to reshuffle and regrow troops from a large offensive against ~IW~.

A2A’s offense was shattered.

After A2A's initial failure, ARG! pushed the lines even further and A2A ceased all co-ordinated attacks, focusing solely on defense and recovery. This was an environment that the Pirate invaders thrived on. Nobling out confused, retreating opponents.

Dulcy, Backwards, Skanderberg, Da Taco, d503, Jaaz and Virkamies, lead the charge.
.:SK:. were also eager to properly fit in with the ARG! crew and did a great job of cleaning up the backlines to ensure nothing was left of A2A in K75, K65 and K76, so that the more experienced ARG! fighters could focus on pressing the front line further and further.

Puffin was watching with keen interest, contemplating where they would strike and where they would grant neutral relations as both A2A and ARG! had recently came off hugely successful initial top 20 wars, with both ~IW~ and PWoT respectively, so the A2A V ARG! throw down was really going to separate the wheat from the chaff.

After about 3 weeks into the war, backwards proposed that we hit Tiffany's husband, (his name eludes me something like Kevin or
Ken or some such) but he was the co-duke of A2A and in their forums, Tiffany and her husbands marriage was the lifeblood of A2A and their tribe pulsated on that unique flavor of humor that originated from that.
He had some villages well inside ARG! borders, so the operation was set and took off with huge success.
At first A2A rushed to their dukes defense, but after losing the war for so long, this guy had clearly lost his passion and didn't properly defend himself.
The scalleywags from ARG! quickly dismantled him and he's account was all but rimmed.

This was the beginning of the end for A2A.
Large numbers of players from D2D split off and joined tribes like -ASA-, 47Ron's many academies or they followed Zytech into
KKND and Shtaal even formed a tribe which several of them fall into, CCCP.
They were scattering, abandoning their sinking ship.
Of the larger players in A2A, they began to recieve attacks from Puffin players. Not co-ordinated operations, just lazy expansion
attempts, as Puffin had sensed the true weakness of A2A as a great opportunity to grab some land in a less hostile region, just next door.
A2A were losing ground on two major fronts, thier members were fleeing and one of their two dukes had quit, whilst the other (Tiffany) had given up hope.
The war was over and the clean up was now in progress.

I feel, that out of all the A2A members we chased down and culled in those days, MissdarkKittycat and Naki Papa gave us the most trouble.
By this stage co-ordinated defense had broken down and it came down to an individual's skill and activity to hold onto his villages.
Around the border of K66/K67, there was a decent sized strong hold for these two players and this is where the final battles of the A2A clean up were held.
After a hugely stubborn operation against Missdarkkittykat, Virkamies, Dulcy, d503, Skanderberg and some others were able to take her last villages off her and she was done.

But Naki Papa held on and on in this region and no ammount of nuking was able to wipe his filth from the face of the world.
For Naki, it was personal. He was on the A2A council that refused me and largely blamed me for A2A's undoing.
He we blind and arrogant and unable to see his own tribes faults which ultimately destroyed A2A from the inside.
After about 2 months of dancing with him, he came out and announced he was quitting on the world forums and he was disgusted with
ARG!. The villages he had left went barb and that was it, it was over.
I felt like this was a hollow victory for ARG!, we had fought him to a standstill and whilst we outlasted him, we unable to outplay him. But I digress.
For me, the undoing of A2A spelled the end of early game.
All over the world dominate powers were establishing their 3 - 4 continents power core and the intial local wars fought over a single continent were all but done.

The core was now divided into 4 clear super powers, clearly ahead of the rest of the game. TESB Ranked 1st (SRWS now merged
with ATOM), had beaten back Dr NO somewhat formed a clear cube to the north western core.
Puffin ranked 2nd, everyone agreed they deserved the number 1 rank, but TESB had again chosen the cheap merge to stay in front.
Magnum, the product of iP and 24/7 to the north, ranked 3rd.
And CRayn., to the south west of the core, held 3 continents locked down in a line from K54, K64 and K74 ranked 4th.

These powers were fairly stable.
To the north east rim, 47Ron family emerged as controlling a vast amount of unlocked down territory, ranked 5th.

To the south east rim, ARG!, the pirates had won their first 2 top 20 wars and were now the undisputed south east rim rats. Ranked 6th.

To the north west rim, Dr NO. had defeated all rim opposition and it was clear no one was going to upset their ranking of 7th and they were comfortable with this.

And the south west rim was largely still disputed and unstable, but small and unimportant.
These standings and this level of stability was something W21 had not yet experienced and it took us into a era, the early game wrestling for rank and land was over, the victors now populated our top 10.
Mid game was set to begin...

********************************VOLUME I: Early game - Part 2 End***************************************


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What I lot you wrote here are the edits so far:

TNK - The Noble Knights.

crazyace55 - Was the husband of JustPlayingHere.
Funny enough they married due to meeting in this game they both came from W10 were she ran a top family for a while called LoT.
I was in LoT3 at one point (not good enough to make it to the top tribe)

vilbrii who was a sheer monster in W10 (No1 in ODA rank) posted on the forum lets join W21 so a few followed. It was a W10 tribe called SET we had just finished off Die (near enough & activity / enjoyment for many had gone). So a fresh start looked a good option. However on joining we found that vilbrii had gone off to join other W10 friends in MuFFiN.

This left us in a bit of a bind in knowing what to do. I quickly set up a holding tribe to keep players together called Brotherhood Of NOD.
I searched for what felt like days looking for a good option maybe another small band of players from an old world that togther we could merge & have fun.

busamad on 30.06. at 13:35
Hi jackcrop,

I see your tribal profile says you are looking for active/experienced players. The small tribe I am curretly in is all active/experienced players.

All of us but one or two are from the same tribe on W10. We are all highly experienced players on W10. You can check each of our stats there if you would like.

We have been talking and I think we would be more inclined to want to merge into another good tribe on this world.

I am looking for a tribe that would be a good fit. If you would be interested in adding a dozen or so good players let me know. I think they would be open to it for a good tribe.

If you are interested I would have a couple of questions to ask to see if your tribe might be a good fit.

Many Thanks

After a few mails swapping history & general questions:
jackcrop on 30.06. at 16:10
i would be happy to take you and any of your players you think will be active in, i have posted in the forums and am waiting on a reply from other members on whether they think a merge will benefit us,

i should have your answer by about 22:00 server time tonight if not about 18:00 tomorow :D

So was born from a W5 & W10 tribe a new W21 tribe called MoJo based in K55 mainly to the right of MuFFiN.

Now things went well hitting rank 14 at some stage. Then it happened not so much a war more a few MuFFiN players attacked some of ours. Now we knew it would happen & were ready for it. At that time there was a gangbang run by ByteKing leader of Ghost who were along with many smaller tribes attacking MuFFiN we kept out of the fight not really liking gangbangs.
Then the nobles came against PepsiBlue he had it planned & catted Bwahs academy of one village stacked another & nobled a village from him it was a great counter move that you can only dream of. However the worst thing in the history of the game happened just after the server crashed & the world rolled back not once but twice I think 24 hours in total.
PepsiBlue could not get the plan to work a second time from what I remember we kind of stood off each other after that.

Now as worlds go on from start up activity does hit you & after attacking a player was given a few good options & the hardest choices I was to every make in this game.

As you do I attacked a player:

Frankish (deleted) on 25.07. at 13:57
No this isnt a grovling mail dont worry. :p
Luckily for you, (unlucky for me) you caught me on a day when im extremely hungover and just really dont care lol.
Cant even be bothered to try and draft in support.
Im an offense whore, my gamble hasnt paid off :p

O yeah and, pls pls leave me aloneee! haha

Frankish (deleted) on 25.07. at 14:10
Hey, this is his account sitter, Big Dave. Poor old Frankish :(

Your a bad bad person for attacking my tribe member!

Anywho, hows things going in Mojo? You guys still looking for a tribe to merge into?

I was never after a merge into another tribe (That was just Old Skool) but I was looking for decent allies I guess thats out the window now:(

Old Skool was a dutch player who had the village next to me who I became friends with I had the longest in game mail ever with a player when chatting to him I even drew a north south line for farming so we could both grow but it was hard work.[/spoil]

Well In the end as it was a long mail I did not noble the player but instead he worked with me so I could make a massive jump but that did not work either, then cross noblings between Pepsi & Static gave me even more grief:

busamad on 29.07. at 23:46
They are the times it takes for a Noble to reach the village from shveik who took the village:

Nobleman 6:39:04
Nobleman 7:05:48

They are the times the village changed over :

welcome to hell u 1st (516|505) K55 3,070 PepsiBlue [MoJo] shveik [STATIC] 29th July 2008 - 20:47:46
welcome to hell u 1st (516|505) K55 3,050 herkch [GHOST] PepsiBlue [MoJo] 29th July 2008 - 18:06:39

That is the time that the mail was sent letting me know a noble was on route:

Big Dave today at 15:15
Well things should still be OK. I just hate things like this, especially when a lot of organisation has gone into something, as long as i have enough space, I doubt me and pepsi will have to argue over anything again.

Tell him to enjoy his village ;)

P.S Shveik has got a noble on the way to it, so pepsi will only have to send one more.

I did ask Pepsi to make sure he hit it his noble but left it up to him to work out the times.

It would have taken Pepsi :

Nobleman 3:30:00

So he had sent his noble prior to us being told of the other noble:

And my last post on the subject:

Well I'm p????? off with the whole thing from both sides...........................................

Big Dave (deleted) on 30.07. at 00:13
Thankyou. On behalf of STATIC, were sorry for this and it will be resolved.

Time went on a a new dawn for some it was the hardest day of my life trying to work out which members should move over & which would not be able to:

Circular mail

Hello fellow tribe members.

As you know (If you are active) we have been attacked by MuFFiN the result was Lady camarasa being sent to the rim and now leaving this world.
Plus PepsiBlue getting a ban.

I have also been told they plan to mass attack us at the weekend.

For the last couple of weeks I have, along with others been looking at every option open to this tribe. But more importantly you the members.

I have been chatting with a few tribes about options open to us & the best one I have found is to merge with another tribe.

One of the main reasons behind this is the drain / enjoyment that both me & Jack have lost in this game trying to run the tribe.
It is very hard work.

The recent battle with MuFFiN has only added to that:)

Jack will be posting on the forum what he plans to do.

The merge will be with the active players from STATIC. I did want to keep the name / image of MoJo until the end of this world but it looks like it will not happen.
The name of the tribe will change from STATIC unsure what it will be called you the new members will I'm sure have a chat about it.

The invites will be sent shortly I will wait until near the end if for some reason you do not get an invite please do not panic but mail me I will try & sort things out.

Best of Luck

Some who I had asked to be invited did not get the invite it was a very bad day for me I so nearly just up & left the game.
In the end I moved to MuFFiN instead. But missing the players I started the world with soon left & joined them in the new tribe.

busamad on 09.08. at 18:52
I asked in the forum & this is the answer I'm not happy as I've always gone for troops above points:

I asked that all active members regardless of points be given a chance.
Which I felt & still do think a fair request.

Big Dave
His points are just too low at the moment to be allowed access.

Maybe if you can grow a bit I will try to get you in I'm sorry I did not see this coming:(

SEXY! - We Are Bringing Sexy Back.

It had all the makings of a good tribe we have masses of skill within the ranks but it was not to be:(
The tribe was a merge together of a few tribes:

TOP - latter I think called Drift


Now this was a great tribe everything was going great we hit rank 2 killing everything in our path then problems came about. We had a spy & plans of attacks got leaked to other tribes. Then on the dawn of the K war against MuFFiN half the leadership got a ban & the rest went inactive.
This left us no choice but to keep fighting while many jumped ship to the other side.

Here are the pre war stats:

[spoil]Current statistics
Point Rankings
3 PuFFiN 1.564.338 1.656.533 53 31.255 292 5.673
4 Sexy! 1.549.619 1.982.343 75 26.431 383 5.176

ODa Rankings
3 Process of Muffination! 3,19 Mio.
5 We*re Bringin Sexy Back! Yeah! 2,55 Mio.

ODd Rankings
1 Process of Muffination! 1,29 Mio.
7 We*re Bringin Sexy Back! Yeah! 726.430

Top 3 K55 Rankings
1 Sexy! 963.073 197
2 SPAWN 632.957 142
3 PuFFiN 471.410 88

Top 3 K65 (+Sexy!)
1 SST 653.109 142
2 PuFFiN 362.030 60
3 MYM 329.252 88
5 Sexy! 163.261 30

Top 3 K56
1 Sexy! 720.219 128
2 PuFFiN 344.145 60
3 NuFire 344.113 94[/spoil]

Surprise surprise I was once again trust into running the tribe & to salvage some things.

Well another spell at solo & joined PuFFiN with many other SEXY! members in total I think we had half the active tribe made up of SEXY! players :)

Onwards to war :)

First step SST which was helped by me sitting airboborne
She had upset SST by nobling claimed villages & in the end left SST started to attack her on mass. As she was chatty over the start mailed me for help saying she was done with the world. I took the sit & stopped a good old fashioned gangbang all the time gaining intel & killing SST nukes. Until the day came & PuFFiN was ready for war against them.
This war worked well as it was the southern half of puffin fighting while the rest supported & rebuilt after the bloody battle between SEXY! & PuFFiN up north.

Now with the move over to PuFFiN yet again a few players got hung out in the wind. I did manage to get them an invite but it took time & loads of growling towards others when attacks against them were mentioned.

Sorry for the thread hijack midnight just had some time & thought a bit of history from me while I could still get mails would be nice.
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Great read! Thanks for your hard work on this, Midnight.

It would be great to see some old maps to go along with the story.


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I found some maps HERE:




Still trying to get my laptop hard drive to work if I do have loads of maps as I used to save them daily for the first year or so.

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I would like to direct players both old & new to the Top 20 thread. Its the first world I have been on which did not get it closed within a few weeks of opening.

A total of 2,910 posts & 76,803 views dating back from June 2009.

Well done everyone for keeping things civil in here :)


vilbrii who was a sheer monster in W10 (No1 in ODA rank) posted on the forum lets join W21 so a few followed. It was a W10 tribe called SET we had just finished off Die (near enough & activity / enjoyment for many had gone). So a fresh start looked a good option. However on joining we found that vilbrii had gone off to join other W10 friends in MuFFiN.

He was a machine. At that point he was finishing up a little excursion with a nooby rim tribe in w20 (joined the world, created a tribe and wanted to see what he could do from K based recruitment alone) so 21 was perfect for him to have a chance to play with some decent players again.

I will attempt to fill in the little I remember of FORK's history.

FORK was essentially a premade of w11/w3 players. W11 has been a world where a lot of people became close on opposite sides of the world war that was happening at the time. With that in mind I decided to take a few of my friends and recruit some more players to try and create a new tribe for 21. Indeed the memberlist was looking very solid from my perspective but with my minimal lack of leadership skills and in-game at that point it was unlikely that the tribe would last if I held the reigns. This put me in a difficult position. On the one hand I knew that i didn't have the leadership skills to make the tribe work for the longer run but at the same time I was the one who organized it all and who people expected to lead. Not everyone had the best of relationships so looking for a new duke within the w11 player ranks would have caused some friction.

In the end I was approached by gruntie guns, who was looking to take a few world 3 players and give them the challenge on w21, who had heard about the potential w11 tribe from a member who played both worlds. He was looking to expand his member base whilst I was searching for the right leadership to take the tribe forward. This seemed like an ideal solution in my eyes as it provided the leadership experience I was sorely lacking without splitting up the tribe before it had even begun. However it was a risk, having never played directly with these players I had to go on TWstats and references alone. Their demeanor in the skype chatrooms before the world began helped to reassure my confidence and thus FORK was created.

As for what we achieved it wasn't a lot, which was a huge shame because that tribe had huge amounts of potential (and the vast majority of people that signed up actually joined!). We joined the NE of the world and created a small name for ourselves. Unfortunately because 95% of the member-base were playing in huge wars on their original servers activity / interest began to wane and a snowball effect of inactivity/ leaving ensued. I don't think anyone from the tribe really did anything notable on the world apart from creating a NE presence in the early days but it was a lot of fun to play with some really great players of that era certainly from my perspective.


Thanks for putting all this up :icon_biggrin:

A long read, but was worth it! Nice to find out more about the early days of w21... i completely missed all that fun that was going on at the very beginning whilst i was just trying to figure out what the hell this game was all about out on the rim in k26 :icon_redface:


This was a great read.

Concerning what I can attribute to this the fall of A2A and KKND was a bit different in the way that we (Blue, myself and Darefire) approached it. The absorption of A2A/D2D in KKND included essentially everyone, I think it was only later where certain individuals left to puffin. Essentially the plan was to take the most active into KKND, others would join KKND's academy. Prior to that A2A and D2D actually 'split' and became two 'independent' tribes. Later on talks continued and the active were taken.

I was in the KKND council with my good friend Darefire, and being new to it together we quickly started to work side by side. Bluemidgets was the duke of a tribe which helped KKND from the 'far' east. We were hoping that the move into KKND would sort the inactive mess out, but obviously it didn't do much at all. In my own persepctive Zytech ended up randomly blaming the fall on certain individuals who had little to do with it, in essence he was a mess by the end. I remember him putting out a fight towards the end, but that can mostly be attributed to sitters such as the original Mystic Aegis which later joined us from Ron. There was a point where he went inactive because of playing other video games. He was a great player, but didn't really cut what it had to take I don't think.

At this point Darefire and I decided to pick up and leave and form a tribe called REDV. Bluemidgets was keen on joining and so that resulted in him picking up Barocco (who's still active today), and joining us.

Much of this move was based on frustration that accumulated in Darefire trying to make opps against DaTaco in k-58. Most attacks sent ending up either being half-assed, not existent or not timed properly because of people's abilities. If I can remember things correctly, DaTaco and Darefire ended up becoming quite close.

Others later left KKND by joining mainly Ron but they too had really lost it towards the end. This group later went back to form Knight, which if I recall correctly use to be an alright tribe but the new one was terrible. It was led by some idiot named DJ something.

From then on followed the Knight war which really settled the North Eastern block, and attributed to what would become closer relations between PnP, BCB and LT/MPFC.
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Busa and Shtaal, I can't thank you enough for adding to this story.
It even makes it much more interesting for me.
Thanks for the effort :)


What a good read Ozzy! Lub joe for it!

This is my past:

At the height of their power, CRayn. (back then SPAM), reached the top 4. They occupied and had essentially locked down 3
continents, 54, 64 and 74, lead by the wise and venerable astronomypouya, backed by the experienced karmaeffect and
with their champion war fighter Pazliver who was always amongst the top 10 players, they ended up holding 1 quarter
of the core of W21 and we felt the ripples of the effect they had on W21 years after they disbanded.

I am the last one standing (or slacking) left form SPAWN/CRAYN whatever. Pouya was leading the whole thing with firm hand! After people go kicked for whatever reason they mostly where turned into food a.s.a.p.!

Karma dear karma... man we all have read his stuff here on the forum!

And the first who accepted my friend invite was Pazliver. Damn what a machine he was. He must have spend many, many nights marking and sniping. Calculation and sending the first timed and unstopable attacks that I had seen! Great stuff! Even after years his name is still known here! (I hope all is well Pete!).

And me....? I am still a slacker that never excelled in much more than sometimes being a fun read in the forums and keeping other noobs away from our alliance as a "gate keeper"!

I will miss you all!



At the height of their power, CRayn. (back then SPAM), reached the top 4. They occupied and had essentially locked down 3
continents, 54, 64 and 74, lead by the wise and venerable astronomypouya, backed by the experienced karmaeffect and
with their champion war fighter Pazliver who was always amongst the top 10 players, they ended up holding 1 quarter
of the core of W21 and we felt the ripples of the effect they had on W21 years after they disbanded.


They never lock down K54. They tried to take me down in K54, spamming most of their nukes and nobles.

The outcome is obvious, I'm still the king of K54. ;)


busamad on 29.07. at 23:46
They are the times it takes for a Noble to reach the village from shveik who took the village:

Nobleman 6:39:04
Nobleman 7:05:48

They are the times the village changed over :

welcome to hell u 1st (516|505) K55 3,070 PepsiBlue [MoJo] shveik [STATIC] 29th July 2008 - 20:47:46
welcome to hell u 1st (516|505) K55 3,050 herkch [GHOST] PepsiBlue [MoJo] 29th July 2008 - 18:06:39

That is the time that the mail was sent letting me know a noble was on route:

Big Dave today at 15:15
Well things should still be OK. I just hate things like this, especially when a lot of organisation has gone into something, as long as i have enough space, I doubt me and pepsi will have to argue over anything again.

Tell him to enjoy his village ;)

P.S Shveik has got a noble on the way to it, so pepsi will only have to send one more.

I did ask Pepsi to make sure he hit it his noble but left it up to him to work out the times.

It would have taken Pepsi :

Nobleman 3:30:00

So he had sent his noble prior to us being told of the other noble:

And my last post on the subject:

Well I'm p????? off with the whole thing from both sides...........................................

Eh ... The whole thing were that Shveik were to good to leave after that !!!
If I remember right I had a noble in a hand waiting for next scenario ... But after talking with Dave decide to leave - cause me hate these things !!!


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Ahhh congrats to mainly Busa, and PnP.

However your story on Sexy! is untrue. From my understanding Busa transferred to Sexy! from another tribe that merged. Our main rivals were MuFFiN, due to the big egos of our players and mainly Royalist, with MuFFiN being in the same continent as us. Unfortunately about 60% of Sexy! were banned indefinately, due to a topic on the internal forum that got toally out of hand (12 pages of pure porn), which was started by Joeymonte.

This happened just around the time we were preparing for a war with MuFFiN, so because of that Sexy! was no more and most of the members went their own way. Sexy! was a mixed number of players forming the premade, some from W10, W8 and W2.

Was probably the best world I have been in entertainment wise, as the start was pure epic due to the rivalry with MuFFiN.

Well done PuFFiN
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Sorry, I had to stop reading after I saw that IT! was chosen perhaps over SW1FT in the Tier 3 tribes list. So, here I write my side of the story. :)

My W21 Story: [SPOIL]I've never told anyone this besides my closest friends, but I actually joined the world under a different account and landed in K75. As a newb, I did not understand how much of an error this was since I was so far removed from my friends and future tribe, so I went ahead without consulting the map and chose SE anyways. After reading that ARG! had started in K75 and K76, I now wonder what would have happened if I HAD been the stubborn flounder I usually am on that occasion and stayed in K75.

Anyway, I restarted a few days later under a new account I had named "californiacob", not knowing where it would eventually lead me. I joined up with my irl best friend yourworstfear in the tribe clique dominator, led by none other than jbibble. Back then, I was only 14 and increasingly motivated to do well at this new thing, so it wasn't before long that I held a role as helping with internal affairs when we merged into F-6a (academy tribe to {F-6} led by Hinter).

I got into a huge argument with {F-6} leader Hinter and his close co-leader elfygurkly (or something like that). Soon after, a mysterious thing happened and Hinter ended up banned from the server permanently. Unfortunately, before he left, he managed to get his best friends to screw the entire family tribe over and in the mix-up F-6a became F-6 then SW1FT. We dominated K42 for about half the duration of the world (which had to have been over 1 1/2 years after the fall of TESB. We merged in members from tribes such as [L] (Londinium) and BnE after warring both of them (BnE first). By this time, ~IMP~ had become our largest ally with IT! as our closest ally and both helped us secure victory against BnE and [L]. It was also IT! who helped us clean up the remnants of HOPE around our clusters.

At that time, IT! was only 1/2 our size and we considered offering IT! to merge into us, but it was put out of our minds when a small rim tribe asked us to become a family tribe of ours. We accepted and it wasn't long until we had not only a SWIFT2 but a SWIFT3 as well. We were a hot, juicy family tribe and jbibble and I began to smell our own stink. So did Dr. NO. Small skirmishes had occurred between us and now they were mad because of our expansion. They easily pushed us back out of K32, but it was mainly my account that suffered. Back then, losing 25 villages was not considered little. War was never officially called, but bitterness would remain between SWIFT and Dr. NO for the remainder of the world.

As the largest top tier tribes warred to our east, SWIFT F. pushed west to K41 and then K40. Then K30. We formed a tight-knit group of 35 when things got boring and only the most committed remained in SW1FT. By then, I had been helping lead SW1FT with jbibble for a good 9 months and it was about time, we decided, to cut lose from SWIFT3. In addition, we worked towards shaking loose of SWIFT2 for by that time I had learned from my dear friend Midnight that family tribes were NOT a good thing (via the external forums).

While things got more and more boring (I think it was really bad in the winter of 2009-2010), SW1FT hierarchy decided it was time to end SWIFT2 and for SW1FT to become SWIFT. I was the lucky one to send Sir Logan Lockley, leader of SWIFT2 the "dismissal note". From this day forth, I have never heard of head family tribe dispatching its academy/younger tribe on this world and I am extremely glad to have been the one able to officially send them off. We subsequently warred the remaining SWIFT2 members alongside wining IT! members who were equally as bored as us and kept the best of SWIFT2 to be integrated into SWIFT.

At this time, we remained larger than IT! and with only 3/5 the number of members. But alas, it became time that jbibble, ROTTIEFURY, and I had lost our luster for the game. We also realized that our rank 6/5/4/5/6/7/6/and then 5 again tribe was not up to snuff with the likes of Dr. NO and Puffin! or ARG! or even ~IMP~. Being 5th or 6th best depending on what the "cracknuts in the NW", I would think to myself, were doing was not a great morale booster. Neither was having absolutely NOTHING to do. We eventually sat on our hands with ~30 members for about 5 months towards the end of 2010. We decided it was time to do the honorable thing because we no longer wanted to lead our own tribe. It was discussed and re-discussed between us, and to the chagrin of ~IMP~ (who were not the greatest of friends at the time to IT! which you probably didn't know!!!) we moved our remaining active 30 into a smaller tribe - IT!. Yes, a SMALLER tribe.

I eventually left for ~IMP~ after realizing my mistake. Alas, it was a mistake I had to make however. Leading SWIFT was not a joyous thing for the 3 of us dukes: IT! was not all it was snuffed up to be, so I left after arguing my days away with PitchBlack (I think). Anyway, I left and then ~IMP~ fell to PnP and the ship sank and thankfully UKWildcat was there to stopper the holes and get most of the actives at the time into the lifeboat of WHAT?. I think I was the third to join the tribe and our goal was to give one last push towards victory (even though I had already given the majority of my villages away to friends at the time). Our push was insignificant but our last days gave us a final hope that we carry on to our real lives, always searching for bigger fights and another victory that may be more realistic. [/SPOIL]
Personal Thoughts & Commentary: [SPOIL]I think SWIFT had a lot more to contribute to W21's story than IT! BECAUSE I'M HERE TO TELL IT TO YOU OF COURSE with all the shiner and sparkle I can. SWIFT and IT! have had a storied relationship ever since we both united forces against HOPE, but SWIFT had a lot more to do with IT!'s existence than vice-versa. It was jbibble mainly who made the decision to let the K31-dominating rim tribe to live unlike [L] and BnE and we were thankful that decision was made. They were a group of courageous, intensely active players at times but always in the shadow until we at SWIFT merged into them. I think the externals might have bashed us too hard when the merge was announced and people "lost respect for IT!". Truly, it shouldn't have changed how you viewed them because the merge was as good as already done months prior to it's actual execution and all that changed was SWIFT losing lots of its leadership privileges.

But mainly, I want to set a few things straight for the record:
If not for SWIFT, ~IMP~ and IT! would NOT have been friends; the two tribes had gotten into diplomatic disputes over claims and the claiming system when SWIFT dropped our NAP on BnE. Had we not been there, the two tribes most certainly would have fought each other over BnE and [L] and may have continued for even longer. It was SWIFT who united the west and made us a formidable opponent against the oncoming onslaught of ARG!, PuFFiN, and Dr. NO.

If not for SWIFT, Dr. NO would have had a border with ~IMP~ since 2009. The brief war that occurred between the two tribes would have been more rapid to begin and probably be more bloody. Seeing that ~IMP~ was already warring ARG! at the time, it's obvious to say that ~IMP~'s fall would have been quicker without SWIFT as an aid and buffer zone against Dr. NO forces.

Finally, if not for SWIFT's actions, IT! would not be the rank 3 tribe it is right now and will end as today. There was a time that SWIFT had gained a foothold in northern K41 and eastern K32 and were looking to expand into K31 before it was even filled up with new players. Instead of warring against them, we hit our NAP's BnE and [L] and shared the meal with them (as well as leap-frogged to K21). IT! would not be as big as it is now either if not for the merge. 6 of IT's current 24 members, accounting for 16 million of their points, were former SWIFT members.

I have nothing whatsoever against jen101 or zurklurk or geturdone or the rest of the tribe, but I just have to say for the last time that IT! has received far too much credit for their actions while SWIFT has remained rather downplayed for the last ~6 months in external forum conversations simply because it is IT! who's name remains in the rankings now and for forever. SWIFT's end in no way deters our accomplishments and sway over the world and is why I ask that you simply please remember us for what we did however small those actions actually are. We contributed to the world and I think we made it even more interesting than it already was.[/SPOIL]

THANK YOU!!!: [SPOIL]In closing, thanks for the opportunity to tell my story Midnight; my perspective of W21. It means a lot to me and your presence in this world has enriched everything so much. Your story makes me want to begin a new world, but it's not my place to do so because I know that the world 21 experience no longer exists in any of the new worlds. I'm sorry I had to say so much for so little of a thing. I'll make sure to finish your story in due time because I feel the same way about you finishing my story.

I end with a quote from jen101 on perspective, another example of why not warring against IT! (I still can't remember their original name!) was such a good thing for us, everybody:
jen101 said:
Ok guys I know some of you have been a bit down in the dumps lately but you honestly shouldn't be;) Ya nukes will hit, both coming in and going out, yes defense will work at times and other times it won't but that's all part of the game;) Eveery you do in life and in this game is all a matter of prescription [perception] and how you look at things;)

What's the BEST part of this game????? Some will say fighting, others say defending and some will say both but......................if you really think about it, I mean really think about it, wouldn't you say it's all the different players and friends you made along the way??? I would, I've met all sorts of different and wonderful people in my time playing here;) Some made me laugh, some made me cry and even ticked me (only a little though, I hardly ever get really mad)

So play the game for what it is, a game and do the best you can while you're here but remember, it's not winning or loosing that matters but all the wonderful friends and adventures you made/had along the way;)

So it goes,


There was that one time here where I was like, holy crap.. you can actually get quite a lot of resources from farming even past 10 villages if you put effort into it. :OOO

Such a newb. <3 w21! <3 PuFFiN, congrats! (and the piratey folk also).


Hello DPhoenix29/dragonphoenix29 of PnP here to share my experences that I've had in this world. Even though I've spent most of my time under the radar and being unknown to most of the world I hope you enjoy my little story. I'm by far nowhere near the best players in this game and I've nobled my share of barbarians and internals, but I've learned so much from my time here, its been lot of fun over the past 3 years. A huge thank you to everyone that made this game so enjoyable

[spoil]World 21 - A brief rundown of my journy on w21


I joined this world in July, 2008 when I saw that my friend (warmedwolf/lord meiou) from school, who introduced me to this game on world 8, had joined. He started in the southeast and so did I, it would become one of the best decisions I've ever made. I started out on K75 and joined my friends tribe for about a week or so until .:SK:. caught my eye, messaged PMSOverload asking for an invite. Being one of the largest players in the K at the time I easily got an invite. My time in .:SK:. was excellent. They were a great group of people, the best tribe that I have ever been in, at the time at least. I kept growing and became the biggest player in the tribe and the contenant of K75, which of course never lasted forever.


A stupid decision that eventually led to a good decision

Even with me being baron for quite a bit of .:SK:.'s life span, I don't really know all the details of the .:SK:./A2A merge. From the get go I believe I was against the merge 100%, unforunately due to the problems with the merge details and stuff, we ended up merging too quickly and we were pretty much forced into the hell hole known as A2A/D2D. God how I hated their tribes. After being in the tribe for a few days/weeks something didn't feel right with their tribe(s), like many other players from .:SK:. I didn't feel like I fit in. From the beginning it felt like we weren't even wanted in their tribe. Their way of running things felt nothing like the way it was in .:SK:.. It got to the point where we were told that the only thing we could noble was the current war target, unforunately that was pretty much out of K75 and horrible for all of us from the old tribe.

Thankfully Midnight and many others had different Ideas. This is where ARG! shows up. All former .:SK:. members were invited into ARG!, even those that had the A2A gates shut on them and didn't get in. I remember before leaving A2A that I pretty much stopped everything I was doing for A2A and whenever I was asked why by A2A leadership all I could say was that I was busy, just stalling waiting for the time when we we're ready to jump on to the pirate ship known as ARG! When that day came I was as glad as hell to be out of the crappy place of A2A


ARG! and PnP

Finally over in ARG! things were much better. The tribe was run better, it felt better, and we were welcomed much better then when we were in A2A. Its here I met Dulcy and Backwards. The two best leaders I've ever met and it was an honor to be able to be on there side. My time with the crew of ARG! was awesome, while I was no longer in a leader position, I didn't mind, I could still contribute to the tribe and its growth. I had fond memories of make my war stats threads, remembering how I calculated how long it would be until we rimmed our next target, I believe I calculated that one tribe we were warring would take 47 years before they would ceist to exist. Luckly as one tribe gets bigger and the other gets smaller that 47 years becomes no where near as long.

We eventually got relations with Puffin and pretty much by the end became a great team which eventually merged into what would pretty much become the huge powerhouse that finally ended the world. Which would obviously be known as PnP


The end of my nice run on w21

It was march of 2010, I was still growing as strong as ever, but the end of the majority of my w21 career was about to come. Real life hit me hard and I ended up doing something stupid, while I won't go into details (it's a personal matter), I ended up grounded from the computer (and pretty much everything else) for a month. I got a sitter as soon as I could and then when I was un-grounded I came back and took control of my account again. Unforunately after that was the turning point into the world of inactivity, after that incedent I could never really get back into the game. I tried multiple times, just look at my conquer periods after feb 2010, but I never did get back into it. Thus I spent most of my time only logging in to keep my account from going barbarian and waiting for the end. I'm lucky to still be here to see the end and I'm glad that I could share my world 21 experence with you all.

And I always thought Puffins and Pirates sounded better =P[/spoil]

Some facts may be wrong but I tried to be accurate when writing this thing up. Even if it's not that great, I hope it's still enjoyable