The Story Of W21


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I'm getting killed on W8 at present & will join W61 I think.

Please do althought i'll be honest the settings must be slow i can't seem to farm much resources i'm never gonna hit the cap at this rate, Am having fun on w60 with the same tribe too restarted couple of months into the world with a bunch of internet trash :p (Another family tribe .... i know, i know) and getting back into the swing of farming non-stop so it's been good for learning start-up again before w61

Damn i don't know the situation of W8 that well. Mail me if you ever fancy a try at w2/11 i'm sure i could get you an account.
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Whatever ...

If there's someone I REALLY miss ... it's the quoted guy :D ^ Mail me here on forums a phone number please :)

Regarding the topic. It was a very nice read Midnight ... Pretty much right yes.

I for one was invited here just around the time I was suffering defeat in W8. And although given for me and all my players the liberty, joy and privs by the enemy that defeated us ... it just wasn't enough.
And so starts W21 ...

I personally still have the mail I sent to Backwards in W8 asking him to join this world. It was supposed to be our holiday ... and it turned out to be our sin LOL

Franco (Lello yayo) was the Duke back then but not too long after things had a lot of improving possibilities and Franco's time was diminishing. Me and Backie took the ship from that point sailing it to freaking hell and back.

I will state just a few of the more important memories I have from W21

My first ever encouter with a Puffin was ... kicking Vilbrii out of ARG :D I caught her sitting so she got the boot :)

We needed a direction ... we napped a small tribe called HP ... We allied with CRayn ... we were allies with A2A but that didn't last.
If I recall correctly ... we never ever backstabbed. But it was not the diplomatic color on the map I put my loyalty to. It was the player.

Puffin agreed to a direct Alliance after talks and talks and more talks. Against my very ill tempered will ... they declared on HP and A2A. I couldn't care less about A2A but I was crying for HP. I stole an HP member just after they launched and that pissed off Bwah. :) Sorry babes. We got to an understanding at some point and I could keep him.
Little did my allies know what I actually did. I gave HP's Duke an account in ARG ... after he was killed as Marduk :)

After this dust settled came my real stress ... Our Council and almost all members were fearful of Puffin because they had a very bad image as cowards and backstabbers. We slowly tried to keep them calm. Sometimes I felt their trust hanging by a thread, even worst for the border. But we managed ... basically because Roy liked me and I liked Roy ... And Bwah liked Backie while Backie liked Bwah ... I honestly hated Bwah as he enjoyed threatening and poking me with a stick :/

Later in our other allied tribe, CRayn ... Duke (Astro) left to leave Karma and ToTheGallowes as leaders. Our status didn't change towards them. Working with Puffin and ARG the 3 tribe team had planned to attack the north. Crayn was supposed to attack SWRS ... Puffin started with Magnum and little ARG was supposed to aid with whatever necessary from defense to sitting or what not they'd need. The dream table was set but it was not to last.

CRayn had a fake war with SWRS. Puffin had already started on Magnum and Karma with TTG came to me one night to say that in 4 days time they will have a surprise for Puffin. Dropping the NAP and launching head on. I tried ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to make them change their minds and after some 10 hours of trying such things ... I was left with no choice but to tell Puffin that they had a gangbang heading towards them. I hated CRayn for doing this to my tribe and my loyal allies.

If Puffin would have died we might have not gotten here. Me telling Puffin what's coming made CRayn start prematurely and unprepared adequately and it gave Puffin a few days to get ready.
At this point Puffin were in doubt if ARG would hit them too but I guess they hoped not. CRayn remained allied although it wasn't an ally I wanted to keep. I was glad they were defeated. They Merged to form TESB :/

After Puffin survived the gangbang with heads held high they never doubted little ARG again. We did try to help them one way or another during the war. Me, Backie and a few others traded iron for clay so they could recruit :) We even gave them defense during the mid-stage of the war against the northern front :)
However ARG did still have doubt regarding Puffin but we still kept them in a nice line :)

The first time I ever was in Puffin I had to sit Bwah for defense. I never thought he'd just dump himself on me privs and all. I was a Duke in Puffin :p And after reading their council forum I was very upset on ARG because in Puffin there was no idea of doubt regarding the alliance while in ARG there was plenty even in the little council. Doubt never showed it's face again after that :)

After the gangbang I guess we all know the history ... Puffin and ARG and Dr. No fought with TESB ... and all the rest of the happiness :) The merge was a little stressful because the bigger and more serious players in Puffin were not used to ARG's little game like forum fun and the general fun filled forum spamming ... nor the mess that we generally created everywhere :D

So much for the written history :)

I will say I'm not going to forget the way W21 looked at the alliance between Puffin and ARG. Apparently it was Puffin playing boss tribe and ARG playing little puppy tribe.
Things were not like that to be honest. We had a tad of respect in names to start with. We built that respect in-game with wars adequate to our size. We kept our word at all times. And I don't think we could have ever had a better and more loved ally.
The alliance was pure and simple logic. Puffin had BIG fish to fry and needed a covered back ... ARG needed chance to grow and live to prove. ARG had no one else to seek for meaningful alliances. All other tribes were either too far ... too unloyal or just a future project for Puffin. It's pure and simple math.
The jealous and mean eyes of W21 always looked down on us as if we were cowards and pets :) Serves them right what happened to them ... mostly :)

10 main things I will point out to what got us to win W21:

1. Loyal members held by their own desire provided with anything they wanted ... fun, wars, off-time, sitting or anything they just named.
2. Stable leadership that never squabbled. What Backie said was a rule to me and to everyone else :) What I desired had to be done one way or another ... :p I never stepped over Backie's rule and he never set me aside. I did do some bad things he had to fix though :p
3. We had small egos ... we never had vandetta type problems to put any of the members in trouble or start problems we could not solve.
4. Constantly watching over everything ... Backie lives on the other side of the world from me ... which made the tribe and game be watched by the Dukes at all time. When I slept Backie watched ... when I watched he slept. We were there most of the time for whatever would happen :)
5. We played our cards right. Taking the circumstances we could have done a LOT of mistakes yet we tried to do our best however possible.
6. 2 Dukes with 2 different talents and a core tribe. With my charms and Backie's brain an alliance with Puffin was possible :) Also other things I had to "soften up for Backie to step in and finish the deal" - quote from Royalist :) The tough core is our guarantee to serve our diplomatic agreements. No players going rogue or stuff.
7. Playing the game at a steady pace. Not too many or too hard wars, not too boring ... Too hard cracks people at some point, to easy bores them. Alternating peace with fun wars we always won was the key to a fun game :) Maybe some would have wanted a faster going and more dramatic win ... well you go do it your own way ... :p
8. Honesty and sharing. We were as honest as possible to all players, the Dukes were honest with the council and we never plotted against each other. Honesty towards the diplomatic statuses ... so yeah I for one bent a couple of rules. So what? :p It didn't hurt :) We shared everything from war caps to inactives and scraps. And we discussed important matters as best we could.
9. We knew each other and we had trust. I knew Backie who knew a few players. Midnight was another player I knew and he had a team ... things developed ... we trusted Bwah and Puffin we needed nothing more but the love to spread :) trust and understanding between people is a must in this game. We rarely ever had squabbles between players.
10. The huge scarifice ... we spent years of our lives for this. We "worked" a lot building the tribe and the relations. We spent many night sleepless to stick here and do what we had to do.

And I guess I should stop now ... I'm not planning to go through another world like this ... most likely not ever.
It is just too hard to do it again. It may seem easy ... but it never is. :)

I will never forget the players I played with and the people I met. I could name a lot of them in W21 ... each being a memory ... maybe not a perfect one but even though we had ups and downs ... we were all together. And I played with you all ... just one game in which I had ... everything I could ever want :)
I hope all my members got what they wanted from this world :)

Take care guys <3 Best of luck whatever you wish to do ... TW or RL :)

Dulcy. :)


i rember playing on w21 as brodis123 and still rember some of you guys names xD
i still think you hugged your way to victory with that huge merge but yes you guys where the better players hand down
its sad i cant even see the world i spent a year on but owel w61 will have to do :(


Very good read.
World 21 was amazing, I have to say, it was a challenge fighting against AlexWong though, he was a good player.
I played as Warhamer Dude for about a year and a half, and my tribe owned k90 for some time, until we had a massive war with ViRiUs that lasted some 9 months, before ending. We all became friends in the end and then went against PnP. I joined ~IMP~ and then was offered the AlmightyVern account and so I accepted, and controlled k55 I believe.

Hopefully we'll all come back and join a world together some day.


i rember playing on w21 as brodis123 and still rember some of you guys names xD
i still think you hugged your way to victory with that huge merge but yes you guys where the better players hand down
its sad i cant even see the world i spent a year on but owel w61 will have to do :(

Brodis123 = a joke.


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controlled k55 I believe.

I can't remember if you quite hit 100% in that K before then end?

W21 will always be my firstborn even though it was my 2nd world i learnt most there and met great guys (none were on PnP's side haha) no on both sides and some great discussions on these externals although the Puffins dominated so their point always seemed to win. I almost miss seeing SpacemanSpiff being trolled :D


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Err K55 was my home turf, I branched out from that K so think you may need to pick another hehe


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Haha indeed you've caught us trolling.

I hear you've taken a new ign for w61 hints, clues or new name plox.

Also remember that april 2012 premade a few people signed up to any idea if that is still going ahead?

P.s i'm gutted i didn't even manage to make top 3 of a k :/ i was pretty darn close on 41 mind alexis just pipped me to the post


There's a world 61...
By god this game is like a virus.
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Zalinor @ The April pre made was for the first low haul / no haul world to come around ie W61. I started under one of my other names with the tribe did not like it so left less than 24 hours latter they attacked me for fear I would attack them guess I was right to leave.

I have now restarted if interested you can mail me as its not too late to join the fun.

As the Fluffy Pirate said W61 is my new W21. Ruling one every 40 worlds is just about right for me :)


COngratz to pnp for their victory ,!!
and all players who had played in w21 ...


Volume II - Mid Game

************VOLUME 2: MID GAME****************

Meanwhile, in the Core, Process of Elimination and Muffin had merged to create the powerhouse war machine of Puffin.
Co Duked by Bwah and Royalist, they had a roster of about 35 players, almost all of which were highly active, well experienced or well tutored and committed to working as team.

Everything a tribe needed to go all the way.
Their destruction of several key top 10 tribes (puffin always aimed at the top) destabilized much of the territory to the north of .:SK:. and ARG!.

This was great news for us.

Sexy!, got steam rolled, Disney, broken and the remnants merged into Puffin, SST (who had always posed as a distant threat to us) now wiped out, HP, dismantled.

Puffin was on a hot streak and literally the rest of the server was getting nervous. Very nervous. Puffin were cleaning out the top 20, from the top down, creating an anti-competitive environment where all experienced war tribes were eliminated and it was working.

There still existed power in W21 which could stand against Puffin, but their tenacity and aggression was second to none. I will detail these powers below.

Seemingly in response to Puffin's domination and success and in a move which kept them in the game, to the far north, iP and 24/7 merged to create a new number 1 tribe and boot Puffin off the top for a while in Magnum iP.
Magnum now had experienced, cunning leadership and about 2 fully populated locked down continents to Puffin's direct norther border with another half a continent above that.

To the south west of Puffin was SPAM (ranked 4th), who had recently changed their name to CRayn. (chocolate rain) were busy with on and off skirmishes against
SRWS (now ranked 3rd), following up on a small war they had 3 months earlier.
SPAM's duke Astronomypouya never trusted SRWS and was always keen to push SPAM's collective weight around with their numerically superior foe, SRWS, which was great to see, Pouya had been absent for some time however SPAM appeared stable and was turning up almost equal war stats in the conflict with SRWS.

SRWS themselves, whilst toying with SPAM to their south, also decided to get directly involved in a conflict between two smaller (yet top 20) tribes to the north, Dr. NO (who would play a pivotal role later) and ATOM.
Basically, ATOM a larger tribe, attempted to take some territory from Dr. NO up in the North West corner of W21. Dr. NO, veterans from W19 wouldn't have it and started nobling ATOM out, what active good players remained in ATOM ran to SRWS who also faced some inactivity issues and were merged in to as SRWS (star wars) altered their name to TESB (the atomic empire strikes back).
This perturbed Dr. NO but currently they were in no position to contend with a giant like TESB, so MattyJ, founder and duke of Dr. NO, let this incursion slide for the time being, but marked TESB as an enemy of Dr. NO.

This presented a unique opportunity for Puffin to consider taking down yet again another No 1. tribe in Magnum, who they suspected were housing inactive leadership. With the two other super powers of the server, CRayn and TESB busy with each other, Puffin was free to focus all their energy on Magnum.
If they could defeat Magnum they would be destroying 1 of the last 3 real tribes left with the ability to match Puffin.
You would have to talk to Bwah directly to find out why he proceeded with this next move, but he started nobling fairly deep inside Magnum territory.

Any self respecting, professional tribe wouldn't let this slide, so Magnum started hitting the villages Bwah had nobled and sent many angry mails to Puffin, demanding that any further nobling cease immediately or war will follow, etc etc.

Unphased by these threats, Bwah defended against all the Magnum attacks and continued spreading his love, whilst the rest of Puffin leadership largely ignored the complaints from the Magnum administration.

Outraged, Magnum declared war on Puffin.
Of course Puffin, who had only ever fought top 10 wars since the merger P.O.E. and Muffin, were quite comfortable with this and retaliated in kind.

From the outset, Magnum, who should have had the momentum of declaration, were on the backfoot, and Puffin began to Push their lines further north.

This went on for a few days (roughly a week), with the stats in Puffin's favour. Not heavily, but they were the clear leaders in this conflict. I believe Magnum couldn't match Puffins activity level and military organization.

Skill and experience wise, Magnum were not to be trifled with, but they had shown the tell tale signs of inactivity going into this conflict with Puffin, TBS in particular showing no signs of life and one couldn't help but think their declaration was an attempt at dispelling rumors of inactivity.

However their war attempt, just consolidated that belief amongst many of us.

Luckily for Magnum, Daethon and his devious circle of TESB cronie's had been cooking up a sinister plan.
They knew how dangerous Puffin were and they knew that with Puffin out of the picture, TESB would be able to dominate the server.
They also knew that they probably couldn't take Puffin on, 1 for 1.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, Astronomypouya had taken a leave of absence due to RL, leaving Karmaeffect and some other CRayn. Baron's in charge of the tribe.

Whilst he was away, a deal was struck between TESB and CRayn., to create a fake war (by trading a number of each others inactive villages), to create some impressive conquer war stats and the illusion that they were bitter enemies, in order to fool Puffin into thinking that CRayn. and TESB were occupied with each other, whilst the more seemingly inactive Magnum dragged all of Puffin's focus and troops two continents north, leaving Puffins west and south borders relatively undefended.

CRayn. and TESB were gearing up for the biggest war that W21 would ever see.

They were going to gangbang Puffin!

Now I'd like to take a moment here to point out that it's no secret that I despise Daethon. I have publicly displayed my distaste for his tactis upon multiple occasions. However I really have to take my hat off to him for this devilishly, dastardly and devious move. It which added so much richness, culture, identity and depth to W21.

Fake wars had been done in the past, but never with such ingenuity, complexity, execution and fine PnP behind them. CRayn. and TESB really did make everyone believe they were duking it out.

Now Puffin would never truly be caught with their pants down and their Western and southern borders were far from undefended as their enemies had hoped.
However the majority of their offensive focus was on Magnum and they had ARG! and CRayn. to the south, ARG! who was considered a friend and CRayn. who was supposedly at war with TESB, so you can understand what a great advantage CRayn. and TESB now held.

A lot of TW players these days throw around the phrase "the element of surprise" and feel that if they jump a tribe before that tribe jumps them, then they hold "the element of surprise".
Well this was a real surprise.
This was how old schoolers play it and they played it well.

And when the hammer fell, it was by the hands of CRayn. who jumped in first, claiming that this had nothing to do with TESB's regime or manipulation and that CRayn.
had simply had enough of Puffin's shit which did fit with the way Puffin had carried themselves on the world forum, operating at a 100% arrogance ratio.

Crayn. got off to a strong start with 50 or so conquers along Puffin's South western corner of K65. A much better result than Magnum had achieved.

Puffin were quick to respond however and began analysing the CRayn. frontline for weakness's, which they found in the form of inactive players, so in about a week, they had levelled the stats with CRayn. whilst keeping up the pressure against Magnum. A mean feat by anyone's standards.

Puffin were holding, but it remained to be seen how long they could withstand two major war fronts against 2 top 4 tribes.

Daethon decided more pressure was needed.

The tribe KKND (kill krush and destroy) had had a bumpy past with Puffin, isolated on the east side of the world, wedged in
between giants such as 47Ron, ARG! and Puffin, they had been picked on and threatened for most of their existence.
They needed a gateway out. To the rest of W21.
Daethon presented that gateway in the form of Puffin.

I do not have the exact mails on hand, but I am sure his proposition went something like "Puffin are stretched to their limits, TESB will be jumping on them in a few days, start planning your ops now, they will not have the troops necessary to repel us all". and to his defense he was not too far off the truth.

KKND were ranked around 9th at the time, and whilst they were not a serious contender, when a tribe was already putting up with as much punishment as Puffin were absorbing, the rank 9th tribe throwing everything they had at you, is going to hurt.

A few weeks after CRayn. started up against Puffin, KKND declared war on Puffin as well.

This was all very public as well by the way. Both sides putting their case out there on the world stage for all to see.
Puffin had the stronger argument, that none of these tribes could deal with Puffin alone, daethon and the gang countering with that it didn't matter and whoever won was the stronger.

The stage was now set for the most spectacularly predictable move of the server, TESB launched it's offensive against Puffin!

So essentially, Puffin (ranked 2nd) was now engaged on 3 war fronts, to the west, north and east, besieged by the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 9th ranked tribes, all of who had previous war experience on this server and most from successful tribes from earlier worlds. Not an ideal position to be in. Puffin did love war, but this one would stretch them to their limit.

The war waged on, numbers wise, I am sure Puffin could see, that if nothing changed, there was no light at the end of this tunnel.
There were simply too many tribes, villages, troops and players poised against them, they weren't losing the war per se, but they were failing to make any form of gained ground and were holding their enemy to a stale mate.
The energy it took however was far more taxing on puffin than the W21 gang.

Of course this is considered to be a victory in itself in several schools of thought, showing extreme resilience against the odds, but it rarely leads to victory in tribalwars history for the smaller of the two parties. Puffin had to look to the future and they needed other tools than their traditional clean effective war fighting to see this conflict through.

Puffin approached ARG! who had already been committing some support to the TESB lines and cleaning up the remnants of A2A. Puffin were disgusted with this cowardly move from TESB and they were tired and unsure if they could keep up against the pressure they had been holding.

ARG! pleaded with Puffin to remain, keep fighting and pledged much more support, which was definitely needed on the western front line.

At the same time, ARG! also agreed to launch against KKND and free up Puffin's backside to the east, which I am sure freed up alot more troops for the vicious core side of the Puffin gangbang. Puffin had already done a great job against KKND so far, but much clean up remained, there were still KKND fighters.

It should also be mentioned that around this time, fireborne, the leader of Panda! (BCB at the time) stepped up and committed large amounts of support to Bwah on the Magnum front line which went a long way to preventing bwah from suffering any severe damage to Puffins charismatic leader.

But the greatest factor to break the gangbang came weeks later in the form of CRayn.'s inactivity, which caused a small band of players who were sitting some of CRayn's largest accounts, to get banned due to "accidental" multi-accounting and hundreds of villages along the Puffin border were lost!

Now, whether or not the inactivity that caused this illegal account sitting was caused by Puffins amazing defense and survival skills, we will never know, but it seems likely.

With a large hole punched in CRayn.'s front lines, the Puffin offensive was quick to respond, Busamad, lordtrall and others jumping right in and nobling through, deep into CRayn territory.

CRayn seemed not even to respond and more puffin players moved their focus to the CRayn front. Now the numbers were starting to stack up in Puffins favor and TESB we're beginning to sweat.

If this story were an 80's cartoon, this is where I would insert the Autobots symbol segway which takes us to the other side of the world where the ARG!/KKND war was in full swing.

To give you a full picture of the rankings at this time in W21 it was something like this:
1. Magnum
2. Puffin
4. CRayn.
5. 47 Ronin
6. ARG!
7. Dr. NO
10. ~IMP~

Whilst it was difficult getting started against KKND as their geography was akwardly not directly facing ARG!'s we were able to isolate a few of their better more active players early on and rim them efficiently, which hurt KKND as they were a low member count tribe.

Puffin had not given up the attack against KKND either, who now found themselves in a losing battle against Puffin and ARG!, a rude awakening by anyones standards.
I'm sure Zytech (KKND's strange duke) was cursing daethon and his hair brain schemes.

After ARG! gained ground against KKND, we quickly expanded into K68/K78 and then proceeded northwards towards the heart of KKND.
It was around this time that Puffin decided to go for a headshot and put out an operation on Zytech directly.
I remember seeing war stats that showed Zytech losing well over 60 villages in less than a 10 second time slot.
Such was the ruthless efficiency of Puffins war machine, AZ Gamer having (W21's largest player) having a field day.

Zytech seemed to just quit after that and KKND fell into disarray.
With their lands open, Puffin and ARG! divided up the playing field and nobled out what was left.
A few smaller players escaped to the rim, but there were larger concerns right now, as Puffin still faced Magnum, TESB and CRayn.
The breathing room that the KKND territory created for Puffin though was a turning point in this conflict.

No longer were Puffin boxed in, they were now only engaged on 2 war fronts, with a friend to the south and open territory the east, now light could be seen at the end of the tunnel.


Really loved this world. Well done PnP, you deserved the win.

Shout out to ex iP.


Inevitable. I didn't come on here expecting a cat amongst the pigeons. It was clear many a moon ago that you guys literally wouldn't have it any other way. Well done.