The truth about 100.


Is there any leader who tolerates derping in backline without sending single def unit (acc over mil points)? I guess not, if the leader has IQ over 50. So, I wont call it backstabbing, but using villages for the common good

If only that was the case, but it wasnt, nice try though.


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Whassup World 100 :),
Agreed Mate.
It's no surpise that Alex does all of this backstabbing as he has been doing it pretty much from day 1 and on his past worlds.
Even those you have been lead by him say so as you can see.
Just in the future you should becareful when talking to him as its not gonna end up in your favour. ;) Be like LRO on W81 and don't listen to any of his offers. :p

im curious is this the same Alex as my boss in world 96?

Btw, im looking for an account to play...:) heheheh if anybody needs my services

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In my time playing with Alex as my Duke (and against him on W81), I completely agree with you. A great guy and a solid leader. I was merely stating that when you agree to diplo with 100(or any tribe ran by Alex and co.), you have to go into it knowing it will be broken whenever it is no longer beneficial for them.

Everyone here is just salty.

Alex has followed every deal to the letter, like any good duke should. As long as deals are followed through on then that is all that matters. If he hit Chaos while they had a NAP, he would be a dirty leader. He has merely hit someone that he once had a deal with. Nothing dirty there, it's just how the game is played.


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^ I agree.

Also, what do people honestly think... Who would really enter an agreement with another tribe if they wouldn't benefit from it in a way?
And if the 2nd party don't think they will benefit from the agreement/deal, why would they agree to it?

100 have done nothing wrong, they've respected the agreements they've entered to this date and I'm 100% sure that Alex will continue to honor the agreements he enters on behalf of 100 and it's members.


Should be highlighted that taking someone at their word is not the same as formulating an agreement. Seems to be a lot of people who can't comprehend the fact that the two are very different.


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Where is our resident scholar to weigh in on this debate?


If you make 1000 posts like this and he make 1000 "i do" . Then you can like each other and become most liked people here. ✌

Wow! Someone doesn’t appreciate a fellowship! Gollum!

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He will appear as a co-player on another acc. Ofc, if he fails again, he will not speak about it, and if he somehow manage to do something worth writing on the forum, he will do it