The world becomes old


I think I'm becoming rather old too...

I'm starting to reminisce about the days of lesser moderation.

Ah yes, back in the good old days where we used to argue over silly points for days, often turning into a childish flamefest about how one side sucked and the other ruled... I mis them days :icon_cry:


me too i was a no body and still really am but had no clue as to what was going on at the time but always enjoyed coming on and seeing people flame JP and DT then watch there stats go up and laugh.... its a bit of the reverse now but the worlds are definitely not as active and fun.
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This world has died the forums are dead.

I joined this world mid way as my first world and i will love to see it through.

I enjoy alot of my time on W32 now if anyone is around on that world still ( after REL failed a bit ) let me know same game name.



what happen to REL in w32 ??
i kind of left early so didnt know what happen.

Well some of DT and NUKE have moved to w36. Some dt members have decided to carry on the war with us on w36 :icon_rolleyes: which we find quite sad lol.


If you can't join them, beat 'em.

Wait, isn't it the other way around?

Members of DT etc... followed us to w36.

"Basically, Most of this tribe is from [DT] in world 8.
There is a MASSIVE war going on there and our main enemy in NUKE.

We are going to smash them in this wrold too.
devils_365 today at 13:26 Quote much for the unwritten rule... - (this guy gets it)

Taking wars into this world as well...did they agree to this war as well?
kingofthehill900 today at 16:16 Quote

I dont think so i mean 1 person join and told alot of people in world 8 and the have been going on for a long time my dad

...and it's not just them, 2-3 other allied tribes. We'll see how that pans out :)


I moved this into the "off topic" General discussion area since that's what this post has turned into and seems to be what the majority of w8 is good at :)

Enjoy it, and chat away :icon_wink:


Should just move everything here then. We like to go off topic. Makes us happy :)