My name is Juan Torres and I'm a friend of Therese's family. At the request of her daughter and after speaking with MasterZack and other members of her tribe we decided today to post this to the community.

Therese and her husband Enrique were in a car accident on September 17. A truck ran a red light and crashed into the side of the car where she was sitting. It took rescue almost an hour to remove her from the vehicle. Doctors tried desperately to save her but her internal injuries were too severe. Enrique was holding her when she passed away later that evening surrounded by her family and closest friends. She smiled, said she loved him and closed her eyes.

Besides her husband, she leaves her three children Maddalena age 12 and twins Reynaldo and Elizabeth age 4, her parents, other family members and many, many friends.

Maddalena enjoyed playing Tribalwars with her mother. She knew her mother had certain friends on the main forum such as Galum, Triplem, Chanman, Playerhater and many others who would wish to know. We're very grateful that Maddalena was considerate in thinking of the community here on Tribalwars.

Therese was not a woman who enjoyed being a focus of attention. However, we recognize the need to express sympathy and grief, even regarding those we don't know in a real life manner. That's why we've set up a permanent memorial site on Facebook for her online friends and contacts. It's not just meant for remembrances of Therese but for anyone who's gone before us.

The address is

Feel free to join and write about any memories you have of Therese even in a humorous manner. Therese enjoyed laughter more than anyone I've ever known and passed that love onto her children. If you wish you can also post about someone you've lost. Sharing grief and sorrow is what makes us compassionate at these times.

If you prefer you may send me a message at and I'll pass the message onto her family.

Enrique and their children wish to express their gratitude to those who showed Therese kindness and made the time she spent on Tribalwars so enjoyable. We all would like to extend our shared sympathies with the members of her tribe and family such her good friend Carlini who are mourning the loss of a woman who cared for them deeply. God bless you all.


Juan Torres


Not a W11er myself but RIP to her, always sad to see anyone from tribal wars quit or die or any thing of the like.
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:( momma grizzly

after today this game will never ... EVER be the same, at least for me it won't be.

The first day I talked to her was the first day I was addicted to this game

so long and thanks for all the fish


She was an astounding mother, leader, wife, friend, mentor and role model.

I put a tribute to her on my profile, but that of course doesn't do her the justice she deserves. Nothing will. But I am sure she's looking down and seeing the TW community and laughing to herself. I'll miss her flicks, hugs, short jokes, Nyquil, and everything about her. :icon_smile:

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family who lost such a loving mother. There is no doubt it's tough for them, and I wish them all the best.

Buena suerte mi mejor amiga. *Big, squeezy hug* We'll see you again.

"We should never regret how short the time is that he gives us, but be thankful for however long it might be."
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Therese was one of my homies in the game. Really sad to see her go. Stay strong friends and family.


It is both sad and joyous that we gather here. Sad in the fact that today it was made public that w11 lost one of its true gems. Joyous in the stories that we can share to help cope with this tragic loss.

To the family of ThereseT- there are no words that can be spoken to soothe the pain inflicted upon you at this time. But know that an entire community is sending you warm thoughts and loving prayers as you cope with this tragedy.

To the members of OZ, WE and ZIP who have spent countless hours getting to know her, we also offer up our Lod prayers and support.

And to anyone who was lucky to call her friend, our hearts go out to you.
I would personally like to convey to her family the greatest of condolences and on behalf of all Lod members offer our prayers to her family. We have established a thread in our forums where our members can pay their respects.

I came to know ThereseT when there was a leadership change in Lod. I must admit that at first - we really didnt get along that well. She was as we all know, a very fierce woman at times lol. Through our mailings it became clear to me just what a gem this lady was. Her often fierce whit could be seen often in the w11 externals when she would dissect some poor players comments. But underneath that fierce mantle was a very gentle and loving person, a protective mother and a loving wife. She was always positive and cordial in our dealings and even though we did have several disagreements, she was respected by me in the highest of levels. She will be missed.

I was informed of this tragedy late last night and it really really really upset me. I reexamined some priorities myself and spent the day with family.Sometimes it takes a tragedy to remind us of the fragility of life. She will be sorely missed.

I leave you with this:

An Irish Prayer
May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.


I can honestly say this is one of the saddest things I have seen happen...My deepest condolences go out to her family....

Being around Therese changed my life, and for that I can never thank her enough. I am glad to see she will always be remembered and loved by so many people.

I'm not very good at dealing with things like this, so I'll just keep it simple and say, I love you T, and I will never forget you....


well, she had a very short time in w22 where i met her and played with her but the time i met her and talked with her she was an amazing person which i could tell

I know she will be missed, she is in the lords hands now

koa anubis

It took me a few minutes to get over the fact of what we have all just read, let alone try to compose something appropriate to say.

Therese, through the time that we shared, you were a great inspiration to me. At first the relationship we had was not the greatest, we didnt always get along in the forums, and in-game, but over time, I think that greatly improved. I only wish now that I had not been forced to quit due to real life issues so I could have spent more time chatting to you.
It often takes something like this to realise exactly what you had, and that you have now lost.
Although Tribalwars is in fact a game, the Tw11 network that we have built up over the past 2 years has developed into such a unique family like unit, it is not simply a game any more when it comes to the members in it.

Many condolences to Therese's Family & Friends, The community here at Tribalwars will always remember her as a great friend, leader, and mother.

KOA Anubis.



This took me a back. A hard hit to my face. My last post with her was filled contempt and with malice. I would never want to leave any relationship (even in this game) with such hostilities. In truth, to all tribalwars players, tears are in my eyes. In any aspect she was a fierce competitor and no matter her qualities that I had my distaste towards, I would never ever ever wish death upon anyone. I truly am at loss for words. She was a great leader and a great person. I send out my deepest condolences to her husband who, I never could imagine being in his shoes. To her children I weep for you, in hope that it could take away any of the pain that you feel. No child should have to see their parent leave them. To her parents, no parent should ever bury their child. To all those that loved her, I am sorry for your loss and that void will never be filled.

It is my deepest regret to hear this news and it is very hard to believe that someone of her caliber and influence could be taken out of this world like wind to the flame of a candle. She will be missed, her forum personality will be missed and her presents in this world will be missed. We have lost a titan in this world and her family lost a titan in there life.


Kevin G.
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wow what a tragic loss for the family

my deepest condolences to the family and friends over such a loss.


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She was one of my dearest friend and I am just speechless. I'll try to write something later I got to clear my head first.


i didnt know her much but i have talked with her once and she said
"... thanks for being one of those good people i "ment" in this game"

i respect that

my deepest condolences to her family and friends over such a loss

RIP thereset


Dearest Madam ThereseT! May you rest in Peace and God will guide your family and especially your children.. You will be missed!



I never knew her, though its always sad to hear of such a death especially if its an unlikely accident caused by another driver's ignorance/disobedience.

RIP ThereseT, we'll always remember you even if we didn't know you. May I wish the family well in the process of grieveing this loss.


I am not quite sure what to say...

Devastated would be a good one. Saddened by Enrique, Maddy and the twin's loss and forever changed life. I am sure they all know the amount of love that flowed to Therese and them by us all.

We are all comrades & combatants in this world. However, when such an event occurs we all realize that this game does create a bond no matter what tribe you are in, no matter what side of any war you are on, no matter whether you knew the person well or not. This bond when broken does create a void that can no longer be replaced. This people... is what you call friendship.

Therese, you are a dear friend that I always knew I could talk with about any issue. Many of us will be saddened for quite some time. However, eventually the pain will subside but you will never leave our thoughts. May you rest in peace.
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Damn, I am truly sorry for this loss, all life is a precious thing and no one deserves to die before their time, and certanly not in that way.
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Although i never knew her, i obviously knew of her. Very very sad, and wish her family and friends the strength to overcome this loss.

Last year, in the tribe im in on w2, we lost someone early in his life. We tried to get the admins to do something to help memorialize him (to no avail)

Hopefully the admins can do something on this world to help immortalize her here

HCTP....youve made me think about my style. Being a competitor, i tend to at times carry a heavy tongue. Might need to rethink that strategy....

RIP Therese