at long last

i came by to present you with confetii...confetie.... confet-JUNK FROM THE SKY

she was the awesome

also i miss this place (but not enough to resume play)

Leisa Simone

Master Zack, weren't you the one who ripped Therese's daughter's villages from her? Attacked them? Refused to give them up, despite us begging you to do so? Just curious how "loyal" you were. (Which you weren't.)

Leisa Simone

One thing I will never forget is the number of people who still write to us from Tribal Wars. I thank each and every one of you for asking about Therese's family.

What I do not appreciate are the people who only use names to further themselves in a community. It's very sick. Master Zack, I point to you.

Once again, I thank the Tribal Wars community for their support and care. Bless you all. <3


I never had the chance to pay my condolences to Therese. I (un)fortunately left TW approximately 2 months before this fatal accident.

Since coming across it again in the last 2 days, I've much enjoyed looking back on all the threads and seeing all these people I used to converse with on a daily basis. However this was incredibly depressing. I still remember Therese and her mannerisms on the forums, pm'ing with her was always fun. She was a wonderful lady on here, and no doubt in her outside life as well with 3 amazing children.

I would have only been 13 years old when she passed, but still have very fond memories of her, which speaks volumes of her character and how much impact she really had. Despite only ever talking with her over text on this forum, this post has really hit me hard coming back to TW. The nostalgia hit I had for the last 24 hours whilst I started playing again and reading the masses of posts was amazing, but seeing this has washed it all away.

From what I can fathom, she was a brilliant person, and she would have been sorely missed within this community and of course by her amazingly strong family. I hope they are as healthy and happy as they can be, they deserve the best.

The mere fact that I even remember her 6-7 years on proves what a wonderful woman she was. I cannot get over it.

R.I.P Therese