my condolences i only say 1 thing GOD please receive her in your loved arms and please consoles all those who loved

IS a bad day in TW


I to will miss the Boss as well called Therese.

She was a mentor and a leader that could always put us in our place and would sort out problems that arose .

Therese gave me a break in the game 1 year ago and from then on I have got to know her . I will miss her and I feel TW has lost a great player .

Therese You will be missed.

Raveing Elmo

I know this is my second post but i was upset in my last post.

Maddy, you may think the thruck driver is a fault, he isnt, our lord just wanted his favourite angel back.

I'd just like to say thanks Juan, for letting us know about this.



frist i would like to say sorry to the mods i know my other acc. is banned for 3 more days but i just had to write this.also sorry it took so long most of you dont know i stoped playing.

Therese rip you were a great friend and helped me alot not only that but you were a great mother and person your part of the reason i stayed as long as i did. im sorry i cant write more right right now im crying my eyes out my heart goes out to her faimly hopefully ill see one day


1 month and still missing you, more than ever.

Good night, Therese.

I'll allways remember you, as you'd like, with a smile on your face.


Wow, I just noticed this. I had been wondering what was up with all the sigs saying that they will never forget you, and now I see what they were talking about.
Therese, none of us will forget you. W11 will never forget you, and tribalwars will never forget you. You have left most people here marked, whether through arguments on the forum, or through your skills in game. I wish your family only the best, and I hope you rest in peace.


Damn such a sad loss. :icon_sad:

I spent many an hour on this forum and I can honestly say that TheReseT was on of the nicest people on the forum. I have such great memories of the times we talked over the last 2 years.

Therese it was an honour to know you over the last couple of years. Sometimes you meet people that change your life, either face to face, or virtually and I have to say Therese changed mine by giving me a different outlook on life. She was a great woman and will be sorely missed by a lot of people in this community.

Therese I sure will miss you both on w11 and just as a person to talk to. I thank you for all the good times and fabulous memories that I have and the fact that I got to know you, even if it was just for such a short period of time. You truly were an inspiration not only to me but to others around you such as Galum, Triplm and Chanman.

I decided to finish a bit differently to others by posting one of the flames I wrote in your defence on these forums. I know this one made you laugh and I hope that you are smiling now.

God bless always.

- Wallam.


RaRicardo Flame: Ok.. time for my verdict. Which is the official verdict as I am the most senior on these forums.


Firstly let me say, I do not believe in dictatorship, you are allowed your view as is everyone else on these forums. You can even post your view on the forums however the way you have posted your views about ThereseT was totally unacceptable.

You can think that she’s a bad player however why do you feel the need to post it here. She made a perfectly reasonable post about a refugee warning. It was a much better and a much more efficient way than mailing every tribe. As the only tribes he would most likely want to go into would be ones who members/leaders read the forums. Hence why ThereseT posted the topic.

You could call her attention seeking or whatever, but in my and most TW players eyes this was a perfectly reasonable post.

Now to get down to why you not only are wrong but posted in a completely unacceptable manner.

First of all you called ThereseT a Nazi. How can you compare someone on an online game that you don’t know, have hardly talked to and hear sketchy rumours about a Nazi. A Nazi is a person who believed slaughtering millions of innocent people because of their religion or things outside their control such as race was the way the world would progress. Do you really think comparing a person you don’t know anything about to a person who believes mass genocide is right is acceptable. If so you should probably go back to school and pass the exam for 5 year olds. The 5 year olds would have a better mental capacity than you if you believe calling someone you don’t know a Nazi is right.

The second reason why your argument is wrong is because you supply no proof whatsoever. We can all say a player is a dictator or a bad leader but without any evidence whatsoever which you haven’t supplied how do you expect people to believe you. I can say you are a pointwhore, I’ve never scouted your village, attacked you or done anything to make me think that you are a pointwhore but because I said you are, it must be true! If you think that you are not posting your "evidence" because you might reveal who showed it to you.. That’s frankly rubbish. You can edit out their names or any revealing details so that again suggests you don’t have any evidence. If you post comments like you have and you believe they will convince people, then again.. back to kindergarten for you.

In fact ThereseT is not only a great leader and a great person from what I have seen and talked to people in her tribe but she is also very reasonable and straightforward. The kind of person anyone with half a brain would want in their tribe. You on the other hand, display the intelligence of a goldfish. I.E you have very little.

I would go as far to say you contribute virtually nothing on these forums. Looking through your posts on the forums all you do is go round into other people’s threads and insult them and insult what they are talking about. You on the other hand have never posted a decent thread. The one thread you posted about Aten warring eggs and Plague you got so badly flamed for. You had completely the wrong information and posting such rubbish on the forums took away what little sympathy people had left for a new person on the forums. You have never tried to post another thread. Well done. You have realized that nothing in your little head holds any importance or significance to anyone else who reads the public forums.

As for your spelling and grammar it’s terrible. I am prepared to give people a few mistakes as everyone makes mistakes however do you really expect people to take you seriously with such bad spelling and grammar. So bad in fact that sometimes it is hard to trying to work out what you say.

In conclusion.

Delete your forum account, work on your people skills and come back when you have something more positive to contribute than just flaming people trying to post a decent topic.
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Juan C Torres

On behalf of Therese's family we thank you all once again for the thoughtful messages and condolences here, Facebook, in email, and on MSN. Please know our sincerest gratitude. These messages were especially welcome today. God bless you all.

Enrique, Maddalena, Reynaldo and Elizabeth Tarascon

Enrique Tarascon

1 month and still missing you, more than ever.

Good night, Therese.

I'll allways remember you, as you'd like, with a smile on your face.

I am Enrique, Therese's husband. DarKKey is correct. We miss Therese more every day. Thank you for this reminder of her smile.

My English will not be perfect but I want to finally acknowledge so many from Tribalwars.

I thank DarKKey personally. Therese and Maddalena considered you their closest friend on this game. I am in appreciation for everything you did for my daughter while she is in great pain. Juan has a message of thankful emotions for you too. Maddalena has shared many memories when they played this game with you. Now I will never forget what you did especially with your friends for my wife and children when we were in Madrid. Thank your friend again for her many reminders of how wonderful my wife was. Therese thought very highly of you. She had much affection and regard for you not just for playing this game. Yet I'm sure she would be surprised still for what you have done for her family in this time especially. All of us truly are. Thank you for showing such love to Maddalena and respect to the memory of my wife. Muchas gracias, un verdadero hombre y amigo.

Several other people deserve many of my thanks. KADUX: like DarKKey, you were friend to Therese and like DarKKey your ability of compassion amazes all of us. You have done very much during this time even when we said it wasn't necessary. You insisted it was and still is. Like we will with DarKKey, we will never forget what you did and continue to do. Juan has message for you too. As my wife's friend wrote in note to you: she hopes to be able to thank you one day personally. You have proven your true friendship to Therese. Gracias.

Wallam, SC30, Ketendra, Chanman, and other true friends, we are honoured to receive such concern. My wife had astounding abilities to find people online who would educate us more in human nature. You have been very, very kind to my children and myself. We are thankful Therese brought healing touches into our lives by introducing us to you. Your kind words and concern are blessings.

Thank you all for taking time to write. I thank this staff for their efforts and care.

Further questions of my wife's account should be sent to me at or through Facebook. I ask do not write again to my children on Facebook of their mother's account, tribe or information of future.

We wish you all what Therese wish for everyone: laughter and love, peace and calm. God bless you.

Enrique Tarascon


RIP ThereseT
So sad to read this.
I have only good memorys in here when she was whit us.
And Enrique be strong i know what u feel u have great kids who needs father.and now u must be like a mother too
God bless you


I didn't know her at all.
I only read almost all what she wrote here and she let me a great impression.
This game will not be the same without her.
Condoleance to the family.

Night Wizard

I couldn't believe it first time I read it. I am very sad about this. Took me whole day to finally realize it's real.

I won't write anything fancy, nor paragraphs of text. Somehow, I don't feel like it. Just this.

Sad to see her go away. Really sad.


OMG! i miss her flames! i can remember one thing about her..

No TW11 player have won in debate with Madaam Thereset! She roCkZ All tHe Time! I mean ROCK!


On behalf of all who have known her in game, whether well or not, friend or foe, after all I hope you have found peace. As a human I am sad to hear what happened to you. I know this game meant a lot to you, and it's nice to see that about the entire community shares their thoughts with you and your family. Rest in peace, and may your family find the strength and support to go on. Maybe you're not here anymore, but you will remain living in our memories.

Bschroyen of ~THB~

Charles the Bald

I remember the first time I spoke with Therese. Before the MCD/TEMP war some nub wrote to me declaring war on MCD. So I checked him out and wrote to his Duke to confirm whether or not the declaration was real.

His Duke was Therese. She replied that it wasn't an official declaration of war in a typically florid Therese style. I liked her immediately :icon_biggrin:

Later that day I was talking to sLowhand and he was complaining about the nubs that he had been receiving messages from. So, to rub it in, I told him about this very smart woman I had met :icon_razz:, and sLowhand took it upon himself to play matchmaker between us, and wrote to Therese to tell her what a wonderful bloke I was :lol:

Therese and I had a lot of very interesting and fun conversations. She swore me to secrecy about this, but she liked to jump up and down on her bed playing air guitar to Van Halen :icon_eek:

Unfortunately, as w11 progressed our conversations became less frequent and less chatty (being on opposite sides of the war and all) :icon_sad:

I can't even imagine what this must be like for her family. I wish them the best and brightest of futures :)


Wow. I had no idea this happened. She was by far my favorite poster in tribalwars. Such a smart witty person and I am truely saddened that she is gone. She will be missed here greatly and I will pray for your family, I hope you are able to deal with this loss as best you can :(

galak fyarr

My most sincerest condolences to the family of ThereseT.

I can't be counted in the list of friends, or even people she knew, but I did see her posts on the forums, and as many, I found them among the best and funniest I ever read. You will be missed.

Galak Fyarr