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Nah mate just some Casual nobling of some random rim tribe and there Noob King Ragnar think he plays on an Ipad that's how bad his defending is, lol ;)



Kingregnar heard about him that he asked support from smaller players for his far away villages pretending to be friend and then nobled empty villages

Also heard that he asked smaller tribes for alliance showing himself to be baron of ABC & then attacked them when the nearby player slept & nobled the smaller noobs

Some said he promised invite in ABC in exchange of a village and then after gift of village ...declined saying Duke says no

Ofc those players were noobs to believe him but still what a character


I actually quite liked ABC for a while, I thought they were a slightly overambitious rim tribe. Their ambition has come to bite them in the arse though. When push comes to shove, STD are simply a better tribe than ABC and by some margin and ABC still have to deal with PTG as well. Unlike the last skirmish, I've been led to believe the attacks won't stop until STD is on top in K46. ABC seem to have a few decent players so will be interesting to see where they end up if anywhere. I don't see the tribe itself surviving though.


I do not pretend to know usernames or who they correspond to ingame. I have hardly messaged any Tribal Wars player outside of STD for a month other than for recruitment so don't really keep up with such matters. The praise is unwarranted though, the statistics are irrelevant.

There is no need to celebrate beating up on a tribe that seems to be already dead for whatever reason. STD should have double the conquers right now if we were better, better organised, better motivated, criticise us for that. Our conquer rate against the enemy should be far higher, our coordination should be perfect, our strategy more refined.

We have done nothing praiseworthy this world, take this from the leader and founder. Perhaps we will do so in future, perhaps not, only time will tell if something special can be created out of the twilight of Tribal Wars.

For now, there is nothing to talk about and because of this I will take my leave again.
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Was just looking at this and the table above has gone all funny. Anyways, to commemorate new forums, I thought I'd take a look at the top 10 tribes as they are at the moment from a nobling perspective. I think what tribes noble and how they noble can give you an idea of what sort of tribe they are.

Currently the top 10 are as follows:

1. STD
2. Rage
3. PTG-E
4. Rage!
5. Mutiny
6. PR
7. BAN
8. ABC
9. S3XY
10. B4N

I'm going to minus out all the family tribes here, so am going to treat Rage and Rage! as one entity as well as BAN and B4N. I won't address the non-top 10 academy/family tribes such as PTG-A/S and PR2, but they will be accounted for in stats. I should note this will not contain internals that were done so outside of the tribe. I simply do not have the time or effort to go through that.

Going in reverse order, lets take a look at S3XY and their enoblements.

8. S3XY

Player Nobles: 79.00% (Rank 1)
Barbarian Nobles: 8.46%
Internal Nobles: 12.54%

What the first thing that instantly springs to mind when looking at S3XY's conquers is the lack of competition they have had. 10th in ODA, 14th in ODD. Of course this is nothing in comparison to either Mutiny or Rage or BAN who are similarly unchallenged defensively compared to their size. What is interesting to note is that there is some semblence of coordination. Most recently on the 26th June against Choguet six villages were taken in a short timeframe, five of which practically on the second. The last one before that was the 5th with similar results. Currently they seem to be just cleaning up their area. I've heard there is a bit of a skirmish with northern Rage so that will be where S3XY are tested.

7. ABC

Player Nobles: 65.54% (Rank 6)
Barbarian Nobles: 24.39%
Internal Nobles: 10.07%

One thing that makes ABC stand out is their high barb nobling rate for a tribe that is not a family tribe. Looking at the locations of those nobles which have been mostly recently, they are near PTG, STD and in their core mainly. A significant statistic for ABC is their fight against PTG-E, which they seem to be losing 2-13 in the last week. On a non-statistical opinion, I have heard that ABC are a bit of a shell of their former self, that they never really properly recovered after their brief clash with STD. Whether this is true or not, they have an uphill battle to go, Kingragnar is over 1/10 of the tribe and has a lot of villages near STD. Their most dangerous threat at the moment is STD jumping in against them with PTG in what would be extremely hard for them to deal with. If they can deal with those two tribes and win without them falling apart internally or being gangbanged into oblivion, they deserve to win.

6. BAN

Player Nobles: 65.83% (Rank 5)
Barbarian Nobles: 25.71%
Internal Nobles: 8.46%

BAN is an interesting case as how involved they are in the PTG war as well as their diplomacy with PTG. Looking at the war stats, it seems to be very minimal and that the fight is mostly PTG vs PR. Given the high barb nobling rate with very little reason to do so, I'd guess that the quality of the family tribe overall is not very high. Similarly, a low internal rate can be good but similarly be bad. It may mean they are active or it may mean the tribes standards aren't improved by creating stronger accounts. An interesting case either ways and unless Mutiny attack them, they don't seem to have much stopping them just growing with PTG being their buffer between them and competition. Not much else to say about them since they aren't really doing anything with any focus.

5. PR

Player Nobles: 61.60% (Rank 8)
Barbarian Nobles: 22.48%
Internal Nobles: 15.92%

PR is a worrying case and one that I do not expect to last too long. Both a high barb and internal rate suggests they are in some trouble. The PTG Family is 41-16 up in the last month and they are in a precarious position. They have no growth options with STD in the north, PTG to the east and Rage to the west and seem to be hanging by a thread. What they have in their favour is the Rage alliance and I expect them to be absorbed into Rage soonish as their family tribe seems to be falling apart and their conquers page full of red. Ultimately if I was a betting man, this is the tribe I see to be the first to go and I'd put the highest odds on them, followed by an ABC that is banged by both PTG and STD.

4. Mutiny

Player Nobles: 75.76% (Rank 3)
Barbarian Nobles: 10.12%
Internal Nobles: 14.12%

Mutiny seem to be growing quite nicely with no real issues to be concerned about. Nothing really happening there. Mutiny has basically two options in my opinion, merge with Rage or fight Rage as their paths to win the world. What makes this interesting is they were part of the internalling of Ghio1. Why this was is unknown, but it does suggest a good relationship with Rage and certainly a factor worth considering in the long run. Lastly, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of wars or Ops, rank 8 ODA for the rank 5 tribe is not the greatest in my opinion, which does suggest they hare having an easy ride so far.

3. PTG

Player Nobles: 64.54% (Rank 7)
Barbarian Nobles: 25.77%
Internal Nobles: 9.69%

I've mentioned much of what I want to say about PTG in the PR section. They seem to be coming off the better of the two in the war and have to give them credit for that considering the trashtalk thrown around by PR and Rage at the beginning of the war. They've started shedding their family tribes, so have lost quite a bit of mass but we shall see how that goes. ABC, internals and PR seem to be on the menu for PTG currently. The question remains whether the victory is a pyrrhic one or whether they can actually push through after PR onto Rage (and potentially Mutiny). That would be truly impressive, but either ways, the Koreans seem to have been underestimated by most tribes. The most important victory would be to get STD in on one of their wars, even if it was just the ABC one to force them to fall apart.

2. Rage

Player Nobles: 71.47% (Rank 4)
Barbarian Nobles: 12.41%
Internal Nobles: 16.12%

The biggest overall unit, Rage have recently fallen from rank 1 with the fall of Ghio1. Currently involved in no major skirmishes that threaten them, though have the highest ODA, presumably for lots of long range nuking against both PTG and S3XY. That said, neither seems to be particularly effective as of yet other than the ODA gain. S3XY aren't losing villages, PTG are starting to really run away with the PR war. Their biggest threat is STD, but fortunately they do not have a strong border yet. The last major cleanup seemed to be honour. The good news is Rage have a lot of options, Mutiny and PR for recruitment but they ultimately have two walls to face: PTG and STD. There is simply no easy way like with AoW to get rid of these guys, it is going to have to be done the long hard way and the Rage STD war is one of the ones people are looking forward to. If there is a guy that can find a way though, Dreaded is probably it.

1. STD

Player Nobles: 78.79% (Rank 2)
Barbarian Nobles: 4.80%
Internal Nobles: 16.41%

STD, whilst not the biggest unit in W87, is almost certainly the most coordinated one. To take this month alone, they have had 3 timed Ops, on the 1st, 3rd and 7th July. First took 13 villages, second 14 villages and the most recent one 13 villages. This doesn't include the follow-up, merely the timed hit. To just take last week, 67.9% of their conquers were from targets they Opped. This is all good when against bad tribes, but the next question is how they will do against ABC if they fight them or S3XY or Rage or PTG. They can go anywhere really. Other tribes to my knowledge respect them and give them the space they need. Essentially pure fear and to a lesser extent respect makes up for shitty diplo. They also rimmed lord eastwood which was a good decision. Will be interesting to see how their story unfolds in the next few weeks.

oheinen66 you are going to have to redo this in a week or so now that the world has changed a bit


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Looks like BAN have disappeared after ending their alliance with PTG. It would be interesting to see where the world is going to go from here, now that many of their members have joined the PTG family.


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You know they should remake this to the top 3 tribes. The other 7 tribes within the top 10 can either make other tribe stronger.

Rank 1 in Attacking Mutiny will be having a field time picking off those small tribes.
Rank 1 in Family tribe PTG, BTG will be having a field time recruiting off from those small tribes.
Rank 1 in Tribe STD will be having a field time nuking. :)


So what does everyone think of the top three superpowers? The world seems anyones to take right now, though if you are in small tribe you look in trouble :(