Top 20 Tribe Analysis



Currently being eaten by everyone around them, another tribe not worth mentioning, will be gone soon enough.
that is just a sad lie

really, if you knovv nothing about us just say you knovv nothing about us, don't make up stuff

army size

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Yeah i rushed the last part, just saw that most tribes around FPWN had taken several villages from them at one point or another, the rest still be true :)

army size

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Like i said, rushed them, only used twstats for the last ones, although if id have done a top 10 id have ate on time :)

plus, not really worth mentioning the bottom 10


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slient - 6/10 simple, informative, but more of a summary
army/georgie - 7/10 took some more time to actually look into the stats and wars for the top tribes, but alas, still just more informative than analysis.