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Discussion in 'World 61' started by angelgod1, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Troll Face.

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    I will do an expert analysis of the top 3 :icon_eek:
  2. themaccabees

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    DO IT mr face!
  3. Troll Face.

    Troll Face. Guest

    For you, Mr Face <3

    Experts Analysis:

    #1 Impact (56,882,505 Total points; 1,264,056 Average ppp)
    Impact recently stole the #1 tribe spot which has belonged to Riot! for such a long a time and I imagine they are going to run away with it. Notorious for ending wars quickly and taking in the cream of the crop as war spoils as early as possible, this tribe gets stronger with each war that it wins; a lot stronger than the in-game war ratings would suggest. Ranked #1 for ODA and #1 for Total OD, you can’t accuse this tribe of hugging their way to the top spot. Diplomatically sound, being one of the few tribes that strictly adheres to the rules set out in diplo agreements. Woe betide you if you’re the one to break them :lol:

    Impact: 10/10

    #2 Riot! (58,695,352 Total points; 1,173,907 Average ppp)
    Immaculate reputation on the externals (mainly due to the muzzle put on the less articulate), Riot! are perhaps my favourite tribe in W61. They are not overly confident or arrogant even though individually they have some real world-winners, and as a tribe they have an astounding war record. This self-modesty will probably serve them better than Impact’s confidence stroke arrogance, as quality-wise there is very little between the two. We should not forget that TW ranks tribe by POB40, Riot! has more members and an extra 2mio. points than Impact and both tribes will probably have an equal amount of internals queued up. Like Impact, they are warring on as many fronts as they can handle and, being land-locked with such a large core, that is many fronts indeed ;)

    Riot!: 10/10

    #3 Gians F. (Around 58mio. Total points; I’m not going to work out Average ppp)
    Yessir, I decided to review the family rather than just the tribe, as there doesn’t seem to be any internal unrest with the family so whatever they do in the immediate future, they will do together. Gians F. has been around since the beginning of the world and have displayed quite a large amount of mediocrity since formation. I think the general negative attitude towards family tribes is unwarranted, unfair, prejudice… and totally accurate in this instance. Instead of merging all three tribes to seriously contend the #1 and #2 spots, apart from their lacklustre performance in the Wasp F. war, Gians F. seem content on merging accounts, nobling barbs, and doing everything they can to keep good diplo relatios with #1 and #2 (who have both already shown their teeth at each other on the externals and in-game). Everything about them stinks of “we’re going to back the winners, and then jump them at our most opportune moment”. If you’re not (as a tribe) going to go for the win, then pick a side and stick to it guys |-(

    Gians F: 2/10

    DISCLAIMER: Trolling is my occupation. If you see your tribe and think I have provided an inaccurate description, IDGAF :icon_eek:
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  4. good post troll

    (what did i just say?)
  5. Troll Face.

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    Get used to it. Instead of posting really unhelpful pictures, I'm working on breeding the next generation of trolls. :icon_cool:
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    May 10, 2012
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    Will this do?

  7. Oh I do love you Fergy... share all those villages wif meh plz!!!

    Also, good solid post Mr. Troll Face.
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    Quality post my Troll Face and a better "summarization" by Fergy
  9. willowsmagic

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    LOL nice fergy

    I like Mr. Faces' analysis of #3
  10. This is one of the rare cases where I like a thread that has been brought back.

    Well said Troll Face.

    and +1 Fergy ;)
  11. Tiny.Ego

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    At long last w61 has posts worth reading. Nice post Troll Face, maybe a top 10 when you find the time?

    Fergy lol please summarise the top 10 if/when Troll does it :)
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  13. TrueGrave

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    The longer I see the Gians family work against the conventional methods of domination (three tribes) the more I believe it is a conspiracy formed by them to hold W61 open for as long as they can.
  14. Demon Flayer

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    why not include the little guys holding against the tide like Rx and the turtles

    (props to you grave and hallie, i still love the EGO win XD)
  15. HallieMarie

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    Silly question maybe.. do I know you? :icon_redface:
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    YES! It's our dear friend Bryce(with friends)

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    OOOH!!! Hi Bryce. Long time, no talk.

    I would like to hear more about the tribe called Simple.
  18. I was gonna do a review, but I think the world is to turbulant to review anyone right now
  19. xshahzad

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    Rank Tag Points of best 40 Total Points Members Average points per member Villages Average points per village

    1 Riot! 76,543,168 97,962,979 59 1,660,389 10,161 9,641

    2 Impact 73,413,750 82,538,513 52 1,587,279 8,549 9,655

    3 Noodle 41,956,657 42,909,604 48 893,950 4,633 9,262

    4 ~FS~ 20,765,325 21,006,528 43 488,524 2,284 9,197
    5 Nomads 19,534,396 20,223,175 50 404,464 2,299 8,797
    6 TheNR 18,697,086 21,545,559 60 359,093 2,540 8,483
    7 Revolt 18,149,410 18,149,410 23 789,105 1,957 9,274
    8 Rx 16,540,225 18,412,244 55 334,768 2,065 8,916
    9 Kraken 15,430,055 15,430,055 36 428,613 1,728 8,929
    10 Urban 14,641,396 14,641,396 22 665,518 1,608 9,105
    11 RU 11,448,542 11,448,542 35 327,101 1,246 9,188
    12 ______ 11,312,555 12,341,328 58 212,782 1,511 8,168
    13 LaCN 10,798,336 10,893,924 43 253,347 1,310 8,316
    14 Gians 10,797,838 10,797,838 27 399,920 1,215 8,887
    15 Waah! 9,661,624 9,661,624 22 439,165 1,011 9,557
    16 TKT 9,625,559 9,625,559 30 320,852 1,048 9,185
    17 29ers 7,975,182 8,650,594 56 154,475 1,044 8,286
    18 KV 7,054,839 7,056,965 41 172,121 888 7,947
    19 Turtl3 7,043,109 7,043,109 19 370,690 759 9,279
    20 M.D. 6,854,108 7,512,686 52 144,475 958 7,842
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    xshad. mind writing some comments rather than posting what we all can see by looking up on ranks :O