Top/flop tribes.


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Hours? You were literally right on us? Do you need to be spoon fed? Lol wow.

Ima just block you all make my day brighter and ruin yours :)

Point difference vs morale would it not have been level and the fact you think you were 3656866 hours away by noble is hilarious lol.

Peace out chadow


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I’ll join :)
Shit I tried to talk to them, even privately but they I mailed wouldn’t have a bar of it. So forget that I’m done :)

Chump for life is another good name if you wanna change to that? Need any others hit me up brah

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The game didn't changed, it was and IT will always be dirty moves and spys

Nah, it doesnt have to be like that. Most swedes and hungarians fight with honor. Only players who feel they have to cheat and trick people will do that, those who consider themselfs superior do not need to go that route.

But as i always say, you open the box, you live with the consequences


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Aaron cmon, can you maybe just maybe STOP CRYING for being rimmed omg. 5 page of this crap lol.


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Him crying 5 pages bother you but when ds does the same you have nothing against them? Thats a pretty double standard...


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not that I know who you are but I am fairly sure I didn’t. Shut it

Don't worry, you kind of just learn that everything that comes from DS is meaningless lies. Especially from Stunz. But what do i know. Ds sees and feels my anger but understand that it is a product of my insufficiency.


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If bagad says it then it is true. You are indeed insufficient. At least you can fix it by posting on the fora without saying anything specific. Or so you think.

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Your biggest achievement against us :) I know, who is more terrible here but that's not on our side. And after that, you wanted diplomacy AGAIN with us? :D Don't worry guys, "it's just war".

Let me clarify something.
So when you join a world, you don't always get a lot of choice in who you join (depends which big tribe is in the area) and so you either join them, or try and get a good group of players together to resist them long enough to grow.
So i made my tribe The-V to do just that. But Barcsa comes in and takes a lot of villages, and my tribe members were not good enough to survive, from spending time with them i knew this.

Option, stick it out and maybe get nobled my barcsa (not in the same tribe, just friendly anything could happen, i was just coming into his range for points)
2nd option, try and join -NF- (i cant because i was born in the UK :D)
join and ally SHOCK, cool i get in.

Was there for 10 days, all okay, it is nice enough. more a88a members and -nf- members move into the area, not ideal.

Then yes i switched side when i found out basand and xahri were hitting barcsa, the sole reason for me being in SHOCK was to make sure i didnt die to this guy. Call it whatever you want, i did what i needed to do to survive. on a plus note, SHOCK were not going to win the world, not while being allied to A88A and -NF- like i just didnt understand how that plays out later on, there is like 5 tribes to try and merge into 1.

Also i did not share a single piece of information, and i had no prior knowledge of this attack happening, i was speaking to barcsa before he went to bed, because he said he was sending support to ahri as they were being attacked, and then i also send support to ahri (thinking i was helping).
Yeah it probably is not the best way to go about removing someone, but they fact that he moved into the K and just claimed it without giving any consideration to who was there was his choice. The guy even spiked every bonus barb just so he could noble it himself.

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Some players will do anything to survive. Some will switch tribes and some will hug half of the world. This is game where deceitful player will win over honest one, and honest tribe will win over deceitful tribe.


So if a deceitful player wins over an honest one, but an honest tribe wins over a deceitful one, what happens when a deceitful tribe is full of only deceitful players

That comment was so much less wise than you think it was