ummm one on ONE


You missed my point sir.
I showed that I have WON a world already, and I am (perhaps) on way for few more, but i intended to show that it means nothing to me, and nothing to any normal person(unless there was a personal thing, or hard battles or so). So my question is/was, why the hugging?

Mom/Wife/Gf: What did you do today hun?
Mom/Wife/Gf: ...(He forgot his pills again :( )

Enjoy my british humor now. IT IS FUNNY. WHY?
Because my last words were 'Impressions last'. Lets take how DNY won their world for example;

They were accused of tribal hugging by some, when in fact,they recruited the best enemies left alive in each war, so they wouldn't go inactive. Therefore, that left a lasting impression for those who heard of it/took part of it/etc, as DNY (was the 1st tribe to win,am I correct?) fought their way to win a world. One more example, which beOwned could further explain, is how the Western Alliance won vs the Eastern Alliance on W17. Even though they always gangbanged, which in my opinion was not cool, they did defeat BoS and Wisdom(now HaV), due to BoS' incapability to fight back(could it be, their leader's tragic death?) and HaV's leadership delete-button ending(from what i understand). But they fought their way to get where they are now. These string of events may create an impression of respect to those who fight rather than hug, or anything like that, to a player.

[..] While you sir,are the foil of DNY, and W.A. I cannot find any valid,acceptable,and honorable (at least) reasons for this shameful hugging, other than that of which I talked about in the first part of this reply.

And thats where it's at,honor. Too many lack that, and not to mention respect. Watch a new player(who maybe is an educated 40 year old),ask a "newbie" question.

Oh and thanks beOwned, I learned a lot from how MM_HUN used to write PnP against STORM, Pixies and so. Hence my respect for him . But now he seems a bit cocky(aka the response to MM's challenge directed to HaV).

MM is allowed to be cocky, after all those inspirational PnPs he showed that he could not only talk the talk but be walking the walk against them in game at the same time, that warrants him to be cocky... :)

as for East and West hugging on W17, though the western tribes are all friends, we are indeed friends and allies that happen to be fighting the same war through default, HaV and BoS no longer exist in the Eastern alliance, they are the ones in fact that merged into each other to form what is now BoH (bortherhood of honour) and after the western have finished them off will fight each other just for the fun of fighting our friends, thats different to hugging... its more of a common enemy situation


Clanslo, you keep pointing you've won worlds.. I think you only come here to show off.. Its annoying..

yes yes yes, all i want to do is show off.
I'm also wearing a large , golden chain. And some white Supras.
Only one of these sentences is true. The others are sarcastic.

@BeOwned - well only thing I NEVER, and will not like about how W17 how *np* always jumped in wars, not declaring them, just jumping in what their allies were already.
I have tasted this personally, from picking my best players/most promising players(and picking the to-be-nobled inactives) to join *np*, to being quickly cut off by *np*,with my biggest players taken,and the rest thrown away. I'm talking about a K11/10/12/1 and that area event.Dig back what happened in that area :p
Other than this, it went mighty fine :D That time when STORM/Zombies where around,fun times to read the PnP hehe.

@Von Hallander: Thank you for the read :D I know, my deduction is a bit flawed, I didn't really look in-depth at what I said, just a quick response; I will also blame my sentence-structure writing and C/E/W paragraph n00binezz. I (still) get points off because of that.
I'll answer later, at the moment I'm a tad busy.