Uruz v Drama

Discussion in 'World 53' started by jayjayjay68, May 26, 2011.

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  1. jayjayjay68

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    Jan 16, 2008
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    Ok Guys,

    Uruz is its own tribe, and so fitting. We dont need to be grouped with any other. So this has been set up for STATS only. I wont be posting anything else. May aswell but a rusty nail in my eye than troll these forums. I would rather do my talking ingame.

    Side 1:
    Tribes: Uruz
    Side 2:
    Tribes: Drama!

    Timeframe: 20/05/2011 14:13:54 to 26/05/2011 11:32:31

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 53
    Side 2: 11
    Difference: 42


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 510,258
    Side 2: 104,343
    Difference: 405,915

  2. I approve this message. :icon_cool:

    <3 you Jay!!
  3. mynameissi

    mynameissi Guest

    Nice. Good to see Uruz doing well :)
  4. Sh@deSl@yer

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    Dec 6, 2009
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    Best of Luck Jay :icon_cool:
  5. Eternalsai

    Eternalsai Guest

    =) good luck to both sides but im sure gonna eat a naughty dino ;p
  6. Rednecks

    Rednecks Guest

    It does not matter if you are your own tribe or not. You knew full well we are at war with Static when you declared on us and had we not been at war with Static I highly doubt you would have declared. You are helping Static thus your stats get included with them.
  7. Yes it does matter. We are not Static, and Static is not Uruz. You may label us whatever you like, "the south" or "the coalition" or any other equally mis representative label, but that does not mean we are the same. And because we are not the same, you cannot clump us together. Well, to be completely honest Rednecks, it's a bit hard NOT to notice you being at war with Static :icon_eek:
    But again, just because we are both at war with you doesn't mean that putting the stats together makes sense. Both wars are separate for several reasons, first of all, you declared on Static because they were 'displaying hostilities towards the almighty Drama' which is clearly, unacceptable :icon_rolleyes:, the reasons for this war are not to dissimilar. You were warned what would happen if and when you made certain actions. But apparently, with Drama being almighty and such things, you thought we were just going to sit tight and let you do what you wanted, when you wanted, where you wanted. You, Rednecks, the leader of Drama are responsible for this war. You had many a skype conversation with Jay about the war, before it had even happened. You knew what would happen when you tried to touch K54, yet you lacked both the leadership capabilities and the foresight to avoid this encounter.

    [19:55:13] Rednecks says: it does not matter if they active or not....take your K54, just leave my tribe alone

    Although, I must admit, you are a fairly strong, well guided leader. As seen above... :icon_razz:

    As to whether we would have declared or not depending on your war with static, maybe you should look at the reasons for this war, as stated above and then ask yourself again, did we declare to help out Static? Or did we just want to watch you eat your words as you bit off more than you could chew...

    It is a bit sad when 6 small members is more than a mouthful for the top ranking tribe in the world. Could you do me a favour Rednecks, while you're here? Invite someone to Drama!! That way, Uruz can more effectively spread our resources around. Sharing 41 members by 6 is a bit messy, 42 by 6 though, works out to an even 7 each.

    And while we are going Rednecks, I have a question for you. Why have you started internaling members since Uruz declared war on Drama! and why were you internaling others during a war? As I recall, Alex was having a field day a number of weeks ago, taking jabs at both Uruz and Static. I'd like a justification on how what you're doing is any better?

    Uno, due, tre.

    So Rednecks, what say you?
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  8. We are just being smart. [​IMG]
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  9. Eternalsai

    Eternalsai Guest

    Hmm sad rainbow?.... now you have less targets to attack or take villa from :p
  10. Rednecks

    Rednecks Guest

    You were made full aware of our war with Static and I made you aware of it before we even started. Since you decided to take Statics side in the war you are now "clumped" with them. You may not like it but it is what it is.

    You are misinformed. If you would have read my war declaration posted in this forum you would know that we declared war on Static because they recruited our war targets.

    Some correction here as well. There was no warning prior to the war starting with Static. The fact of the matter is we were negotiating a split of K54 prior to our war with Static. I did not finalize the negotiations because we had other priorities than K54 and I made Jay fully aware of that. The only mistake I made was assuming you were a respectible tribe and we would just work towards each other in K54 and you would stay out of this war. What would make me think you would go from giving us the top section of K54 to demanding the entire continent? The only reason you made the move you did because you seen we were at war with Static so you took advantage.

    You are correct here and thanks for the compliments. Standing up for my tribe is something any Duke should do. I gave you full warning we would take action if your tribe kept nobling us in K54. You just beat me to the war declaration.

    Possibly for both reasons. But ask yourself this, would you ever have made the declaration without us being at war with Static, honestly? Your tribe was compromising wanting to avoid war with us before we declared on Static. It was amazing the difference in Jays tone before the war with Static and then afterwards. :icon_eek:

    What is so sad about it? You do not think your tribe is as good as Drama? :icon_sad:

    I remember TOS had an advantage when they first started that war.

    May I have your permission to get rid of a few inactives? I really do not need to explain myself here. After all we have given Uruz plenty to eat after our war with TOS, I really do not feel like feeding you our inactives as well.

    meh, Alex talks to much. You and I both know this. :icon_biggrin:

    You feel better now? :icon_wink:
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  11. Drew-Waylander

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    Dec 7, 2008
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    We lost 11, bugger must get online more ... :icon_sad:
  12. Aha... Refer back to my original comment "Well, to be completely honest Rednecks, it's a bit hard NOT to notice you being at war with Static :icon_eek:". Thank you for making me aware that you brought this to my attention. I don't know what I was thinking... And again, I have been over this previously, we didn't "take Static's side" as you say. The reasons for the declaration are hidden in my post. They are mainly related to K54, and Drama trespassing. No where there is Static involved.

    We all are at some point or another. Unless you ignore everything that everyone says to you, I'm sure you'll find something untruthful. However, I did read the declaration that you made in this forum. It wasn't particularly thrilling... And is recruiting your war targets, stacking your enemy and getting ready for war not "displaying hostilities towards the almighty Drama" as I put it in my post? :icon_rolleyes:

    There really is something about Drama! members. They keep referring to events and people as if they are relevant in the first place. Why did the warning need to be made before the war with Static? Would it have changed anything? Regardless of when the warning was issued, it's implications were still the same, whether you had of been at war with Static or not, the consequences were the same. I understand that you lack certain securities and that being double your enemies size is required before you can declare on them, but not everyone shares your flaws.
    A respectable tribe? Well, that's not something I expected to hear from you Red. It's funny how Uruz was able to negotiate with many of the members who nobled in K54 to avoid confrontation and see that both sides upheld their agreements. However, if you're trying to insinuate that by being 'respectful' a tribe does not declare war on a tribe that is already at war with another, then that is just beyond absurd.
    We "demanded" the entire continent because it was originally ours and it was going to stay that way. Being at war with Static had nothing to do with our movements.

    You're welcome. Always glad to see a top duke, reduced to groveling and pleading for his members not to get attacked. Red, have you noticed that this point here invalidates your entire argument about us declaring to 'help out our buddies Static'. If you were going to declare on us regardless because we were nobling your members in K54, like we said we would if they nobled any more villages, how is us declaring beforehand any different? The result is still the same. We are at war because you couldn't keep your hands out of the cookie jar no matter how many times we slapped your greedy hand.

    I've taken the time and contemplated this situation, and surprisingly the answer's still the same. We would have declared regardless. Have you not thought that the change in Jay's tone may have been deliberately provocative? It's amazing to see how much of this entire situation you misunderstand. Completely.

    Don't even get me started on TOS, those TOS'ers wouldn't know shit from clay about tribal wars tactics if it were rolled up and thrown in their face. The sad thing is that you knew this war was coming and despite this, and the fact that you yourself were planning a war declaration, you had no preparation for afterwards. So do I think my tribe is as good as Drama!? Hell no. You're beneath us.

    Well, that depends. How about this, I will give you my permission to noble your inactives as soon as Drama withdraws from all wars it's currently engaged in, be the tribes small or large, until you have finished dealing with your inactives. Anything less would just be... Wrong. Given the amount of crap Drama!'s members gave Static for doing so. And no, you don't need to explain yourself here, Alex did so for you: We've been through this Red, it's starting to get repetitive.

    Feel free, won't change my opinion of you by much. It'll put you a small bar above Sanchez though, at least you can admit defeat...
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  13. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    Hmmm... 3 threads for 2 wars that really is 1 war.

    And a partridge in a pear tree...
  14. mynameissi

    mynameissi Guest

    Well according to Uruz, the uruz-drama war is separate to the static-drama war.
    Therefore this thread is kinda relevant.
  15. jamieson

    jamieson Guest

    Lets take a look at the rankings Mr Sprinkles...:

    Rank Tribe Total points
    1.... Drama! 141.074.332
    2.... Static 62.930.228
    3.... Uruz 39.395.194

    It would seem you're 'beneath' us. By quite a margin too.

    You can sit on your high horse for as long as you want, but the reality is that this war has barely started. You have +46 caps of a total 14614 Drama villages.
    However you see it, you are grouped with Static. We are currently at war with you both and if and when we beat you both, we win the world. Even if you are not on the same side directly, by proxy you might as well be.
  16. lambezz

    lambezz Guest

    Doesnt matter once Static is elimnated then Uruz will get full force!!
  17. Rednecks

    Rednecks Guest

    There is no "trespassing" since we already had villages in K54 and the continent previously included a tribe we were at war with.

    I am not into fancy war declarations but your declaration was nothing to write home about either.

    There was no agreement, remember this all started because of the Aw Yeah villages you felt you were entitled to. We were in the process of agreeing to a northern line in K54 when war broke out with Static. Again, this is why I decided against the agreement because our focus was going to be elsewhere. Had I agreed to the deal it would have kept your tribe from being limited on where you could noble in K54, which I did not feel was necessary. So basically I give up my position in K54, allowed your tribe to move in on villages we were previously at war with, and once you get done with that you decided you were entitled to what few villages we do have in K54.

    You call me warning your tribe to stop attacking us as "groveling and pleading"? :lol:

    What is this cookie jar? You got more of K54 than what you were previously willing to give up. Never once did I get contacted about "keeping our hands out of the K54 cookie jar". :lol:


    You would have thought twice about coming at us if we did not have Static splitting our attention. I know it and you know it, you just can't admit it. :lol:

    I had not war declaration planned unless your tribe kept nobling our villages in K54. Other tribes you can walk all over but this one you cannot. While you might have a small advantage in this war now you have a long ways to go before you can claim victory.

    This is kinda sexy! Please mistress tell me I've been a bad bad boy. :icon_biggrin:

    Normally on any other world I would not allow inactives to be nobled while we are in a war. But with the coins as cheap as they are in this world I am making an exception. There is no one short of nobles so there is no reason we cannot do both.

    Like I said before, Alex just likes to run his mouth. It is part of his charm. :lol:


    See I told you I was better than you!!!! :icon_twisted:
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  18. Ajab94

    Ajab94 Guest

    Methinks im in love with the above.
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  19. lambezz

    lambezz Guest

    I guess players we make quit in K54, Are all of Uruz. Which is B.S. Enjoy your small glory. Once Static is gone. You will have our full and undivided attention. Then we will see how well you do
  20. Oh noes! :icon_eek:

    I wouldn't want your full attention mate, wouldn't be able to handle the heat :icon_redface::

    Side 1:
    Players: The Inbetweeners
    Side 2:
    Tribes: Static

    Timeframe: Last week
    Total conquers against opposite side:
    Side 1: 6
    Side 2: 0
    Difference: 6