W15 Milestones and Firsts


I would appreciate some help with this guys. I'm trying to keep some tabs on the progress of players in W15. It would also be nice to keep track of some of the top players in different categories. Also, if you have any other categories you'd like to see, just let me know. (and no, I won't add OD defender)

All of these are the first three players to each of these milestones:

Player Milestones

2 villages: 1st S1N1ST3R, 2nd Xenos-Altius, 3rd 4leaf
10 villages: 1st 4LEAF, 2nd Whoopin, 3rd Sir.Mannel
50 villages: 1st 4LEAF, 2nd kilga, 3rd niiiCe eZ
100 villages:

10k: 1st S1N1ST3R, 2nd Whoopin, 3rd eessss
50k: 1st 4LEAF, 2nd Whoopin, 3rd S1N1ST3R
100k: 1st 4LEAF, 2nd S1N1ST3R, 3rd Sir.Mannel
500k: 1st 4LEAF, 2nd niiiiCe
1 mil: 1st Sinaelyan , 2nd mJET, 3rd EricLi-
3 mil:

Opponents Defeated Attacker
10k: 1st kunala, 2nd chatotymemiz, 3rd mertzer
50k: 1st billabong-babe, 2nd zenedar, 3rd chatotymemiz
100k: 1st billabong-babe, 2nd chatotymemiz, 3rd Whoopin
500k: 1st Astor Melor, 2nd Xenos-Atius, 3rde dante.happy
1 mil: 1st Xenos-Altius
5 mil:
10 mil:

Tribe Milestones

200 villages: 1st 24/7, 2nd *B*, 3rd PwN :)
500 villages: 1st 24/7, 2nd -?-, 3rd PwN :)
1000 villages: 1st 24/7
2000 villages: 1st -?-, 2nd 24/7, 3rd Wanted

Points (Top 40)
1 mil: 1st 24/7, 2nd Pills, 3rd PwN =)
5 mil: 1st 24/7, 2nd -?-, 3rd (~SP~)
10 mil: 1st 24/7, 2nd -?-, 3rd (~SP~)
20 mil: 1st -?-, 2nd NiON, 3rd Wanted
100 mil:

Opponents Defeated Attacker
100k: 1st 24/7, 2nd Empira, 3rd FUSION
500k: 1st 24/7, 2nd (~SP~), 3rd Chosen
2 mil: 1st 24/7, 2nd (~SP~), 3rd Pills
10 mil: 1st 24/7, 2nd (~SP~), 3rd Pwn :)
50 mil: 1st -?-, 2nd (~SP~), 3rd tH
100 mil:1st (~SP~),
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Teh ViRuS

You're full of great ideas mim.

Could you also do one for tribes?

Like first tribe to get 1 million points in top 40.
First tribe to get more than 2000 villages.



I found it. It update slowly, It shows yesterday's stat


I think a tribe total points would be pretty neat, too. The top 40 gets all the credit, what about the other 20 members? :icon_smile:


hey 4 leaf are you the same 4 leaf from world 12?????? and DOKDO tribes???