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  • BCB

    Votes: 21 23.3%
  • Sw1ft

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  • RDA

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W.21 News letter
By Midnight11 and Shtaal.

Much has changed since the first w.21 news letter, the battle between the two largest powers continues and spreads across the globe, war in the south east, and Dr.No's new policy. Please enjoy and remember to leave your opinions. Enjoy.

Top 10 tribes:

The Titans Continue to Clash
Three months on and the two forces continue to clash and truly show the world who the true super power is. The lights are yet shinning on PnP who are making a dent in moral and pushing into the ~Imp~F's front lines hard yet there is still much to be done. With PnP claiming that Imp is showing very little retaliation and making this war a boring one, the fact remains that the winner will very much likely set w.21's path from then on out making it a crucial war. This war brought and is yet bringing many conflicts from all sides of the world heating up the public forums and splitting tribes onto sides and stronger alliances. With both sides accusing one another of dirty tactics the heat is on and heating up as each day passes.

~IMP~'s ODD has ski rocketed over the past few months placing them at the number one rank we can clearly see they are taking a hit. But not much is showing on IMP's behalf as these stats show;

Side 1:
Tribes: PnP

Side 2:
Tribes: ~IMP~ ~IMP~U

Timeframe: Last 3 months

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 758
Side 2: 119
Difference: 639


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 6,726,644
Side 2: 1,136,257
Difference: 5,590,387


We can see that PnP are clearly outmatching ~IMP~, however with IMP still growing and not decreasing in size the war will continue as PnP pushes them further and further into the rim minimizing what space they have to grow in. This will be a very long war and this is only the start. The map's below show the progress each tribe has been making since the date of our last news paper.



Is PnP too much for ~IMP~ to handle? It seems so but this war is not one sided. With ~IMP~ recruiting along the globe it had frustrated several tribes such as =BCB= and MPFC and what Alexis claims to be Dr. No too although they deny engaging in a war but merely players willing to fight for their villages back as the NAP has ended.

=BCB= and ~IMP~ got the spotlights as Fireborne and Alexis have been battling it out through mails which seem to be upsetting both sides. With =BCB= demanding that ~IMP~ kick out the JEDI refugees they invited and a failure to do so quickly much fighting has been going on.

I want to thank both players for willing to take part today so here we have it the opinions of both laid out.

How did this whole issue start?

Alexis73 said:
the mess started like a month ago, a guy asked for an invite to IMP, i told him that we are getting attacked by Pnp and soon drno, he did not mind, and wanted to join.
i sent the invite, we chatted a few times, then he asked if his 2 friends could join. i said yes, and invites were sent.
one of the new invites was totti12. he had many attacks on him, he wrote me and asked for help.
he was way too far for support, so i sent him premiums to help label the attacks.
then BcB wrote me, told me he was a refugee, and wanted him booted.

i wrote totti12, asked him to leave so we can work it out....he did not, and after a week, one of my barons booted him.

Fireborne said:
Relations with ~IMP~ first began deteriorating when I was away for a week after my exams. During that time ~IMP~ invited a refugee totti12 to their tribe. My Baron proceeded to mail alexis to request his dismissal, and she denied him. So we continued nobling him anyway.

We then discovered by taking a few more villages that xfire boy was supporting him. By this point alexis had started her thread on the forum whining about how all these big tribes were picking on her, so I thought it'd be more fun if I brought it up there. xfire boy had just insulted lazzeh so I brought it up and told him he might find lazzeh's axes heading his way next.

Next thing we know totti is no longer an IMP member :p And alexis mailed me quoting that he had been dismissed by xfire.

Anyway our discussion got rather heated - she accused us of swallowing for PnP, I accused her of being a selfish little weasel, and not long after I have ugofree sending (and losing) nukes at me, and the next morning I recieve a quote from a PnP player of alexis saying something along the lines of "Argh! I wanna declare on =BCB=!!! Can III???" on the IMP forum.

How do think the opposite side is reacting?

Alexis73 said:
at first, i liked BcB, well, didnt really know them, i knew fireborne, so after totti12 was booted, i wrote fireborne, and the mail got a little messy, after the mail, i received a few mails from BcB, insults, name calling....so i blocked the whole tribe.

Fireborne said:
I'm pretty sure IMP won't declare on us. Personally I don't think they have the guts to do it and they have enough problems right now. But if IMP are to survive alexis needs to start giving a damn about her tribe and stop treating them like her own personal meat shield. Deliberately pissing off bigger and better tribes is never a good tactic, and provoking others into war after they've declared doesn't exactly help. But hey there is still a big wall of her tribes villages between her and PnP so what does she care ;)
There is no organisation there, and it needs to change fast. Sooner or later they will run out of small barbs to noble and they will fall.

COF - Defeated? The GA marches to victory

Chadsilly recently left the GA for the greener pastures of
Monty Pythons Flying Circus, but that didn't slow down W21's own
Geometric Alliance from pursuing C.O.F. to the ends of their

It is an odd and unique relationship that C.O.F., The GA and PnP
Each of the three fighting the other two.
However, the far more inexperienced C.O.F. has recently fallen
behind PnP and The GA in the battle for the southern rim that has
been waging on for the better part of the last year.

The GA finally wrapped up their southern campaign against VOID
(COF's allies) and were at long last able to focus the majority of
their offensive attention upon C.O.F. whilst withstanding rolling
with the blows of a few small new year ops from PnP on their shared

Meanwhile, C.O.F. were unable to hold back the onslaught from both
PnP and the GA. The support from IMP dried up a long time ago as they
themselves were pushed back by PnP and a larger divide was created by
PnP between C.O.F. and IMP.

Stats from the last month indicate that C.O.F. no longer has the will
to fight and the GA are walking through C.O.F. territory unchecked.
The war between these two tribes is over folks. The GA have won the
war against their broken, rim, competitors and claim Victory this day.

Congratulations Spacemanspiff and The Geometric Alliance!

Interview with Jerpmom

Dr.No has gone through a very large change in the last couple of months. With KoN merging and now Silonce and his crew joining in they have received a lot of negative criticism from the w.21 community. Below is an interview with Jerpmom, leader of Dr.No.

midnight11 says: Hi, busy at the moment?

justjerp says: tagging IMP 350 incomings

Midnight11 says:Ok well thanks for taking time to talk to me today Jerp, I definitely appreciate it as I am sure all of
W21 does.
firstly I'd like to ask you a little bit about your journey on W21, how you started out, how you came to be in
the great tribe that is Dr. NO, rose through ranks to get to your current position of NO's queen and commander.
JustJerp: I'm a W3 player most know that. So been on TWs about 4 yrs if not more, learned a lot along the way.
I was wayyyyy nooby when I started. I had great teachers, had some tough ones too.
The greats were, Onaryc and Norach.
Never forget your roots and those you owe a debt to
I also play on W16 and quit at one point person reasons, then got recruited to come back on a different acct by a true legend
in the game Rqraznik.
So how did I come to W21?
A bunch of W3 players were going to make a tribe here without the stress of the W3 issues.
Well needless to say, those of us that were old school did not gel well with some of the newer players so I had to move on
to other sweets, from Moo I went to Leg1on I believe and at some point got recruited to NO.

Midnight11 says: can you remember who originally recruited you to NO?

justjerp says: so there were squad commanders in NO per each K at that point, 3 had 3 Ks of activity I think. At some point
I fell into...took over a K command and wormed my way in.
Im a doer
not a talker
so when they called for attacks that is me, I offered to assist with running the tribe in baron level or had it bestowed
upon me and then offered to assist the working duke that being Baton at some point as the management cyled in and out I kinda
stayed the course.

Midnight11 says: hmmm, so that's how you got to where you are. I'd like to talk a little bit about how you think NO is
currently doing in your opinion.
You've got the 3rd rank and its been a rocky road, but things seem stable now, are you satisfied with where NO is currently at? If so, why?

justjerp says: the 3rd ranked tribe has been through some extreme times
Rebuilding is a difficult task
players have left
new players are on some of the accts.
those players that are gone....
were some of the best attackers, the problem is/was they never learned to defend.
So when the time came.....

Midnight11 says: and you are happy with the tribes current achievements?

justjerp says: am I happy with the tribes achievements...I'm proud.
As far a happy goes, well are there still red dots on the map?
Then I'm not entirely happy.
We gained some excellent warriors and some highly opinionated members as well.

Midnight11 says: how exactly are the KoN guys fitting in with the NO team?

justjerp says: I think as evidenced by the first op that has been run since the merge...
that being against the K13 swift player the turn out was good. The results are smashing.
Working together can only get better from here.
We ofc ran our op against our traitors slightly before the merger, so those were mostly from the original NO side and as
time went on the "KoNs" joined in.

Midnight11 says: One thing in particular I am interested to know about is how the structure of leadership works.
You have obviously retained your dukedom, where do RAF and sir danc fit in?

justjerp says: RaF has decided that he does not have time to devote to being a duke he will remain an adviser
and be instrumental in managing players and their attacks.
Sir Danc is kinda the silent Duke at present, here if needed and in communication with players.
I try to hear everyone, council is welcome to speak on any subject if a consensus cannot be reached among council each
Duke gets a "vote" and I hate to say that b/c we really don't have that need but the structure is set up that way in case
the need arises, with Baton casting a tie breaker.
We have not thus far used this.

Midnight11 says: I can't really see any problem that would require it either I guess. So lets have a look at Dr NO's future,
what are your goals and aspirations. Which continents would you like to make pushes into and take over for your own?
Basically, where do you see NO in 6 months from now?

justjerp says: we have some young players
but in need of MAJOR training
I have a great core of experienced players who I will employee to season these players.
We will undoubtedly lose a few that are not up to the task.
We also need to repair some of the psyche of the players that joined us under the duress of being the "shit HOPE players".
Again some will not be keepers.
But a merge demands that everyone be on an even footing.
At least until they prove otherwise...
6 months from now....NO will still be here
prob still rank 3.

Midnight11 says: Before I go, I wanted to ask what your stance was on the recent controversy with all the previous NO players whom have showed up on the world forums?

justjerp says: ahhhh
ok let me put a couple corrections out there about a couple issues that have been widely talked about, during the
"gangbang" of NO.
We were accused of being sat by numerous PnP players
in fact some sitting occurred at the invitation of mattyj, his own acct. included
However it was short lived.
The sitters were no happy with us and we were not happy with them....for the most part.
I say that cause I need to recognize busa who DID not complain and become irritable.
I know for a fact that alex had a good bit of fun on our one acct,
cause you are always a bit more free with an acct that is not you own.

So sitting yes.
PnP running ALL of the NO accts no.
That brings us to the name change issue.
Before the topic appeared on the P&P there was discussion on what the new name of the merged tribe would be internally.
Most didn't give 2 hoots or a hang, its the members not the name.
After the topic was so thoroughly hashed.... it made everyone resistant to changing the name.
We probably should have done it before the merge, but....as they say hind site.
Thirdly the merge itself:
Having bid mattyj goodbye several times and trying to move forward with the post gangbang era, he never once put on his
goodbye his final requests or "rules" by which NO must operate after his departure.
Most of the tribe holds great respect for him, myself included but he is no longer here perhaps he is playing W21 under
another ID.....
But he cut his ties with us.
Would he have left specifics most of the tribe would have bent over backwards for him up to and including having him come
back a 4th time
So it pains me that he took such effort to public trash us and me specifically.
Pretty sure he hates me already so this isnt going to change anything.
There are certain players that have proved they just want to play the game.
Which is actually what we should be doing.
Once your done on the world move on
I couldn't spend that amount of energy on a world I wasn't playing.
and again Ive heard rumors certain peeps are playing in other camps.

Midnight11 says: oooh, anything juicy you can share with us?

justjerp says: just rumor
Im pretty sure they will out themselves. Ego and all.

Midnight11 says: awww, c'mon, please...

justjerp says: nope

Midnight11 says: >.<
very well then, in closing, was there anything else you wanted to add?

justjerp says: well just that it is the players that make the tribe....they tribe does well its the players that made
that happen, the tribe does poorly that is the responsibility of the managers.
So we will strive to make our players happy and proud.

And this Concludes our second news letter, if you have any suggestions comments please post below.

We want to give a Special thanks to:

Alexis73: For kindly taking part and stating her opinions
Fireborne: For kindly taking part and stating her opinions
Jerpmom: For taking part in the interview.
Pitch Black: For his amazing maps and effort.


Thanks guys!

This really keeps me up to date on what is happening, since I don't really have much of a will to read most topics here now :)

But I think I'll be lurking here every now and again to see if a new newsletter has come out ;)

Till next time,


Awesome update; I love the mappage. Shows how excellent IMP is at survival through recruitment ;-D.


Dont forget the barbs bwah :)

I like the newsletter, thanks you two <3


A very good read, thankyou for describing our fall soo fairly


I know, I was meaning to pick them actually, Because of the fact they're always so high on the nobling map and not even being in the top 5 (I don't think they are anyways). I accidentally click MPFC though, but it's all cool :) I like MPFC too


I doubt that people aren't voting for their own tribes...

I wouldn't think PnP would get so many votes.


I know, I was meaning to pick them actually, Because of the fact they're always so high on the nobling map and not even being in the top 5 (I don't think they are anyways). I accidentally click MPFC though, but it's all cool :) I like MPFC too

i think BCB are so popular because people mean to vote for MPFC but there hand slips and vote BCB instead :D


I wonder how many voted for their own tribe :)

I voted PnP.. good friends there :)
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